Revolution for Downhill Ebike

Downhill ebike cyclists reach speeds of up to 90 km/h, a high level of skill is required for those who wish to practice downhill cycling. bikers use protectors for the back, shoulders, elbows chest, neck, and above all a helmet for the head.

Part 1:Overview of Mountain Bike Riding

Going Down often means going with a team, someone may randomly take a quick shortcut and the rest of their pack will fly by before the descent.With an electric gravity bike, everyone can enjoy an easier ride to the top without having to take a van or even walk.

Electric Downhill Bike

It is an extreme type of mountain biking and consists in individual time trial down steep natural slopes. Downhill courses are often very narrow, rocky or crossed by protruding roots. The slopes are often varied with drops of various heights, which are the most spectacular, but also the cause of the most dangerous electric mountain bike downhill accidents. In the case of a race, runners typically enter the route at 30-second intervals (slowest to fastest), and a run typically lasts 2 to 5 minutes. The time used is measured by the “gates” the competitors pass through (similar to downhill skiing). The fastest time determines the ranking position, and the race is won by a fraction of a second.

As the name suggests, downhill is a high-speed descent over difficult and steep terrain. Riders can reach speeds of up to 90 km/h on the rocky and bumpy course. Sometimes they also avoid obstacles by jumping into the air. Such high loads require bikes with compact and rigid construction. A solid frame has a low center of gravity, and wide handlebars with a short sternum increase the bike’s maneuverability. You also need armored tires and full suspension with long travel.

A machine for such extreme riding cannot be lightweight. DH bikes are tanks that weigh about 15-20 kg. Their design practically excludes riding uphill, because the shock absorbs almost all the force put into pedaling. Even riding on flat terrain can be a challenge, which is why downhill trails are located near ski lifts.  Amateurs don’t use Downhill e bikes. Sponsored riders often use downhill e bikes.

downhill e bike

Part 2:Advantages and Disadvantages of Mountain Bike Riding

As a general rule of thumb, the more travel an downhill e bike has, the more comfortable you’ll be riding on rough terrain. The suspension acts as a shock absorber over rocks and roots, so the bigger rocks you expect on the trail, the more travel you’ll need

Downhill is one of the most extreme types of downhill mtb e bike. High speeds, steep trails and high obstacles – Powerful forces press against the device while riding! In such conditions weight becomes secondary to reliability and durability. Downhill e-bikes can weigh up to 20kg, and their armored construction makes them sometimes likened to tanks!

Advanced to Drive in One Direction

The weight of the equipment does not matter so much when riding downhill. You can’t really go uphill on a DH bike, as the suspension absorbs most of the pedalling power! Appears on downhill trails near ski lifts for easy transportation of transport equipment. People who are looking for a bike to ride with friends should look for something less specialized, such as an enduro bike.


Usually, only a rear derailleur is used. The trend is to use models with a shorter bogie. High-end gear groups are used, also found in cross-country bikes or, more recently, special components for downhill, such as Shimano Saint. A big problem during fast riding on very rough terrain is chain dropping. Install a special tensioner with rollers to prevent the possibility of the front sprocket coming off accidentally.


Downhill riders are divided into proponents of clipless pedals or wide platform pedals with screw-in spikes (pins) that prevent shoes from slipping. Both versions have their advantages and disadvantages. Also works with the built-in platform when using the snap-on pedals.

The Right Frame Geometry

A downhill bike ebike must be stable even at very high speeds, which necessitates a specific frame geometry. Downhill models therefore have a long frame, a flat head angle (less than 65°) and an extended rear triangle.

The lower center of gravity allows the bike to enter corners with ease, but the cranks don’t get stuck on rocks or roots. The electric downhill bike has the sturdiest and strongest (and heaviest) frame of all bike types. Rear Shock Absorber – Has a long travel of 180 to 220 mm and is available in a single- or quad-hinge design, depending on the model. During aggressive riding, high overload occurs on the frame. Therefore, the structure is reinforced in the form of welds near the head tube.

Large Suspension Travel

In this discipline, shocks have to cope with really big obstacles, so typical downhill ebike have full suspension. The fork is usually a rigid double-wishbone shock with about 200mm of suspension travel. The damper (rear shock), on the other hand, has travel in the 180-250 mm range.

