Purple MTB Handlebars : Bring the Royalness out of Your Riding

The way you control your bike is important to note because it will avoid your bike from going out of control when you biking in a variety of terrains. That’s why choosing a good handlebar is important. Also, did you know that colors impact the way you feel when riding? Especially in purple? Let’s check more about purple MTB handlebars in this article.

Part 1: The Beginning

Handling your bike and controlling it as much as you want might be the most fun things to do when mountain biking. You can move the bike wherever you want and do all those biking techniques. If you are skilled enough, of course. From maintaining your bike to being stable, climbing, or descending can be done well if you choose the right handlebar. Just as stated before, handlebars are one of the most important parts of a bike, even though this component might be ignored by several people.

Before buying a mountain bike, It’s important to know the handlebar that the components from the bike. Because it will affect you significantly when you ride the bike. But, if you already bought it and realize that the bar is bothering you, then you can modify it. There are many shops that sell handlebars separately from the bike. Mountain bike brands also often produce and sell handlebars separately. So, don’t worry if you realize how necessary it is to choose a handlebar that suits you.

mtb handlebars purple

Part 2 : Types of Handlebars

Types of mountain bike handlebars can be categorized in rise, diameter and material. The reason why this article only groups it only based on those three aspects is because those things mostly have their own ‘fandoms’ which are easily grouped. Here are the type of handlebars explanation from each aspects :

2.1 Rise

Rise of the handlebar means the heights between the center of the bar and part of where you handle it. There are two types of rise in handlebars, those are High Rise Bar and Low Rise Bar. Just as what it is named, the type is grouped based on how high or low the handlebar is. While there are two types of rise, the exact height between bars are varied.

2.2 Diameter

Diameter of the handlebar can be measured by knowing the measure of the girth of the stem. There are two popular types of handlebar’s diameter, those are 31.8mm and 35mm. But, nowadays most mountain bikes use the 31.8mm one as the diameter of the handlebar.

2.3 Material

Material here means what the handlebars are made of. Actually there are three types of handlebars based on the materials, those are aluminum, carbon, and titanium. But these days the most popular ones are aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. Of course, both have their advantages and disadvantages. We’re going to talk about it in the next part!

Part 3 : Guide to Choose your Handlebar

Guide to buy can’t be skipped. You can’t buy any kind of handlebars because it will affect your riding. There are things that need to know before buying a handlebar. In this article, things that are needed to know if the handlebars suit you or not are from the material, rise & sweep, width, diameter, and color. Here are the details of aspects :

3.1 Material

As it stated before, there are three types of handlebar’s materials, but the most popular materials right now are carbon and aluminum. Both have their own pluses and minuses. Based on reviewers and many rider experiences, they prefer to use carbon fiber rather than aluminum alloy for riding. The reason is because carbon material is lighter, so it won’t be too heavy for you to control your bike. The stiffness and compliance are also favored by many riders.

The thing is ‘good stuff, bad price’ applies in this case. Carbon is more expensive than aluminum. If aluminum only costs $50-$75, then carbon’s price is more than $125. So, if you don’t care about the weight of your bike controller and have a limited budget, then buying alloy is already enough. But, if you want your biking experiences to feel lighter and have a lot of money, then carbon fiber is really good

3.2 Rise & Sweep

Mountain bikes in the old times mostly used high rise bars. A literally high. But, as the time goes by, there is a realization from bike companies that the lower your position is the faster you can ride. This realization probably comes from an idea about what is the real ideal position for a mountain biker. That’s why the rise bar becomes lower each year.

Feels like a rotation cycle. These days high rise bars are getting popular again. But not as high as before. Most people prefer a 20-25mm bar, because it will uplift your front end position. With a position like that, the comfort level of your riding will be rising. Well actually all of these are back to what your preference and height is, so choose wisely.

As for sweep, there are two sides that need you to know. It’s the back side and up side. It depends on your elbow differences and position, but most riders choose 8 degrees (back) and 5 degrees (up). There are other sizes for sweeps, like 9′ & 4′ or 9′ & 5′, but those are the most popular ones.

3.3 Width

Basically, all these aspects from handlebars are about personal preference and your body size. Handlebar’s width that suits you depends on how your shoulder size is and the terrain you usually used. Commonly, people prefer 760mm – 780mm. The wider the bar and shorter stem are, the more you can control your bike at fast speed. It’s also impacting the aerodynamics. But it’s all back again to your shoulder’s length. If you’re not sure about the right size, buying the longer width is recommended because it can be trimmed. Also take note, if you are usually biking in an area where many trees are around or narrow, it’s better to choose the shorter one.

