Can a Cheap Mens Mountain Bike be Replaced by a Bulky Road Bike

When bikers love off-road paths and are not interested in racing, performance, or extreme and long trips up the mountains, they are often recommended a cheap mens mountain bike. But what about road bikes? Could they find a good compromise, since budget would be clearly one of their priorities?

When you are not a professional, and you don’t even consider yourself a bier, but you only like to ride your bicycle along off-roads paths, you certainly want to opt for a cheap mens mountain bike.

Many like you often use their inexpensive mountain bikes also to ride in town and run their errands, and you’ll probably end up doing the same. This is what inspired us to offer you a different point of view.

In this article, we want to provide anyone who is looking for discount mens mountain bikes with a road bike buyer’s guide. Sometimes, a road bike can be suitable even for riders who enjoy off-road paths as long as they avoid steep ups and downhills.

Part 1: Classification of Roads Bikes

Road bikes are not all the same: there are different types of road bikes so, if you are choosing between a mens budget mountain bike and a road bike, the first thing you need to learn is what types of road bikes you can find in the market.

Aero Road Bikes

These bikes are designed to cut down on wind resistance: everything, from the wheels to the frame to the tube shape, is designed aerodynamically. These are road bikes for extreme speed and they aren’t affordable at all. They aren’t suitable for running errands and going off roads at all.

Racing Road Bike

These bikes are also for speed: they are extremely light and agile, with skinny tires and a narrow seat. These bikes are only meant for racing (and professionals would use them for specific training) and they are not suitable for beginners, mountain lovers, and similar. Furthermore, they are extremely expensive.

Commuter Road Bike

Commuter road bikes are set up for increased comfort and security. For example, they have a wide seat, thick tires, and fenders and they can also be equipped with a pannier or a handlebar pack.

All these features are also suitable for riding off-road, on country hill paths: if this is the use you want to make of your new bike, then a commuter road bike could be one of the best mens mountain bike deals.

Bikepacking Bike

These bikes have a design that allows riders to carry gears and weight. They are the best choice for anyone who travels towards or through camping areas. These bikes have anything you need to ride on country roads, other than asphalt, so this is one of the best alternatives to discount mens mountain bikes.

Cyclocross Bike

Cyclocross is a sport where riders navigate off-road courses full of obstacles. This can be a very good alternative to a mountain bike, but it’s certainly not cheap. However, you could find some second-hand good deals!

Touring Bike

These bikes are designed to carry a load and they are very sturdy and strong. They also have exceptional durability. Carrying a lot of weight with these bikes and using them like mountain bikes would be a bit dangerous. However, a touring bike that doesn’t carry too much weight could replace a mountain bike, as long as you don’t ride on extreme country paths and you find a good deal.

Composition of Road Bikes

To help you understand your option better, other than discussing the different types of road bikes, we’d also like to discuss what are the components of road bikes. So, what are road bikes made of?

Part 2: The Components of a Road Bikes

The components of road bikes are just the same as expensive or discount mens mountain bikes. What changes are the material, size, and shape of the various elements?

The Frame

Road bikes are usually far lighter than mountain bikes. What makes them lighter is, among others, the shape and material of the frame.

Road bikes’ frame is usually made of:

  • Aluminum: this is the traditional lightweight material for bike frames. Today, as we’re about to see, there are more advanced materials that are stronger and lighter so, today, aluminum frames are the cheaper alternative.
  • Steel: for decades bikes were made of steel, which was strong and durable, but heavy. Today, only very cheap road bikes have a steel frame.
  • Carbon fiber: this is one of the advanced materials we’ve mentioned above. Carbon fiber is super-lightweight and yet it’s incredibly strong. Many road bikes have a carbon fiber frame, both high-end and middle-range models.
  • Titanium: titanium is an alternative to carbon fiber because it has the same quality of strength and lightness. While titanium was the most common option up to some years ago, today most high-end road bikes have a carbon fiber frame.

Seat and Saddle

The faster road bikes, like racing or aero, rarely have a comfortable seat: they need to be as lightweight as possible so that their seat is often narrow and uncomfortable.

Touring and commuting bikes can have a more comfortable seat. However, the seat is the easiest component to replace on a bike so it shouldn’t be it to determine your choice.

The Wheels

Wheels on road bikes are usually as lightweight as possible.

The Tires

Tires on road bikes are smooth and thin. If you have a road bike or you’ve found a good deal but you want to ride off-road, you can very simply replace road tires with off-road ones. Inexpensive mens mountain bikes can be made in your garage just like this!

The Pedals

Pedals can go from very cheap plastic platforms to complicated shapes that insert themselves in your shoes. Searching for mens mountain bike deals? Opt for the plastic ones!

mens mountain bike deals

Part 3: How to Choose the Size

Whether you’re searching for a road bike or a new mountain bike, picking the right size is easy: the most important factor is your height. You can take your height and compare it to the bike size chart to understand the size that is most suitable for you. Since your legs and arms-length could also make the difference, if you have the chance, try the bike to check that you are comfortable on it.

Part 4: How to Choose the Tires

When it comes to road bike tires, there are three main types available. In this section we’ll explain how to choose between them:

  1. Clincher: these are the most common types. They are the easiest to install and repair. If you are evaluating alternatives for inexpensive mens mountain bikes, you should opt for this type.
  2. Tubular: this is the professional type. They have an inner tube that is completely surrounded by the tire. This type requires a specific rim. Installation and repairments require experience: these are not suitable for cheap mens mountain bike.
  3. Tubeless: as the name suggests, this type lacks a tube. It makes things a lot easier, but it could be more expensive than the first type.

Part 5: The Cheapest Road Bikes

Now that we know everything about road bikes, we can identify what the cheapest ones would look like: they’d have an aluminum frame, clincher tires, and plastic pedals, for example.

To make things even easier, here are a couple of examples of the cheapest road bikes on the market today.

Tommaso Imola

A road bike with an aluminum frame and 24 speeds on a 3 x 8 drivetrain. If you’re buying your first road bike this would be suitable and could also become very versatile if you change the tires with off-road ones.

Co-op Cycles ADV 2.2

This is also a road bike with an aluminum frame, but this one also features mechanical disk brakes. This bike is also a recommendation for riders who, other than on asphalt, ride off-road as well. So, check the Co-op Cycles ADV 2.2 as an alternative to a mens budget mountain bike.

Part 6: Bike Radar 2022 Road Bikes

Searching for some road bike recommendations? Our bike radar picked up two of the very best!

1. VITUS Razor Disc

Let’s start with an option under $1,000. The VITUS Razor Disc is perfect for road long-distance sessions: it has an aluminum frame, carbon forks, and a Shimano Claris 2×8 speed groupset. It is also provided with Tektro disc brakes for enhanced efficiency and security.

2. Boardman SLR 9.4 AXS

This is a bike suitable for long distances but it’s also aerodynamic for greater speed. It’s lightweight, it has disc brakes and a 12-speed Rival groupset. You can use this bike for endurance, performance, gravel, and also as a superbike!

Part 7: New Speed Bikes for 2022

Don’t have the time to go outside with your bike? Don’t want to lose your shape during the winter? Speed bikes can help you with that! They are better than traditional exercycles and they can come at an affordable price. There are our recommendations:

Get Fit Rush 331

An affordable speed bike with an LCD computer and 5 modes.


A less cheap mens mountain bike that is also suitable for professionals. With this one, you can monitor your efforts so that your training becomes more efficient.