Best Budget Emtb Buying Guide

Price is not the only factor to look for in the budget electric mountain bike. There are several aspects that you need to look into, like the models, features, and the aspect of comfortability. Although you pay less for what you’re going to get, you still deserve the best budget emtb.

Part 1: About The Affordable eMTBs

Now, how much is the budget you should spend on an eMTB? We’ll see it in the next explanation.

eMTBS have never been as much fun to ride as in 2020 and beyond. The manufacturers keep developing their products in a smart way so that the buyers can get the best model at the best price.

Seeing the exponential trend of the best budget mtb e bike, we need to understand that people are using the bikes not just for health purposes. Seeing how the world is crumbling, environmental issues have been a hot topic that everyone’s talking about. People are starting to care more about the world, switching their cars and motorbikes into the more reliable eMTBs.

How to Find a Budget E- Mountain Bike

So, you’re looking for a budget electric mountain bike, right? What should we get in an affordable e-bike that costs less than five hundred dollars? Is there anything that we can include as the best?

budget emtb 2021

The best budget emtb 2021 should be an all-rounder. It’s not asking too much, but as it is the “best” it should meet some of our expectations. Ideally, the bike should offer a high degree of comfort, which some people may willingly compromise.

Security and safety are always important, and they’re irreplaceable. So, no matter the price of the bike you’re going to buy, always look for these two important aspects.

Seeing the advancement of the technology, most budget e bikes already came with better motors and overall performance, and it’s a good sign of the market growth. While people want more, manufacturers can still keep up with the increasing demand.

The designers put their hard work into creating a model that’s better over time through progressive geometry and handling. While there are surely abundant options available out there, which one is actually better?

Here is how to choose the best budget emtb:
1. Motor

To get the best level of support and to make it simpler to find assistance if you have a problem, we always advise sticking with major brand motors, such as those made by Bosch, Shimano, and Brose. You might find that some affordable e-MTBs use less potent versions that are intended for town bikes because each brand has a variety of motors available. This need not be a deal-breaker. Simply be ready to pedal a little more than cyclists on full-power bikes.

2. Battery

Because batteries are so expensive, some designs opt to use fewer cells in their batteries to reduce costs. You could actually consider the fact that a smaller battery will be lighter as a benefit. Performance isn’t significantly affected by how the battery is mounted, but it might affect the practicality to remove the battery for charging or mounting a water bottle. Some internal battery frames, but not the majority, are stiffer than external mount frames. Simpler designs make external batteries less expensive to design and produce, and they are almost always simpler to remove for charging away from the bike. However, they don’t appear as sleek and external batteries are more likely to become loose and rattle.

3. Suspension

You might as well have enough travel to take advantage of the extra descents your bike is giving you if you’ve added about 10 kg in the form of a motor and battery to it. We believe that the front should have at least 140mm of travel and the rear at least 130mm. As a bike that blows through its travel or has extremely mushy pedaling will never feel as good as a properly controlled machine that you can push your limits on, make sure you pay attention to quality, not just quantity.

4. Handling

For the handling part, you would definitely need a wide bar for leverage and a short stem for quick reactions. As you will typically be at a high speed because of the weight of the motor on your electric mountain bike.

5. Components

With more weight and speed to control, the obvious thing that needs to be more powerful and reliable on an e-MTB is the brakes. To be sure of stopping, look for rotors that are at least 200mm in diameter on both ends. Tires take a beating even with full suspension, so if you don’t get reinforced casing set up tubeless, you should definitely upgrade ASAP. Wheels are also important. Not only do the rims and build quality matter but so do the rear hubs, which must withstand all of the extra torque delivered by the motor. When looking at budget bikes, you may not get all of this, but if you have a choice between otherwise similar machines, make sure you check the details.

Part 2: Product Introduction

If you want to get an emtb on a budget, here are some available options:

Canyon Neuron: ON 7

The first best budget mtb e bike we highly recommend is Canon Neuron: ON7. It’s a good short-travel trail eMTB that’s ready to take you on an adventure. The character is quite similar to its non-motorized counter path, but you may notice a better acceleration and performance thanks to the powerful motors installed within.

