Full Face Helmet MTB

Protections for mountain bikes are a must for every cyclist. Specifically, the full face helmet mtb is one of the most important ones to wear when traveling on rugged trails, tackling steep descents and at speed or hiking with your mountain bike.
Whether for downhill, enduro, or just a nice ride, full-face helmets provide great head and facial protection, reducing the risk of injury from crashes.
In this guide, we will find out how to find the full-face helmet with a fixed or removable chin guard that best suits our needs. We will compare some of the best models on sale to understand what those who have already tried them think about it. And what are the features that you need to keep in mind when buying your full-face helmet?

Part 1: The best Full-Face Helmet MTB (Features and Opinions)

Bell makes a great cycling helmet called the Super 3R.

With a removable chin guard, it’s like having two helmets in one. Its steep climbs and off-road descents appeal both All Mountain and Enduro riders.

The chin guard has a three-point attachment and may be removed without tools.

So you can keep it in your backpack when tackling long climbs and then put it back when you need more safety, such as on fast descents or more sporty rides.

There are 23 vents on the helmet and six on the chin guard: the internal channels allow the temperature under the helmet to regulate. The Overbrow ventilation system lets air pass quickly and helps keep the face and head relaxed.

The external structure is resistant and is made of In-Mold polycarbonate; this blends directly with the internal absorbent foam to have a lower weight.

The breathable X-Static and XT-2 padding and adjustment system make Bell’s helmet even more comfortable.

The Float Fit adjustment mechanism is light and comfortable, with a rubber over-moulded panel. The Tri-Glides without Twist now include quick-adjust fasteners that assist keep the straps flat and in place.

Among other features, we can find the GoggleGuide adjustable visor, perfect for wearing the mask. It also has built-in support for the camera.

The Super 3R helmet adopts the MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) protection system, designed to reduce blows to the head and injuries.

It has the CE EN1078 certification and is available in three different sizes and three colours: black, grey and blue.


Adjustable Visor: Yes

Camera Mount Ready: Yes


Is it possible to quickly remove the chin guard?

Yes, very quickly. There are only two hooks on the sides and a closure on the back.

Does it have the attachment for the Go Pro?

Velcro may be used to remove the Go Pro attachment.

Is it possible to swap out the pads that are already inside?

No, more pads aren’t included, however you may remove the ones that are already there to customize the thickness.

Can you wear it well even in summer?

Yes, it is very ventilated and is comfortable even in hot weather.

Does it weigh a lot on the head?

No, it weighs only 784 grams, so it is easy to wear.


Bell’s Super 3 helmet has received rave reviews.

We thought the helmet was well made, robust yet light. The removable chin guard is recognized for its versatility and somewhat higher price. The correct fit gives you confidence. The table also makes choosing sizes a breeze.

The building is well ventilated, making it useful even in the heat. Some bikers would have preferred a screen over the slots in front of the mouth to keep dust and insects out. Several testimonials validated the helmet’s endurance in harsh falls, even on stones.

Aside from the instruction booklet not being in Italian, the section of the helmet that contacts the nape of the neck is fragile and easily broken or detached.

Bell is a leading brand of cycling helmets, and Super Air shows us a resistant and performing helmet with a versatile chin guard.

The chin guard detaches in two clicks, giving you two helmets in one. Its steep climbs and off-road descents appeal both All Mountain and Enduro riders.

The construction is polycarbonate reinforced in-mould. In addition to the X-Static cushioning, Bell’s helmet is adjustable.

The chin guard also has antimicrobial padding. In the case of an accident, it protects the chin and mouth.

The Overbrow ventilation system lets air pass quickly through 18 ventilation channels and thus helps to keep the face and head relaxed.

The integrated visor is adjustable and has Goggle Guide technology, perfect to wear simultaneously as the mask. It also has support for the camera included.

The Super 3R helmet has the MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) protection system, designed to decrease blows to the head and absorb energy before reaching the skull.

It Has the CPSC Bicycle Certification and the CEEN 1081 Homologation


Adjustable Visor: Yes

Camera Mount Ready: Yes

How much does it weigh?

The helmet weighs 640 grams in size M, 144 grams lighter than its predecessor.


