The Best Mountain Bike Clothing You Need to Wear

Since there is a lot of MTB brands on the market, it’s getting more challenging to pick the best brand. But, it’s better to review a few products beforehand as a comparison. See the top brands of mountain bike clothing below:

Part 1: Introduction

Buying mountain bike clothing is the best decision when you want to pursue the hobby of cycling. Using a bicycle jersey makes you more comfortable when cycling.

we can purchase jerseys through online shopping sites. However, the many choices may make you feel confused choosing which one is the best. For that, we created an article on choosing the best bicycle jersey for men. There are not only MTB but also road bikes, city bikes, and others.

mountain bike cycling clothing

Part 2: Tips to Choose Suitable Mountain Bike Clothing

When choosing a bicycle jersey, there are several things to consider, such as material, size, and advantages. We will discuss all of them one by one thoroughly through the points below.

Find Out About The Materials First

The type of mountain bike clothing material is the main thing you need to pay attention to in detail. Generally, a bicycle jersey in polyester synthetic material because it is more flexible to adapt to body shape. In addition, the air circulation is good and does not make your body wet with sweat.
Synthetic bicycle clothes are more suitable for use in tropical areas with hotter climates. The price of a synthetic jersey is even more friendly. However, try a lycra jersey if you want to try something else. This elastic material is not easy to deform, does not wrinkle easily, and is easy to care for.
Clothes for mountain biking usually consist of several layers, allowing for mixed jerseys. It is the front and back of the body in polyester, while the arms use other materials.
This isn’t a big deal, but make sure you avoid cotton jerseys. This material absorbs sweat and can cause discomfort when cycling.

Make Sure The Size Is Right

The size of the MTB bike clothing will different according the type of bicycle and its use. However, make sure the jersey is not too small or too loose. An easy way to tell if a bicycle jersey is too small or too loose is to wear it.
Jerseys that are too small will limit movement when worn and cause friction. On the other hand, too-loose jerseys can be easily pinched by half an inch. To get the correct jersey size, you should check the measurements in the following sections:

  • Chest
    You should measure the bust just below the inner arm. Take measurements in the most expansive chest area if you have a broad chest. If the bust size is between two sizes, you can choose the largest size.
  • Waist
    To measure the waist area, you should also pay attention to the widest part. That way, the jersey will not feel cramped when used.
  • Jersey length
    In this section, you only need to measure your upper body. Before measuring your upper body, you should stand in an upright position. Make sure your back is straight, and take the measurement with a rolling meter.

Customize Jersey Fit and Cut with Cycling Style

There are various kinds of mountain bike clothing on the market. In this case, you can adapt different cycling styles, such as:

  • Recreation
    Jerseys for recreational cyclists usually have pockets on the back. This bag is a differentiator with pro Peloton cyclists. In addition, the bottom of the jersey is also sometimes equipped with rubber.
  • Mountain biking
    Mountain bike riders can wear loose jerseys to make it easier for the body to maneuver. The loose fit of the MTB bike also makes you more comfortable when adding elbow pads and other protective gear.
  • Athletics
    Cycling jerseys for athletic riders have a snug fit but are not so tight that they don’t support aerodynamics. The sleeves are also longer, and the waist is equipped with rubber.
  • Pro racing
    Pro racing or road bike riders tend to use a jersey that fits the body. Jersey with this model can minimize the resistance caused by the wind (aerodynamic).

The material is stretchy, and the back area is designed to be longer to cover your waist when you bend over to hold the handlebar.

Pay Attention to The Sleeves, Color, Zipper, and Number of Pockets

Choosing a bicycle jersey design is not only a matter of function but also in terms of aesthetics. Choose a jersey that makes you look cool and feel good. Therefore, pay attention to the sleeves, color, zipper, and number of pockets when choosing a cycling jersey.

  • Arm
    There are several choices of bicycle jersey designs, namely long sleeves and short sleeves. Long sleeve jersey can keep your body warm and protect your hands from the sun. Meanwhile, a short-sleeved jersey makes for better air circulation. You can also use a short sleeve jersey with a base layer.
  • Colour
    Some suggest choosing a bright jersey color or light reflective. This way, you will be seen on the streets, especially in the afternoon or evening. There’s nothing wrong with this opinion, but don’t forget that you can use a bicycle light to let other riders see you. So, prioritize your favorite jersey color.
  • Zipper
    On the front of the bicycle jersey, there is generally a zipper which can be half-zipped or full-zipped. These two types of zippers certainly affect your comfort while driving. In addition, choose a good-quality zipper to minimize the risk of the zipper getting stuck when you want to take it down.
  • Pocket
    Some cycling mountain bike clothing clothes have elastic pockets but are still tight so that they won’t interfere with your movement. This bag is very beneficial because you can carry cell phones, snacks, or other devices. When you choose a jersey, check the number and size of the pockets.

