The Best Folding Mountain Bike

Ever since the production of best folding mountain bikes has been mainstreamed, there are a wide array of folding mountain bikes available in the market. While all bikes are at par with the quality and performance, following are some of the best folding mountain bike.

Part 1: How to Choose the Best Folding Mountain Bike


Bike manufacturers use a variety of frames to produce folding mountain bikes. This includes, Aluminum, Steel, Carbon Fiber and titanium frames.

Aluminum: The manufacturers use aluminum for various reasons. Not only is the material light weight but is also inexpensive when compared to others. It also provides adequate amount of control and stability to ensure that the rider has a smooth riding experience. However, these frames don’t handle wear and tear very well when compared to a carbon fiber or titanium frame.

Steel: If you are on a budget, steel frames are a great option to consider. It is the most inexpensive material among the four and has the strength to withstand the most rugged terrains. A blessing in disguise, steel acts as a great shock absorber, dampening the impact generated on the bike when in contact with uneven surfaces. But there is a downside to it, steel is high density material. This means that steel frames are generally heavier than its counterparts.

Carbon Fiber: It goes without saying but carbon fiber is a premium material that is extremely light weight and acts as a superb shock absorber. Carbon fiber frames can withstand a great amount of pressure as they can flex to a large extent.

Titanium: Titanium is the most expensive manufacturing material. Thus, only a limited number of folding mountain bikes use titanium frames. Regardless of that, Titanium offers ultimate durability. In addition to this, it is light weight and also offers a decent amount of shock absorption.


Mountain bikes feature only two types of brakes, either your bike would have a rim brake or a disc brake.

Rim Brakes: Rim brakes are light weight and allow for greater aerodynamics but only equip the bike with moderate braking power.

Disc Brakes: Disc brakes are more efficient when compared to its rim counterparts as they provide the rider with maximum barking power. Disc brakes are popular because of their all-terrain performance, they tend to deliver consistent baking power across various track conditions.


Suspension greatly determines the performance of a bike. They are a must have, especially on a mountain bike. A good suspension not only ensures rider comfort but also helps the rider to ride more confidently and keeps the bike stable even in a bumpy terrain. A full suspension is always better than a hardtail suspension. The issue with a full suspension is that it requires maintenance while on the other hand hardtails don’t require a periodic maintenance. If you plan on to go heavy on the track, it always better to choose a folding mountain bike that has a full suspension as it manages stress better when compared to a hardtail suspension.


Adjustable handle bars and seats: who doesn’t appreciate an adjustable seat and handle bar. Plus, they have a direct impact on your riding style. What is better than adjusting the both to a size where you are the most comfortable.

Mudguards: Mudguards always come in handy when you are riding on a dirt trail. Otherwise, they are also great for normal riding as they protect you from dirt. This simple accessory can greatly impact your riding experience.

Luggage Racks: A luggage rack is a great bargain as it allows you to carry more while riding.

Chain Guard: chain is one of the most important components of a bike, protecting it from dirt and debris increase its life and ensures a consistent output performance from a bike.

best fold up mountain bike

Part 2: Best Folding Mountain Bikes

Best Performance Folding Mountain bikes

Montague Paratrooper Pro

This rugged and versatile bike from Montague is the perfect combination between style and performance. It has everything a folding mountain bike needs. The bike has a 20 inch frame that operates using a patented folding integrated technology by Montague also known as the Direct Connect Folding System. Not only does it allow riders to fold the bike in 30 seconds or less, it also ensures the structural integrity of the bike as it folds. It has a removable front wheel, all thanks to the CLIX system, which can be removed and installed without adjusting the cam.

Furthermore, it features one of the best suspension mechanisms out in the market. The suspension provides a great riding experience protecting the rider from shocks generated while riding on a tough terrain. To further increase on the performance, the suspension also has a lockout system that gives the rider the choice to lock the front fork so that speed is not compromised. The bike uses a 27 speed transmission for immense power delivery and has an adjustable seat as well.

OBK G4/G6 Full Suspension Folding Bike

The OBK G4/G6 Full Suspension Folding Bike has numerous features that ensure that it remains on the first spot of the list. To begin with, it is a full suspension bike which means that it has both, front and rear suspension. Both ends have shock absorbers that make the riding experience extremely comfortable. The suspension can be adjusted as per the rider making it a highly preferred bike over the others.

Apart from this it has a 21 speed transmission that ensures that you have a gear setting for each terrain you encounter on a track. Plus more gears make ascent and descent extremely fun and thrilling. The Bike has a stylish and modern design that can be easily identified among hundreds if not thousands of foldable mountain bicycles. The bike features a dual disc brake system so you don’t need to worry about safety.

Similarly, the bike also has all weather tires that have special groves to increase traction and road grip. OBK G4/G6 is not only a mountain specific bike but can be great for daily commute as well. All in all, it is a great hybrid option that can perform equally well in all terrains and also for normal city usage. The only shortcoming attached with this bikes is that transporting it is tough as it is not as compact as other folding bikes.

