Let’s Get to Know More about Enduro Hardtail MTB

Like other hardtail mountain bikes, the enduro hardtail MTB also has only one fork suspension. The difference is that it is likely heavier and more durable because of the track it must go through. Read along if you want to know more about this special bike.

Part 1: Overall Evaluation: Advantages and Disadvantages

The name mountain bike (MTB) implies that this type of bike is used for activities in mountain terrain or on other off-road tracks. So, it needs suspension that can absorb any shocks caused by bumpy roads and keep you in control. The suspension allows the wheels to move up and down to absorb bumps while maintaining tire contact with the ground for better control. This makes it possible to ride faster on downhill or rough flat roads. Different kinds of MTB have different suspensions. Some of them have two suspensions, while others only have one suspension located at the front. There are two kinds of MTB: hardtail MTB and full-suspension (double suspension) MTB. The full-suspension MTB has suspensions at both the front and rear. This kind of bike will allow you to be more comfortable while riding on difficult terrain.

MTBs with one suspension, or what are usually called hardtail MTBs, only have one fork suspension at the front; there is no suspension at the rear. Even though there is only one suspension, it doesn’t mean that hardtail bikes cannot be used on difficult tracks. There are different types of hardtail bikes. Hardtail MTBs can be classified into four kinds: XC hardtails, trail hardtails, enduro hardtails, and electric hardtails (e-Hardtails). In this article, we will be focusing on enduro hardtails. Usually, bikers use this kind of bike when they are joining a race, especially downhill since this bike is designed to go as fast as possible downhill on extreme tracks. Below, we will tell you more about the advantages and the disadvantages of this enduro hardtail MTB.

1.a. Advantages

In the world of mountain bikes, this bike is an all-terrain vehicle. Enduro hardtail MTB bike is not only stable on rough terrain, but it also allows the rider to feel more at ease on technical tracks. This bike is ideal for climbing and enduring more difficult terrain, thanks to its light frame and steep seat angle. The lack of rear suspension has the advantage of providing a more efficient pedaling platform, allowing you to feel the acceleration as soon as you press the pedal. Because of the bike’s increased responsiveness, this kind of bike is ideal for climbers. Hardtails provide a level of simplicity that full suspension bikes simply cannot match. This bike is less expensive to produce, that way you can put the money to better use. For example, you can invest the money on a better frame, such as a carbon fiber frame.

1.b. Disadvantages

Aside from those advantages, there are some drawbacks we get from this bike because of its lack of rear suspension. You may lose traction, particularly when braking. Not only that, you may also have difficulty transitioning back onto a bike that has both back and front suspensions. Matching the speed of riders on full-suspension bikes when you join an event will be difficult. Not only that, when your back tire hits bumps, you will feel it. Unlike the full-suspension bike which will absorb the shock. On technical trails and downhill, hardtails will not provide the same level of stability and speed as a full-suspension bike. However, enduro hardtail mountain bikes are still a choice for many bikers for downhill.

Part 2: Product Brand Introduction

A strong brand is frequently associated with the function of the product or service offered. For example, when people hear the brand McDonald’s, people must directly think about a burger restaurant. This also happens with bicycles. When people hear the brand Giant or Trek, they must think straightly about mountain bikes, the good ones. It’s because those brands are a strong brand that almost everybody knows about, especially bikers. People, mostly cyclists, are familiar with famous brands that offer the best products. For example, when they need a bike for trailing, they will go for Trek since this brand is known for its good product for hardtail bikes. And if they are looking for a full-suspension bike, they will look for a Giant which is known for its good quality of double suspension MTBs.

Besides the two mentioned above, there are some other brands of the best mountain bikes. Qualified bikes, specially enduro hardtail mountain bikes are manufactured by famous manufacturers, such as Specialized, Cannondale, and Yeti Cycles. The brand Specialized produces the MTB Stumpjumper that was first released in 1981 and continues to this day. Trek, is a company which bicycles envisioned high-quality options ranging from mid-priced to more expensive ones. One of the bikes they make is Trek Slash. The next is Cannondale with notable successes are F-SI and Scalpel. And Yeti Cycles with its famous hardtail bikes product Yeti SB 150.

Part 3: Details of the Main Parameters of the Product

Product parameters are an excellent addition to standard product descriptions. In the technical and electronic fields, the parameters are crucial. Customers will find it easier to search for and compare items if you add parameters to products in your shop. The general recommendation is to go for a test ride. Anything you’re interested in sounds great, but getting a meaningful test ride is difficult at best, and in some cases impossible. So, at the very least, we need a way to group the bikes into meaningful groups so that we can compare what test rides we can arrange with other bikes. However, the lack of standardization in the way they are described makes this more difficult.

Here is an example. As a newcomer to biking, you’ve been looking at an enduro bike hardtail. You’d heard of Specialized before, so you took a look at their bikes and noticed that they have a Stumpjumper Expert and an Enduro Expert. You compared the two bikes, the specifications, the price and other things until you decided which one you would buy. But all these processes are confusing for a starter like you. So, it would be most helpful if there is a list where we can just compare the specifications of the bikes before deciding to buy one. For example, the list that compares the wheel size, the geometry including the travel, etc. After that comes the easier things, such as whether you like the look of the bike or not, the color, or how easy it will be to be fixed (related to warranty).

