Mountain Bikes And The Best Hardtail Under 1000

Mountain biking which is usually called MTB is a fun and thrilling sport. It is done on off-road trails and rough terrains. This sport can serve as a way to engage in whole body exercise without putting much stress on the joints like other exercises, it reduces stress, improves the brain power, improves balance and coordination, helps you sleep better and improves your mood. For you to enjoy this lucrative sport, you need to know the best mountain bikes gear, Types of mountain bikes and the best hardtail under 1000. This will help you ensure that you are protected during the sport and have the gear you need without breaking the bank. Below are what we will be looking at in this article.

Part 1: What are Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are rugged machines which are used to ride on rough and mountainous terrain. They are the most popular bikes in the world, and this is because they are the most durable, classy, and most equipped bikes on earth.
As stated earlier, mountain bikes are used to ride rough terrain. From off-road trails to deserts, rocks to mountains, these bikes can overcome any obstacle, and they also have a special design, and a light frame, strong and big tires, and have their gear rations really low. They are fast yet strong, responsive yet durable, comfortable yet have a solid shock absorption.

Part 2: Mountain Bikes Gear

When you go mountain biking, it is not only the bike you need, there are other essential things you need to have a safe and successful mountain biking experience. So, here are the accessories or gear as they are popularly called you need as a mountain biker.


Mountain biking without a helmet is a disaster waiting to happen. As one who is biking on a rugged terrain you have to make sure you are safe and the most important thing to take with you is a helmet. Make sure you buy a good, relatively new and well-fitting helmet. It protects your head when you crash and takes a good beating in your place.

Mountain Bike

It is not possible to go mountain biking without a bike. Your bank account will definitely feel it when you purchase it but it’s worth the investment. If you are just starting mountain biking and you are not ready to buy one, you can rent one for the period you learn.

Knee Pads

We’ve emphasized that your safety is important and one way to protect yourself is by wearing knee pads. Whether you are a first-timer or a professional, knee pads will protect you from cuts and bruises when you fall. They are very cheap and have a variety of options to pick from.


As a mountain biker, you cannot go barefooted when you go on the trail. Therefore, as insignificant shoes might look, it is actually important. Choosing the right shoes is paramount as just any shoe cannot suffice. Get a mountain biking shoes or a skate type shoe. They are needed for your biking experience.


No biker should go mountain biking without a pack. You need it to pack your essentials like water bottle for when you are dehydrated, snacks for when you need to chew something and your mini tools for issues that might come up with your bike on the trail. A small backpack or sling bag will do the trick.

best hardtail mountain bikes for under 1000

Part 3: Types of Mountain Bikes

There are different types of mountain bikes. There is no ‘one size fits all’ type of bike because they vary in size, design and price, there are mountain bikes for different types of terrain. The various types are explaining here.

Mountain Bikes for Cross Country

Most roads for cross country riding are usually smooth and have flat surface, however, there are times the roads are steep and rickety. There are mountain bikes for cross country and they have their own special design. There are different types of mountain bikes for cross country rides including the best hardtail mountain bikes for under 1000.
The most important element inculcated in the cross country mountain bike is speed. This is because most cross country rides are for competitions and everyone wants to win them. The next important element in these bikes is endurance. Cross country biking has a long distance trail; therefore, we don’t want it to break down on the trail. That’s why these elements are important for the bikes. Mountain bikes for cross country have front suspension but lower shock absorber because they have a smoother trail. Many of them also have carbon fiber frames and full suspension.

Mountain Bikes for Trails

These are popular, very affordable and generally used mountain bikes. They are usually used for off-road trails and single tracked mountain trails, and equipped for an all-round mountain bike experience with their relatively low weigh and nimble features. They can be used for climbing, descending and more-even trails. The different designs and comfort ranges these bikes come in makes them have a wide price range. You can find the best hardtail bikes under 1000 in this category.

Mountain Bikes for Downhill

These are special mountain bikes for descents. They are using for the more exhilarating and fun riding where speed and high drops come to play. These bikes are specifically suitable for fun dropping off cliffs and impact at high speed: they are not for flat surfaces like the trail and cross country bikes.
They use full suspension and a slack frame, they have strong resistance to impacts and are very durable. They are suitable for aggressive descents and rugged downhill terrains. They are a bit pricey but are definitely worth it.

Fat Mountain Bikes

These are a popular, new, in-demand type of mountain bikes. They are great for loose grounds, unstable areas and snowy terrains. These bikes have oversized tyres that makes it firm and stable in slippery slopes, they look like the trail bikes but have larger wheels and tyres.

The All-Mountain Bikes

These are mountain bikes that can use in rocky, hilly and mountainous terrains. They have the features of both the trail bikes and downhill bikes. They are using in rough areas that have steep drops and rugged grounds. Also, they have wider wheels and tyres that gives it shock absorber for hard impact descent and at the same time are nimble bikes.