Part 3: Pay Attention to Other Advantages

After paying attention to the basics of clothes for mountain biking, now is the time to look at its advantages. In terms of design and materials, excellence will play an essential role in improving your performance while cycling.

One of the obstacles when cycling is the wind. The faster you go, the faster the wind blows at you. Besides affecting your bike’s speed, the intensive wind is also not good for your health. So, try to choose MTB bike clothing with a windbreaker or windproof feature.

With the windbreaker feature, the wind will not be a problem for you. However, of course, the performance of the windbreaker in each jersey will decline over time. So, try to change your bicycle jersey regularly, for example, once a year.

Even if you’re wearing a long-sleeved jersey, you will feel the intense sunlight on the skin. Sun exposure can cause skin patches or even skin cancer for a long time. Therefore, it would be great if your jersey had an anti-UV feature. Wear gloves or sunglasses to protect body parts that are not covered by the jersey, such as hands and eyes.

Part 4: The Top Bike Clothing Brands

Let us start digging the main dish. Here are the top bike clothing brands and their products you need to take into your consideration:

COOLMAX NW Blade Air Short Sleeves Jersey

Do you still often feel hot even though the bicycle clothes in thin material? If so, you should try to consider this product.
The hollow fabric on the left and right sides of the garment can provide smoother air circulation. As a result, your body won’t feel too hot when riding. The hem and trousers are also equipped with unique strips, so they are not readily exposed when the user is moving.

TD Active

Have this product if you are a cyclist who likes mountains and relaxing tracks. Regular fit clothes make it not too tight when used. Thus, the body can move freely when descending the hill. The loose cut also allows you to enjoy the cool breeze while riding a folding bike.

WOSAWE Men’s Solid Color Cycling Breathable Long Sleeve Top

Some of you may often do a different sport each week. Therefore, we recommend this jersey. Its primary function is indeed for cycling, but you can also wear it when jogging and other outdoor sports.
This product is lightweight and makes the body comfortable when running. On the other hand, its reflective stripes will make your whereabouts easier to spot when cycling at night. Your security will also be better each time you use it.

Decathlon Cycling Jersey

Dry branches are often a problem when bikers pass through the path around the forest or mountains. As a result, the jersey will be torn and replaced. If you don’t want to change your jersey often, try using this product. The fabric is claimed to have tight-knit so that twigs and branches will not easily tear it.

Unfortunately, this outfit is designed with short sleeves. So, twigs can still hit your hand. To anticipate this, you can use a base layer. Your hands will also be protected from the branches sticking out along the track.

Duraking T Man

There are much MTB wears on the market, but we highly recommend this one. Its zipperless design makes this bike shirt easy to wear. The choice of color motifs also varies.

Meanwhile, the DK UV Pro-Tech feature will protect the skin from sun exposure during cycling. You also don’t have to worry about viruses because the ingredients can eradicate viruses, bacteria, and fungi in a few minutes.

Rockbros RK1009 Cycling Jersey Shirt

As one of the most popular cycling gear manufacturers, Rockbros has also released some cycling clothes to consider, such as the RK1009 Cycling Jersey Shirt. Available in sizes S to XL, this product having 100 percent polyester and has a zipper in the middle.

There are also some reflective stripes on the sleeves and back that can reflect light at night. On the back of this product, there is a reasonably large pocket for storage.

Darevie DVJ083 Men’s Cycling Jersey

If you like to feel uncomfortable when wearing a bicycle jersey that is not elastic, the Darevie DVJ083 Men’s Cycling Jersey can be an alternative. This product in stretchy material and adapts to the body’s shape. The material also dries quickly, even when exposed to sweat.

If the weather is hot, this MTB and road bike jersey has pores that can keep the body from getting too hot.

Santic L8C01093 Cycling Jersey

The Santic L8C01093 Cycling Jersey is a women’s cycling jersey available in white and pink. This long-sleeved bicycle t-shirt from Santic is stretchy but doesn’t shrink quickly. Plus, the polyester material used is able to absorb sweat and dry quickly.

If you want to ride at night, the Santic L8C01093 Cycling Jersey features reflective stripes on the back to keep you safe.

Racmmer 09

Some cyclists may not like a bike jersey that is too tight. If you are one of them, give Racmmer 09 a try. Racmmer 09 is a long-sleeved bicycle shirt product with a slim fit cut (not too tight but still comfortable). This product is made of polyester and has a mesh on the side as ventilation holes.

You can use three pockets to put essential items on the back. The material is also equipped with UPF 50, which protects the skin from sun damage.

Part 5: Conclusion

Not only makes you more comfortable and confident, but the Mtb clothing also makes you look cooler like a natural athlete. For those of you who have just started cycling, pay attention to the material and size of the jersey so that it is comfortable to wear in any condition.

Design advantages, such as UV protection, you also need to consider maintaining healthy skin. If you prioritize jersey quality, choose products from brands with a good reputation in the bicycle world. Happy shopping!