Frequently Asked Questions on Custom Mountain Bike Jerseys

This next article will answer frequently asked questions about custom mountain bike jerseys.

Part 1: Frequently Asked Q&A

What Is the Best Way to Get Started

To answer this question, ask yourself the following four questions: What custom mountain bike jerseys do I require, and how many? What do I want the appearance of my kit to be? What is the size of my budget? When will I require the products? Then, fill out the Full Custom Request Form, and we’ll send you an email with all of the information you need to start making your own clothes. Select semi-custom and play with our awe-inspiring templates, or have one of our experienced designers create a kit for you.

How Long It Will Take for You to Create a Custom Team Kit

As a first-come, first-served process, (Add brand) is available only on a first-come, first-served basis. The number of other jobs placed in advance depends on the length of time that has passed. After the design has been confirmed, kits are usually ready in 3 to 6 weeks. Check our main page for an updated period, or contact us at (Add brand).com to better understand how long it will take to complete your order on custom mtb bike jerseys.

Are Modifications to Semi-custom Template Designs Permitted

Without a doubt! You have to fill out the special requests box on the semi-custom and tell us what you want to change so we can make it for you. After that, we will analyze your feedback and provide you with a new design for your consideration. Once we have received clearance for the revised design, we will proceed with the construction of your kit. If there are significant revisions or new artwork requirements, the order will be upgraded to full custom status, and a minimum order of 10 units will be required.

Can I Work Directly with one of Your Designers

Your Account Manager will be your primary point of contact, and they will assist you throughout the entire process.

What Format Do I Need to Use When Submitting My Art

Vector graphics in the.EPS or.AI format are preferable to bitmap graphics. You must use a high-resolution image, such as a PNG or TIFF if you are using one. (300 or more dots per inch). JPEG graphics degrade in quality and, as a result, print poorly, making them unsuitable for printing. If you are unable to obtain graphics, inquire about the possibility of utilizing our design team to create custom artwork for your needs.

Can I See a Sample of My Custom Design before Purchasing It

Yes. When you look at the final designs, there are three options: There is a form you can fill out once your artwork is done. It shows your design on a flat template. We can create a 3D mockup of your garment for you so that you can view it more easily. 3. Following your approval of your artwork, you may order a Proof Plus. In most cases, customers order a proof plus if they aren’t sure about the colours they’ve chosen or want to see how well a certain logo looks on paper.

If I Go with Semi-Custom, Won’t Someone else Have the Same Kit as Me

Unlikely. Most of our customers have particular colour schemes and logos that set them apart from other teams in their league. To make your custom mountain biking jersey stand out from the crowd, use one of our templates and modify up to six distinct colours on one design. Aside from that, our semi-custom templates are constantly updated with fresh styles.

What Should I Do If I Have a Non-vector Logo That I Would Like to Utilize or If I Have Misplaced My Vector Logo

The service we offer makes non-vector, or raster, images ready for printing. This service is called “press-ready.” We must have the highest resolution version of the logo and permission from the company to use it.

I Have Graphic Art Skills; Do You Provide Templates for Me to Create My Design

Yes. You can download design templates from our website. We will still send your art to the (Add brand) department even if you are very good at design. This is because we want to make sure that everything inside our system is good. Please see Design Templates for more information on custom mtb bike jerseys.

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Part 2: Comparison

A-List of the Differences Between Full Custom and Semi-Custom Is Below

There are many ways to make a fully customized jersey mtb custom that looks exactly the way you want. If you want to use a lot of different types of logos or text or shapes or colours, there is no limit on how many you can use. When you buy a semi-customized kit, you can add your own logos and forms, change the colours, or do other things to make it unique to you.


Our Price Guide will provide information on the prices of the custom mountain biking jersey you want to learn more about. Our goods are designed and manufactured in the United States using high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Any prices vary depending on various factors such as the volume of purchases made, upgrades, sponsorship, discounts, design time, and other reasons. If someone asks for a quote, it will be broken down into two parts: the cost of the product and the time spent on design.

Shipping price

The shipping services we provide are detailed on our Shipping page. A: Please see our Shipping page for more information on each shipping service we provide. The shipping cost will be determined by the weight of the package and the speed of delivery. Our shipping options include overnight delivery and international shipment. When you request a quote, the shipping cost will be calculated. Promotions will be offered at various periods throughout the year.

Price of design

The first two revisions of the design are complimentary. The more complicated the design, the more time and money it will take, as well as the number of templates used, among other things.

