Black Full Suspension Mountain Bike Things to Consider When Choosing It

What is a ride when it doesn’t give you comfort and an exciting opportunity on the trails to show your skills and wow distant onlookers? With a black full suspension mountain bike, you can do all these.

Part 1: When to Choose a Black Full Suspension Mountain Bike

A black full suspension mountain bike is not for every rider. It is a bike that meets specific needs. So you need to ask yourself why you need a full suspension mountain bike before going to get one. There are pertinent factors that should motivate you to acquire one. These are:

You Want to Spend a Bit More

Money is still the answer to many things. If you want to buy a black dual suspension mountain bike, for instance, you must be willing to spend a bit more. Spending a bit more does not mean you are wasting your money. It means you prioritize your comfort above the cost of the bike you intend to purchase. So, you can get yourself a high-quality, entry-level full suspension mountain bike starting from about €1600. Once you can spend a minimum of this on a bike, you can choose a full suspension mountain bike to improve your experience while cruising on rough terrain.
You Are More Likely to Ride on Technical Trails

Riding on a rough path is risky when you don’t use the right bike. Every cyclist should understand the importance of safety when riding a bike. For safety, the right bike should be used on the right path. Then, we can talk about maintaining balanced speed and applying brake when necessary. So, pedalling through rocky gardens, up and over roots need a bike that has a front and rear suspension so that you can have a very smooth ride while maintaining very good traction and control. Do not make mistakes of many riders who think it is smart to use any kind of bike to ride on any path. It is dangerous and doesn’t offer a very good experience when compared to full suspension mountain bikes.

You Enjoy a Comfortable Ride

I am very convinced that no biker has a disdain for a comfortable ride. Riding is an adventure. Adventure ought not to be uncomfortable. This is why getting a very good bike is important for comfort. You don’t want to hurt yourself while riding. Also, you don’t want to be treating another health issue from exercise. Getting a black dual suspension mountain bike will mitigate the effect of jarring bumps that would have affected your body. With a full suspension bike, you can exercise better, reduce fatigue, and also ride faster and longer with outstanding comfort.

You Desire More Speed

If you played the game Need for Speed as a kid, you would understand how important speed is to a moving object. You don’t want to be left behind in a competition. Besides, if you are going on a bike cruise, you also want to be timely as possible as you can. To be timely, you need a very effective bike. That which has good speed and can easily absorb bumps. If you can easily control the effect of bumps, you can speed better and be more timely when taking a ride.

Part 2: What to Look Out for before Choosing a Black full Suspension Bike

Choosing a black dual full suspension mountain bike is a very important step for all bikers. Don’t say it is for beginners. It is also very important for expert riders to know what to look out for when they are set to choose the bike of their choice. This is important to avoid spending money on buying a low-quality product out of ignorance. Ignorance is bliss. But when it comes to the penalty of losing your money, you don’t want to be ignorant. Below are important things to look out for to avoid wasting your money:

1.Alloy Wheels

When you are riding a mountain bike, the wheel takes the major strain when compared to other parts of the bike. This is because the wheel does the required work to put the bike in motion. Hence, pedalling for a long time affects the wheel. The wheels wear out. With this knowledge, you can approach the market by checking the quality of the wheels that come with the bike. Doing this assures you of their durability. So, the best kind of wheels you can be durable is strong and tough. Since they are tough, they don’t get damaged easily.

black dual suspension mountain bike

2.Size of the Tire

The tire should be checked very well. Many bikers make the mistake to think bike tires are not really important when choosing a bike. That is a mistake on their part. For your information, the tire comes in different sizes of wheels. The size of the wheels and the tire determines the overall performance of the bike. So, this should be verified very well. Also, there are different types of tires for different terrain. A rough path requires tires that can sustain rocky trails and not the one made for riders to cruise on tarred roads. For rough terrains in areas that have many bumps, buying larger wheels is a smarter choice. However, smaller wheels come with better control.


Check the material used to make the bike. It is also very important. Don’t go and buy a bike because it is beautiful. For a very exciting experience, you don’t need a very beautiful bike. You only need a bike with appropriate features. The feature you need to check for a bike that is durable and very speedy is its weight. Don’t choose a heavy bike. You may ask how one can easily find a bike that is not heavy. All you need is to check whether it is made with a metal or aluminium alloy frame. If these materials are used in making a bike, you can be assured that it won’t be unnecessarily heavy.

