The Best Single Speed Cranksets in 2022

To make a good cycle, you need several important parts. And as we said above, the single speed mountain bike crankset is the core of any bike. It’s the part that makes the wheels run. To deliver smoother and more comfortable rides, here are the best single speed cranksets in 2022.

Parts of a Crankset

If you buy a crankset, you’re not only getting one solid part. MTB single speed crankset usually consists of different parts, such as bottom bracket, cranks, and chainrings. All combined will create the whole crankset.

You can consider cranks as the arms that are mounted on the side at 180 degrees and connected through an axle. This part is then connected or threaded via BB or bottom bracket and then screwed into the shell. The shell can be located on the meeting point of the seat and down tubes.

The Material

The material of the crank arms is usually steel, carbon fiber, or aluminum. Each material is used for different types of single speed mtb cranksett. For example, steel cranks are more suitable to be placed on BMXs or non-modern bikes. It’s simple and strong but heavier. Aluminum, which is also a strong material, is usually placed on MTBs. Carbon fiber materials are considered high-end materials to create cranksets. Thanks to its sturdiness and flexibility, the material is commonly used for racing bikes.

The MTB bikes mostly use aluminum cranks which may be considered as stiff and sturdy material, while keeping everything lighter. It’s also a more affordable option than the rest. Bike manufacturers will go for different purposes and goals. Some are highly focused on maintaining sturdiness, making things lighter, or keeping the overall balance great.

The Crank Length

One thing that’s really important to consider is the crank length. There’s a certain recommendation that you may use as guidance. For example, if you’re looking for a good mountain bike, look for the crank length that’s approaching at least 175 mm long. Of course, there aren’t actually strict rules to follow. The main reason is that bikers do have different characteristics. Some bikers have longer or shorter legs. So, it’s always important to measure the crank length to match your requirement. You can do a little research to find how long the crank length that’s suitable for your character.

Chainrings work to move the chain in order to give some movement to the rear wheel. For a better grip, there are some spaces that are fitting in between the teeth around the edge. Ideally, manufacturers use aluminum parts to make chainrings. Of course, the main consideration for the material is its affordable price. It’s cheaper but can also work as strong as steel.

The size of the rings, however, will highly depend on the type of bicycle. For example, BMXs usually have one chainring, and the same goes for MTB bikes. Meanwhile, the addition of more rings will be needed for other bikes, including racing.

The last part we want to talk about is the bottom bracket. The bottom bracket is where thesingle gear crankset mountain bike is located. It’s basically the engine room of it. The best character you may hope for in the bottom bracket is strong and lost-lasting against all elements. Through the years, the bottom bracket has evolved dramatically.

The Best Single Speed Cranksets

If you’re looking for a good crankset, here are some choices you may consider:

SRAM S300 Courier Crankset ($113.95)

SRAM S300 Courier Crankset

SRAM is known for making high-quality mountain bike components. The S300 courier crankset is aimed at single-speed and stationary riders in the city, and it is one of the best single speed cranks MTB on the market. This single-speed crankset has a modern and sleek look that people use to enhance the beauty of their bikes. Its advantage is not only in appearance, but also in performance. The sturdiness and quality are top notch.

This crankset is the best in terms of quality. To make this mtb crankset single speed, they used 6061 T6 alloy for durability and strength. TSM PowerGlide chainrings and bottom brackets are also included with every purchase.

Technical Details

  • Item Package Dimensions L x W x H: ‎‎11.42 x 9.29 x 6.3 inches
  • Package Weight: ‎1.22 Kilograms
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎‎11.25 x 9.25 x 6.5 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎‎2.52 Pounds
  • Brand Name: ‎‎SRAM
  • Color: ‎‎Black
  • Suggested Users: ‎Unisex-adult
  • Number of Items: ‎1
  • Manufacturer: ‎SRAM
  • Part Number: ‎CWR121000
  • Model Year: ‎2014
  • Size: ‎165mm


  • Smooth and well balanced
  • very well designed
  • Durable and very long lasting
  • Not too heavy


  • If you want to replace the crankset, you may need to take it to a bike shop because the nuts and bolts that attach it to the crank arms are too hard to remove.

Origin8 Pro Pulsion Single Speed Crankset ($70)

Origin8 Pro Pulsion Single Speed Crankset

This best cranksets for single speed is perfect as a replacement or master kit for your bike. This is a great upgrade that can improve the overall performance of your bike. Available in three sizes, 165mm, 170mm and 175mm.

The Origin8 Pro is a little better than the chainrings above, using 6062 T6 alloys and combining them with 46T alloys for the chainrings. Thanks to its material, this crankset is very light. Buyers can also choose their favorite color from a variety of colors. The sprockets are 1/8 inch and are designed for the same size chain as the retainer runs.

