Best MTB Helmet Removable Chin Guard Review

MTB helmet removable chin guard helps protect your head, chin, and face. Thus, you can protect your whole body when riding on rough roads or muddy jungle trails. Here are 6 of the best mountain bike helmets with removable chin guard today.

Part 1: Bell Super 3R MIPS Adult MTB Helmet

First of all, the Bell Super 3R MIPS Adult MTB Helmet is known for piloting the emergence of the current generation of removable chin bar technology. So, I began my love of detachable chin-browning automatic rifle helmets with the Bell 2R direction before being upgraded in 2017, which focused on better fit. Bell Super 3R is a perfect upgrade from Bell 2R. Bell removed and reconfigured sealed areas of the interior padding to solve the trouble and remade a Super 3R with an added Float Fit retention system. Another significant element was the internalization of the MIPS slip-plane safety technology.

Bell Super 3R MIPS

Part 2: What Does the Bell Super 3R MIPS MTB Protective Cap Bring

Secondly, there are different motivations to make the Bell Super 3R your go-to decision, and it’s not for no obvious reason your protective covering is issue one, even though Bell ensured that this mannequin is MIPS-equipped so that you can benefit from optimum protection. MIPS is short for Multi-directional Impact Protection System, and it describes the up-to-date slip-plane engineering built into the helmet’s interior. Its function is to reduce rotational forces from certain impacts during accidents.

Then, No-Twist Tri-glides: You get quick-adjustable fasteners that help the straps stay in status. X-static and Xt2 padding is composed of quick-drying substantial plus original ash grey fibers that help inhibit bacterial and fungal growth that can initiate bad smell inside the highly durable and sturdy polycarbonate beat. Overbrow Ventilation: I’ve always been impressed by the helmet’s ventilation ports on its eyebrow for cool air intake.

At last, They push the air out through the air-channel matrix so that riders get full-head breathing. With 23 vents, four brow ports, and six chin bar vents, wearing the extremely 3R keeps you in rare freshness. With six color choices, three sizes, and aboard safety authentication for everyday bicycle consumption, it’s the best removable chin bar MTB helmet between USD220 – and USD230, I think you’re onto a worthy investment while besides having your safety undertake.


First, it is full ventilation
Secondly, an easily removable chin bar
Then, MIPS incorporated
Next, the Breakaway camera mount
Smooth integration with goggles
Adjustable visor
Adequate vision
Last, Great variety of color choices


First, Not downhill certified
Second, Should have a place to carry the chin bar when unused

Part 3: Bell Super DH MIPS MTB Helmet

After upgrading the Bell 2R to the Super 3R in 2017, Bell went far to build the Super DH in 2018. The Super DH is among the comfiest best MTB helmet with removable chin bar I’ve worn on long-distance rides. It is a beefier version of the Super 3R. The Super DH is BMX and DH-certified. It seems more comfortable for enduro racers, any acclivitous and declivitous riders, or those seeking to make an unmarried MTB helmet removable chin guard trip involving both motorcycle ballpark and singletrack thus as to save space in their duffel bag.

Bell Super DH MIPS

Part 4: What Does Bell Super DH MIPS MTB Helmet Offer

First off, this bike helmet with chin protection is not only comfy but built solidly with a fusion in-mold polycarbonate shell, plus a progressive layer to protect you and have you feel amazing every clock time. The Super DH is the first of Bell’s second convertible MTB helmets with the ASTM F1952 downhill standard for guardant mode riding. It’s second, like the brand’s Full-9 helmet, used widely in the World Cup ranks.

One early singular thing I appreciate about this model is that you can remove and fit its chin bar without taking it off. Besides that, the lightweight Super DH includes a modern in-built MIPS Spherical arrangement that protects your read/write head against any effect resulting from rotational forces upon shock. That’ is the second why its low-density EPP foam is placed in the inner plate inside its chief EPS foam blast and then fixed to cover the inner of the helmet’ south polycarbonate outer shell.


How Good Is the Ventilation

Combining the idle weight, 19 vents with deep internal channeling, and two hilltop ports, the Super DH turns quite aeriform when worn with no chin banish. However, with or without the Kuki stripe on, this MTB helmet removable chin guard user feels great airflow. With four mesh-free vents built on the Kuki prevention, breathing remains seamless even on your wildest ride adventures.