  • Disk Brakes

A very good full suspension mountain bike has disk brakes. With this, it is easier to control the bike. You can respond by applying the brake when you need to stop abruptly to avoid collision with an object on the trails. With disc brakes, it is safer to ride. They are also durable. They have a larger pad when compared to other brake systems with a larger contact area against the wheel.

  • Budget

How much have you set aside to buy a bike? This question is important because it determines what you eventually buy. Hence, you need to always consider your pocket. Some products may be unaffordable for you. The smart thing to do is to check out the ones you can afford at the moment and keep saving money till when next you will be buying a new bike.

Part 3: Advantages of Using a Black Full Suspension Mountain Bike

  • You can enjoy a more memorable cross-country riding experience
  • The bike comes with versatility and high excitement when riding it
  • It is the best choice for people who prefer to sit on their bike while climbing a bump
  • Makes your journey very faster
  • Easy to control and manoeuvre your way in a very rough and rocky terrain
  • Fewer shock in the bone when riding a full suspension mountain bike

Part 4: Disadvantages of Using a Black Full Suspension Mountain Bike

  • It is quite expensive
  • It has a complicated maintenance process compared to products like hardtail bikes
  • The maintenance cost may be expensive if you don’t have a very appropriate budget for maintenance

Part 5: Top 5 Suspension Bikes

1.Fuel EX 9.9

This product is currently making wave as the best mountain bike on the market. It comes with a carbon frame, carbon wheels, SRAM’s X01 Eagle 1×12 drivetrain, and FOX Factory Float suspension. With these features, it is very fast on singletrack, very light when taking a climb, and very stable and easy to control when you are cruising on a rough trail. It is adapted to the roughest terrain you can imagine. There is even an added offer for bikers who get it. They enjoy the internal storage compartment and Control Freak cable routing that improves the capability and sleek look of the bike.


This bike is built with durability in mind. It is not only durable. It is also capable when it comes to cruising on very rough terrain. It comes with peculiar features like an all-carbon frame that is equipped with suspension like Fox Float Performance. In addition to this is a Shimano SLX 12-Speed drivetrain, DT Swiss E1900 Spline wheels. It also has a very effective internally routed dropper Seatpost. It also has a bottle cage mount for people who want to take a drink while riding. You can get a water bottle or a bottle filled with coffee and arm yourself better for the journey ahead.

3.Vitus Sentier 27 VR

Vitus Sentier 27 VR is budget-friendly. Despite its affordability to an average biker, it also comes with a very high-quality list of features. Have a very solid aluminium frameset. With this, it is very easy to handle every intensity that can come with taking a long day in the mountains. Hence, riding this bike will give you the confidence you need for the journey ahead. It is also easily assembled when delivered from the store you order to purchase one. With this bike, the limit is an abstract term that may never be real.

4.Cube Stereo 120 Race 29

This is the most preferred choice of people who are very inclined to choose aesthetics over quality. If you like beautiful things, you will easily like this product. But this is the interesting gist: it is beautiful and can still give you a ride for your money. It is not just aesthetically pleasing. It comes with a full carbon frame that is excellent, durable and light. Its lightweight makes it very easy to control and take off easily with speed. It packs in an SRAM 12-SPEED drivetrain that makes it very smooth for a shifting experience. It has a RockShox fork and rear shocks for easy shock absorption so riders can feel comfort while cruising and having a very nice time. With this feature, the ride becomes a little less bumpy.

5.Decree 5 Trail Bike

When it comes to choosing a full suspension mountain bike that combines simplicity, style, and rugged ability to crush every rough terrain to give riders exciting memory, Decree 5 Trail Bike is one of the best choices for a rider with proper knowledge of the trails can choose. It is also one of the best options for beginners to adapt to the hills and manoeuvre their ways through rough paths. It has an advanced carbon fibre frame that is light in weight. The carbon fibre frame is also strong in that it gives assurance of durability. The front and rear shock are RockShox branded. They bring better absorption and smoother ride which is the ultimate desire of everybody riding a bike.

Choosing the best black dual full suspension mountain bike can be very confusing when you don’t know the right features to look out for in a bike of this nature. But with the detailed explanation in this article, you can be sure of going to the market to pick the best full suspension mountain bike that would afford you an exciting experience when cruising on rough and rocky terrain. Knowledge is power. Ensure that apply everything this article has been able to teach.