The bike can easily be an option for daily biking, or annual off-road trips. The handling is great and the geometry is quite tame compared to others. It has this position to make the riders sit in it rather than on it, and it’s beneficial to make the riders more confident in handling it while providing a good natural posture for easier pedaling.

Talking about the motor, Canyon Neuron: ON 7 has Shimano EP8 Motor that’s able to deliver 85Nm of torque, which seems to be a direct competitor to the Bosch Performance Line CX Motor. If you compare it by size and weight, this motor is lighter and more compact compared to the Shimano EP8000.

What riders may benefit from Canyon e-bike models is the consistent riding feel on the wide range of models and sizes. The short riders can surely benefit from the smaller wheels and cranks, although the fork travel will be slightly reduced.

Liv Embolden E+ 2

You may notice the E+ there, which means it’s designed for bikers or riders who love to explore the wild. It’s an e-bike for sports that helps to build bikers’ confidence through its comfortable handling and ride feel. This bike is powered with Yamaha SyncDrive Sport Motor to deliver 70Nm torque. Thanks to the great motor, bikers can expect their pedal to be supported up to 350%! That’s an amazing number.

E-Trends Trekker

E-Trends isn’t a household name, but it’s a well-established and well-reviewed bike builder with a solid reputation, and the Trekker reflects that. When traversing rough terrain, it feels reassuringly sturdy. Its front suspension fork absorbs bumps well and adds surprisingly little to the overall weight of the bike. It weighs 22kg, which is about average for an electric bike and much lighter than many e-MTBs.

Part 3: Advantages of Using E-mtbs

Before the trend of e-MTBS, we see that mountain bikers are homogenous groups that are often seen exploring off-road tracks and mountain paths. Although it wasn’t that popular, mountain biking may provide several benefits, especially for health. While taking a trip to explore the tracks, you may also see the beautiful panorama of the surrounding landscape. It’s quite magical, most of the time.

Without Worrying about Running out of Breath

By using eMTBs, you can always do mountain biking without worrying about running out of breath. Yes, climbing higher terrains would always require some stamina and confidence. eMTBs can give you both of them. Now with the help from eMTBs, anyone can enjoy mountain biking.

The existence of eMTBs may remove the performance gap completely. With the pedal assist, anyone can climb the mountain tracks and ride off-road. Now, anyone even with a lack of fitness can enjoy mountain biking, all thanks to the electric support.

In most scenarios of mountain biking, it’s highly possible that you’ll run out of breath. The same thing even happens to trained athletes who have never done mountain biking before. Your head will turn red, and your heart rate will go to the maximum. You are basically doing aerobics. While using the eMTBs, you can gain the benefits of aerobic exercise without getting too tired.

Riding an eMTB and reaching the top of the mountain is somewhat satisfying. You may even reach that point without being too sweaty. Although it’s nothing when written on paper, it’s practically more pleasant when you do it yourself. While riding an electric mountain bike, you may skillfully master the root passages or small blockages that are hard to pass with just a mountain bike. Another benefit that’s hard to obtain with the usual MTB is the ability to pass a steep slope. With an eMTB, the job can be done a lot easier.

Part 4: The Essential Buying Guide

If you’re planning to buy the best budget mtb e bike, there are some things you need to understand beforehand. Check the tops below to find your best eMTB:

Pick the proper size

The first and probably the most important one is to choose the right bike size for you. Don’t always rely on the stated sizes by the manufacturers, or follow their recommendations blindly. Those presented in Small, Medium, or Large sizes are mostly inaccurate to your real condition. Since there are no measurements to standardize these sizes, it’s better to always try them first before you buy.

Most vendors allow buyers to at least feel the riding position, so make sure to use this opportunity well to find a bike that fits you the most.

Don’t think about weight too much

We can’t deny that weight has always been an important aspect to consider. But remember, it’s not always the most important part. Weight is surely important, but strength is way important. A bike that’s too light may encounter problems and even cause some accidents on the tracks due to the instability. So, it’s better to have a bike that’s a bit heavy to maintain overall stability.

Look for the battery and features

Features are undeniably important within the eMTBs. They may help you to cross obstacles, pass difficult tracks, and even create a whole new enjoyable fun ride. The battery is also mandatory. A bike with higher battery capacity and better battery load is always more valuable than others.