MTB Clothing Brand: The Top Recommendable for You

Choosing a beautiful bike from lots of options is already hard enough. But don’t stress it out, because we have MTB clothing brand recommendations as to the best choices for you. Here’s a brief explanation about choosing the top MTB brand clothing.

Part 1: At a Glance

We may agree that mountain bikes look different from road bikes or city bikes. The difference brings variety in the bike’s specifications and the more proper outfit or clothing to wear. Sure, no law strictly forbids bikers to wear anything different. But, wearing appropriate mountain bike clothing is helpful for keeping your biking experience nice while taking those tricky and nerve-wracking highs and lows.

Style is not a thing you need to think about. Focus your mind on one thing: safety. Better protection means better security. So, it’s always wise to opt for protective clothing, despite its look or fashion.

Mount biking gear will give you ample coverage during strenuous biking activities. The protective feature of the clothing will make you safer from scratch, fall, or any unpredictable damage. If you’re still unsure about this whole thing of picking the correct mountain biking clothing, see this article thoroughly to see what kind of brands to choose, especially for beginners.

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Part 2: Shorts, Jerseys, and Helmets for Mountain Biking

Now before explaining the best mountain bike clothing brands, let us take a closer look at the outfit you need to wear when mountain biking. Here we talk about the whole aspects of the clothing, including the shorts, jackets, and more.

Mountain Biking Shorts and Padding

The shorts for mountain biking are similar to those for road bikes. They’re easy to stretch and capable of offering easy leg movement for pedaling. There are also padded crotch protector functions to reduce friction and possible damage.

Aerodynamics is the primary concern in any style of biking. So, it’s better to pick the shorts that have a baggy fit. Choose tighter shorts for cross country biking, which may offer more aerodynamics. You can also choose shorts that offer more muscle support.

Usually, biking shorts have sturdy fabrics and lots of pockets. Depending on what biking style you’re into, you need to adjust the fabric weight and the shorts’ length to your needs. For example, downhill bikers tend to pick thicker and heavier shorts.

On the inside, you can find some padding on the biking shorts, which sometimes can be thinner than other biking shorts. The reason for this is that the ride will mainly sit in the upright position and will vary continuously following the track’s contour.

The liners are also generally removable so that you can opt for biking underwear also. But, this is just a matter of preference; choose any option you like the most.

Mountain Biking Jerseys

Generally speaking, there’s only a small difference and too many similarities between various biking jerseys. For example, jerseys for mountain biking are basically the same as road style. You need a jersey that could sweep sweat away efficiently, is close-fitting, and is a bit looser to allow more airflow circulation. Although you’re using pads, longer sleeves may offer better protection.

The pockets are also quite useful to store some essential things, including your food, keys, and even cash. These empty pockets can instead be used for storing other stuff for pocket riders.

Mountain Biking Helmets

The preferable helmets are the ones that are sturdy, comfortable, and have suitable holes to allow better airflow. Some helmets do have some notable features like sweat pads and odor resistance, which we may consider something optional.

But, the features of safety and comfort are the ones that are mandatory. So, be sure to check and consider these two aspects first beforehand. Now is the time to talk about the top mountain bike clothing brands. Here’s the list of some of them:

Part 3: Some Recommended Brands For You

Cycling wear companies have invested a lot of research and design into perfecting comfort and sourcing the best possible materials for athletes. Whether it’s a material that stretches to provide an optimal aerodynamic fit, it wicks moisture away from your body to keep you cool and dry when it’s hot. A special bicycle jersey can also protect the body from bad weather. Here are the recommendations for the best MTB clothing brand.


When cycling, of course, you need a jersey that fits your body and is able to follow the shape of your body so that it is comfortable to wear and you can move freely. Duraking, as one of the top MTB clothing brand clothes, may give you what you wanted.


If you want to get a jersey like that, you must try the Duraking bicycle jersey. Aerodynamically designed with Duraking Super Lightwear fabric which is light, breathable, and allows you to ride comfortably.

The rubber gripper on the bottom of the jersey will keep the jersey from lifting when you bend over. There is a safety pocket to store your cellphone while cycling that will keep your cell phone and personal items safe and won’t fall. For safe cycling at night, the jersey is equipped with reflectors. FYI, the reflector functions to reflect light when there is light coming so that you can see where you are while cycling.

Another advantage of using this jersey is that DK ProTech technology functions to kill bacteria, viruses, or fungi when in contact with the fabric. DK Dry Tech makes the fabric dry quickly and responds to heat to adjust the temperature, so you still feel cool when wearing it.

There is also a UV Protech DK to protect the body from exposure to UV rays, so the skin is not damaged and dry due to sunburn.

Of course, those of you who like fishing know that Duraking Fishing products provide a lot of fishing equipment and outfits. In addition to fishing equipment, Duraking also offers many outdoor sports equipment, complete with jerseys.