Over the years, the measure of e bike dh development has been a gradual increase in fork travel. What was originally 100mm is now 200mm. Now the standard are two-half shock absorbers, i.e. with extended shocks reaching the handlebar bridge, with travel exceeding 200 mm. In addition to working smoothly and “swallowing” large bumps, shock absorbers must also be durable and very stiff.

Good Brakes

Electric mountain bikes use large diameter hydraulic disc brakes (usually 203mm) for downhill, usually with four pistons.

The perverse slogan of downhill riders is “he who brakes dies”. But safety is the key, brakes must react quickly and stop the bike in all conditions. And you have to remember that the vehicle weighs almost twice as much as a cross-country one: about 20 kg! Standard are hydraulic disc brakes with increased disc diameter – usually 200 mm.

Pancer Wheels And Optical Tires

The wheels on a downhill bike need to be really sturdy to withstand the challenges of a steep trail. Until recently, 27.5″ size was the standard, but recently 29″ wheels are gaining popularity. To increase durability and avoid punctures, tires have a reinforced carcass and are usually double-ply. Traction is very important for downhill riders, so they have aggressive tread and are wide.

The rims have to be stiff and strong because they are heavily used parts of the bike. That is why they are definitely wider, just like tires, which should be ‘sticky’ to the ground. Good tires are extremely important when riding at high speeds on a surface consisting of stones and roots. On downhill bikes they are wider and reach up to 3 inches (in ordinary mountain bikes the upper limit is 2 inches). The hubs rotate on sealed machine bearings and very often have a thickened axle to strengthen the whole mechanism.

As you can see everything on a DH bike is bigger, thicker, wider and more massive – even the saddles. And all this to ensure durability, safety and maximum efficiency while riding.

High Maintain Costs

Unfortunately, Extreme Downhill is an expensive hobby. A new bike can cost as much as a car, which often puts beginners off. The maintenance of the equipment is not cheap either, especially since a minor malfunction on the trail can have serious consequences. Many maintenance tasks can be done by yourself, in the comfort of your own home, but not every bike owner has proper technical knowledge. In such a situation you have to reckon with an additional expense of several hundred dollars a year for the inspection of shock absorbers or changing brake fluid.

More Speed, More Time, More Laps

Have you ever gotten to the end of a track and thought, “It would be nice to get down there one more time before the sun goes down”? Now you can allow yourself extra downhill time thanks to climbing assistance. Likewise, you’ll be able to make better use of your hour at lunchtime or after work. We know time is precious, and electric mountain bikes are the perfect tool to get better results when you’re on the trails.

The ace up your sleeve could be a dual battery that gives you twice the fun with a quick stop for battery replacement. You can have it on hand or leave it in a safe place so you can use it when the battery runs out.

Battery – Range and Capacity?

The battery is the most important part of an e-bike, but also one of its most crucial aspects. Its type and capacity determine the range, charging time or life of the e-bike. Its individual parameters are among the most important, so let’s take a closer look at them.

Battery range and capacity
The most important property is the battery capacity, which determines the range of an e-bike. However, the riding style, the type of terrain, the weight of the cyclist and the level of riding intensity are also important factors. Therefore, a given range will not always be the same and may vary slightly in reality. Nevertheless, we test all our e-bikes and try to provide the most accurate values.

Dominate the Trails

E-MTBs have a lower center of gravity, which gives them more stability at higher speeds. You’ll feel this especially on rough terrain as the bike moves under you. Torque:ON is built for the toughest trails, but it’s all about challenging yourself and having fun at the same time. 27.5″ wheels for unlimited fun.

Part 3. Precautions for Mountain Bike Riding
Besides making history and setting new personal records on your favorite trails.
Gravity’s electric downhill mountain bike will help you make strides with their ability to glide through the air, take bigger drops and leap over obstacles in style .

Remember About the Safety

Just can an downhill ebikes be of interest to an avid biker in the prime of life with good technique and fitness? The manufacturers argue that it can.
The idea is that you have a normal functioning bike, which you can ride everywhere you used to, only further, longer and faster. Well, you have to admit: twice as much steam in your legs is always cool!

For example, some resorts with trails don’t have a chairlift, which means that doing a lap often requires a long climb to the top, and only allows you to do a few descents before you lose the urge for another long pedal uphill.

Electric bikes give you the chance to ride with people who are more athletic or technically proficient than you, which means you learn their secrets and ultimately become a better cyclist.

Similarly, recovering from an injury is fraught with difficulty, but a good downhill e bike can help give you some endorphins and get you back on track with some solid help on the uphills.