The Best MTB Jersey Designs on The Market

Do you want to enter the world of MTB sports? You are not sure which jersey you need and why you need it? In this text, we answer these questions concerning MTB jersey designs and the purpose of the jerseys.

Part 1: MTB Jersey

In cycling, as we know that severe cyclists have adequate equipment that enables proper riding and full enjoyment of it. MTB cycling, in this sense, does not deviate from classical cycling. The only difference is that MTB cycling jerseys are necessary. Without them, you cannot safely enter the world of mountain biking. A good MTB jersey design should be comfortable. Protect you from all the conditions in which you cycle. And also keep you fresh. If you want to buy an MTB jersey, you should always consider those features. In addition, one should think about the material from which MTB jerseys and the natural conditions in which you should use them. Not all jerseys will behave the same in different realistic situations. Therefore, we bring you a guide to buying MTB jerseys based on their design below.

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Part 2: How You Can Know Which MTB Jersey Is Best for You

We have already mentioned the key things to pay attention to when buying an MTB jersey. We will now explain how each element determines individual jerseys’ general quality and purpose. A good jersey should keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Jerseys are the fabric of breathable fabrics. Materials absorb sweat, which makes driving easier and makes you feel comfortable. Cycling jerseys are tailored to fit your body. So the first thing to think about when buying an MTB heresy is the right size. You should pay attention to is the material. All MTB jerseys are of the following materials Lycra, Spandex, Nylon, Merino Wool, and Polyester. These materials, unlike cotton, absorb sweat and transfer it to the outside of the fabric, allowing sweat to evaporate. It will make driving easier. And it will make you feel fresh.

Polyester Jerseys

Polyester jerseys are good at absorb moisture very effectively. Even though you will sweat in these jerseys, the nature of the material will absorb moisture and leave you fresh, which will allow you to drive longer with less difficulty.

Microfiber and Spandex Gives Nylon Jerseys

A high-quality combination of microfiber and spandex gives Nylon jerseys. These two materials absorb moisture very well, maybe even more efficiently than polyester. Nylon jerseys are that the colour does not last long enough as on other materials. In addition, you will sweat less in nylon jerseys. Visibility on the trail is your priority.

Merino Wool Cycling Jerseys

Merino wool cycling jerseys This type of cycling jersey is best for cold weather. Merino wool simultaneously absorbs moisture from your body. But at the same time, it provides heat. You do not need to worry that this material will not suit your skin. If you have sensitive skin, a merino wool jersey is the right choice. It is a material that suits sensitive and mild skin. The price of these jerseys is slightly higher compared to jerseys made of other materials.

Part 3: What Is the Best MTB Jersey on the Market

Based on the materials from which MTB jerseys are designed, we bring you a brief overview of the products you can currently find on the market. Our criteria were diverse and did not refer exclusively to one design segment when choosing the best jerseys. Still, we tried to take into account as many things as possible.


Our first recommendation is about something that has recently appeared in MTB sports and represents a small revolution in MTB jersey design. Velocio produces this jersey, and the model is called Micromodal Trail Tee. This semi-synthetic fabric is from recycled beechwood cellulose. This type of jersey is straightforward to wear. It fits nicely to the skin. And it is also pretty soft. And most importantly, it dries very quickly.

The look of the jersey is balanced. It means it’s not in classic MTB design but midway between simple design and MTB jersey. This product from Velocia comes only with short sleeves. If you want a light jersey with long sleeves, you can look at other products from this renowned manufacturer.


GORE is another brand that we recommend. The model from this manufacturer that we will draw your attention to is marked C5. This jersey is 91 per cent polyester and 9 per cent elastane. It dries very quickly and releases moisture. At the same time, it completely protects your body from high heat and shallow temperatures. Although this is not the best jersey you can find on the market, it is undoubtedly one of the best in this price range.

Our following recommendation is a good fit for all drivers, as these t-shirts suit all body types. Still, drivers are less likely to opt for them due to their arrogant design.

MFF Tech T-shirt

The MFF Tech T-shirt is meant to seem like a casual boxy tee shirt with a modern twist. That is why they are so popular: they are loose, comfy, and flattering for a wide range of body types. A large portion of the T-shirt in micro modal, a natural fibre coming from beech pulp and other hardwoods harvested using environmentally friendly forestry techniques. Interestingly, this is one of the jerseys that is the most ecologically friendly.

In addition to feeling silky against the skin, the resultant fabric has a great moisture absorption profile, has a low accumulation, and is long-lasting. The MFF also recognizes that the T-shirt provides UPF 50+ sun protection, which is an industry first. Even though the T-shirt itself is rather light, it has been doubled at the bottom to give the hem a little weight, which helps it to hang appropriately and cover the body’s contours. Based on our previous experience, we believe that protection from the sun and heat should be your first concern. And you want to wear an MTB jersey that is as ecologically friendly as possible. Then this is the jersey you should think about purchasing.

Pearl Izumi

Pearl Izumi has wholly renewed his Canyon MTB jersey. The design has completely changed. From a jersey with zippers and pockets, Pearl Izumi designed this series as a casual MTB jersey that you can wear standard day version. The jersey is made of Drirelease fabric, which is very effective in absorbing sweat, and at the same time, very comfortable. And in this jersey, you can spend the whole day in absolute comfort, whether you ride a bike or rest.

Part 4: What You Should Be Aware of When Buying an MTB Jersey

When it comes to things to pay attention to when choosing your MTB jersey, we have to admit that the list of those things is very long. Despite the length of the list, it brings you essential things to consider when choosing your jersey.


How effectively the fabric absorbs liquid Cuffs – If you choose a long-sleeved jersey, the cuffs must be firm enough to prevent water and air from penetrating. On the other hand, the cuffs must not be too tight.

Microporous membrane

The part of the fabric that is waterproof and contains spores that allow sweat to evaporate but, at the same time, prevents the entry of raindrops.


This is one of the parts involved in designing individual jerseys. Ventilation openings provide freshness by letting air through the jersey, making it easier for the driver to drive.


We have already mentioned this several times, but we will remind you again. Drainage is perhaps the main feature of the jersey because it protects you from colds and is the ability of the fabric to absorb fluid and absorb it from your body quickly.


Almost all jerseys you can find on the market today include wind resistance in their design. This part helps you stay healthy and enables you to achieve higher speeds on your bike.


Full or half-zipper

The choice is yours. Our advice is to look for a rubber-coated zipper so you can quickly recover it even if your gloves are wet.

Bib or Drawstring Shorts

Serious bikers prefer bibs. Shorts with a ribbon limit your ability to breathe correctly. It tightens your stomach and puts pressure on your diaphragm. On the other hand, Bib allows you to stay dry for as long as possible because it eliminates the potential for water leakage.

Sleeves or Sleeveless

This choice falls on the MTB bike. The official rules prescribe long-sleeved jerseys at official races. We recommend long sleeves whether driving in hot or cold weather.

Gloves or Barehanded

The situation here is similar to the one above. The choice is entirely up to you, and it is okay to train without gloves, but you should always keep in mind that gloves are there to protect you from potential injury when falling off a bike. Our recommendation is – to wear gloves!