6 Questions Answered About Folding Mountain Bikes For Sale

If you are looking for folding mountain bikes for sale, then you must have many questions on your mind. Which brand is the best? Which bike best suits my needs? And etc. Here we answered the 6 most common questions about folding MBTs for sale.

Part 1: What Is The Best Folding Mountain Bike For Sale

There are many lightweight folding mountain bikes for sale in the market, and several options can add to your confusion. Xspec, cyrusher, Montague, and Hummer are some of the most known brands of folding mountain bikes. But what is the best folding mountain bike today?

The best overall folding mountain bikes are PASELEC GS9 and Montague Paratrooper. Each of them has its advantages and downsides. We explained Montague Paratrooper folding mountain bike features in another post. Here we want to go through PASELEC GS9 specifics together.


PASELEC GS9 has been produced to restore your faith in folding MBTs with its sleek and eye-catching design. E-bikes have been the talk of the big cities for quite a while now. But, there is no hybrid bike quite as great as the PASELEC GS9. This mountain bike stands out from the crowd because of its high quality and intelligent driving mechanism.

folding mountain bikes for sale

When you have a smart bike like the PASELEC GS9, you don’t need to worry about off-road trails or those dreadful rides uphill. PASELEC GS9 provides you with three riding modes. Its human mode, electric mode, and power-assisted mode can easily change dynamically depending on your need.

It has an intelligent power system that gives you just the perfect boost for an effortless ride. One of the key features of it is that the product comes 85% assembled. Its second most important feature is large rims with a strong grip. It has a powerful 500w motor that can take whatever you throw at it. This is the perfect intelligent MBT for those who want to go for a much more compact alternative. All your adventures and dreams can now become a reality with this beast by your side.

Nonetheless, the best of the bests can still have some downsides. The only seatback of this model is that its assembly might be faulty. This bike’s complete after-sales service has solved this problem. Aside from this, PASELEC GS9 is a highly responsive and completely safe mountain bike.

Part 2: What Are The Advantages

Folding mountain bikes as we know them have been around since the early 1980s and have regularly grown in popularity ever since. These bikes are a common sight in most towns and have become an ideal choice for commuters. Here are just a few advantages of fold-up mountain bikes in comparison with regular mountain bikes.

  • Easy to Transport

Folding mountain bikes are very easy to transport themselves. A folding mountain bike can be taken with you nearly wherever you go. They can fit comfortably on the subways, buses, and trains as well as they can fit neatly into even the smallest of car boots. This feature makes cycling a viable option every day!

  • Easy Storage

An obvious benefit of a folding mountain bike is that it takes up far less storage space than a regular mountain bike. Unless you’re fortunate enough to have a huge house with a shed or garage, storing a regular MBT can be an issue. A folding MBT can simply be carried and slotted away, even in the smallest places.

  • Security

Being compact and easy to take with you means foldable mountain bikes are scarcely left in a place where there is a chance of being stolen. You won’t have to always worry if your MBT will still be when you go to ride it home.

  • Environmental Benefits

The above factors show that folding mountain bikes are likely to be used more often than regular mountain bikes, at least. Therefore, they further reduce a rider’s use of fossil fuels and protect nature.

  • Strong Resale Market

Second-hand folding mountain bikes tend to depreciate far less. So you can buy a folding MBT with the confidence that if you’d like to sell it in the future, you won’t make much of a loss.

Furthermore, since folding mountain bikes tend to come at an expensive price than other mountain bikes, buying second-hand is a much more popular option.

Part 3: What Are The Disadvantages

The folding mountain bike is a wonderful product for commuters, urban dwellers, and others who want a strong, compact bike that’s easy to store — or so it would seem. However, on further testing, a folding MBT may not be quite so excellent for you. Here are some disadvantages of fold-up mountain bikes you should consider before buying one.

  • Need for Speed

Folding mountain bikes are not so ideal for speed junkies. Smaller wheels make it hard to ride very fast for any length of time. Although McMullan in his book notes that riders can gain speed for a short distance, it’s tiring to ride fast for an extended period on a folding mountain bike.

  • Unwanted Attention

The British Cycling website notes that as a full-sized adult riding a concise folding mountain bike, you might receive some unwanted attention from other people on the road.

Folding mountain bikes have opened up many possibilities for mountain biking lovers, but they look odd compared to traditional bikes for commuting on the streets.

Nevertheless, this feature won’t affect your riding, if you don’t mind some more attention. But they’re probably not the perfect option for you if you’re the type of person who prefers to blend in with the crowd.