Easy to move
Wicks sweat well
Polycarbonate outer shell
Easily removed/re-attached chin bar
Awesome ventilation
ASTM F1952 (DH) & ASTM F2032 (BMX)) certified

Part 5: Giro Switchblade MIPS MTB Helmet

The Giro Switchblade MIPS MTB helmet is an ASTM DH-certified helmet with a removable chin-bar. From all the tests we ran on the GIRO Switchblade angstrom and vetting user reviews, there’s no doubt it’s an excellent choice for any passenger. Although I found it felt hotter with the chin barroom removed, particularly while idle, it was finely when mobile again and not so uncomfortable as annoying. I would surely be comfortable wearing it for aggressive downhill rides.

Giro Switchblade MIPS

Part 6: What Does Giro Switchblade MIPS MTB Helmet Offer

We always put your protection first, and we wasted no time considering the Switchblade, a highly unique and heavy-duty convertible MTB helmet removable chin guard. It comprises a MIPS system for bright head protective covering which means it has you covered for aggressive and dependable rid. It is no wonder that it features pads with layers of material underneath and on top of the helmet’s second foam, all designed to move slenderly during any fish impingement, limiting rotational forces on the brain.

The Giro Switchblade is ASTM DH 1952, EN1078, and CPSC certified, and it’s applicable in guardant or half-shell modes. With the Switchblade, you can get good ventilation in each set. But there needs to be an improvement in the airflow in the half-shell mode. It allows you to breathe much better than non-convertible helmets with over-the-ear extensions and a high-cheek zone that reduces airflow.

About the Price

The bill of the Switchblade is pretty solid and works excellently in a guardant mood though it always looks a little weird when pointed towards the sky. The box includes a spare visor that features a camera mount. Moreover, in terms of price, it sells between USD250 and USD270, which is more than fair.


First, it great fit system
Secondly, Easily switchable between full and half-shell configurations
Tiredly, Awesome ventilation for the category
Fourthly, Additional coverage in half-shell mode
Lastly, Fully downhill certified


First, the Thick chin strap, which builds up heat
At last, hotter and heavier without the chin bar

Part 7: Bell Super Air R MIPS Spherical MTB Helmet

The team at Bell continues on their quest to continually improve obliterable chin-browning automatic rifle engineering by bringing us the Bell Super Air R MIPS Spherical Helmet. With safety at the vanguard, the Super Air R has been built with Bell’ mho patented Spherical Technology by layering both EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) foam and EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam inside the shell to add a ‘ball and socket’ effect to the existing MIPS brain protection system. Brilliant and effective.

Bell Super Air R MIPS

Part 8: What Does the Bell Super Air R MIPS MTB Helmet Have to Offer

First and first, the Super Air R is a lightweight convertible MTB helmet removable chin guard that is extremely comfortable. It’s a new model helmet that has been inspired by its predecessors and designed to assist you in transitioning from guardant shred while riding downhill to an open-face design as you traverse to the adjacent stage, all with the same helmet. When it comes to your safety, Bell’s fusion in-mold process for bonding the outer polycarbonate shell with the inner EPS foam liner, along with the progressive layering of variable EPS foam densities, makes this helmet peculiarly durable, adding far to your protection.

The wraparound chin bar is easily removed with two clicks making it the ultimate convertible mountain bicycle helmet for serious trail riders. Being 22% lighter than its precursor, the Bell Super 3R, you won’t notice that you’re wearing a helmet. But don’t be fooled by its lightweight, though. It is in full CPSC 1203 and CA-EN 1078 compliant.

The Float-Fit dial at the rear of the helmet, which integrates with MIPS, makes it easy to adjust the helmet to fit your head size and shape without undue pressure perfectly. The visor is adjustable and has three positions which it can well click into by pushing upwards or downwards as a necessity.

Advantages and Price

Like me, you will appreciate the excellent breathable, moisture-wicking X-static padding woven with real silver fibers that help inhibit bacterial and fungal growth in your helmet’s second home. And who wouldn’t triiodothyronine be excited to have eighteen strategically placed vents in the chief consistency of the helmet plus four brow ports, ampere, and an extra eight vents in the removable chin bar to provide superior ventilation?