3.4 Diameter

Diameter of the handlebar affecting the flexibility and stiffness of the controller. Handlebars with a diameter of 31.8mm are more flexible than 35mm. It suits people who like moving to the left or right when riding. While 35mm is for riders who prefer stability, stiffness, and vertical compliance. Again, it’s all back to preferences.

3.5 Color

Aspect that is often ignored.  People can freely choose their own favorite color, their bikes or handlebars. But do you know that there are psychological effects in the colors itself? For example, blue gives you a cool vibe, red with a burning vibe, or purple with the royalness. So considering the colors of your handlebars before buying.

Part 4 : Purple and The Meaning

Colors have their own effect on people’s mood and emotions. Several experts have studied it. For example, red which stimulates a loving vibe, yellow which stimulates creativity, or purple with royalness. Well, you can choose your own favorite colors for your bike or handlebar, But, want to look more luxurious and elegant? Then purple mountain bike handlebars!

When you see someone riding their mountain bike, of course the first thing you see is the handlebar. Because that component is the front part of the bike and the part where the rider touches. So it said that your handlebar will determine what kind of rider you are in people’s eyes. Purple is the most recommended color if you want to bring your royalness out when you mountain biking. Purple handlebars MTB could be the choice for it.

Part 5 : Products

Usually, the standard colors for handlebars are black, gray, white, or brown. The reason is that those colors are considered as neutral colors. But why don’t you try bold colors? It’s not a bad thing. Otherwise, those bold colors will give you an image you wanted to be clearly. It’s kind of hard to find purple MTB handlebars. That’s why, here are some recommendation for MTB handlebars purple

5.1 Spank Spoon 800 Riser Bar

This alloy handlebar is available in many colors, one of them is purple. They have a purple metallic color, so it’ll add more elegance to your bike.  This type also has a high rise bar with various size options. So, it’s dare to say that this bike is extremely versatile. Having Shot-peening and anodizing also enhances fatigue life. The width itself is 800mm, but can be adjusted to 740mm. For the suitable bike, it’s suitable for ASTM 5 and all mountain bikes.

5.2 Deity T-Mo Enduro Carbon Riser Bar

Using carbon fiber as the material makes this handlebar not only lightweight, but also built for all-mountain and enduro riding. The rise type is a low rise bar. As for the sweep, it has a 9′ & 5’ratio. While for the width, they provide 760mm that give you stable control. Not available in many colors, but purple is still one of the options.

5.3 Chromag Fubars FU40 Rizer Bar

The Fubars FU40 is a handlebar released by Chromag. The material that this bar used is aluminum alloy with an extra-high rise of 40 mm. So, yes this is a high rise bar but might heavy because of the material. But thanks to the optimized wall thickness profile, it can withstand hours of use in the bike park or on the trail. Thi bar is suitable for MTB, DH and dirt jumping.

5.4 Black Market Way Low 787

Black Market Way Low 787 uses aluminum alloy as the material. Just like the name, the width of this bar is 787mm. As for the rise type, this bar is a low rise bar which is 19mm. For the sweep part, this bar has the ratio 8’& 6′.Suits for Cross Country, Trail, Freeride / Bike Park, Downhill, Dirt Jump/Slopestyle.

Part 6 : Advantages and Disadvantages of the Product

The handlebars above of course have some good sides and bad sides. But this article won’t describe the advantages and disadvantages specifically because those ratings are based on each aspect. Just like what it’s in the ‘Guide to Choose your Handlebar’ part. And mostly, good or bad the handlebar depends on your own priorities and preferences.

Aspects that most people consider whether to buy the handlebar or not are the price and material. Also what kind of the rise is. The only bar that used carbon fiber on this article product recommendation is Deity T-Mo Enduro Carbon Riser Bar. This makes the price quite expensive compared to other bars, but offers you a lightweight control for your riding. While for the rise, two of them are high rise bars and the other two are low rise bars. Again, it depends on your preference. But if you’re tall, high rise bars are good. Also the one that is getting popular these days is a high rise bar.

Part 7 : Closing

Handlebar is that ‘underrated’ part that most people rarely talk about. Kind of ironic, because you can’t ride without controlling it properly. Choosing the right bar with the right color will add to the fun of your riding experience and rider image. Especially if you want your bike to look royal and make people feel the gap between the bike image and your skill, then purple mountain bike handlebars are the best option. Hoping this article will give you insight into how important purple MTB handlebars are, and how to choose your purple MTB handlebars.