  • Price Points

You can expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $2,000 for a folding mountain bike. That’s possible for you to find traditional bikes for cheaper than this if the folding feature is not much important to you. Folding mountain bikes are more expensive than traditional mountain bikes that may have similar qualities.

Therefore, while you might be able to get a folding mountain bike for the same price as a traditional mountain bike, there’s the risk you’d be getting a lower-quality MBT.

Part 4: Are Foldable Mountain Bikes For Sale Worth To You

Although it depends on many factors, they are the perfect bike for commuters. If you are going to commute to work and sometimes you won’t be able to go back home on it, then you can fold it and go back home with it in a car. So, yes! Fold up push bikes for sale might be a good option for you.

Also if your primary means of transportation are the subway or bus and you live far enough to the station that walking is not an option, then a folding bike would be a great idea. Montague Paratrooper bike for sale is a perfect choice for these purposes. One of the huge advantages of getting a folding MBT (for example, a Montague Paratrooper for sale) shows up when the parking is too expensive or inaccessible.

A folding MBT also comes in handy since there’s less of a risk it gets stolen if you carry it with you instead of parking it in street.

Folding Mountain Bikes’ Functionality

Folding mountain bikes’ functionality makes them simple to transport on public transportation systems. When you can carry your bike with you, there won’t be a need to worry about it being stolen. Moreover, they fold into a compact shape which makes storing them easier in your office or home. Folding mountain bikes are completely worth it!

In terms of financing, folding MBT’s price is often higher than their non-folding bike counterpart. You’re paying extra to own a mountain bike that can fold like an origami piece.

But the good news is that there is no depreciation value for these kinds of bikes. Foldable mountain bikes for sale have a great resale value and they hold their value for years. Those who have sold their foldable bikes have only lost $100 on average from their original purchase price.

Part 5: Are Folding Mountain Bikes Slower Than Regular Bikes?

The design behind folding mountain bikes for sale and the riding position are in contrast with achieving and keeping the speed of a non-foldable bike.

As the production of fold up push bikes for sale grows out of a niche industry into the mainstream, studies will continue to provide the materials and design change to go faster.

16-inch and 20-inch Mountain Bike

16-inch and 20-inch mountain bike foldable for sale is about 10-20% slower than regular bikes due to the lack of high gear ratios, as well as to the higher rolling durability of small-diameter tires.

On the other hand, 24-inch, 26- inch, and full-size folding push bikes for sale are comparable in speed to regular bikes.

You’re probably to average about 10-15 mph on flat roads, depending partly on your body strength and how much stopping is necessary. Just remember, winning a time trial by riding fast should not be the reason that you are buying a mountain bicycle folding.

Are They More Difficult To Ride

Are they more difficult to ride? Nope, they’re not harder to ride at all! Folding push bikes for sale are as easy to ride as full-sized ones. They can even feel easier to ride for smaller riders who are overwhelmed by regular mountain bikes. Regular bikes with small wheels don’t ride as smoothly over bumps while folding mountain bikes for sale are a great choice for off-road trails. The low center of gravity in Foldable MBTs may also improve cornering.

To be clear, you’ll notice an obvious different feeling the first time you ride a folding mountain bike. It’s not objectively worse, only different from what most of us are adapted to. At last, after a few miles, a well-fitting foldable bike will feel more normal than you might expect.

Part 6: Are Folding Mountain Bikes Safe

Although folding push bikes for sale are smaller in comparison with regular bikes, they are not hard to ride. The rider of this bike is just as visible to other road users, therefore it is completely safe. However, some learning is required because the ride experience may be a little more frisky.

Folding MBT frames are constructed to similar safety standards as for regular bikes. They are as safe to ride as any other type of bike including regular, non-foldable bikes. Folding MBTs are even stronger and they have a better suspension to resist off-road trails.

I know that a bike that breaks easily would not give a good impression of a specific brand. For example, if a faulty model led to an accident, it could result in bad publicity or even legal action for that brand.

Therefore, folding mountain bikes for sale are produced to a high safety standard even more than any other bike. In terms of safety, the easiest thing that you can implement to reduce its breaking risk is to strictly abide by your folding mountain bike’s weight capacity.

Bike Weight Capacity

Your bike’s weight capacity is in place as an outcome of the testing and will vary for each mountain bicycle folding depending on their particular design.

As long as you don’t go over the weight capacity beyond your bike’s limit then there is no reason for the construction of the bike to be at risk. Remember that the frame geometry of fold up push bikes for sale is also different from regular bikes to support the size reduction and folding system.

Their design may require a little change according to the riding position of your body. It can be hard for you to adopt an aerodynamic tuck position at first, but you will get used to it very soon.