For the hottest of rides. What s not to like about this well-ventilated, lightweight convertible MTB helmet from one of the leaders in removable chin bar technology. Available in 8 colors and three sizes with prices ranging from USD270 to USD280. Worthy of your retainer.


To conclude, I summarize the advantages of this mtb helmet removable chin guard.

Firstly, MIPS Spherical
Secondly, is extremely lightweight
Then, is excellent ventilation
Adjustable visor
Two clicks removable chin bar
Compatible with googles
It comes with replacement pads
Breakaway camera mount
Lastly, is very comfortable

Part 9: Leatt DBX Mountain Bike Helmet

The most famous brand Leatt of cruiser head protectors, Leatt DBX Mountain Bike Helmets, is the main removable jawline watch cap. It is not difficult to convey because it is agreeable and lightweight. The jaw monitor accompanies a double framework to append and disengage. The cheek stack of the head protector is launderable and can ingest dampness simultaneously. It accompanies an amazing ventilation framework. This DOT-supported cap has a 3D-shaped sway inside the protective cap.

Leatt DBX

Pros and Cons

In summary, there are the advantages and disadvantages of Leatt DBX MTB helmet

Firstly, it is DOT approved
Then, cheek Pads are washable
These mtb removable chin helmet are user-friendly
Lastly, vivamus integer non suscipit taciti mus euismod

Part 10: Lazer Helmet Revolution Helmet

Being a specialist in audit items, The Lazer Helmet Revolution Helmets are ensured downhill and have a removable jaw monitor; these jawline watches are connected with screws. It gives double inclusion to your head, which exists conceivable in full face and half face modes. It gives magnificent security to the rider, and these caps are the most lightweight and agreeable head protectors that anybody can buy.


Pros and Cons

In conclusion, here are the pros and cons of the Lazer helmet revolution helmet.

As far as I am concerned, the visor of the cap is effectively movable.
This protective cap is not difficult to convey and is all around ventilated.
Cheek Pads are effectively removable.
For exchanging the modes, you are required screwdrivers.

Part 11: Buyer’s Guide

Additionally, assuming you are buying an off-road bicycle protective cap with a removable jawline monitor, you should have to consider a few basic elements talked about underneath:

mtb helmet removable chin guard

Weight of the Helmet

Firstly, the head protector’s weight should be your need since you can’t utilize it if you are uncomfortable with the product. The important helmet must be lightweight so that you feel pleased if you wear it for the whole day. Moreover, you will enjoy your entire ride.

The Comfort Level of the Helmet

Secondly, the empathizing level of the protective cap relies upon the size and state of your head, which you should be comfortable with. Realizing your head size will be simple for you, and you will be OK with the protective cap. You should guarantee that there should be no strain on your head while wearing a protective cap. As a rule, the protective cap accommodates your head marginally precarious, so you should change it in light of your need and solace level. For that, you want to know the size and state of your head.

The Helmets That Give Security

Thirdly, after solace, the focal angle you want to remember is assurance. If your cap doesn’t safeguard you, the entire ride is dangerous for you. You want to buy a mountain bike helmet removable chin guard that shields your head from any setback. Above, we have referenced the caps that safeguard your skull.

Cushioning of the Helmets

Then, the internal stack of your protective cap ought to give solace and fit your head accurately without harming your skull. These head protectors come in various sizes, and the cushioning changes, so riders can pick a cap with the best cushioning framework.

Ventilation Process

Potential accidents are not generally covered by security. The protective cap keeps flotsam and jetsam from adhering to your head when in the air. It additionally decreases how much ventilation. You’ll feel more open to wearing a more ventilated cap since it’s not worth the additional expense.

Sort of the Helmet

Caps come in various kinds; beneath, we have examined the two sorts of head protectors:

The Protective Helmet Stat is Convertible

A convertible protective cap switches between half and full-face by eliminating its jaw watch. So assuming you want a cap for the street, consider a convertible cap that will safeguard your head and face.

Half or Full-face Helmet

Lastly, the riders like full-face head protectors who like to hurtle down steep inclines for a ride. This kind of cap gives you extra security over your half-face head protectors. It isn’t difficult to take in a full-face cap, particularly on slopes.