Discover the Thrill of Dicks Mountain Bikes

Discover the Thrill of Dicks Mountain Bikes

For over 20 years, Dicks has been producing high-performance yet affordable mountain bikes that empower riders to seek adventure on exciting trails. Dicks offers an unparalleled range of quality mountain bikes to match any budget, riding style and skill level.

In this in-depth guide, we will explore the diverse lineup of Dicks mountain bikes, from nimble hardtails to full suspension trail shredders and downhill beasts. We’ll cover the dialed geometries, suspension designs and components used across the Dicks range that enable confident handling and control when tackling technical singletrack and bike park terrain. 

Plus, we’ll outline purchasing options, must-have Dicks accessories and gear to outfit your ride in style and safety. Dicks’ industry-leading customer support, warranty and passionate riding community will be highlighted as well. For any rider seeking adventure and progression on two wheels, Dicks mountain bikes aim to over deliver value, performance and stroke.

Extensive Range of Dicks Mountain Bikes

Dicks offers one of the most diverse selections of mountain bike styles and categories to enable riders of all types to find the perfect two-wheeled adventure machine. From budget-friendly hardtails to advanced carbon downhill racers, Dicks engineers meticulously designed mountain bikes that empower confidence and progression across varied terrain.

Hardtail Dicks Mountain Bikes

Hardtail Dicks mountain bikes utilize front suspension only and lightweight aluminum or carbon frames that excel during out-of-the-saddle climbing and on smooth, flowing singletrack. Efficient and affordable, Dicks hardtails like the Trailblazer and Skyline models are ideal for new riders and cross-country enthusiasts.

Full Suspension Dicks Mountain Bikes

Dicks’ extensive range of full suspension mountain bikes utilize dialed suspension front and rear to smooth out technical descents and increase control across rooted, rocky terrain. With travel ranging from 120mm to 180mm, Dicks models like the All-Mountain 2.0 and Downfall suit aggressive trail riding to bike park duty.

Downhill Dicks Mountain Bikes

Purpose-built for conquering the steepest, most treacherous downhill racecourses, Dicks downhill models utilize 180mm+ of travel mated to reinforced frames and components. The Dicks Avalanche downhill bike strikes a perfect balance of stability at speed yet lively handling for weaving around sections.

Dicks Fat Bikes

With oversized 4-5 inch tires run at low pressures, Dicks fat bikes like the Yukon enable traversing sand, snow and other loose conditions where narrower tires would sink. Built for adventurous off-trail exploration in any season.

Dicks Electric Mountain Bikes

Dicks e-mtbs integrate a pedal-assist motor within the drivetrain to give the rider a power boost. Extended range models like the Lightning let you ride farther and access more challenging terrain versus traditional mountain bikes.

With such an expansive range, Dicks empowers each rider to find their ideal two-wheeled machine to hit the trails and progress their skills in comfort and confidence.

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Dicks Mountain Bikes Deliver Dialed Handling and Reliability

Every Dicks mountain bike model is meticulously engineered and tested to provide riders with confidence-inspiring performance and handling characteristics that encourage progression on the trail.

Dicks designers carefully tune key factors like frame geometry, suspension kinematics, component specification and materials selection to imbue Dicks bikes with precision control, stability at speed, efficient power transfer and reliability across endless miles of rugged terrain.

Dialed Trail-Ready Frame Geometry

All Dicks mountain bikes utilize modern trail-ready frame geometries that enhance control and stability:

  • Slackened head tube angles from 64-66° prevent twitchy handling at speed
  • Longer reaches and wheelbases provide a centered riding stance
  • Low bottom bracket heights increase grip and cornering traction

Combined, these geometries allow Dicks bikes to descend aggressively and carve singletrack confidently.

Smooth and Sensitive Suspension

Dicks meticulously tunes the suspension across their mountain bike line to soak up bumps and increase control:

  • Plush sag takes the edge off roots and rocks
  • Optimized compression and rebound damping prevent wallowing and bottoming out
  • Progressively wound springs add bottom-out resistance for hard impacts

Your hands and body stay fresher for longer rides via Dicks’ dialed suspension.

Durable Components and Precision Wheels

Thoughtfully chosen components like wide-range drivetrains, powerful disc brakes, dropper posts and hand-built wheels boost performance and resilience so Dicks bikes keep charging season after season.

When you ride a Dicks mountain bike, you can trust it has the dialed performance specs to help you find your flow on the trail.


Convenient Ways to Purchase Your Dicks Mountain Bike

Dicks makes it easy to research, test ride, and purchase your ideal mountain bike through flexible buying options:

Try Before You Buy at a Dicks Retail Store

Visit one of Dicks’ nationwide retail stores to check out their extensive lineup of mountain bikes in person. Take demo rides to experience the superb handling and performance firsthand. Knowledgeable staff can provide personalized bike recommendations and answer all your questions.

Order Your Dicks Bike Online

The Dicks website enables browsing technical specs, geometry details, component highlights and prices for all models. Order your chosen Dicks mountain bike directly online and get free shipping right to your door. Dicks also offers convenient payment plans to finance your purchase over time.

Give Their Team a Call

Speaking directly with Dicks’ friendly and experienced customer service team is a great way to get your questions answered. Their bike experts can provide tailored guidance to select the ideal Dicks model based on your riding style, local trails, skill level and budget. Give them a call to start your Dicks journey.

Attend Demo Events

Dicks hosts demo tour events nationwide for you to test ride new model years before they become available. It’s the perfect opportunity to sample exciting new Dicks mountain bikes coming soon. Check their website for upcoming demo event dates and locations.

