Women’s Mountain Bike Helmet

Mountain women riders can find some excellent women’s mountain bike helmet to protect their heads during their mountain adventures. The head is a person’s most precious body part; therefore, it requires the most protection from a crash landing or bumps in mountainous terrains. These bike helmets help protect your head from severe accidents. To protect mountain bikers, the market has made the best use of technology to create cutting-edge helmets that guarantee optimal safety for women when riding. These helmets make sure of no overheating and are stylish helmets to give you a cool look. There are several things to consider while making choices for the mountain bike helmets.

Part1: Things to Consider While Choosing a Helmet

Look for the best fit, if your head fits between two sizes, such as L or M make ensure that they are not tight or make you uneasy. Neither should they be too broad nor too loose; adjust them using chin straps and buy the correct size. All the women’s mountain bike helmets are made to go through strict safety regulations to ensure maximum protection. Biking and that too in mountains is a deadly combination. It is one of the reasons why helmets by few brands are equipped with additional features for safety purposes. Multi-directional Impact Protection is specifically for the slight movement of the head inside in situations where there is a chance of impact from a crash. Impact protection designed by Smith Koroyd is manufactured using absorbable materials such as honeycomb to keep it lightweight that can easily absorb all the impact on the head.

Most of the brands manufacture helmets that are unisex with almost negligible difference between skull shapes of both genders. It nullifies the need to have separate designs for both genders. It is only significant for the brand to have a large range of designs in multi colours and sizes. When it comes to women bike riders, a big concern among them is their hair that keeps on blocking the view. Keeping this in mind, the women bikers are suggested to opt for helmets that have the helmet and its rear base significantly large distance apart. Some helmets are also designed to accommodate the high ponytails and are commonly known as the ‘airport’.

womens mtb helmet

Part2: Steps to Choose a Women’s Mountain Bike Helmet

Well, if you are confused about choosing the appropriate helmet to suit your needs, here are a few things to bring into consideration:

Safety Certifications

Now, the need to constantly worry about the safety precautions of each helmet. Helmets sold by US manufacturers are CPSC certified that have a minimum level of protection that is set beforehand. Apart from that, there are certainly other materials that provide extra safety to women mountain bikers. There is a laboratory test carried out to ensure the safety of the helmets and to make sure that they are of good quality.

MIP and Non-MIPS

When discussing the safety of the helmets, one thing to talk about is MIPS. MIPS, the Multi-directional Impact Protection System is a liner that is used in the helmet for the production of a low-friction slip-plane. However, there are no certainties whether the MIPS will make the protection concrete in the helmet or not. Plus, non-MIPS helmets are relatively cheaper than MIPS helmets. So, if you are easy on the budget, then do not need to worry about the MIPS in the helmet. It is worth taking risks.

Looking for the Right Fit

Women’s mountain bike helmets are comfortable or not can only be determined by getting the right size for you. Usually, the helmets are available in 3 sizes S, M, and L. Each measurement varies across the brand. So, before ordering the helmet, use a measuring tape to get the right measurements of your head to select the right size for you. Every brand provides their measurement charts, match your measurements with these charts given, it may help you to select the right size. The helmets vary in oval and round shapes. Do not think of estimating the size to purchase your helmet. It is better to go to a local shop to get helmets to avoid exchange or return.

Ventilation in Helmet

Another thing to remember while deciding to buy helmets is to look for increased ventilation in the helmets. Expensive helmets are comfortable and have high ventilation; whereas, the cheaper helmets get sweaty easily with uneasiness. The ventilation depends on the number of holes in the helmet. A larger size of holes means high ventilation. Perhaps, biking in a hot climate will help to stay comfortable during the ride.


Well, if you are willing to spend some extra cash, then get yourself a helmet that is both comfortable and offers an adjustment system. The helmets that have a rear-fit dial offer a good adjustment system. Some good quality helmets have nice and clean side straps for adjustment.


Lighter weight helmets are greater in terms of comfort. So, women mountain bikers intending to take a long route should opt for lighter helmets. People have a misconception that lightweight helmets are of no false use. Helmets come in different sizes which vary as per the brand.


You might be thinking after seeing so many specifications that a good helmet will cause your hands and mouth. However, a nice helmet with different features such as goggle clips, a visor that can be adjusted, MIPS, and a helmet mount. There might be an increase in price with add-ons such as ventilation and adjustable straps. One can have all specifications in a single helmet if you increase your budget.

Long Hair Issue

Long hair issues persist in women bikers who might want to have a helmet that can be specific to their ponytail. They usually look for helmets that can allow long hair to easily fit in them without disturbing their biking experience. Helmets that have extra rear to cover the head are suitable for long hair bikers to have a comfortable helmet that fits in the ponytail.
Well, if you are not sure about which helmet to buy, then look below to see a detailed description of some of the best women’s mountain bike helmets.

