The Ultimate Youth Mtb Jersey Guide

Another mother recently confided in me that she was having difficulty locating youth mtb jersey.

for her children. She was on the lookout for cycling shorts that were both economical and “cool,” but she came up empty-handed (no pun intended).

While I cannot guarantee that all of the alternatives listed here are within your budget (how much are you willing to spend on a kit that will only last one season? ), I can ensure you that I have compiled the complete list of children’s bike clothing available on the market today.

Part 1: Youth MTB Jersey-What’s the Point of Bothering

You might be wondering why children require youth mountain bike jersey in the first place. The quick answer is that the organization doesn’t require them. In their street clothing, even young children may be perfectly content to bike around the neighborhood. My son prefers to sleep in his pajamas most of the time. Whatever it is, it is effective.

When children begin to ride more seriously, cycling-specific clothing becomes increasingly vital. Long bike rides can be made much more comfortable by wearing padded bike shorts. Bike jerseys have pockets for storing items and are designed to wick away sweat.

However, the most important reason to purchase your child’s bike-specific clothing is that they are SUPER COOL. Without a doubt, those who do not ride bicycles may not think they are cool, but we couldn’t care less about them. A cycling jersey may make a big difference in making kids feel like they belong on the bike path or bike park. It is also possible to get a youngster in the “let’s go bicycling” frame of mind by dressing them in bike attire. This can help to motivate them to ride.

Part 2: Consider Becoming a Member of A Club

Do you have a child who enjoys riding? Consider enlisting their assistance in a junior cycling group. In addition to offering group rides, skill clinics, and other activities, these organizations frequently offer cycling kits at more affordable prices. If you are looking for a youth cycling program in your area, look at our list of programs.

mtb apparel

Part 3: Youth MTB Jersey

If I’m being honest, the list I’ve put together is a bit of a joke when it comes to girl’s clothing—there’s not that much out there. The clothing items below are “Boys’ Clothes,” but I would ignore that label. Shorts in a baggy black style will look just as good on girls as they will on boys. It is good that more companies will offer bike clothing designed specifically for women in the future.

Nowadays, it’s more common to see children riding mountain bikes than ever. It’s fantastic to see so many young people on their mountain bikes, from high school mountain bike teams with record-breaking participation to tykes shredding singletrack on Strider Bikes. Apart from miniature bikes with trail-worthy frames and components available in kids’ sizes, clothing is now available for youngsters.


The Skidz MTB jersey is exceptionally well made. The fabric is smooth, very lightweight, and well-fitting, and the design is simple. The quality is on par with an adult mountain bike shirt in durability. Ridge says that he feels like a mature mountain biker when he wears it, which offers him a significant confidence boost when conquering new singletrack terrain.


The MTB Mountain Bike Shorts are also a smaller version of the adult shorts sold separately. They have the following characteristics:

  • 2 hand pockets
  • Tech Grip Waist
  • Lightweight 3-way stretch fabric
  • 2 hand pockets
  • Tech Grip Waist
  • Lightweight 3-way stretch fabric
  • Fabrics that are water-resistant and breathable
  • The waist may be adjusted with Velcro.

However, while the shorts do not come with cushioning, several types of cushioned chamois for children are available. A chamois is not required for Ridge, as his Skidz MTB shorts provide sufficient protection. In addition, they coordinate wonderfully with the jersey to form a complete set.


Skidz also manufactures bicycle gloves for children. Their Grip It and Rip It full-fingered gloves include the following features:

  • four-way stretch breathable mesh upper
  • silicone printing on the braking fingers on the fingertips
  • Flex zones between the knuckles

Overall, it’s fantastic to see a brand producing an authentic youth mountain bike jersey. Skidz has demonstrated that our children are entitled to the same high-quality clothing that their parents enjoy. Because they are wearing lightweight, high-tech textiles on their bodies, they can stay calm and stay out for extended periods. While I cannot provide a personal review of the product, Ridge offers the Skidz MTB kit high marks.