For example, t-shirts can be used for running, cycling, and other outdoor activities. Yep, this sports t-shirt is not only comfortable to use for running and cycling, but you can also use it when you go to the gym.

Equipped with DK Dry Tech, DK UV Pro-Tech, and DK Fresh Tech features to accompany you in running, cycling, or other outdoor activities. The Smart Temp technology on this t-shirt will help cool the temperature, thus keeping you cool even when it’s hot outside.

The body also feels comfortable and not sticky. Then the material is not easy to smell because of the Fresh Tech technology that will maintain freshness and control odors, both odors from the surrounding environment and odors triggered by bacteria.

This shirt can also protect your body from UV rays because of the HeiQ Sun Blocks technology with military-grade UVF 50, which will provide long-lasting protection from UV rays. The design is designed to be a regular fit to offer more comfort so that it follows the shape of the body and allows you to move freely. It always makes sports more enthusiastic.


Although Endura is no longer participating in the series of world tours as one of the best mountain bike clothing brands, their Pro SL collection continues to this day. Offering high performance at a great price, the Jersey Pro SL features a race cut made of lycra that fits snugly against a breathable rim to keep airflow smooth throughout the body. The design around the collar is a stand collar that is comfortable to wear.

The fabric also functions to regulate sweat and is equipped with a UPF50 for protection from the sun. The three back pockets are enough to store everything you need while cycling. To keep valuables from falling, the Endura jersey also comes with a zipper.


Castelli is an Italian brand that professional cyclists have been equipped with its optimized jersey collections since 1876. Among the many claims, Castelli’s most famous is its leather and sublimation jerseys.

To this day, Castelli’s bold designs, materials, and patterns are second to none. If you want to wear a professional outfit, this top bike brand might sound like calling your name!


Founded in 2004, Rapha has grown to become one of the best cycling apparel brands in the world.

Suffice it to say, founder Rapha Simon Mottram’s passion radiates from every stitch of the jersey. Furthermore, this brand goes beyond the lifestyle of many people cycling today. How not, starting from the jersey to Rapha’s bidon so sold out.


One of the most impressive things about the Australian cycling clothing brand MAAP is that it can provide a distinct style and look instantly recognizable. For a company that prides itself on a long-standing tradition of embellishing a large logo on all of its clothing, that is a real achievement in the world of fashion.

More than just looking cool and feeling great – MAAP has excellent customer service. Had an unlucky day on the road? Provide a photo proof of their damaged product and proof of purchase; MAAP will give you a 40% discount on a replacement kit.

Pas Normal Studios

Based in Copenhagen, Pas Normal Studios sets itself apart when it comes to cycling jerseys. The Normal Studios jersey is made with high-performance fabrics and a minimalistic Scandinavian design.

Each piece is handcrafted in Italy and made to withstand the extremes of Northern Europe’s climate. In other words, this top cycling outfit is definitely built to last.


Bianchi is a heavyweight brand as it has become the oldest bicycle manufacturing company in the world (founded in 1885). Bianchi was also the first to pioneer a bicycle with the same size wheels, complete with pneumatic rubber tires.

The Bianchi jersey collection has a distinctly Italian design, with an instantly recognizable array of ‘Celeste’ patterns and colors. You can opt for the Tosca-colored Bianchi jersey, which is also famous for another color called “Bianchi Green”.

Jersey made by Bianchi can remove moisture from the body and provide optimal comfort.


The last one on the list of top mountain bike clothing brands is Giro. Giro was founded in 1985 and, for more than 30 years, has consistently paid great attention to every product it makes. As it says on the official website, “We are the brand that sweats the details”.

Giro understands that you need clothes and products that perform very well for your cycling needs. Since you’ll be spending hours, days, and weeks, Giro makes sure every jersey he makes is perfect down to the last millimeter.

Part 4: FAQS of  the MTB Clothing Brand

If you still have a question or two about the best mountain bike clothing brands above or tips on picking the suitable clothing for your biking activity, here are some answers.

Are Mtb Clothings Affordable

Depending on what are the options you have. You can always have any clothing with the price starting from $35 to $350 or even more. The price follows the features of what the clothing has to offer. If you want something better and more comfortable to wear, choose something in between those price levels.

The basic ones, which are way more affordable, can only offer basic protections, and sometimes even with no protection at all. Surely, this is very concerning. For beginners who want something more reachable, it’s better to learn about it from the perspective of the experts.

It’s risky to pick clothing with these “affordable” clothing, especially when the brand itself is not so known or recommendable.

Where Can I Buy The Mtb Clothing

You can easily get one at the nearest biking store or order them online. But, it’s advisable to buy the biking clothing offline since you can try them out before buying.

Find the ones that can fit you nicely. Try to balance the aspect of comfort with the price, and be sure to try all the parts one by one.

You can also ask the recommendations from the shop owners who are more experienced in the industry.