Womens E Bike MTB for Winter

Biking in winter can be a challenge, but also a fun activity too. There are many benefits with mountain biking in winter. Without differentiate womens E bike MTB and the unisex, can’t deny that there are some features of women’s bike that suits with female anatomy so it becomes more comfortable.

Part 1: Women with Mountain Bike

Sports Don’t Limit the Genders

including mountain biking. Activities like mountain biking usually bring more adrenaline and an adventurous side for the doers. This is why sometimes people tend to say this is “man’s sport” when actually it is not. Many women like and are serious about doing this sport, for example, Rachel Atherton, Tahnée Seagrave, Marine Cabrio, and many more. Now or maybe in the future, they will be the symbol of Women’s bikers.

Sports are for All Genders

With the development now where all sports are for all genders, many companies are trying to adapt this for their products. Just like how most bicycle companies are giving us more women friendly products. They said they don’t do this to differentiate between genders. But it’s more like giving a more comfortable product to women which suits their anatomy or height. However, women have free right to choose if they want womens MTB E bike or unisex mountain bike because everyone has their own tastes.

Differences Between Unisex Bike and Women Bike

Actually, there are not many differences between unisex bike and women bike. The function and the concept are actually the same. What makes them different is women’s bikes are adapting to the average woman’s height and the ratio between torso lengths and leg lengths. That’s why the narrow bars oftenly smaller than the unisex version. And also the handle’s length sizes aren’t bigger than the unisex one. While the one of the components which everyone envious of women’s bikes is the saddle. It’s so comfortable for biking. So, basically the components’ size is the one who makes them not the same. No wonder there are many women bikers who prefers unisex bike because sometimes the sizes aren’t suits with them. Well just like what this article said before, everyone has the right to choose.

Part 2: The Need of womens E bike MTB in Winter

People oftenly relate winter to being at home, with a blanket and a hot coffee to warm us. Just some lazy things to do at home sweet home. But actually you can do outdoor sports even if it’s winter. Moreover you’ll be getting more benefits in the winter season. Just like mountain biking, which has many advantages for any genders.

There are many advantages of mountain biking in winter. But this article is going to group it by 2 types of advantages. Those types are good for physical health and good for mental health. Physical advantages in this context are like biking in winter can make you tougher and burn more calories, so you will get sick less. While the mental advantages are such as not easily burning out and more relaxation because of less crowdedness.

1. Good for Physical Health

As we know that winter’s weather sometimes can be challenging because of the snow, coldness, and wind. But let’s think about it in a positive way. Just like how if we can pass a test, we could get to the next stage. Biking is almost the same as that. The more tough the terrain is, the tougher you are. Of course you should do it step by step. Try to start doing this for a few minutes in not-so-hard terrain. Each time you go biking in winter it gets harder. By doing this not only make you tougher and ready for spring season, but also burn your calories. Research states that when the temperature falls your metabolism rises. This makes you warm and it will burn your calories. This system works better when some do exercises, like mountain biking.

2. Good for Mental Health

As for the mental advantages, it is more about how comfortable we will be if we go mountain biking in winter. One thing that mostly happens is the terrain will be less crowded. This will make it easier for us bikers to go biking. Without getting pressured that we need to be in line or sharing the track. Also by biking in winter, it means we do something that is an ‘unusual’ thing to do. This will make us less likely to burn out. We definitely get more excited by doing something extraordinary because we want to keep fit. Also by keeping the pace, it will make us more than ready for biking in the spring season.

Part 3: The Big 4 of  Womens E Bikes MTB

It has been explained how fun and beneficial it is biking in winter. But we need to know too what things to be cautioned of, such as slippery terrain, cold temperature, and humidity. Don’t need to be afraid of this because we can deal with it by layering our outfits, wearing waterproof socks, and  using the suitable bike. Electric mountain bike can be the best bike to use in the winter season. The reason is because it can help us cycling with the motor which is part of the E bike. That’s why this article will recommend you Top 4 or best ladies EMTB for winter!

Honestly, there is not much difference between a winter E-Mountain bike and non-winter E-Mountain bike. Actually there is no company who produces a mountain bike specifically for winter. But what this article is going to recommend is women e mtb bike which is good for the terrain in winter. Okay so let’s talk about the best women’s mtb e bike.

1. LIV

Liv is definitely one of the best brands regarding womens mtb e bike. And now they’re back again with amazing mountain bikes for women, and it’s electric bikes. There are two ladies e mtb that will be recommended, it’s Liv Embolden E+2. Embolden E+2 is for people who want to be adventorous. Designed with the right wheel size for balance and maneuverability to match with your style of cycling and body structure. Using the efficient FlexPoint Suspension which makes it quick and capable at descending without batting an eye at climbs. Also the Internal cable routing which the bike has makes the bike have that clean riding machine. So if you’re biking in winter, it would be okay.

2. Powerfly

Powerfly probably isn’t really talked about between women bikers. But their product, which is Powerfly 5, might change people’s opinion about this. Powerfly 5 Women could be said as a highly capable electric mountain bike with a great value. It also has Hydraulic brakes which are so responsive. It features a Removable Integrated Battery (RIB), yet doesn’t require tools for removal. So it might be said that the bike is user-friendly. This bike is versatile, capable, and ready for adventure. So it also suits the winter weather. And just like what it stated as a women’s bike, this bike has durable mountain bike components and high-end Bosch system so it;s designed specifically for women. The geometry can provide a better fit to women from the start. But it doesn’t mean only women can use this.

