Everything You Need to Know about MTB Winter Clothing

MTB Winter Clothing will be determined by comfort, weather circumstances, protection, and, to some extent, personal style. The location of your journey and the period of year or season will also have a big influence on what you wear. mountain biking winter clothes include thicker gloves; long riding leggings, water-proof shoes, etc.

Part 1: An Introduction to Winter Mountain Bike Clothing

Riding in inclement weather or on muddy terrain necessitates a few additional pieces of weather-resistant gear to make you warm and comfortable. MTB winter clothing includes thicker gloves; long riding leggings, water-proof shoes, and a ventilated jacket. Mountain bike gear and equipment are essential for keeping out the cold, keeping you dry in the mud, and allowing you to ride all year. Who could possibly disagree with that? However, riding in inclement weather or on muddy terrain necessitates a few additional pieces of weather-resistant gear to make you warm and comfortable.

mountain bike clothing for winter

Winter mountain bike gear includes thicker gloves; long riding leggings, water-proof shoes, and a ventilated jacket. So, if you’re going on a cold-weather bike, keep reading to discover more about what to dress to stay warm. The location of your journey and the period of year or season will also have a big influence on what you wear. In the midst of summer when the weather is mild and the trails are usually dry, you’ll need less shelter from the environment than in the dead of winter.

You must also consider the requirements of your ride. You’ll need more serious gear if you’re going on an all-mountain trip mostly in the Alps or Rockies for example because you’ll need to be dressed for mountain seasonal changes.

Part 2: All about best Best Winter Mountain Bike Clothing

Winter-Stretch LF gloves by Scott

Scott’s Gore-Tex Infinium fabric structure keeps the elements out of these windproof, cold-resistant winter MTB gloves. They’re elastic and breathable, and the palms include a silicone grip for a secure grip on the handle-bars.

Endura-MT500 Freezing Point Trousers

Scottish brand Endura knows how to manufacture tough, well-designed mountain biking gear for all circumstances. The-MT500 Freezing Point trousers have insulated front thigh panels and water-proof spray panels on the back, so you’ll stay dry and warm even in the dead of winter.

Capilene Aircrew from Patagonia Women’s Patagonia

Women’s Patagonia Women’s Patagonia Women Patagonia’s light, soft, and elastic baselayer combines Merino wool & Capilene reused polyester for a warm and quick-drying feel. Its materials also help to prevent odor build-up, allowing you to wear it day after day on multi-day winter riding vacations.

Sleeve vents & breathable fabric

Keep you cool, and a superb peaked hood prevents the rain out even in the heaviest downpours. Two large front pockets provide plenty of storage. In addition, the Zenith is reasonably priced and comes with a short lifetime warranty.

DBX 2.0 wind-blocking gloves from Leatt

The pre-curved Micron-Grip seamless palm and elastic comfort cuff of Leatt’s DBX-2.0 mountain bike gloves are available in a wide variety of sizes (from S to XL), ensuring comfort and a secure fit. In all but, the worst weather, a softshell wind-blocking back keeps your hands dry and warm. The gloves are appropriate for both male and female bikers.

Mountain bike shoes from Specialized, the Defroster Trail

It’s always a responsibility to keep the limbs warm in the winter, especially on a bike, when they are also the main point of contact between the rider and the machine. The Defroster shoes from Specialized are weatherproof, with Thinsulate insulating and a high neoprene collar around the ankles to keep your feet warm, dry, and comfy.

Photochromic Spectacles Made Entirely by Speed Craft

When muck is flinging up from the ground and low-hanging trees are heavy with precipitation, better eye protection is essential. Because of their light, secure fit, 100 percent’s Speed craft glasses are a preferred choice, and their photochromic lens adapts to light situations – ride into bright sunlight and it will change from clear to black in a moment.

Windproof Endura Single-Track Gloves

Endura’s complete line of products might win weather-beating honors, especially in the colder, grimier seasons. The well-made Singletrack windproof mountain bike gloves keep the cold out while the lightly brushed inside keeps your hands in the best possible condition.

Deflect Gloves Designed Specifically for Women

Specialized Deflect gloves have a wind-resistant back and padded palm to keep the chilly air out while preventing hand numbness. They’re also touch-screen friendly, so you’ll keep your hands warm while using your phone.

Women’s Shelter Soft-Shell Pants from ION

With ION’s Shelter softshell pants, you can protect your legs from the weather on those very chilly autumn rides. Light, Stretchy, flexible, and also water repellent.

Resist Short by Troy Lee Designs for Men

It’s incredible how much of a contrast a dry posterior can make, as British riders are well aware. The Resist short from TLD is made of waterproof fabric, but it still appears and fits fantastic, with zippered pockets and taping seams to keep items dry inside too.

Arm Warmer by Castelli Nano Flex+

How about a short-sleeve jersey, gilet, and these arms warmer from Castelli, the master of cycling gear, for optimum versatility in changeable weather? Warm, water-repellent, and breathable, the elastic fabric enables you to easily flex your arms comfortably and is useful.

Buff that is Windproof

Always keep a buff in your backpack. They’re small, light, and provide excellent warmth while waiting for your friends at the peak of a windswept hill. This windproof version is also quite autumnal.

