The Best Single Speed Crankset MTB You May Consider Buying

The single speed crankset mountain bike is often said to be a bike that demands real strength from its users. Without assistance and other complicated biking technology, you can feel a more natural ride. Check the best single speed crankset mtb below!

Part 1: The Best Single Speed Crankset MTBs

Let’s save the further explanation and go straight to the options of the best single speed crankset mtbs:

ss mtb crankset

Ribble Urban 725s

Although it can be considered an affordable item, Ribble Urban 725s has successfully packed some helpful stuff. The bike is made of Reynolds 725 steel, which guarantees a clean look and durability for long years.

Interestingly, Urban 725s can also be customized in any way you want before it even arrives right at your doorstep. You can adjust some things, including the saddle, tires, and additional accessories. The tires’ width and handlebar make it suitable for city rides rather than challenging trails.

And remember, it isn’t the bike that may take you along with your gears. There isn’t any track or parts that support the attachment for extra luggage.

Fuji Feather

Named after one of the lightest materials globally, Fuji Feather comes along as one of the best bikes for city riding. It’s light, looks clean, but also durable. It has silver rims combined with a red frame and leather bar, keeping the look fashionable. Thanks to the usage of Reynolds frame, the bike is solid, at least for rough city weather conditions.

B’Twin 500 Single Speed City

One of the most affordable options for an excellent single speed crankset mountain bike is B’Twin 500 Single Speed City. Priced at around $330, B’Twin 500 has successfully reached a wide range of markets. Some of you may have thought, how come this bike is priced lower than any single-speed bike you could find on the market?

Is there something that needs to be compromised? Thankfully, nothing is being cut down. It has the crankset mtb single speed, which may work as expected. It still has the frame; though essential, they are pretty sturdy. It’s simple enough but still capable of keeping everything together quite nicely.

Everything from the brakes, wheels, and hubs spin is also lightweight.

Genesis Flyer

If you want to feel the best singlespeed mtb crankset experience, Genesis Flyer might be the option for you. Now the bike has been designed to be entirely gravel. Taking some notes from the CDA cyclocross frameset, you may expect some familiar things. The wheels are now huge with 37c size, with easy gearing alongside the mounts for mudguards and racks. It’s a complete set that gives you everything. With all the support for mounting, you can easily change it into a geared bike anytime you want.

The bike has wholly abandoned the caliper brakes used in the former models. Now it’s more mud-friendly with the characteristics that make bikers more confident when trailing in a harsh environment.

Using the aluminum alloy tube set, the bike is slightly lighter than the steel models. It’s looking nice, lightweight, but still stable. It’s more than enough to give you the excellent mountain biking experience that you hoped for.

Condor Classico Pista

This single speed mountain crankset is undoubtedly an option if you are into classic bikes. Coming from the Condor that’s been superior in the bike-making industry for more than seventy years, we can’t see something that’s far away from the character of heritage. The bike is available for both frameset or custom-built.

Thanks to its classical design, the result is quite a journey to have. It’s a timeless ride that still looks attractive.

Part 2: Points You Need to Reconsider

Now, if we have come this far, we know that you want to buy, or at least try, the single speed crankset mountain bike. As you may know, the single-speed bike only uses one single gear. It doesn’t have any other additions, limiting the user to only the actual capability of the particular cycle.

Even though it’s challenging character, the single speed bikes are known for many things, which could be the points you may need to consider, such as:

It’s Simple

We can’t deny that everything is much better when things are more straightforward. The single speed bikes may provide you with the same thing. You won’t find any gears besides the main one, and don’t even bother thinking about shifting gears.

This also makes things easier and much better for people who are rarely shifting their gears. It’s a common thing; actually, many people tend to use only one gear because they’re afraid if something goes South when they shift the bike’s gears. So, using a single-speed bike is easier to enjoy because you don’t have to worry about anything else.

Easy Maintenance

Another benefit you may obtain from the crankset mtb single speed is easy maintenance. Easier maintenance means lower costs; that’s simply logical. Since the bike doesn’t have shifters and derailleurs, to maintain it, you can only focus on the main things like the tire pressure, chain condition, and brakes.

For the tips about maintaining single-speed bikes, see our explanation below.


Another thing that people love about bikes is the fact that they are more affordable than multi-speed bikes. Even during the initial purchase of the bike, plus the repairs, the bikes that have singlespeed mtb crankset are more affordable.

Usually, the part that costs more than others is the drivetrain, which consists of many other components, including shifters, derailleurs, cables, cranksets, and housing. Most of these parts can’t be found within a single-speed bike. With the reduction, you may save a lot on maintenance and repair costs because you don’t have to focus on things that are non-existent. That makes bike riding more budget-friendly, even in the long run.

Part 3: Single Speed Bikes Maintenance Tips

Although most of the complex parts are removed, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do anything to make your bike nice and steady. Regularly maintenance is still required, such as:

Maintaining Chain Tension

Making sure that your chain tension is good is mandatory to avoid accidents that may happen because of any slippage or simply chain wear. Setting the chain is easy, but be sure to know the limit. Make sure the chain is not too tight or too slack. The chain that’s too tight will improve the response but also decrease the chain’s life over time.

Meanwhile, chan that is too slack may cause frequent slippage that’s really risky. Most of the time, the chain even comes off the cog often. The proper chain adjustment is about half a centimeter of the up and down movement of the chain. For the fixies, the adjustment requires the chain tension to be a fraction looser than the single-speed bikes.

Don’t Forget to Lubricate The Chain.

Besides adjusting the tension, one thing you need to remember is lubrication. Regularly lubricating the chain will result in the increased lifespan of the chain while also providing additional protection against all elements. Before doing any lubrication, you need to first clean the chain thoroughly. You may use some spray of GT85, rag, or any rough cloth to clean all the remaining debris and old lubricant.

Remember, only use chain lubricant for this job. Don’t use the liquid of GT85 or old oil to lubricate your chain because they won’t do anything besides make anything greased and slimy. Instead, it is better to use the lube for different seasons, dry lube for summer, and wetter lube for winter riding. This will make your chainstay protected during the running season.

Always Check Tire Pressure

The air may leak from the tires all the time, that’s normal. The amount of air that’s leaked is usually unnoticeable, but you may feel that the bike has lost its overall performance and grip when the tire pressure goes really low. So, make sure to check the pressure before you start riding. It’s a mandatory step to keep you stay aware of your bike and avoid getting troubles on the way.

Don’t Forget to Clean The Single Speed.

Although maintaining the bike is definitely essential, most people tend to abandon it altogether, especially after a long day of working and riding during the rainy season. Remember that the maintenance should always be done, although you do it not every day. Spare some time on Saturday, prepare some stuff like gt85 and an old rag, and start cleaning the single speed mountain crankset.

Avoid using chemicals to clean the brake pads or within the bicycle parts that are hard to reach. Instead, use an old toothbrush you no longer use. To avoid dust and debris, you can add some lubricants to the chain.

Part 4: Conclusion

Despite the common saying that single-speed bikes are complex and challenging, the fact actually goes the other way around. These bikes are more simple, more affordable, and even easy to maintain. It’s such a good option for those who love biking, whether on city or trails.

If you have any other recommendations, feel free to include your input in the comments section below