How to Get the Best Mens Mountain Bikes for Sale

If you have ever had interests in mountain riding or cross-country racing on bikes, you will understand how important mountain bikes are. Apart from the financial commitment that goes into getting a mountain bike, there are other important factors to consider. This article seeks to discuss some of these factors and how they matter in getting ideal mens mountain bikes for sale.

Part 1: Classification of Road Bikes

To get the perfect mens mountain bike for sale for yourself, you need to understand the different classifications of road bikes, what are the functions, and how they work. The following are some of the popular classifications of road bikes;

Race-Oriented Bikes

These types of bikes are used by professional cyclists for sporting events and competitions. As a result, they are lighter and faster than the average road bike. Compared to the average road bikes, they come with stiffer and more robust frames, wider tires, and narrower rims. You are most likely to find them in cycling competitions such as time trials or criteriums. The bikes under this category include aero bikes, race bikes as well as sportive bikes.

Recreational Road Bikes

This type of bike is the common, average road bike that you see every day. They are used to commuting from one end of the city to another and their features are made exactly for this purpose. As a result, they are heavier than race-oriented bikes, but still very lighter than mountain bikes. They are built for city roads. Therefore, their features include clipless pedals, flat pedals as well as narrow rims.

Multi-terrain Bikes

With regards to size, this type of road bike is the heaviest. And rightfully so, as the name suggests, the design of the bike is for use on different terrains and road types. The frames are not only heavy, but they are also stiff with torsion, strong and durable, and optimized for use on rough and rugged terrains. The bikes that fall into this category come with shock absorbers and suspension forks. They also come with panniers, racks, and fenders.

This type of road bike is the one you want to use on a long cross-country ride over rough terrains such as gravel, forest tracks, bridle paths, mountain trails, and byways. A mountain bike is an example of a bike in this category.

Part 2: Composition of Road Bikes

The following are the major component of a functional road bike:


The frame is the first and most important part of a road bike. It forms the foundation of the bike, as well as the part where other parts of the bike sit and function from. The frame is also important because it determines the activity for which the road bike is fit, and is also dependent on your height as a rider.

Seat Post and Saddle

The seat post is where the saddle is on the frame. The seat post must be made from the same material or a compatible one with that of the seat tube. The saddle usually has a connection with the seat post, and as long as you choose a saddle that you are comfortable with, the material and the size don’t matter.


The headset in a road bike is the part that connects the frame to the fork. This component consists of races, cups, and bearings. The part of the headset that goes first into the frame is the headtube. The cups then go into the holes on the headtube and the bearings are further placed into these cups.

If you are planning on building your bike or replacing the headset, here is a tip. It is better to go for bearings that are not sealed. Unsealed headsets are easier to use, maintain and grease when required.


The purpose of the fork is to hold the wheels in place. The fork exists as two blades connected using a fork crown. It is important to state that the fork used for a bike is specific to the bike type. Therefore, a mountain bike requires a different type of fork and a road bike or a BMX requires another type of fork.

Stems and handlebars

The stem is the part of the bike that is connected to the steer tube. Because it helps with the steering and controlling of the bike, it is important to consider its size and compatibility. You should steer clear of any stem that is too hard or loose as you may find it difficult to control the bike’s movement with either of these steams.


The brake also helps with the movement and control of the bike. But there is no one-fits-all brake for bikes. As with the fork, the type of bike determines the type of brake that it uses. Although you get to pick between disk brakes, hub brakes, and rim brakes.

Tires and Wheels

Like many components of the bike, the tires you use for your bike depend on the type of bike. You also have to consider the terrain it plies and how often it plies these routes. The wheels are within the tires and the components are three different parts; rim, hub, and spokes. The hub is located in the middle of the wheel and is connected to a set of bearings. These bearings determine how light the wheel is and how easy it rolls.

Bottom Bracket and Crankset

The bicycle in a bike has an attachment to the chainset using a bottom bracket. With the aid of a spindle on the bottom bracket, the crankset enables the movement of the bike.
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Part 3: How to Choose the Size

The simplest means of determining the ideal size of mens mountain bikes for sale is by using your height.But reality shows that many riders find themselves in between sizes. Thus, the best line of action is to go up or down to your nearest size. This allows you to fall into the specific size and you get a befitting bike as a result.

Here is how your height helps you determine the ideal size of mountain bike for you. If you are tall, you are likely going to get a bike with a longer reach, and this translates into a wheelbase. This means that you get to enjoy more stability when descending from a slope at a high speed. A short rider will get a bike with a shorter reach and shorter wheelbase. While the bike may not be that stable, you get immense control and can easily flick the bike around.

Part 4: How to Choose Tires

The tire is an important component of the mens mountain bikes for sale and you must choose the one that fits the activity you want. To choose the ideal mountain bike tires, you need to consider some factors. One of them is the wheel size. Wheels are usually in sizes of 26, 27.5, and 29. Another factor you should consider is the width of the tire you are getting. Generally, as a rule, the wider tires offer more control, stability, and traction while on the trail. They also allow for lower tire pressure which makes the ride more comfortable. Ideally, you should go for a tire with 2.3 inches in width. You should also consider tire thread as it determines stability and traction too. The ideal mountain bike tire should come with larger knob-like treads.

Part 5: The Cheapest Road Bikes

Some of the cheapest road bikes available now include the Triban RC 120. This road bike offers a serious value for money and comes with a generous wide-range gearing as well as a carbon fork. The features of this bike make it more expensive than what you are paying for it. As of the time of writing this article, the bike at a price of $539.

Another example of the cheapest road bikes is Giant Contend 2. This bike is an entry-level bike and comes with many impressive features. The bike weighs about 9.56kg, comes with a versatile frameset, and provides a sporty and comfortable ride. As of the time of this writing, the Giant Contend 2 costs $939.

Lastly, the Boardman ADV 8.8 is another impressive road bike with an impressive set of features. It costs about $940, comes with a carbon fiber fork, and mechanical disc brakes, and possesses the ability to travel on mixed terrains.