Socks from Sealskinz mid-Hydro stop

When it refers to waterproof socks, Sealskinz is the name to remember. For decades, British cyclists have sworn by them. They have a lot of alternatives, but this mid-length is totally waterproof, and the flexible option should keep you warm and dry on icy winter trails.


This jacket is made of Pertex Quantum Air, which is wind-resistant, water-resistant, and very breathable. It also features abrasion-resistant panels to ensure it lasts for more than one season. Its SWAT-friendly design is a zippered chest compartment in the shape of a rectangle that fits into the down-tube of Specialized’s SWAT-equipped bikes.

  • Unpredictable weather calls for a versatile cycling jacket.
  • Pertex Quantum Air is a breathable, weather-resistant fabric.
  • A more organic range of motion is promoted by regular exercise.
  • Scuba hood for the under-helmet increases protection without sacrificing comfort.
  • The jacket’s resilience is bolstered with abrasion-resistant panels.
  • Pocket on the chest compatible with Specialized SWAT-ready bikes.

Part 3: Guide to Buying Winter Mountain Bike Clothes

Seamless Base Layer for Castelli Core

The soft, synthetic-blend fabric is form-fitting and works well beneath heavier winter riding coats. Castelli delivers great wicking ability and warmth to the Core, which is designed to function down to 39°F. When thinking that you’ll put this beneath bib straps that have a particular insulation value built into them, a lower weight weave is chosen on the side and back to offer uniform insulation.


  • Castelli’s smooth long-sleeve base layer is designed for cool to cold-weather cycling.
  • The synthetic blend is form-fitting and pairs well with cold jackets.
  • For improved comfort, the sides and back have a lighter weight structure.
  • To remain undetected, the wide neck needs to hide from jersey collars.
  • Rates for efforts made outside in temperatures ranging from 39 to 61 degrees Fahrenheit choice available to you.

Trail Pants by Pearl Izumi

The Pearl Izumi Launch-Trail Pant keeps us safe throughout single-track rides, whether the route report calls for bushes or fall days are approaching. We can be comfy between the climb to the top and the shred down the trails since the lightweight cloth breathes well and dries rapidly. The tapered leg maintains the hem far out of the way of the chain, allowing you to wear chamois liner shorts & knee protectors if needed.

  • Fabric that dries quickly keeps you dry and cool.
  • Liner shorts or knee protectors can be worn with this comfortable cut.
  • Two side pockets with zippers
  • Material: 68% Cordura nylon; 21% polyester; 11% elastane, PI Finish with a dry finish.

Madison-Zenith is a Rainproof Jacket

Without a good waterproof garment, such as Madison’s Zenith Jacket, a true winter cannot be handled. Here are some low-cost alternatives for individuals who are just starting started or who do not want to invest in mountain bike specialist clothes.

Part 4: Winter Mountain Biking Clothes You can Buy


Hiking or jogging shoes appear to be an excellent choice for mountain riding. They’re designed to allow you to breathe easily, resist the rigor of the route, and allow you to move freely. A couple of vans with waffle-design soles are the greatest bike shoes. I’ve seen that aren’t designed by a cycling brand such as Five Ten, Ride Concepts, but they have a short lifespan.
There’s a lot to consider when choosing a cycling shoe, but the most vital factor is grip, which Vans or any mass-market skating shoe will provide. A flat pedal requires a sticky, flat sole rather than a climbing or jogging shoe, which is designed to handle uneven terrain with wide, spaced knobs.


Gym shorts are unquestionably popular. When contrasted with a pair of well-made mountain bike shorts. Each of these solutions has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. When compared to the more convenient options, a set of mountains bike shorts still has a lot to offer, but they are definitely more expensive. A flat pedal requires a sticky, flat sole rather than a climbing or jogging shoe, which is designed to handle uneven terrain with wide, spaced knobs.
Gym shorts are airy and comfortable, but they’ll certainly slip out of position after a ride over the bars and they won’t repel rain, stop tears, or clear the base of your saddles as well. Loose open pockets are generally not the safest place to keep keys or a phone. Jerseys may be the most cost-effective piece of equipment. Whereas a cotton pair of slacks will be less than optimal due to the amounts of movement in the legs and hips there will be much more room for airflow and ventilation up top.


A nice pair of glasses is also difficult to come by. Often, individuals may rush to the hardware store or gas stations for a cheap pair of sunglasses, which will suffice as a barrier from trail debris in most circumstances.


Gloves are an inexpensive way to minimize overspending. Who hasn’t worn a set of Mechanix gloves on a ride and also had a friend who did? No one has to pay $50 for a set of riding gloves, and it’s fairly easy these days to avoid doing so.

Part 5: Conclusion

If you’re just getting started, the best MTB winter clothing is what you already have but as you develop. You’ll probably want apparel created specifically for mountain biking. In the end, it’s entirely up to you and you should dress whatever makes you feel most comfortable. There are many alternatives for keeping warm, dry, or both when it relates to winter MTB clothing.
Different climates necessitate different sorts of MTB winter clothing. We put together several kits and a movie to demonstrate some of the characteristics that make cold weather mountain biking clothes useful without putting you into a human heater. For additional information about how to choose the best MTB winter clothing for you, see the instructions and links above.