The Best Mountain Bike helmets 2021

Generally, helmets are considered a gear that would keep you safe but this is not it! A good helmet not only acts as a tool for your safety but also improves your riding abilities. Apart from keeping your head safe from any kinds of injury, a perfect mountain bike helmet can help to boost your riding confidence as you would no longer be worried about protecting yourself. As a result, you can go faster and farther without thinking twice. A good mtb helmet is also a great addition to your riding attire as it will add extra flair and style to it.
With your brain protected, you can push your limits in terms of riding speed and style but if that’s not the agenda some casual pedals along the track can be equally joyous if you are wearing a good mountain bike helmet. In the end, a safe ride is all that matters. With so many options available in the market each featuring its unique attributes following are some of the best mountain bike helmets 2021 that can prove to be a perfect choice for you.

Part 1: Helmet Reviews

Troy Lee Designs A3 MIPS

Starting with a pricier option, Troy Lee Designs A3 is considered to be one of the best mountain bike helmets of 2021. There are many reasons why it has been made first on the list. To begin with, the helmet is a perfect carrier of the Troy Lee legacy and its design philosophy. A simple glance would be enough for you to distinguish it from other helmets out there in the market. It weighs 375 grams and features MIPS. It is also a successor to the previous model, A1s.

Borrowing its comfortable and all-round grip from its predecessor A3 has deeper coverage, a height-adjustable spin wheel that allows you to control how the helmet fits as well as a more curved silhouette. It features a blend of foams for padding that allows for both high and low-speed crash protection. The pads are easily removable and quick to wash so that you can wear a clean helmet every time. Let’s be real, who doesn’t want a fresh helmet, everyone appreciates a clean and good-smelling helmet.
Alongside this, it also has a mega adjustable visor that ensures that your eyes are protected from all angles. On top of that, magnetic Fidlock buckles keep the helmet in its place, even at high speeds. Alike any other Troy Lee helmet, it is easy to wear and has a seamless fit. There is a wide variety of colorways that you can choose from and is available in the market at the original price of $220.

2021 best mtb helmet

Giro Source MIPS

Making it second place on the list of best mountain bike helmets for 2021, the Giro Source helmet can help you achieve the ultimate riding experience without compromising on comfort and style. It features an internal ventilation system that allows your head to stay cool during long, steamy, and sweaty biking sessions. The ventilation mechanism is designed in a manner that maximizes airflow to your head making sure that you don’t become a hothead on the track. Not only is the helmet comfortable but fits on easily and has a good protection rating. In case something goes wrong, the helmet has an added protection layer of polystyrene which is in-molded to protect your brain from any kind of shock or injury.
Giro Source also has a LOC 5 fit system and an adjustable visor, similar to that of a motorbike helmet. You can easily adjust it even using one hand. With such great features, you must be thinking of a higher price but the Giro Source is not a pocket heavy option. If you want a helmet that looks good, keeps your brain protected, and is affordable, Source is an option you must consider. Weighing 340 grams, the original price of the helmet starts from $120 which is pretty low when compared to its other counterparts.

Fox Speedframe MIPS

Have you ever wondered, what can be the best mtb helmet for 2021 for someone who loves speed? Now you have the answer. With speed, even its name, Fox Speedframe is made for going fast. It has a mean and sharp look which is enough to give all the other riders a signal. So, whether you are new to the game or a pro, Speedframe would not only protect your brain but help you pull off all the looks that you need to be recognized as someone who loves speed.

It has a multi-position mechanism that is 360-degree adjustable so that you find the fit you like. This also means that wearing riding goggles won’t be a problem anymore. Moreover, it also has an adjustable visor that can be fixed at three different positions as per your need. With MIPS protection, it can be a riding companion of yours through every thick and thin.
All this fast-paced cycling comes with heavy sweat. Keeping that in mind, fox saves the day by using a washable moisture-wicking liner that is removable, no more stinking here. Fox as a brand has been popular for its unique and exquisite color designs, the color pallet for SpeedFrame is no different. Priced originally at $109.95, Speedframe is amongst the best mtb helmet of 2021 while keeping within a budget.

Smith Session MIPS

If you are looking for a helmet that stands out among other helmets then Smith Session is the helmet you want. With the signature honeycomb design, it can easily qualify for one of the best mountain biking helmets for 2021. It is designed in a manner that the rider can have maximum ventilation without negotiating any sort of protection. There are sixteen vents included in the design that ensure that you don’t feel uncomfortable while riding for long hours. Apart from the honeycomb structure which is specially designed for shock absorption, it also has an added layer of protection to dampen any shockwaves reaching the internal surface upon impact.
Not only is the helmet great at ventilation but is also featherlight. This means that wearing it for long hours won’t be a problem. Focused on rider comfort, Smith Session also has a three-point adjustable visor so that the rider can comfortably wear riding goggles or glasses. For a mid-range helmet, Smith Session can do wonders. The original price of the helmet is $160, making it the best mtb bike helmet for 2021 in the mid-range league.

