Top Single Speed Mountain Bike for Sale

Unlike their geared counterparts, the single speed mountain bikes only regained recognition in the industry in recent times. Hence, not many manufacturers have been able to produce their own models. Here’s a list of some of the single speed mountain bike for sale.

The Pivot LES

The Pivot LES has to be one of the best hardtail bikes we’ve seen in recent times. Pivot company has really come a long way in manufacturing top single-speed mountain bikes. Before 2012, the company used to focus on full suspension bikes. However, the team decided to build the lovely Pivot LES in 2012.

Being a versatile mountain bike, the Pivot LES comes with a nice carbon frame. In addition, the manufacturers have added the sliding rear dropout to the bike. To accommodate the preferences of riders, the LES bike is in such a way that both the 27.5” and 29” tires can comfortably fit in.

If you want to convert your Pivot LES bike to a single speed, just get the Pivot LES version frame. Remember not to use the 27.5 or the LES fat frame. After getting this frame, you have to change the rear dropouts. But remember that the kits or tools to change the dropouts must be gotten from Pivot.

The Pivot LES comes with brake discs of 160mm in the front. And this applies to the rear as well. Also, the bike features about 148 boost spacing. Additionally, the front fork of the Pivot LES is the VFox factory step cast 32, with a remote lockout.

If you have $2,399, you can get the Pivot LES frame and convert your bike to a single-speed mountain bike. But if you prefer a pro build, the cost is on the high side. You must have nothing less than $5,099. Get to a local pivot dealer and get yourself the Pivot LES bike today.

single speed mtb for sale

Kona Unit

The Kona Unit is one of the most reliable 27” single speed MTB for sale. 29ers are perfect. But if you try the Kona Unit bike, you might reconsider getting a 29 inches single-speed mountain bike. The Kona unit is best known for its rigid front fork. When it comes to versatility, this bike beats many single-speed mountain bikes. And guess what? It also comes at a very affordable price. With just $1,000, you can be the proud owner of a Kona Unit bike. Indeed, there’s so much to enjoy for just a thousand dollars. For instance, the tires are wider than any regular single-speed bike tire at 2.8 inches.

The Kona Unit frame is called Reynolds 520 Butted CroMoly –a top single speed mtb frame. Moreover, the wheel spacing is 145mm. and this is not even the limit. It can also fit 142, 148, or even 135 with spacers. On top of these, the brake disc was carefully sourced. Kona Unit riders are indeed lucky to have the Tektro HDM285 brake disc. This bike is available in all Local Kona dealer shops.

The Crave SL 29

The Crave SL 29 Single Speed mountain bike for sale is an excellent product of Specialized. Although this bike was majorly produced in 2014-2016, it is a highly sought-after single-speed mountain biker. Fixed with an M4 aluminum frame, this bike is reputed to be very rigid and rugged. To aid responsiveness and stiffness, the front fork is made of carbon.

Unlike other single-speed mountain bike for sale, Crave SL 29 tires are unique. The front tires are specifically for ground control while the rear tires are for track control. Likewise, the hydraulic brakes are highly effective and responsive. They are supplies of the Shimano Deore.

However, there is a little challenge if you want to purchase this bike. The reason is apparent. You will recall that we mentioned earlier that it was manufactured in 2014-2016. Hence it would be difficult to get a new one. But there’s good news! You can get a used version of the bike. They are available on top websites like eBay, Craigslist, Pink Bike, etc. You can head to these websites and get one that is pocket friendly.

Rockhopper Expert by Specialized

Specialized continues to show that they are a force to reckon with when it comes to single speed MTB bike for sale. In 2009, the company rolled out the Rockhopper Expert bike.

The Rockhopper tires are trak control tires with a dimension of 29×2.0″. With the m4 alloy frame, you get to enjoy the thrills that come with a single-speed mountain bike. Further, the front fork is the Rock Shox Tora Race suspension type. Other features include the hubs and rims which are Quick release and RHD 29” respectively.

Just like the Crave SL 29, the Rockhopper was manufactured a long time ago. Hence, you can’t get a new one. So, you might have to settle for one that is neatly used.

Niner SIR 9

Weighing about 28.8 lbs., the Niner SIR 9 makes the list as the all-around best single gear mountain bike. SIR means “Steel is Real”. So, you can easily deduce that this assembled bike has what it takes to trail the harshest terrains. Further, the Niner SIR 9 comes with a Fox 34 float fork which makes it easy to maintain about 120mm of travel capacity. You must be aware of the durability of top-grade steel frames. To improve the sock absorption capacity of Niner SIR, the manufacturers ensured that the frame is hand-welded, using the Reynolds 853 steel tubing component.