Best Mid-Range Mountain Bikes

Max4out Folding Mountain Bike

Max4out is a 21 speed folding adventure bicycle that has an aluminum frame. This is essential for weight reduction but also prevents the bike from aging more quickly. The bike features a dual suspension making the ride comfortable and less bumpy. While the bike has suspension it both ends, the rear suspension performs drastically better when compared to the frontal. This is the primary reason for riding comfort on this bike.

In addition to this, Max4out has a futuristic design which is also a reason for its popularity. The bike is shipped with front and back fenders. It is disassembled when it reaches a consumer however, assembling the bike is not difficult as the instructions manual is fairly simply and self-explanatory. The only issue with Max4out is that it has plastic pedals. Although plastic pedals reduce weight and can prove to be great for city rides, they are not very durable and break quickly when exposed to track environment. However, you can always get your pedals replaced from the bike shop enjoy your bike seamlessly on the track.

Cyrusher FR 100

First on the list is Cyrusher FR 100. There are numerous reasons for this bike to be on top of the list. First and foremost, it comes preassembled. This is a major plus point. Mountain Bikes, especially folding MTBs are hard to put together. However, Cyrusher FR 100 is 90% assembled when it is shipped to the user. Therefore, it is a great choice even for someone who has recently started mountain biking.

Moving on, it is constructed using a high grade aluminum alloy which makes it extremely lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant. The bike also features a 24 speed transmission which coupled with a reliable braking mechanism is enough to deliver all the power you need. Cyrusher FR 100 has rubber tires that provide the bike with adequate road grip so that you can ride it in almost any terrain. The tires are also abrasion resistant so you don’t have to worry about them for a long time as such tires don’t need a replacement any time soon.

It operates using quick release clamps that allow the users to quickly fold and unfold the bike. Even being so compact, the bike features a duel suspension system that ensures riding comfort and better handling. The only downside of Cyrusher FR 100 is that it lacks a little when ridden in extremely rocky terrains. Other than this, it is definitely a market leader due to its high end performance.

Best Budget Mountain Bikes


With zero compromise on performance and security, EuroBike is a great option if you are on a budget. You can depend as much on this bike as you want and it will take you to places. It features 27.5 inches rims that are big enough to maneuver through any terrain of your choice effortlessly. Additionally, larger wheels allow you to cover longer distances more quickly. With great powers comes great responsibility. Keeping this in mind, the EuroBike also has a disc brake system to provide you with effective braking power so that you can ride confidently.

Disc brakes in general are more powerful, durable and sturdier than the V-brake mechanism. Since, it is budget option it does not feature larger suspensions like those mentioned above. However, the basic gear preset that comes in handy when climbing hills. The suspension mechanism of the bike is fairly simple and in a budget category like this, it does the justice to the price you pay for the bike. The bike is not assembled when it is shipped to the user but comes with an assembly manual which has all the instructions required to assemble the bike. All the features make this bike a value to money purchase and it is great for someone who has just started mountain biking.

Columba Folding Bike

Columba is a budget option that comes without compensating on quality, features or security. It is a great choice for someone who is looking for a cheaper foldable MTB. There are a number of distinctive features on this bike, that make you wonder if its price is actually this low. To begin with, the folding design. Unlike most folding bikes, it uses a straight forward folding mechanism which allows it to fold faster than most bikes. This is done with the help of the adjustable kickstand which ensures that the bike remains standing throughout the folding process.

Moving, the bike has thick tires coupled with alloy rims which reduce the vibrations to the minimum. Additionally, the bike only weighs at 34 lbs. and has removable handlebar and folding paddles. Last but not the least, it also has an 18 speed transmission which is adequate to cater to all your riding needs. At a price like this, all these features only seem too good to be true. Thus, people with low budget should not miss the opportunity of buying a Columba.

Part 3: Mountain Bike Maintenance

People can ride mountain bikes in tough terrains and are subject to heavy wear and tear. Therefore, they require maintenance and good care. In case of a fold away mountain bike, it is only increasing. This is largely because of the folding mechanism. Let’s start from the basics, cleaning your bike after a riding session is essential. This not keeps the bike clean but also increases the life of the bike. Make sure to get all the sand and dirt or anything else of the bike before you store it. Before storing the bike also make sure that the chain is lubed and there are no other loose parts.

Try to store the bike in a place which is least impacted by the atmosphere. This essentially means that keep it safe from sun, snow or rain as exposure to any of these would initiate the deterioration of your MTB folding mountain bike. Lastly, always make sure to check the tire pressures before going on a ride to preserve the health of your tire.

Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are folding bikes good?

While you might not be able to gain the same riding experience from a folding bike when compared to a conventional bike, this is a completely different league and a great option if you have issues with regards to space.

Q2: Are folding mountain bikes weak?

This is a common misconception that folding bikes can break easily but folding mountain bicycles are not prone to breakage with regular use similar to any other bicycle.

Q3: Can you go for a long ride on a folding bike?

A mountain bike that folds performs equally well on a long ride as any other bike. So, feel free to ride as long as you want.

Q4: Do folding bikes require extra care?

Any bike needs care to prevent aging but with folding bike you just need to be careful with the folding mechanism so that you don’t put extra stress on it.