Technical Details

  • Item Package Dimensions L x W x H: ‎11.1 x 8.3 x 2.2 inches
  • Package Weight: ‎1.95 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎‎11.05 x 8.8 x 2.35 inches
  • Brand Name: ‎Origin8
  • Model Name: ‎FBA_20013
  • Color: ‎‎Black
  • Suggested Users: ‎Mens
  • Number of Items: ‎1
  • Manufacturer: ‎‎Origin8
  • Part Number: ‎FBA_20013
  • Size: ‎170 x 46


  • High quality, low price

Sugino Single Speed 170mm Road 48t 3/32″ 130mm Alloy($193.33)

Sugino Single Speed

Sugino is the epitome of high-quality, gorgeous, messenger-style single-speed cranks with enduring popularity and appeal. Their cranks are lightweight, strong and perfectly matched to modern and classic constructions. They are made of cold-forged aluminum alloy with a subtle and unique finish, and work with the square tapered bolts found in most modern bottom brackets used on fixed-gear bikes.

This particular one has a 148T chainring and 170mm length, which is a good all-around tooth count for city or suburban riding. There are many styles.

Technical Details

  • Item Package Dimensions L x W x H: ‎‎13 x 9.5 x 5 inches
  • Package Weight: ‎2.1 Pounds
  • Item Weight: ‎2.2 Pounds
  • Brand Name: ‎‎Sugino
  • Color: ‎‎Silver
  • Material: ‎‎Aluminum
  • Number of Items: ‎‎1
  • Manufacturer: ‎‎Sugino
  • Part Number: ‎RD2-170-48t Std Sil


  • High quality, low price
  • Gorgeous
  • Comes in a variety of styles

Knowing Which Crankset to Buy

As we said multiple times, the crankset is really important in bike building. Your bike would mean nothing without the existence of a crankset. So, it’s always essential to think about some aspects you need to look after when buying a brand new crankset for your bike.
While most expensive cranksets are surely better than the lower ones, it’s still important to consider your own personal preferences. Let us see the first aspect, the types.

Cranksets Types

Usually, when you’re visiting a bike store for a new crankset, you’ll see two major options: integrated and square taper. Square taper is easier to design and assemble, plus it’s also the most functional. This makes it a more suitable option for most fixed gear bikes you can find on the market.
The integrated is a better option if you want a crankset that can enhance your bike’s overall design and appearance. It will make your bike look more elegant while adding more protection through its durability and reducing weight efficiently.

Gear Ratio

You can usually identify the tooth count by seeing the T mark. Tooth count is marketed with T, and it helps to determine the gear ratio. In the market, you can see so many Ts, like, for example, 32T, 36T, or maybe 44T. Lower tooth count means easier paddling. This is perfect for a city bike which won’t require much speed but better paddling.
Find the crankset that has the proper tooth ratio for your needs because everyone has their own purposes in using a bike. As we said before, a lower tooth count means better paddling. Meanwhile, the higher tooth count that signifies a higher gear ratio is useful if you’re looking for better speed and performance.

Crank Arm Length

Surely, not all cranksets come with the same crank arm length. It’s always useful to understand the length because it may provide you with two mandatory things: pain prevention and speed. The longer the length, the better the paddling. If you’re choosing the crankset with longer arms, you may expect better speed and less effort for paddling.

If it’s shorter, you may get a faster cadence and less burden on your knees. This is the perfect option for people who have regular knee pain. Although you’re safer, do remember that shorter lengths may have less power than longer arms. If that’s not a problem for you, then this is the most suitable option.

Attaching and Removing Crankset

This is the guide if you’re still don’t know how to remove and reattach a new crankset. The disassembling process is quite similar to other parts of the bicycle. The first step you need to do is to notice the bolts. Then, start loosening and unscrew them carefully. Remove all the bolts that you noticed before. There’s one additional bolt that is usually placed around the crank-puller. Find it, and remove it.

After all the bolts have been carefully removed, you can take the crankset away; it should be easy to remove. If you somehow can’t remove it, it’s highly possible then there may be some bolts that aren’t unscrewed. Don’t remove it forcefully since it can destroy the whole construction.

Now, prepare the new crankset you want to attach. Open it from the box or its packaging, and put all the parts down. See whether you have the complete set or not. If the set is complete, you can first clean the area where the crankset is supposed to attach. Clean it carefully and thoroughly. Then, put the new crankset in place, and screw the bolts again. Make sure they are nice and not overtighten.

Part 5: Conclusion

The quality of parts will surely determine how the bike will be. With our recommendations above, we hope you may find the perfect one that suits you the best.