An Good Comparison between Road Bike Action and Cool Mountain Bikes

We would say that an online magazine like Road Bike Action, where you can find different buyer’s guides, bike tests, product tests, and a lot more, all in just one place, is very convenient for everyone. So, in this article, we will compare Road Bike Action’s website with Cool Mountain Bike’s website. It is a one-stop to answer all your bike-related questions.

Part 1: What is the Purpose of Road Bike Action Magazine

In the first place, Road Bike Action is a bike magazine that extensively tests bikes, components, and accessories. It has product buying guides, tech articles, inspirational riding and racing stories, and fantastic how-to specifications, all designed to help you enhance your cycling experience. Keep up with what’s going on in the world of road and gravel bikes. Along with comprehensive bike and product reviews, you’ll get expert advice and tips.

Part 2: Content of Road Bike Action Magazine Digital

They have divided the content of this website into a few categories where you can learn so much about bikes in general.

Win a Bike

In the first place, It is an exciting opportunity where you can answer a few questions and win a free OBED Gravel Bike. You simply have to fill out the survey and subscribe. It will give them a better idea of who you are and what you want to see in the pages of your favorite road bike magazine. They will be choosing a random winner through the Lucky Draw.


Secondly, this category belongs to formerly UNBOUND, which was previously known as Dirty Kanza!

UNBOUND Gravel is a grassroots event hosted and handled by people who are genuinely enthusiastic about cycling and have done so with the intention of providing event participants with life-enriching cycling experiences. In this category, you will find articles related to the UNBOUND events.

Bike Tests

In the third place, they have conducted the most extensive testing on a wide range of bikes. You can rely on this digital magazine in times of need. If you are planning on buying a new bike, you can read a relevant article on their website or in their magazine. This way, you will have all the facts and information that you need at your fingertips.

Product Tests

They test almost all bike-related products. You name it, and they have tested it! You can find whatever you like in this category. You can also learn about new bike-related products.

Buyer’s Guide

There are all kinds of buyer’s guides in this magazine. You can learn about how different bikes differ from each other and which bike will be suitable for you depending on various factors.


In this category, there are a few sub-categories like “Bike of the Week,” “Tech Talk,” etc.


This category contains videos, as is evident by its title!

If you do not want to read long posts and articles, you can simply watch a video, and you are good to go!


Finally, you will find a yearly subscription to Road Bike Action Magazine in this category. You can either get their print or digital subscription. They are also available on iTunes, Kindle, and Android.

Part 3: What is the purpose of the Cool Mountain Bikes Blog

There is a better mountain bike site than Road Bike Action and that is Cool Mountain Bikes, Cool Mountain Bikes is a blog about mountain biking. Many individuals want to try the sport of mountain biking, but they do not know where to begin and do not know how to purchase it, which makes this interest abandoned.

We would advise more people to visit Cool Mountain Bikes’ website to find mountain bikes that are a better fit for them. This hobby will not only keep your body in shape, but it will also allow you to appreciate the beauty of nature.

It was the website’s original purpose. Their small team has been working day and night to provide their audience with more suitable mountain bike options.

road bike action magazine

Part 4: Content of Cool Mountain Bike Website

This blog’s content has also been split into several sections, which are mentioned below.
There are four categories, which are then further classified into sub-categories. So, you can get more information about this MTB website.


Firstly, by clicking on “HOME,” you will be redirected to the home page of this website, where everything is right within your reach. Here is a glimpse of all the content from all over the website.

MTB Types

In the second place, this category is further divided into many sub-categories where you will be able to find articles on all sorts of mountain bikes and their components.

Here you can either read about all these bikes and their components or shop for them. You will see a vast variety of articles about Electric Mountain Bikes, Suspension Mountain Bikes, Single-Speed Mountain Bikes, Hardtail Mountain Bikes, Downhill Mountain Bikes, MTBs for beginners, for Men, for Women, Folding Mountain Bikes, Mountain Bike Trails, different colors for MTB, different Wheel sizes, etc.

MTB Gear

Then, they divided this next category into the following sub-categories: Accessories, Apparel, Helmets, and Parts. You will be able to find all the information about appropriate clothing and gadgets relevant to your bike. You can also read about a variety of helmets and bike components.


Finally, this latest category contains a variety of mountain bikes from two of the world’s biggest brands: Trek and Cannondale.

Trek has grown into a cycling superstar by focusing on creating the simplest and finest bikes worldwide. The Trek Mountain bike is one of the Trek brand’s bicycles.

Whereas Cannondale Mountain Bikes pioneered the use of aluminum and carbon fiber in mountain bike frames, revolutionized suspension with a single front fork, produced astounding frames and products, reinvented racing, and won numerous awards.

We hope that was helpful!