Part3: Women’s Mountain Bike Helmet Recommendations

Liv Infinita SX MIPS

Liv is a brand specifically to cater to women’s needs for cycling products, They offers multiple features such as women’s bikes and other accessories such as helmets. It is the best offering in the helmet category is ‘Infinita SX MIPS’ which is known to have a visor similar to a motor that can be both adjusted and removed.

It comes with stylish designs that offer protection to women bikers. The insides of the helmet are covered by MIPS to protect from the rotational impact; while, the outside has low coverage towards the back of the helmet to protect the lower side of the head. The helmet is fitted for users because of technologies such as a 360-degree retention system and LiteForm webbing. Hence, a biker can comfortably spend hours wearing this helmet. It has a total of 20 ventilation holes to dissipate sweat and allow a flow of cool air inside the helmet to keep your head cool.

POC Tectal

It is probably the most famous women’s mtb helmet for regular use. It offers high comfortability for long routes to women with protection using rear-of-head that doesn’t compromise with the protection. The visor can be adjustable for goggles. It has an adjustable strap system as well. The helmet is available in multiple funky colors to add fun to your adventure. The Recco technology in the helmet works as a locator for the biker to help trace in case any biker gets lost. However, it doesn’t have MIPS which might create suspicion among users regarding the protection offered by the helmet. Users normally require a lid instead of MIPS.

Troy Lee Designs A1 MIPS

Although the helmets by Troy Lee are designed for women, they do not offer any feminine colour helmets. However, its other features make it suitable to be a part of this list. Equipped with MIPS technology, the helmet offers great protection along with extended rear head coverage to keep you safe from the crash’s impact. The ventilation holes are enough in number to offer hood ventilation. They are light in weight to add to the comfort of the biker. It comes at a good price and only has a lid. It doesn’t encompass other features such as Recco, GoPro Amount or adjustable goggle clips.

Giro Women’s Montara MIPS

The best part about the Giro Women’s Montara helmet is its style and design. The helmet’s look is aesthetically pleasing and is available in some unique colours giving it a flattering profile. It is not only stylish but has good functionality as well. It includes whistles along with belts. Other features include MIPS for protection and goggle straps. It also offers an adjustable visor, a Goes Pro mount, and an adjustment system of Roc Loc.

Giro Manifest Spherical

If you are someone who is least concerned about prices, Giro Manifest’s helmets are not to be missed out. They have a whole range of extra and exciting features along with proper safety offered to women mountain bikers. Certain features include grippers and magnetic buckles. Safety is provided by MIPS. It is comfortable and makes air breathable due to lots of ventilation holes that allow easy ventilation. So if women bikers are on a mission to go to ride on mountains in summers, this helmet will work the best.

Smith Forefront 2

Well, there are several women mountain bikers who are fans of cute bike helmets. To take care of such women’s needs, Smith Forefront 2 is offering one of the best ranges of cute helmets available in various colours having good functionality. They offer safety via their helmets which are not affordable for everyone. These helmets last for a long time which provides a comfortable experience to the consumers. The helmets use the technology of both MIPS and Akoroyd construction. Their coverage is excellent with good ventilation inside the helmet due to limited ventilator holes. The cool air doesn’t reach a biker but it is not that bad to handle.

Giro Cipher Helmet

Giro Cipher, a helmet designed for multiple uses is meant for downhill or freeride. It is light in weight which makes it very comfortable. The helmet has sharp graphics with a chin strap to protect against any crash. There are a total of 21 ventilator holes to keep the biker cool throughout the journey. Also, bikers might be happy to know that this helmet has padding that is easily removed. It is a slightly costly helmet but it is due to the stylish design and extra safety offered by the users. Giro never compromises on its customers’ safety. It is not for women bikers looking for low-priced helmets.

Giro’s History

Giro was originally focused on catering to the motor industry. However, it has recently started to offer products meant to offer protection to mountain bikers. Their helmets are available in different sizes from XS to XL including special youth sizes. The helmets are also available in different attractive colors to suit your style. It has great designs and can work well for bikers who wear goggles.

Hence, women bikers who want to look good and go on an exciting bike ride should opt for this brand.

Part4: Conclusion

The number of female mountain bikers has risen dramatically in recent years. There are organized women’s groups that embark on mountain treks. The market has recognized the necessity for them to be protected against a sudden and severe crash. Women mountain bikers want helmets that are not only protective but also attractive and well-fitting to their faces. To assist such motorcyclists, the above advice has included a list of crucial things to keep in mind while selecting helmets.