The Polaris Mini Adventure MTB Jersey is a lightweight children’s cycling jersey with a v-neck and short sleeves. With a fluid body fit, it’s designed for mountain riding rather than road cycling. This is a year-long evaluation of the jersey by two mountain bike lads who were not nice to them. Our boys have worn the Mini Adventures off-road and for ordinary play and recreational activities.

It is available in various sizes, ranging from small for children aged 5 to 6 to an ‘extra-large,’ which should be suitable for children aged 11 to 12 years old.

How Much Does It Cost

The Polaris Mini Adventure MTB jersey is £19.99 at Polaris. Tredz, on the other hand, is now offering them at a discounted price.

What are the Available Colour Options

The Mini Adventure cycling tops are available in two lively colour schemes: orange with black sleeves and red trim and a light blue body with dark blue sleeves and lime trim. The Mini Adventure cycling tops are also available in a variety of sizes. As you can see, the generous people at Polaris sent us a sample of each to try out and evaluate.

Part 4: What Kind of Material to Construct the Mini Adventure

The Mini Adventure in a soft, wicking ‘Cooldry’ fabric that is particularly effective in hot weather conditions. During our summer 2017 tour of the USA and Canada, we put the jerseys to the test in harsh temperatures and weather conditions. The lads realized that the material kept them cool and allowed them to ride even when the temperature soared past 30°C.

Even though the top is good for mountain biking, it has proven to be very handy for road riding on some sweltering summer days due to its ability to keep the rider cool when the temperature gets too dangerous.

Part 5: What Is the Best Way to Wash the Youth MTB Jersey

Everything went swimmingly. The Polaris test tops we were given did not have an easy time throughout our testing. It was easy to wash the jerseys since we were camping for much of the month and had fixed up our own handmade washing line.

A hot day of riding on dusty trails followed by normal 8-11-year-old antics like rolling about on the floor, playfighting, digging, using your top as a napkin at lunch, leaping through the bush, using your top as tissue, and more rolling. You see where I’m going with this.

We’ve had the Polaris Mini Adventure kid mountain bike jersey for almost a year and it’s safe to say it’s been much used. They’ve been cleaned numerous times and used for hobbies other than riding, and they’re beginning to look worn.


The blue jersey’s sleeves have a little bobbling, and the sleeves’ trim and part of the chest emblem have lately begun to lift. Two pull lines go through the material where it has hooked on branches, and two pull lines run through the white jersey material. But that’s the end of it after a year of heavy use.

As you can see, the original colours of the tops are vibrant and exciting, and because they haven’t faded, they have maintained their attractiveness. Although the boys have a limited selection of tops, they regularly frequent Mini Adventures. However, they are not the most recent additions to their wardrobe, which I believe tells a lot about their character.


Indeed, when we recently participated in the Sam Houghton mountain bike challenge on a hot summer’s day, our eldest N elected to wear it while riding his mountain bike through the course. His younger brother had chosen to wear it during a practice ride that had been equally hot and demanding a few weeks before this.


Most bike and sports-specific apparel, including jerseys, is using contemporary polyester and nylon blends. These materials assist keep you dry by wicking moisture (sweat) away from your body and out to the fabric’s surface. These fabrics are porous, allowing water vapor to escape and evaporate rather than collect on the skin. It will freeze in cold conditions and cause frostbite (for this reason, cotton is not suitable for cycle clothing as it is not breathable).

It is more pleasant to wear a kid mtb jersey in warm weather than a light vest or no jersey since the material provides better moisture management and UV protection. The most obvious ventilation input is the front zip (full or half-zipper), which should open on descents. Many summer jerseys include mesh panels at the back or under the armpits to let cool air enter while riding.

There are additional jerseys available from many manufacturers with flexible Lycra panels around specific locations (for example, the shoulders) where more flexibility is necessary. Meanwhile, some jerseys with a windproof or waterproof membrane on their fronts.

During the colder fall to spring months, long-sleeve road jerseys are good while riding or training. When the weather warms up, they may be alone or with other layers (base layer, jersey, gilet, or jacket). They provide more insulation and less ventilation than short sleeve jerseys (mesh panels, for example).


The Polaris Mini Adventure is a wonderful option for a juvenile mtb jersey that can withstand everyday abuse while keeping the youngsters cool and comfortable on hot summer days.