The reviews of the Bell Super Air helmet are all enthusiastic and positive. It has a ventilation system that amazed everyone and prompted many cyclists to use it in the full version, even in summer.

Very light even with the chin guard on, many riders say it almost feels like they don’t have it.

The chin guard is accessible to both remove and put on.

According to the cyclists, the price is slightly higher than other competing models, but it is still proportionate to the overall quality.

According to some users, the only flaw is that closing the clip is not very practical. They would have appreciated a magnetic closure more.

Bell is a significant brand for cycling helmets, and Super DH is one of its best proposals.

It’s good for people who like to do All Mountain. It has a detachable chin guard that lets you have two helmets in one and lets you change the helmet quickly when the route changes.

The chin guard has a three-point attachment system and attaches and detaches without using any tools. It takes up little space, and you can easily keep it in your backpack when you don’t want to wear it.

There Are 23 Vents on the Helmet and Six on the Chin Guard

the internal channels allow the temperature under the helmet to adjust independently. The Overbrow ventilation system lets air circulate smoothly and helps keep your head cool.

The external structure is polycarbonate, and the internal part is made of EPS foam. The X-Static padding is also very breathable and comfortable.

The Float Fit adjustment system has a rubber over-moulded panel and is lightweight and comfy. This year’s Notwist straps allow for easier and faster adjustment.

Among the additional features, we can find the adjustable Goggle Guide visor, perfect for wearing the mask, and the integrated support for the video camera.

The Super DH helmet has the MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) protection system, designed to reduce blows to the head.

It is available in three different sizes and three colours: black, grey and blue.


The Bell Super DH helmet has gotten rave reviews.

This helmet is of high quality and yet light. The retractable chin guard allows for double usage and justifies the somewhat higher price.

It’s perfect. The table makes sizing simple. Well-ventilated, it’s not too hot even in the summer.

Not only: The instructions aren’t in Italian, and the helmet section that touches the nape of the neck might malfunction. It may break or fall off.

A light, breathable, and protective helmet from Smith. Perfect for both fast and slow riders. Ideal for Enduro and Gravity riders with Down Hill certification.

Material: EPS in-mould, a light expanded polystyrene with a thin polycarbonate shell. Extra Koroyd inserts provide even more protection.

The inside cushioning is antibacterial and anti-odour X-static and XT2.

The chin guard is excellent at transmitting collision energy through the helmet without injuring or jeopardizing the cyclist’s face.

Ventilation is important since you may use a helmet on difficult routes. The helmet has 21 vents, some large. Some ventilation systems employ Air Evac, which directs air upwards to promote ventilation and prevent lens fogging. The Smith visor is adjustable and robust.

Among the extras are the goggles interlocking. And the mask to keep them upright while pedaling.

The Mainline helmet has MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) protection, which absorbs shocks and reduces head strikes.


How much does it weigh?

The helmet is very light, weighing only 380 grams.


Smith’s Mainline helmet reviews are all very positive and enthusiastic.

The construction is of excellent quality, and the pair of spare bearings present in the package was very welcome.

The quality is very good, and the people who have bought it have been very happy and impressed.

As long as it’s hot outside, the building doesn’t get too hot, even in the summer.

A minor flaw found is that, according to some cyclists, it is not very easy to put on and take off.

Stage Stealth is the innovative helmet by Troy Lee Designs, perfect for doing Down Hill, off Road, thanks to its resistance and safety technologies. Thanks to the light and breathable structure.So this helmet can also use comfortably for Enduro and Cross Country. It is one of the lightest helmets in its class.

Composite fibers and glass fiber reinforcements make up the exterior shell. The inner liner combines dual-intensity eps and ep in one product designed to withstand both high and low-speed impacts.

The X-static silver lining is anti-odour, antibacterial and allows quick drying of moisture and sweat. The Chin guard of this helmet model cannot be detached.

At the entrance, it features 11 High Flow vents, while the output has 14 Open Core exhaust valves. Its design is aerodynamic so as not to sacrifice sporting performance. Stage Stealth won 2018 Helmet of the Year and Gold Winner at Eurobike.

Despite the high performance, it does not neglect an excellent level of safety. It features MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) safety technology, which significantly disperses impact energy and reduces rotational forces, reducing head damage during falls.

The visor is removable, and the helmet is available in five different colours and three sizes.


