How Attakwas 2022 Mountain Bike Race Entertain Audiences

Attakwas 2022 is South Africa’s “toughest extreme one-day mountain biking race. Every year in January, thousands of people line up for the Impulse Health Attakwas Extreme, which is put on by Biogen. With 12 races under their belts, the race directors have found something that brings this riding community together: the “Attakwas spirit,” which is hard to resist. Each rider comes to the task with their own set of goals. But the common goal is to just “survive.” People say that race is tough and difficult. Therefore, the 121 kilometres of constant beating puts people and machines through.

Part 1: Introduction to Attakwas 2022 MTB Race

Attakwas 2022 is a tough mountain bike event with rugged terrain, a convoluted course, and 40-degree temps. All riders in this event, particularly those out for more than five hours, should consume water. Your “pre-race pack” should include food and bike-organizing strategies based on water stop distance. Because nutrition is so vital, merely drinking water won’t be enough.

“Heat causes you to sweat more, which may cause muscular cramps and weariness. You may reduce the danger of dehydration by drinking a slow-release carbohydrate & electrolyte solution, which is why we make sure our Carbogen remedy, is available at every water station.” After a crash and a mechanical, remember to refuel. Because the adrenaline rush can cause a reduction in your exciton once you get back on the road.

Part 2: How Was the Attakwas 20222 Performance

Every water stop has Perform-X gels, bars, Carbogen, and Cramp Care.” Due to the heat and intricacy of this race, I suggest consuming one energy gel every 30-45 minutes (depending on the hills and how your body feels). And putting a bite-size bar or two in your back pocket for each part of the course.” he stated.

Within 15 to 20 minutes after finishing a race, drink water and restore electrolytes. Biogen gives Recovergen to cyclists to help them recover faster. And it also avoids muscle catabolism. Obviously, each rider has their own preferences and techniques. We think the ideas above will help particularly. If it’s their first time tackling Attakwas Extreme.”

Attakwas Survival Tips

i. Let’s face it, if you haven’t started training yet, it’s too late!
ii. But it is critical to keep your machine in good operating order – have it serviced.
iii. Because the surface is not forgiving, make sure your tyres are in good shape.
iv. Bring all of your repair tools.

 attakwas 2022

Part 3: How Attakwas Is Unique

The Attakwas 2022, on the other hand, is known for its completely unique sense of togetherness. Because it’s a sport where every rider knows a fellow rider or crew member will always help them. Dryland Director, Henco Rademayer commented, “At its core the Attakwas Extreme was developed for seemingly regular people who undertake an exceptional endeavor.” Douw Steyn, an Attakwas finisher & fellow mountain cyclist, embodied the spirit of the event well.

This excellent person died in 2014 in an accident, leaving behind a legacy of friendship, devotion, and perseverance. Dryland Event Management has dedicated the “Spirit of the Attakwas” reward. But it was created by Douw’s friends, to his memory. Williams said, “We wish all the riders in this crucial race well. And we hope to see you there.”

Part 4: Is Attakwas a Good Kind of Exercise

Mountain biking entails riding a motorcycle on many types of off-road terrain. To go across tough terrains, you’ll need endurance, speed, balance, and technical skills. Mountain bikers seek for obstacles. And they see the world as a wandering playground. Mountain biking requires a lot of oxygen. Because it involves huge muscle groups. This increases your heart’s efficiency by 3 to 7 percent by making it work continuously. Biking is a low-impact activity that’s easier on the joints than jogging.

The Attakwas Extreme, described as South Africa’s most difficult single day mountain bike race, humbled many. The 129-kilometer journey from Oudt shoorn to Great Brak is typically a challenge, especially with its 2900-meter ascent. But no one anticipated the extreme heat. If you finish this, you should be fine for the Cape Epic. Matt Beers, the reigning Cape Epic champion, struggled. And it also had a nightmare Attakwas. “My vision was blurring. And I was becoming dizzy. I truly believed I was going to be dead. It was a disaster.” Aside from the professional riders, every finisher of the 2022 Attakwas Extreme received a medal.

Part 5: Conclusion

The Attakwas 2022 was an excellent heat proofing race for those preparing for the Cape Epic. It was a true Hell’s Kitchen race. But many riders couldn’t finish the race due to the heat, cramps, and dehydration. Therefore depending on how much time you spend on the bike, it’s also a good idea to eat a lot of solid food both before & during your ride. We advocate a healthy breakfast. But you should also keep some light as well as convenient options on hand. This might be anything from fuel bars to a banana or any other wholefood of your choice. As long as it helps to regulate blood sugar levels & fuel the body as you would on any other day.