3. Canyon

Canyon, the brand that is already popular among mountain bikers, released a series for women which is named Canyon Neuron: ON 8 WMN. Once we see it, we can tell that the design of this bike is so cool. The 2-toned colors make the biker look more stylish. It features RockShox suspension, powerful Shimano disc brakes, an Iridium dropper post and a saddle designed specifically for women e-MTB riders, so it will be more comfortable to women. Also having  Internal cable routing really helps you biking in winter.

4. Scott

Scott Contessa released womens e mtb bike which is Strike eRide 910. This bike is the meaning of comfort for a full suspension electric MTB which is really good off-road. State of the art integration, high-end components, women’s specific contact points and a class-leading Bosch drive unit in one bike will give you a solid choice for good experience in biking. It also features a Range Booster which helps you a lot in the pedal part. The brake that is used in this bike is Shimano BR-MT520 4 Piston, and it will give a nice feeling once you braking your bike. It can be said that this bike matches with the winter.

womens e mtb bike

Part 4: Advantages of  Each Bikes

Everything has positive and negative sides. All the ladies mtb e bike that this article recommends also has the advantages and disadvantages. For this context, it’s mostly talking about the advantages or disadvantages of mountain biking with these bikes in winter.

1. Liv Embolden E+2

This bike’s motor is a SyncDrive Sport motor which has a new fully integrated EnergyPak Smart 625Whr or 500Whr battery. Also having handlebar-mounted RideControl ONE and Smart Assist Technology makes this bike going farther, faster, and more efficiently than the series before. A helpful assist when you are cycling because all the components already proven to increase the driving force on the bike. The Hydraulic brake that this bike used also easing the bikers to stop their bike. With this feature, we don’t need to be afraid if the brake will be too loose and cause an accident.

2. Powerfly 5 Women

just like as it stated before has a great design and beautiful color. The tektro hydraulic brakes are also so beneficial to the bike because they are very responsive and “pulled hard” when the biker is really pulling it. This bike is also good for people with any weight. There’s a review which said overweight riders feel that Powerfly’s carrying capacity to be more than enough. Automatically, balance and stability is also the main part of Powerfly 5 Women. Suits with people who want to biking in any temperature.

3. Neuron:ON 8 WMN

It has a good design and two toned colors. It features some good components so it will be more comfortable to women. Vaving  Internal cable routing really helps you biking in winter because you won’t be distracted by the cable, and the weather won’t affect the system. This bike has rear end’s Triple Phase Suspension design that will provide a quality biking with any terrain. Stability also  can be the strength point of this bike because Neuron:ON 8 WMN has a sensitive small-bump response that gives you top traction and control. And on the descents, the suspension can ramp up progressively.

4. Scott Contessa Strike eRide 910

Reliable motor, great mud clearance. If on the other hand you think getting the right bike is more about sizing than gender, then Scott’s one-style-fits-all approach with the Contessa Strike eRide 910 is the way to go. The Scott Contessa Strike eRide 910 is a great example of this way of thinking – it gets modern geometry though it’s no different in terms of shape to the men’s Strike, but it does have women-specific contact points and a lighter shock tune.

Part 5: Disadvantages of Each Bike

All of these bikes which this article recommends also have disadvantages.

 Liv Embolden+2 has

just like how Liv Embolden+2 has.There are some not-good reviews about this bike. A reviewer stated that they’re struggling to read the manuals or tutorials that come with it. The reason is because of the gray print which is difficult to read. Another reviewer said the negative thing about this bike is that it feels heavy when riding the bike. Also the color options are limited, which probably for some people it’s no fun. Basically the disadvantages of Embolden+2 can be said ‘minor’ things because most of the user have no problem when using the bike.

Powerfly 5 Women

While it stated that Powerfly 5 Women.user-friendly and has hydraulic brakes which are very useful, there are some bad reviews about it. Some reviewers said this bike is heavy and onerous to pedal up hills without assistance. Also the color design is so limited for women’s options. Not only the color options, there are bad review about the paintwork which easily chipped for some of the owners. And this is important information for the reader of this article. One person said that there was a delayed engagement of the power assist in snowy areas. Not to validate this person, but there are no other bad reviews about biking with this bike in winter. So, let’s say this person’s review is for cautioning us to use the bike carefully.

 Canyon Neuron: ON 8 WMN

Actually, there are not many reviews about Canyon Neuron:ON 8 WMN,because mostly thal about the unisex version one. But it might be said that no hydraulic brake is the disadvantage of this bike. Hydraulic brakes are useful for E-Mountain Bikes, especially for winter, because they can stop the bike firmly.

Scott Contessa Strike eRide 910

Scott Contessa Strike eRide 910 actually identical to the Scott Strike unisex bike, except the saddle’s size, grips and custom shock tune. All of the components are good, but the geometry and low handlebar height on this bike may not match with long legs or taller women. But this can be overcomed by choosing the unisex version. Rather than for tall women, this bike is more pleasant to short riders. The reason is because Scott offers an extra small frame for shorter riders. Some reviewers also stated that this bike needs a better fork and tyres to really start functioning. It said that the tyres and saddle don’t have a lot of handle and the cockpit is congested with too many levers.This can mess your head because people oftenly ended up pressing the wrong lever. So let’s be cautious for this part.

Part 6: Closing

It has been explained how mountain biking for women is, how beneficial biking in winter is, and also the right e-mountain bikes to use for women bikers. Just as this article stated before, everyone has the right to choose. Even if you’re women, you can also choose the unisex bikes. Even you’re not women, you can biking with womens E Bike MTB too. This article just helped you to find some good bikes for biking in winter, which is something that people rarely do but actually has many advantages. All of these bikes also have good and bad sides, so you are free to choose!