Sweet Protection Bushwhacker II MIPS

Being a Scandinavian company, Sweet Protection is all about good looks, elegance, and protection. The Sweet Protection Bushwhacker II has a minimalist design which makes it highly attractive. The sleek and modern design philosophy has been a unique selling point for Bushwhacker II, especially in the North American Market. Even though Sweet Protection is a new company in the mountain bike helmets market, they have been producing protection gear for the past two decades. Previously, they manufactured snow-boarding helmets, a sport equally aggressive. Resultantly, they are completely aware of what it takes to design a helmet that keeps your brain protected but is also comfortable.
Apart from being good-looking, this lid is super light and easy to fit. It has a deep shell that wraps around almost all head shapes easily. The straps on the helmet also use innovative technology, making sure that it is a perfect fit. The occigrip dial placed at the back of your head ensures that the helmet stays in place vertically as well as horizontally, granting all the confidence a rider needs.
It features an in-molded EPS protection layer as well as MIPS so that the least amount of force is translated upon impact. The company also offers two padding options, thick and thin so that you can choose whatever you like. The starting price of the helmet is $220 but is a fair bargain against the features and comfort the helmet offers.


If you are new to mountain bike riding, IXS Tigger can prove to be a great companion. The helmet rotates around one idea-simplicity. This is also a major reason why it is suitable for new riders. However, several other features make it one of the best mountain bike helmets of 2021. To begin with, it has a durable and well-ventilated design. It has a total of 19 vents ensuring ultimate airflow. It also has a magnetic front buckle that makes it easy to put on and remove as well. Moreover, it also features a strap at the back so that the helmet remains in its place, vertically and horizontally. Last but not the least, it is a rounded shell so that it can grip your head perfectly.
The helmet comes in two variants MIPS and non-MIPS. While the non-MIPS variant is equally good, one should always prefer extra protection. The rest of the features on both variants are the same. It weighs 360 grams and is priced at $189. The price and weight make it a mid-ranged helmet in both terms.

Giro Manifest MIPS

This is the second helmet from Giro which can add to this list. Therefore, it is no surprise that the company has one of the best mtb helmets lineups available to riders. It would not be wrong to say the same words that were used previously for Source, Giro Manifest can help you achieve the ultimate riding experience without compromising on comfort and style. It features an advanced version of MIPS that makes your head even more protected upon impact. This advanced form of MIPS as hinted earlier uses a ball and socket construction that allows for greater rotation as well as more shock absorption.

Things aren’t simple when it comes to GIRO. Manifest also has another safety feature named as AURA arch. It is a plastic semi skeleton used for both, reinforcement and shock absorption. But even with all of this, Giro Manifest is super light and comfortable. Ventilation is important for a comfortable ride. Giro Manifest has 19 vents that make it super breezy and contribute to weight reduction without bargaining protection.

While it is practically impossible to include all the great helmets of 2021 on the list, the aforementioned are some of the best mountain bike helmets of 2021. You choose any one of them according to your taste and budget without a doubt. And if that’s not enough, below are some questions that might help you to achieve some additional clarity.

Part2: Frequently Asked Questions

How Good is MIPS

Research indicates that MIPS reduces the chances of brain injuries and trauma by almost 42%. With a number so large, having MIPS is a must for your new helmet.

Why do MTB Helmets have Visors

Mountain bike helmets come with visors to help the rider protect their eyes from direct exposure to the sun and any sort of debris. Visors help the rider to have a clearer vision irrespective of the environmental conditions around them.

Which Color Mountain Bike Helmet is Best

Usually, there is no fixed rule for choosing the color for your helmet. It entirely depends on your personal preference. However, experts suggest buying brighter color helmets as they are visible from far and reduce the chances of collision with other people on the track.

Do More Expensive Mountain bike Helmets Protect You Better

The rule of thumb here is that the more expensive the helmet is more features it will have. But if you can find a cheaper option with the same level of protection, who doesn’t want to save some extra bucks.

Can You Wear A Road Helmet for Mountain biking

Although the underlying function for both the gears is the same-to protect your head-wear a mountain bike helmet is ideally better.
Overall, helmets play a critical role in keeping you safe while you are enjoying your time on track. Thus, one should never compromise or settle for less on such essential protection equipment.