On top of this, it is very easy to stop the Niner SIR 9 if you want to avoid any obstacle in the mountain. The Shimano XT hydraulic disc brakes come with front and rear rotors of 180mm and 160mm respectively. This is what makes the braking system efficient and effective. Therefore, you have total control of the entire bike. So, there’s no fear whether the brake system would fail in a steep area or a place with a lot of gravels in the mountains.  You should also know that this bike comes with a head tube angle of 68°, which is one of the ways to identify hardcore mountain bikes.

The Niner SIR 9 is not your regular urban cruiser bike. It is way more rugged than that. In order to provide more traction, the bike comes with the top-rated Nobby Nic trail tires. This is one of the best tires you can ever get in the industry, allowing for minimum drags as you ride your bike all the way down the mountain trails.

Overall, this is an excellent steel single speed mountain bike. However, all these benefits come at a price. The Niner SIR 9’s price is a bit on the high side.  If you want to enjoy what it takes to ride this bike, then you should brace up to spend about $3500.

The Surly Lowside

The Surly Lowside single speed mountain bike for sale has taken the market by storm. To give the bike a traditional outlook, the Surly Company adopted the 26” wheels and a rigid fork. In addition, the bike is fixed with bars that reflect the BMX style, and the steel frame also comes in a slim-tubed manner. If you take some time out to examine other components of the Surly bike, you will get to know that it’s really a simple bike. There are indeed no complicated components. But it delivers maximum satisfaction in the mountains. The SRAM NX crank is perfect for withstanding any form of harm. The Tektro hydraulic brakes also give you total control over the bike’s movement at all times.


However, if you are not satisfied with the simplicity of the Surly bike, you can make adjustments and customize the bike for your mountain biking demands. The head tube lets you add a short-travel suspension fork, just like the derailleur hanger lets you add more gears if you so desire.


Talking about tires, the Surly Company is well-known for producing some of the most durable fat tires in the industry. But this particular bike is not necessarily fitted with fat tires. But we can say they are plus-size tires. And this makes for a greater shock absorption capacity.

The Surly bike is still your cheapest option to be a single-speed mountain biker. Notwithstanding the rigid fork, you can put your skills to bear and enjoy the best of times in the mountains. Likewise, you should not bother about the steep geometry. The commendable features of this bike are sufficient to give you a hitch-free trail riding experience.

Above all, if you are not sure of being a single-speed biker, for the time being, it’s not a big deal. You can convert the Surly Lowside single-speed bike to a full capacity geared bike.


With a weight of 29 lbs. and a gear ratio of 32 x 17, the Surly bike costs only $1250.

Karate Monkey

The Karate Monkey is another product of the Surly Company. In order to give the world a feel of the 29ers, the company came up with the Karate Monkey bike. If you are looking for the best single speed mountain bikes, this might just be the right choice for you.

To improve the designs, Surly added some holes to the Karate Monkey single-speed mountain bike. This makes it possible to route the cabling for a dropper post. Additionally, Surly made use of impressive frames called the “Gnot Boost”. This is one amazing feature of the bike. With these frames, it is easy to run the the135mm, 142, or 148mm hub spacing.

Undoubtedly, the phrase “Karate Monkey” suggests a sporty and rugged bike.  For example,the bike’s wheels. The Karate Monkey’s wheels are Salsa Hubs. Also, the tires are 29 x 2.4″ Maxxis Ardent makes.


With $1,200, you can get the Karate Monkey from any local Surly dealer.

Santa Cruz Chameleon

The Santa Cruz Chameleon lives up to its name as a highly customizable bike.  Generally, single-speed mountain bikers are veteran who prefer certain specifications for single speed mountain bike for sale. These riders are all in for custom-made bike with flexible designs. Thankfully, the Santa Cruz Chameleon suits popular expectations.

The singlespeed mountain bike frame material is versatile. It comes with both aluminum and carbon components. In fact, these frames have the capacity for fork with up to 5.5” (140mm) of travel to fit in. And, of course, the head tube comes at an angle of 67.3°. This makes it easy for a nice geometry for technical mountain riding.  If you want an aluminum model of the Santa Cruz Chameleon bike, you should prepare to spend just $749. But if your preference is for the more expensive carbon bike, then you might as well pay not less than $1299. The choice is yours to make. In the same vein, the wheel size is wide enough to accommodate a 27.5 or convert your single-speed bike to a 29er.

The Santa Cruz Chameleon bike is particularly good for both rough terrain and long-distance mountain riding. If you want, you can transform the bike according to your likeness. As you trail the bumpy terrains, your bike will change colors and blend with the environment. The chainstays are made in such a manner as to allow for plus-sized tires.

Final Thoughts

Single speed mountain bikes fall under the bigger market of single-speed bikes. For this reason, only specific manufacturers have taken up the initiative of making the bikes. So, it is likely that you will encounter a rather limited supply of single-speed mountain bikes.

However, this is not to say that you cannot find a perfect single-speed mountain bike for sale. You only have to make a decision on time. Some of these bike editions come with limited production capacity. Hence, you should hurry and get yours from a popular bike store in your local area.