Part 4: The Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes

When it comes to the strongest, most durable bikes in the mountain biking world, you cannot go beyond the hardtail mountain bikes. These amazing bikes are affordable, easily maintained and yet have the amazing features of the full suspension bike. The different types of hardtail mountain bikes are explaining in details below.

The Diamondback Hardtail Bike

The Diamondback have been in the biking industry for many years and have made quite a number of super bikes, one such bike is the Diamondback Sync’R 29 Carbon Hardtail Bike. This hardtail bike has some of the most amazing specs ever and it cost less than $4000! It has the Fox 34 Performance fork with 140mm travel, a GX Eagle drivetrain, a threaded bracket, four-piston brake and 35mm handle bar. So, this bike has everything you need in a hardtail bike.

The Yeti Hardtail Bike

Yeti is well known for its breath-taking carbon frames and they definitely did not disappoint in their Yeti ARC Carbon C2 GX Hardtail Bike. This hardtail has a Fox Performance 34 130mm, and SRAM Level TL brakes. For a hardtail bike with so much power, it is surprisingly nimble so can easily handle. Therefore, it is a bike worth buying.

The Santa Cruz Chameleon Hardtail Bike

When we want to go back to the original hardtail, we will all mention the Santa Cruz Chameleon. This hardtail bike kept the original features Santa Cruz is known for and brought in the important specs of the modern biking world. Also, the Santa Cruz Chameleon Hardtail Bike has a Fox 34 Rhythm, 120mm fork, an NX Eagle drivetrain, a Minion up front, an Ardent Race at the back and SRAM’s Guide T brakes. So, this hardtail bike is fast, strong, relatively cheap and a favourite for many people.

The Trek Procaliber 9.7 Hardtail Mountain Bike

The Trek is a powerful brand for mountain bikes. Its Procaliber 9.7 Hardtail Bike is one of the best machines in the cross country biking world. It is a premium race bike as it’s is one of the fastest in the game. It has a SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain, a Carbon Bontrager, a RockShox Reba RL fork with 100mm of travel and an IsoSpeed decoupler. So, when you want to go for a cross country competition, this hardtail bike is definitely what you need.

Part 5: The Best Hardtail Under $1000

If you do not want to break the bank or invest so much in hardtail mountain bikes, you can buy the best hardtail mountain bikes around 1000 dollars. Also, you can invest in the best hardtail mountain bikes for under 1000. The best hardtail mtb under 1000 are explaining below.

The Marin Palisades Trail 2 Hardtail Mountain Bike

This is the best hardtail mountain bike under 1000 we have right now. It has a 27.5 wheels, a 2×9 drivetrain, a Series 2 6061 aluminium frame, a Shimano Acera rear derailleur and Tektro M275 hydraulic disk brakes. The Marin Palisades Trail 2 definitely takes the cake for best hardtail under 1000.

The Cannondale Trail 8 Hardtail Mountain Bike

When it comes to the most affordable but best hardtail mountain bike for under a 1000, The Cannondale Trail 8 Bike is the winner. It has a lightweight aluminium frame, a Shimano 2x drivetrain and 29” Its $600 price makes it the best hardtail under 1000.

The Marin Eldrige Grade 2 Hardtail Mountain Bike

This is one of the best hardtail mountain bikes for under 1000 especially if you are just entering into the mountain biking world. The Marin Eldridge Grade 2 Bike comes with an oversized air sprung suspension fork, a Series 2 6061 aluminium frame with 130mm of driving, a Shimano Altus/Acera 2×9-speed drivetrain and a RockShox Recon Silver RL. It is one of the best hardtail under 1000 and is a great mountain bike for trail.

The Co-op Cycles DRT 1.2 Hardtail Mountain Bike

This is one of the best hardtail bikes under 1000 and is good for intermediate mountain bike riders. It has a 120mm front suspension and 27.5 x 2.4in. tires and 2×9 gears and 2X drivetrain and weighs about 32 pounds. It is indeed one of the best hardtail under 1000.

The Giant Talon 1 Hardtail Mountain Bike

This bike is one of the best hardtail under 1000. It has an 880 or 100 front suspension and a medium frame 29 x 2.4 in. tires and a Shimano Deore 1 x 10 drivetrain and a versatile Kenda Booster in a 2.4-inch setup. These features easily make it one of the best hardtail mountain bikes for 1000.

The Specialized Rockshopper Comp 29 Hardtail Mountain Bike

This is one of the best hardtail mountain bikes around 1000. The specs of the Specialized Rockshopper Comp 29 Hardtail Bike are as follows: it has a front suspension of 90 or 100mm and medium frame tires of 29 x 2.3 inches and 1 x 9 gears and a large 29-inch wheels and hydraulic brakes. It is a super bike for its $1000 asking price.
The best hardtail mountain bikes around 1000 are great mountain bikes with so many uses, from cross country races to trails and off-road biking, they can use for so many options and comes in different styles, prices and designs.