Choosing the Right XC Race Bike

Another aspect of dirt racing that many cyclists enjoy is cross-country racing. This involves racing each other over a long distance which may include cities and countries. The route taken in this race is usually rough and similar to that of a mountain bike race. In this article, we will review some of the best bikes for XC racing. And we will choose the ideal XC race bike for you under the following headings;

Part 1: Trek Procaliber

This is an amazing 21st-century soft-tail bike that comes with impressive acceleration. The reasons you should go for this XC race bike are the comfort and speed it provides. The downside of this bike includes the absence of a dropper post which is necessary for modern XC racing courses.

xc mountain bike racing

This bike uses an OCLV carbon frame with an effective IsoSpeed decoupler that also smoothens trails. The carbon wheels used in the Trek Procaliber allow it to enact an effortless turn of speed when needed. However, the carbon wheel cannot take all the praise for the impressive and effortless turn of speed, the riding comfort provided by the bike frame also makes the turn of speed easier. With an 11.01kg weight and a 10/10 rating, the Trek Procaliber is an example of an ideal XC race bike.

Part 2: Scott Scale

This bike stands above other XC race bikes because of its cross-country world cup heritage. There is hardly any MTB XC race bike that has the same XC world cup heritage that the Scott Scale bike has. The reasons to get this bike includes the fact that it is an all-rounder without any weak links. Its downside includes the redundant front apparatus that affects the aesthetics of the bike.

The Scott Scale manufacturer has effectively combined product development with marketing efforts. This has allowed the company comes up with a world-class XC race bike with an impressive trophy cabinet. The efficiency of the bike is high enough that every watt of energy directed into the bike is converted into speed. Thus, regardless of the part of the XC race that you are on, be it changing the gear, exiting a corner, or climbing a sloppy terrain, the Scott Scale has you covered.

With its Scale 3 Carbon frame, 11.47kg weight, and a 9/10 rating, the Scott Scale is another ideal XC race bike that you should consider.

Part 3: Specialized S-Works Epic HT AXS

If you are a die-hard fan of XC racing, and you have a big budget for an XC race bike, then the Specialized S-Works Epic HT AXS is your best bet. The reason to want to get this bike includes its immense power delivery that makes its use easy. However, you may not want to get this bike because of its high cost.

One of the things you will notice when using the Specialized S-Works Epic HT AXS is its lightweight. The frame weighs only 790g. However, this doesn’t mean that the bike is nervy or neurotic requiring you to use all your wits in navigating a straightforward trail. The lightweight nature of the bike doesn’t affect its durability, stability, and comfortability provided to riders.

Part 4: Specialized Epic Evo

This bike is an improved version of a previous model which was taken to a boot camp and improved upon to make it faster, capable, and more stable. The previous version is the Epic, and this new model comes with an extra 20mm front travel. This helps to slacken the razor-sharp steering that comes with the MTB XC race bike and reduces its twitchiness at a high speed. There is also a 10mm back travel feature that helps with traction and comfort.

The FACT 11 Carbon frame that the XC race bike uses is sleek and comes in many impressive sizes. This ensures that you get the right fit for your height and needs. The only downside to the Specialized Epic Evo is that the handles are not tight enough for a full-blown XC race bike. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot go on a cross-country bike race with it and win.

It weighs almost 11kg (10.70g) and has an 8/10 rating, making it an ideal option for an MTB XC race bike.

Part 5: Scott Spark

If what you are looking for in an XC race bike is unparalleled and unrelenting efficiency, then the Scott Spark is your best option. Some of its appealing features include the bike’s rapidity which is shown by the super clean lines on the bike. However, a major downside is that its suspension suffers when the bike is in Descend mode. It would have been perfect if the suspension was a bit supple at that point.

Combining speed, efficiency, and responsiveness, the new Scott Spark is a leading option when it comes to XC mountain bike racing. It possesses a 120mm front travel feature that provides enough suspension to navigate the roughest courses. However, it also maintains sharpness in its pedalling response that is sure to leave you in a fine mode as you approach the finish line sprint.

Part 6: Santa Cruz Blur

This is another XC race bike that comes light in weight, but heavy in durability, stability, and compatibility. It packs a 100mm front travel which helps with its navigation of terrains and tracks. Regardless of the movement or the part of the race, you are on, the Santa Cruz Blur comes with enough speed, stability, and required components to help you manoeuvre them. It provides the required speed, and supplies enough stability and comfort when you are bombing down a descent.

The bike uses a CC Carbon frame, weighs 10.41 kg, and has a rating of 8/10. Its appealing features include the lightweight nature that makes it seem like it doesn’t require even the faintest human propulsion. The only downside is the rear suspension which doesn’t have enough firmness, especially under power.