MTB Shirts Mens – What You Should Know Before Buying

In MTB, using the proper clothing is essential when choosing the right bike for your needs: summer and winter, sun or rain, climbs and descents, wind, temperature ranges and more sweat are almost crazy variables when deciding which jersey to wear for mountain biking. However, tips for choosing the MTB shirts mens can be helpful to beginners as well as those already involved in MTB.

Part 1: What Is The Main Thing That Confuses You The Most About MTB Shirts For Men

Let me guess. It’s a buying process, right?

Buying a new Men’s MTB shirt is not that easy. It takes a lot of effort and goes through different variations to reach the final goal. If you are looking forward to expert advice on purchasing the best Men’s Mtb Suit, let us help you with preferable options. Our team of experts has extracted the highest rated 2022 Men’s MTB Kit available on the market.

Don’t risk your hard-earned money. Think twice before investing and make the decision wisely. Our readers are pretty valuable to us. We understand the needs of our readers well, which is why they have to spend a lot of time just researching, reviewing, and comparing different Men’s MTB suits. The MTB T-shirt is a technical garment that can make the difference in terms of comfort: from the fabric to the zip and pockets, here’s how to choose it.

mtb shirts mens

Part 2: What Jersey to Use For Mountain Biking

The first thing to consider when deciding which shirt to use for mountain biking is the tight and wide models: apart from the Downhill, the protections to put under the t-shirt are mandatory. Broad, in all other MTB disciplines, it is better to use tight-fitting t-shirts for essentially two reasons plus 1: tight-fitting shirts are better breathable. They take sweat from the skin and throw it out, evaporating rather than letting it run down the skin. Adherent meshes do not risk entangling in branches, brambles, and more. The tight-fitting shirts are, in any case, more aerodynamic and, if desired, ergonomic (in the sense that they do not crease and do not twist).

Part 3: What Fabric to Choose for An MTB Shirt

It is easier to say which material not to use for the fabric of an MTB t-shirt. Cotton and other natural hydrophilic fabrics absorb perspiration, making you feel chilly while stopping, downhill, in the forest, or in a mountain tunnel. For changing conditions or going to the mountains, it is good to have a Windstopper, which means it lets out the humidity but blocks the air, especially while going downhill.

Part 4: What Features Should An MTB T-shirt Have

Then there are a lot of features to consider in an MTB t-shirt. The zip zip at the collar, for example, can be practical for thermoregulating: you pedal uphill in the heat, you open it, go down in the shade and close it. Ditto for the mandarin collar: it can be helpful to seal the neck well and protect it from the wind.

The reinforcements on the shoulders are another plus to consider: there are models with more resistant fabrics or denser weaves in the shoulder area. They are an advantage if you always pedal with a backpack on your back and maybe even a water one. Bright colours and reflective inserts are other aspects to consider to increase visibility on the road, the transfer sections, and the thickness of nature.

Then there’s the issue of rear pockets, which are important for road cycling but not so much for MTB. It’s inconvenient with a backpack on your shoulder, but elastic pockets keep vital items close at reach. Another feature is a modest flare on the back to protect the back well even while getting down on the handlebars or going off-saddle downhill.

MTB Shirts Mens Features

Material: 100% Polyester

The jersey with professional cycling fabric. Innovative and light with micro-mesh on the bike jersey surface for excellent breathability. The 100% polyester fabric is good elasticity, thin and soft. Anti-slip. The bottom hem of the shirt prevents the clothes from slipping. Quick-dry.Back pockets of the jersey. It is convenient for you to bring personal items. The reflective label on both sides of the shirt improves driving safety at night.

Lycra shirts

The Lycra shirts are strong elasticity and make you feel comfortable. The shorts with 3D gel, which weakens the sense of shock, will make you comfortable even if you ride a bike.

High-quality fabrics

In addition to the front and back of the cycling jersey, Moxilyn also uses breathable mesh on the sides and trousers with Leica textiles. Delicate and breathable to improve dryness and body comfort.

The short-sleeved thermal shirt can be worn both in summer alone and in winter with a windbreaker to protect the body from sudden changes in the air. What is the thermal shirt? It is used not to absorb sweat but to bring it outside, thus leaving the skin dry and keeping thermoregulation constant.

Polypropylene has the benefit of drying rapidly, which athletes love since they may wash their short-sleeved thermal shirt at night and use it the next morning.

Unlike natural fibres, this material inhibits mould and bacteria growth, eliminates odours, and uses less detergent to clean and sanitize.

So the polypropylene cycling underwear shirt is suited for all seasons and ensures optimal comfort when exercising.

Icebreaker vs Italian Revolution

Two brands, in particular, stand out for their quality and diffusion: the New Zealand  Icebreaker and the Italian Revolution. For the test, we got a short-sleeved T-shirt from REDA, a Biella-based company that makes clothes with fine New Zealand Merino wool. 140g: The number is the weight per square meter of the fabric. The lower it is (let’s say between 120 and 140g), the thinner and fresher it is (therefore suitable for the summer season). Of course, there are base layers or other products with greater weights, ideal for the colder seasons.

But Why Should We Choose a Wool T-shirt

According to the producers, it is entirely natural, renewable and biodegradable, not obtained from oil. It does not sting when woven to perfection. At least, according to Rewoolution, it does not sting. As a result of its unique and fine fiber, it has a “silky, comfortable, and natural softness that is silky and comfortable.”Also, even during strenuous activity, it should smell less. People who like to go outside and do things like hiking, climbing, running, biking, skiing, snowboarding, golf, and sailing should wear these shirts.

Is It Fresh And Light

Yes, even if above a specific temperature, I still prefer polyester. Let’s say that, after the tests we carried out, we consider it perfect for temperatures below 25 °. It’s important to note that, as with all t-shirts, we always recommend choosing light colours. Our military green t-shirt, though pleasant, isn’t the best choice for a hot day in the sun.

Is It Comfortable

Yes. The line is modern, with a snug fit, the way I like it.

Can it be washed in the washing machine?  Yes, as long as it is below 40 ° and without using the centrifuge.

Is It to Be Ironed

Yes, otherwise, it gets wrinkled. It should be ironed inside out, being careful not to iron directly over labels and logos.

Product Advantages

  • It’s natural.
  • After use, it smells less than polyester.
  • It is elastic.
  • It is light.

Product Disadvantages

  • The price (€ 69) is equal to or higher than the polyester t-shirts, even from famous brands such as Gore.
  • Unlike polyester, it tends to break.
  • Unlike polyester, it remains wrinkled after washing.
  • If washed in the washing machine, it is best not to spin it to preserve its characteristics over time.