With flexible purchasing options, expert guidance, test rides and financing plans, Dicks simplifies investing in your dream mountain bike to unlock maximum adventure and progression on the trail.

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Dicks Mountain Bike Quality Accessories and Gear

Alongside their acclaimed bikes, Dicks offers a full selection of premium accessories and gear to outfit your ride for optimal performance, customization, and protection.

Must-Have Dicks Bike Accessories

Key accessories to upgrade your Dicks mountain bikes capabilities:


Accessory Benefits
Dropper Seatpost Raises and lowers saddle remotely for descents and climbs
Suspension Fork/Shock Tunable suspension improves control and comfort
Wheelset Choose carbon or alloy wheels to shed weight or add durability
Pedals Thin platform pedals provide stability and foot grip
Drivetrain Wider range cassette and crankset gears enhance climbing
Tubeless Tire Setup Liquid sealant prevents flats and reduces rolling resistance

Essential Protective Riding Gear from Dicks

Keep yourself safe while shredding trails with Dicks gear:

  • Full Face Helmets – For extra protection at speed
  • Knee Pads – Slide over rough terrain unscathed
  • Body Armor – Shield vitals from impact during crashes
  • Goggles – Block dust and debris while riding and increase visibility
  • Gloves – Prevent blisters and keep hands warm in cold weather

Gear up with Dicks’ extensive line of bike upgrades and protective equipment to get the most out of your mountain bike.


Dicks Mountain Bikes: Customer Support and Warranty

Dicks is dedicated to providing riders with best-in-class customer service, educational resources and warranty protection.

Comprehensive Dicks Customer Support

Dicks offers total support through:

  • Knowledgeable Staff – Phone, chat, email and in-store experts assist with recommendations, troubleshooting and service
  • Informative Videos – DIY repair tutorials and riding technique guides on their YouTube channel
  • FAQ Database – Search extensive articles covering bike maintenance queries
  • Social Community – Join Dicks’ online rider forums and events to connect with the community

Industry-Leading Dicks Warranty

Dicks protects your bike investment through their generous warranty program:


Component Warranty Term
Frame Lifetime
Suspension Parts 1 year
Components 1 year
Paint/Decals 1 year

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Join the Thriving Dicks Mountain Bike Community

Beyond making acclaimed bikes, Dicks fosters an inclusive community of passionate mountain bikers through group rides, skill camps, races, demos and social media.

Local Dicks Group Rides

Join group rides in your area to meet fellow Dicks riders. Bond over a shared love of mountain biking and explore new trails together. Check the Dicks website for upcoming group rides.

Skill Development Camps

Attend a Dicks mountain bike camp to take your technical skills to the next level. Certified coaches help you master cornering, jumping, descents and more over a weekend. All abilities welcome.

Exciting Local Bike Races

Enter a Dicks-sponsored cross-country, downhill or enduro race near you. Test yourself against other competitors in a fun, supportive atmosphere. Race weekends build lasting camaraderie.

Demo the Latest Dicks Models

Demo events nationwide let you test ride new Dicks bikes before they go on sale. Chat with Dicks staff and brand ambassadors for personalized recommendations.

Connecting Online

Dicks’ social media accounts and discussion forums enable connecting with fellow riders to share advice and riding stories. Use #DicksMTB to join the online community.


Dicks Mountain Bikes Operates Sustainably

Dicks is committed to environmental responsibility across their business operations and community initiatives:

  • Donates 1% of sales to trail access and conservation nonprofits to preserve riding areas.
  • Sources bike materials from vendors with ethical labor and environmental practices.
  • Runs an industry-leading used bike buyback program to reduce waste.
  • Manufacturing facilities use renewable energy to produce Dicks mountain bikes and gear.
  • Employee commuter benefits incentivize green transportation choices.
  • Plants a tree for every bike sold to offset carbon emissions.
  • Encourages riders to stay on marked trails and practice Leave No Trace ethics.

Dicks takes a leadership role in sustainability to protect the riding environments we all cherish for future generations. When you join the Dicks community, you join a mission to enable adventure while preserving nature.


Dicks Mountain Bikes Enable Your Riding Dreams

With their unwavering commitment to quality, performance and rider experience, Dicks has firmly established themselves as one of the most respected mountain bike brands worldwide.

We explored Dicks’ acclaimed range of mountain bikes, which covers various styles and price points to put your perfect two-wheeled adventure machine within reach. Dicks meticulously engineers their bikes by dialing the geometries, suspension kinematics and components to achieve confidence-inspiring trail handling characteristics.

Purchasing your ideal Dicks mountain bike is simple through online ordering, retail stores, and phone experts. Outfit your new bike with Dicks’ extensive accessories and protective gear. Their industry-leading warranty and customer service give you total support.

Beyond the bikes, Dicks fosters an inclusive community of passionate mountain bikers who progress together through group rides, races, camps and online. Sustainability is integral to Dicks’ operations as well.

With unmatched quality, capabilities and experience, Dicks mountain bikes unlock progression in riding skills and fitness. We covered the many reasons discerning riders trust Dicks to deliver maximum trail adventure. Discover your perfect Dicks bike and join the community today!

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What types of mountain bikes does Dicks offer?

Dicks offers hardtails, full suspension, downhill, fat bikes and e-bikes to suit different riding styles and budgets. 


Are Dicks mountain bikes high quality?

Yes, Dicks bikes are known for dialed geometries, smooth suspension, quality components and advanced materials that deliver incredible handling, control and performance on the trails.


What is the warranty for Dicks bikes? 

Dicks offers a lifetime warranty on bike frames against defects in materials and workmanship.


How can I connect with the Dicks riding community?

Check Dicks’ events calendar and social media to find group rides, skill camps, races and demos in your area and online.