Part 4: Introduction to the Main Purpose of the Product

Mountain bikes were first discovered by a group of road race cyclists, counter-culture types, and their friends. When the bikes broke, they repaired and improved them, eventually beginning to build custom frames for them. So, in this case we talk about a product of an MTB, specifically the enduro hardtail MTB. Mountain biking has several benefits which becomes the main purpose of doing it. Mountain biking’s strenuous demands stimulate your body’s release of natural endorphins, which are the body’s way of feeling good and gaining energy. Exercise also boosts serotonin, an important neurotransmitter in the brain which helps to prevent depression and anxiety. These are actually also the purposes of enduro hardtail. Like other mountain bikes, enduro hardtail MTB gives benefits which are actually the purpose of it. Making people healthy by riding it while enjoying the mountainous scenery is one purpose.

The bike also provides you with a killing machine you can use for tracking. If you are a beginner, a hardtail is a highly adaptable bike that can be used on a wide range of terrains. They’re also much easier to care for than a full-suspension MTB, requiring far less maintenance. When you are an expert, trail riding on a hardtail is all about technique and body position, with no rear suspension to save you if you make a mistake. Riding a hardtail forces you to pick your lines carefully and adjust your body to ensure that your legs are stable and can withstand the increased vibrations from the bike’s rear end. The narrow tyres demand precision and the lack of rear suspension will save you many dirty hours cleaning the chain out of your rear shock. All of these are really useful when you are entering a downhill event.

Part 5: Product Details

As has been noted before, an enduro bike hardtail is a good option for downhill since it is fast and easy to maintain. It provides a high level of front travel (140-170mm) in conjunction with a long wheelbase, long top tube, and shorter stems, allowing for an aggressive riding style and excellent rider control at high speeds. Many riders prefer full-suspension bikes, while others prefer hardtails due to their lighter weight. Compared to full-suspension bikes, hardtail mountain bikes are better for climbing because they are lighter (rear suspension adds significantly to the weight of the bike) and provide better power transmission from the pedal to the back wheel because no pedaling power is absorbed by a rear shock. The frames of enduro bikes depend on the purpose and of course the budget. You can use steel frame, aluminum frame, or if you have enough budget you can go with carbon fiber, or maybe even titanium frame.

The wheel options are quite many. There is a huge selection of mountain bike wheels available for purchase. The most important thing to remember about wheels is to get the right size for your bike, with 29″ and 650b being the most common sizes, though older bikes may use a 26″ rim. You’ll also need to make sure the hubs are the correct size and axle standard, though this is much easier nowadays with most bikes using a ‘Boost’ spacing of 148mm width with a 12mm axle on the back and 110mm with a 15mm axle on the front. The higher the cost of the hubs, the faster the freehub will engage, which is important when riding in technical terrain.

Part 6: Product Specification Sheet

Getting to know better about enduro hardtail mountain bikes will help you a lot in deciding which bike to buy, the one that meets your requirements. This can be done easily if you have the specification sheet. It will be easier for you to see the specific information about the bike, especially when you are searching for one. The frame, the wheels, the material, the hub, the spokes, etc. You can find it there. You can ask for it from the seller or you can search online. Now, we would like to give you some information about a certain hardtail MTB enduro. Below is the specification sheet of Trek Slash 9.9 X01 Enduro MTB.

Product Specification Sheet of BFe Enduro Hardtail MTB

Product: BFe Enduro Hardtail
Model Year: 2021
Riding type: Enduro/All mountain, Free Ride/Bike Park
Rider: Unisex
Sizes and Geometry: S (High, Low), M (High, Low), ML (High, Low), L (High, Low), XL (High, Low)
Wheel Size: 29″
Frame Material: Carbon Fiber
Rear Travel: 160mm
Fork Travel: 170mm
Handlebar: Bontrager Line Pro, OCLV Carbon, 35mm diameter, 27.5mm rise, 820mm width
Head Tube Diameter: Tapered
Stem: Bontrager Line Pro, Knock Block, Blendr compatible, 0° rise
Grips: Bontrager XR Trail Pro, alloy lock-on
Brakes: Shimano XTR M9120 4-piston hydraulic disc, Shimano RT86 180mm/203mm rotors
Brake Levers: Shimano XTR
Cranks: e*thirteen LG1 Race Carbon
Chainrings: 30 tooth, Boost (55mm chainline)
Pedals: Not included
Chain: Shimano XTR M9100, 12-speed
Cassette : Shimano XTR M9100, 10-51 tooth, 12-speed
Rims: Bontrager Line Pro 30 wheelset – OCLV Mountain Carbon, tubeless ready
Hubs: Bontrager Line Pro 30 wheelset – Rapid Drive 108, 6-bolt, Shimano MicroSpline freehub, Boost 148 rear, Boost 110 front
Spokes: Bontrager Line Pro 30 wheelset
Tires : Bontrager SE5 29″x2.60″ front, SE4 29×2.40″ rear, Team Issue, tubeless ready, Core Strength sidewalls, aramid bead, 60 TPI
Saddle: Bontrager Arvada, austenite rails, 138mm width
Seatpost: Bontrager Line Elite Dropper, internal routing, travel: 100mm (S), 150mm (M, M/L), 170mm (L), 200mm (XL)
Max. Tire Size : 29″x2.50″
Colors: Lithium Grey, Factory Orange/Carbon Smoke, or Carbon Blue Smoke
Warranty: Lifetime for main frame and swing arms to the original owner
Price: Stock build and colors:$8,499.99
Project One customized:$8,999.99