Red Bull Rampage

The Red Bull Rampage is one of the biggest events in the Free Ride Mountain Biking calendar, and it is the most coveted and intense pro mountain bike competition in the world. Besides, the Red Bull Rampage is a free ride mountain bike competition strictly by invitation for athletes. The event usually occurs in October.

The format of Red Bull Rampage is that athletes are judging based on their technical abilities, the complexity and magnitude of their tricks and skills, and their choice of lines downhill. Also, it is creative, exciting, and exhilarating.

It is held near Zion National Park in Virgin, Utah, United States, just to the north of Gooseberry Mesa. The location of the event usually changes every few years.

In addition, novices are not allowed to participate in the competition because Red Bull Rampage features the world’s greatest riders tackling the most intense terrain any contest has offered.

Part 1: Red Bull Rampage Bikes

Here’s what separates Rampage bikes from the regular downhill bikes.


Rampage Mtb requires more braking power because they are constantly in use. On the steep sections of the course, participants will need to control their speed in order not to go past landings by mistake.

Rampage bicycles rely on Hydraulic disk brakes, with large motors up to 200mm to help maximize braking performance.


Red Bull mountain bike Rampage needs lots of suspensions to cushion massive hits. They have a high pressure in the shocks to deal with big hits. The riders use all 200 mm of front and rear travel when landing.

The bikes are more focused on absorbing shocks than traction on the bikes.

Wheels and Tires

A majority of the bikes use tube systems, to reduce the chances of a tire blowing off the rim on a hard landing. Rampage bike riders prefer systems with tubes to tubeless systems because of the higher pressure they offer, as they do not need traction, riders spend more time braking than pedaling.

Although tire choice and tire pressure are a personal choice.

Red Bull Rampage riders rely heavily on the durability and strength of their wheels to land safely.


Unlike the traditional high end mountain bike frames that use carbon, the bikes use aluminum frames because they are more resilient and can handle hard hits.

Bike Saddles

The bike saddles are set low to keep them out of the way of riders during runs. Also, rampage bike saddles are usually well padded and small. They serve to protect riders during jump landings.


The bikes use gears that are tightly spaced, with one front chainring and a chainring guide to minimize the risk of chains falling off.

rampage red bull

Part 2: Where to Watch Red Bull Rampage

You can watch the replay of it on Red Bull Tv. It is available on Roku and Apple TV.

The Red Bull Tv app is free.

Part 3: The Rules of the Red Bull Rampage Competition

The rules of the competition are easy and simple. It is to ride down a mountain from top to bottom in the most spectacular way possible, and one piece. Also, there is no timing, it’s not a race against the clock.

The mountain bike athletes determine a line of their choice down the mountain that suits their skills and style. The mountain has no natural route down, so athletes will find ways to jump across sections and make their way down. In order to showcase technical skills on the path down, athletes may perform bike tricks on their lines.

On the day of the finals, athletes get to run two races down their lines, to the bottom of the mountain. Also, they are judged and scored on those lines by the panel of judges. The highest scored athlete wins the event.

Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions About the Red Bull Rampage Event

●How much does the Rampage Red Bull winner earn?
The prize fund of the event used to be 8000 in 2001, but it has risen to 200,000.

●Who started Red Bull Rampage?
The event founder of Red Bull Rampage is Todd Barber.

●How to get into the Red Bull Rampage venue?
The venue of the Red Bull Rampage is accessible by hiking or biking. Provisions always use parking at wristband Pick-Up at the Corner of Hwy 9 and Camino Del Rio, Virgin, UT 84779. After receiving parking at Wristband Pick-Up, there’s a 2-mile dirt road to the venue.

Shuttle services are provided only to Shuttle Pass ticket holders

●Where is the Red Bull Hardline?
Red Bull Hardline, the world’s toughest rampage mountain bike race downhill, is Wales’ Dyfi Valley.

●How long does Red Bull Rampage last?
The mountain bike athletes use 3 days to dig and shape lines and jumps on the mountain to make their ride downhill smooth. They take an additional four days to test lines and jumps on their bikes.

●Do I need a ticket for the event?
Yes, regardless of your age, you need a ticket. Always purchase your tickets before appearing at the venue. Without tickets, you will not be allowed into the venue.

●Can I watch Red Bull Rampage live?
Yes, you can. Actually, you can tune in to the live stream by downloading the Red Bull Tv App.

Red Bull Rampage is one is the biggest events for mountain bikers. So, it is fun to watch, and participate in, as a spectator and the rules of the competition are really simple.
While going to the event, be sure to prepare by wearing appropriate footwear, bike gear and sun protection. There will be no relief points at the venue, so plan accordingly.