How much does it weigh?

The helmet is light, and size M-L weighs only 690 grams.


Troy Lee Designs’ helmet reviews are all very positive. The construction is well-executed and strong, and the fit is excellent. Some riders have been able to testify that in the event of falls (even rather bad ones), the helmet has performed its function very well, protecting the head and thus avoiding severe consequences.

According to some, the internal protective pads tend to crawl too much against the ears when taking off the helmet. Despite this, the film’s overall excellence makes up for this little fault. Users reported no serious problems in usage or construction.

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Part 2: How to Choose a Full-face Helmet for MTB

Protections for mountain bikes make all the most delicate and fragile points of the body safe, and there are many types, such as knee pads, elbow pads, protective anklets, mtb back protectors or mtb gloves.

However, the most crucial part of the protective equipment is the helmet, which can belong to two major types: the open and integral ones.

Oddly, few bikers opt for the added protection that a full-face helmet offers.

Full-face helmets have more articulated structures and internal padding, which leads them to absorb shocks more and protect the head from debris and stones during collisions.

For enduro and downhill riding, the closed or full-face helmet is the most common choice. It looks similar to a motocross helmet, but it is lighter and made particularly for mountain biking.

The more adrenaline-pumping riders who ride down and up steep slopes and depend significantly on speed should use this.

The Features for Choosing

When choosing a full-face helmet, you must consider elements that can differentiate one model from another.

The design is the same for everyone: the rigid structure with internal padding covers the entire head and face, also integrating an often removable visor and chin guard.

The structure materials can be different, making the weight, the level of comfort and safety vary. In the same way, the padding can also be of different densities, ensuring more or less protection.

The best internal padding is the variable density one, which adapts to the shape of the head and does not create discomfort while pedalling. The materials in which it is made should be clean, anti-odour and breathable so as not to keep the head warm.

The choice of exterior materials and those of the internal padding affect the final price of the helmet: it will not be difficult, however, to find an excellent product whatever your budget.

As anticipated, ventilation is an essential aspect of an accessory that ultimately covers the head and face. Mainly, if used in the warmer seasons, you have to make sure that the air can circulate easily and that moisture and sweat can evaporate quickly to the outside to create a pleasant indoor environment.

Another aspect that can ensure ease of use is compatibility with goggles and goggles: if it includes a groove, a grip pad or a clip, it will keep the goggle straps in place. The last thing you want is to have your goggles slipping as you go at high speed.

Finally, it is good to check the homologation of the helmet. It must have the CE and EN 1078 markings to be certified and approved. Using this method, we are sure that all of our products meet European safety standards.

Integral with or without Removable Chin Guard

The main reason that led many cyclists not to choose full-face helmets was their weight and difficult ventilation. Even if it offers the maximum possible safety and protection, the full-face helmet is not very comfortable for the descent.

In the last decade, however, there has been a significant change in the design of full-face mtb helmets. Thanks to the introduction of hybrid helmets. These convertible full-face helmets have a chin guard that you can remove: without any effort, they are as comfortable as an open helmet and allow you to better adapt them to the path you are facing.

This intermediate route between the open and full-face helmet is an excellent convenience for quickly switching from the descent to the ascent mode. The chin guard offers total protection for the chin, teeth and jaw but is now built to be detached and attached quickly and easily, without using any tools and without taking off the helmet.

The fixing system of the chin guard is different in each model. Still, in any case, the fact that it is removable is the optimal solution to tackle all the routes, changing quickly to cover the descents and climbs that occur in your exit.

Furthermore, when detached, you can store it in the backpack without taking up too much space or weight, giving the advantage of having two helmets in one.

Part 3: Conclusions

There are many different types of full-face helmets on the market. It may not be easy to compare all the other characteristics, the technical properties, to find your way around the specific terms of the jargon to understand which helmet is fitting for you.

The primary advice is to understand your driving style and the discipline you practice most often to see if it is more advantageous to have total and heavy coverage or something more versatile and adaptable to situations.

In any case, whichever helmet we choose must make us feel protected and safe in all the paths we face and be comfortable to ride without discomfort.

It would be best if you also remembered that an essential thing is homologated and that its safety system is certified. Wearing your helmet correctly is vital to have adequate protection.