Weight and length pricing structure

(Add brand) provides an almost limitless number of colour options. We are the world’s finest custom mountain biking jersey brand to use a full-dye sublimation method for all products. When using this type of heat transfer imprinting, you may print full-colour graphics all over the garment while also absorbing colour into the threads, resulting in sharp lines and true hues. This technology allows us to be more productive while keeping prices down.

Part 3: Detailed Intro of Products

(Add brand) the go-to place for any team, large or small, looking for high-quality custom mountain bike jerseys and the most excellent customer service in the industry. (Add brand) Custom is proudly manufactured in the United States of America, and we stand behind our product’s quality. We are at the forefront of the bespoke sublimation process, and we have some of the most cutting-edge technology available in the industry. Our team of designers can take a concept and turn it into a work of art that you can wear on your back. We see each team having a compelling story to tell, and we want to be a part of it.

Adv: The Benefit of Warranty

At (Add brand), we make 100 per cent custom jersey mtb to your specification; therefore, we do not provide returns or exchanges.

However, if a problem, omission, or miscommunication happens, please contact us at (Add brand) to discuss. Most problems that occur during custom production are minor, meaning that they do not impact the overall appearance or function of the garment. In most cases, we will request your understanding and offer you a coupon or retroactive discount that more than compensates you for the error. However, if the problem is significant, we may offer a discount or remake of your order.

Adv: Satisfaction

Your satisfaction with jersey mtb custom is essential to us. We will take all reasonable actions to provide solutions equal to or exceeding the value of any problem that may have occurred.

We appreciate your patience and understanding that, in the short run, customer direct manufacturing is a complicated process. On occasion, results may not precisely equal the customers’ visualization of the end product. We do, however, guarantee quality and reasonable customer satisfaction.

Adv: Product Care

Wash all (Add brand) clothing inside out in cold water with coloured goods and hang to dry. This will preserve the technical features, colour, and print clarity and protect your other clothing items from the potential running of colours and ink.

After the wash cycle, remove the garments from the washer as soon as feasible. This will ensure that the shirts don’t sit wet for any significant time, promoting bacteria that can cause odour in the shirts that may be difficult to remove.


(Add brand) does require that you have a minimum of ten units of each clothing style in your order. If you would like to buy two different designs of custom jersey mtb, we must also have a minimum order of ten items. Do not mix and match different clothes and styles at the same time. Semi-Custom Designs have a 0 unit minimum order requirement. Each design arrangement must have a different minimum order requirement for that particular design.

Brand Is Open to Specific request

(Add brand) wants every customer to have a great experience when placing an order for custom jersey mtb. As a result, we make every effort to accommodate unusual demands from consumers. If you have any questions or concerns regarding a specific request, please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Production Timeline

Once we confirm your final custom order details (artwork, styles, order quantities, and shipping details), we will send your order into production immediately upon receipt of full payment.

Please be aware that after we submit your order to production, you cannot alter your order or cancel your order. Consequently, please consider ordering extra apparel pieces to ensure that you can adequately meet the needs of your group.

Your custom order will ship within four weeks of confirming your final order details and upon receipt of full payment, plus five business days.

Repeat Design Process

In a word, yes. With just your account number, last invoice number, team name, or even a primary contact, we will be able to hunt up your previous designs and orders for you. You become eligible for additional discounts and promotions once you have placed an (Add brand) Custom order. For teams that purchase from (Add brand) Custom regularly, we also offer the option of a Team Store to them.

Can Manufacture Multiple

(Add brand) is well-known for its ability to accommodate large and tall sizes and children’s products. That will also be true in the case of the (Add brand) Custom; however, they may not appear on our price guide. In the specific requests field of a quotation, just mention the goods and sizes desired. If there is any possibility we cannot proceed, we will notify you as soon as possible.

Part 4: Conclusion

Please note that we cannot guarantee shipping times; however, our estimate of 4-6 business days for orders is accurate 95 per cent + of the time.  If you are still unsure which size to order for custom mountain bike jerseys, we can send you sizing samples for short sleeve jerseys and shorts. Please refer to the fit guide question above, as it provides an easy, time-proven method for ensuring that you get the correct size. All orders are 100 per cent customized gear made to your specifications. Please be aware that after we submit your order to production, you cannot alter your order or cancel your order.

Our design team is quite capable of creating something specific to your needs. It is helpful to provide us with as much information as possible, including but not limited to design style/elements, pictures, and colours desired. Please reference Design Templates and Jersey Design Examples for more information.