All About Best 29er Hardtail Mountain Bikes

The best 29er hardtail is the engine of the mountain bikes world, being lighter, simple, less expensive, more robust, and more efficient than a model with rear suspension. Bikes with front suspension but still no front suspension are referred to as “hardtails.” A carbon fibre hardtail can be the bike for you if you’re seeking a fast race machine. Hardtails are also excellent adventures bike for bike packing & other long-distance adventures. You’ll have a fun ripper for tromping about your local trails if you build a hardtail with a longer travel fork and plus-size tires—and you’ll save a few hundred dollars or more compared to a full suspension choice. Riders continue to be drawn to hardtails because of their simplicity and the endless possibilities for customization. This guide will teach you all you need to understand about hardtail mountain bikes.

Part 1: Introduction to 29er Hardtail Mountain Bikes

The best 29er hardtails are less expensive. With the best 29er hardtail, you nearly always get more value for your dollars. Because of the simpler design, manufacturers may either lower the overall price of the bike or incorporate better components than on a comparable full-suspension bike. A best 29er hardtail frame is often more lightweight than a corresponding full suspension frame since it lacks pivots, linkages, & a shock. The weight savings can create a change for riders who do a lot of hiking or spend a lot of time in the saddle. Carbon fibre frames are the strongest and lightest of all materials, but they are also the more expensive. Despite this, all frame materials have attractive properties.

best hardtail mountain bike 29er

Part 2: How to Choose the Correct Fork for the Best Hardtail 29er Mountain Bike

The fork aside from the frame is possibly the most crucial component of the bike. Some cross-country bikes have suspension frames with as low as 80mm of travel, while trail hardtails like the Salsa Timber jack NX Eagle 29 have forks with 130 mm of travel or more.

Size of the Wheels

Best 29er hardtails are available with a variety of wheel diameters and gearing ratios. Standard tyre width (up to 2.6 inches), plus-size offers (approximately 2.7 inches wide or more) and fat tyres are all available in 29 or 27.5-inch wheel sizes (more than 3 inches wide). Some hardtails are built to accept a variety of wheel and tyre sizes, allowing you to customise your ride. Hardtails, unlike other filled bikes, are simple to convert to single-speed systems. If you prefer the elegance of that design, seek models that use flexible dropouts, and an eccentric bottom bracket to tension the chain instead of a derailleur. On geared bikes, adjustable dropouts also allow you to alter the wheelbase length. Maintenance and Sturdiness

With fewer moving components, there are fewer options that could go wrong and higher-quality parts are much less likely to require repair. The lack of a shocks and suspension system mechanism increases the bike’s durability by requiring less maintenance and requiring fewer replacement parts.

Quality of the Ride

When pedalling a hardtail can feel less reactive than a dual suspension bike. Because there is no rear suspension, the pedalling platform is more efficient, and acceleration is more immediate. Climbers will like the added responsiveness, albeit, without the rear suspension, you lose some traction (particularly while braking). Still, nothing tops a hardtail for a fast, ruthlessly efficient ride.

Part 3: Why Finding the Best 29 Hardtail Bike Might be Difficult Right Now

People are searching for a fun healthy way to get outside, and the best hardtail bike business has seen an exponential increase in sales since the start of the pandemic, partly owing to public transportation restrictions and partly because people are searching for a fun healthy way to come outside. Due to production limits and delays, it has also had a bike scarcity.  As a result, many bike shops and internet retailers are almost out of bikes. If a bike on this site is out of stock, you may be able to pre-order it or start a waiting list. Alternatively, it may still be available at a bike shop near you, so check the site’s list of dealers and merchants.

Part 4: How Do We Conduct Our Research on the Best Hardtail Bikes

Our group of test editors has put these bikes through their paces. We designed a mountain bike trial track featuring most of the trail features you’ll see and rode back-to-back circuits on multiple bikes to pick out minor and not-so-subtle changes. We tried these bikes to their limits on flow trails, steep climbs and rocky descents and through rough rock gardens. Our editors tested these bikes on the best terrain for each bike as well as terrain that were completely inappropriate, just to see how further we could go. Most models have been thoroughly tested by our staff, and those that haven’t been carefully selected based on their value quality of parts (many of which were thoroughly tested separately); our expertise riding similar models and how the overall bundle meets the needs of the target rider.

Part 5: 2022’s Top 10 Best 29er Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Ripmo V2 XT by Ibis

  1. 29-inch wheels | 147mm rear travel Well-balanced all-around performance
  2. Ascender with self-assurance
  3. Climber with a lot of power
  4. It is not the lowest weight available.
  5. A little bit pricey

During our testing, the Ripmo V2 wowed us and is the best all-around hardtail bike we’ve ever had the pleasure of riding. Changes to the suspension kinematics and design made the Ripmo longer and slacker towards the stroke’s conclusion, respectively.

Yeti SB130 TURQ X01 Is the Best Mid-travel Trail Bike

  1. 29-inch wheels | 130mm rear travel Excellent climbing performance
  2. It’s a blast on almost any trail, and it’s incredibly flexible.
  3. Expensive
  4. Despite significant geometry and a hefty fork, gnar finessing is required.


The rear wheel rides nicely on tricky and bumpy climbs, and climbing traction is great. It has a strong downhill performance and excellent handling. The SB130 shreds practically any downhill, save for real endure grade trails, thanks to sharp angles and a powerful front end. It’s undeniably pricey, but if you’re searching for the best of the best it might be worthwhile to consider. The Yeti SB-130 is a trail slayer with a mid-travel suspension that makes it a great daily driver or one-bike quiver. For a significant proportion of riders in a large number of places, this 130mm 29er provides a lot of sense. The Yeti has users covered whether you ride fast, roll flow trails or go on all-day backcountry adventures. This bike puts you in a great climbing posture and provides exceptional efficiency.

Ibis Ripley GX Eagle Best Short Travel

  1. Trail Bike Wheel Size: 29 inch
  2. Rear Travel: 120 mm Lightweight Playful
  3. Well-rounded
  4. Geometry in the modern era


There isn’t a brawler Fox 34 fork that can’t be beaten. The Ripley, Ibis’ flagship 29-inch-wheeled trail bike, just had a total rebuild. For its dynamic ride and unparalleled fun, the previous iteration was our favourite short travel model. The new Ripley still has a lot of its fun personality, but it is now a much more well-rounded ride with better downhill abilities and a lot more speed stability.

There are a lot of reasons for this, including the Ripmo-style frame. It has a longer reach and wheelbase, a 66.5-degree head tube angle, and a 76.2-degree seat tube slope. The Ripley also encourages trailside pops and hits, but there is no longer a speed limit. It’s also a lot more confident in steep and difficult terrain, though it’s still limited by its low travel numbers.

For a large percentage of the riding population, the Ripley is an excellent trail bike. This light ride is just as capable on the hills as on the mountain roads. It’s the best all-around short-distance bike we’ve tested, with unrivalled versatility.

29-inch Polygon Siskiu T8 Wheels | 135mm Rear Travel

  1. Performance that is well-rounded
  2. Affordable
  3. Versatile
  4. For the money, this is a fantastic build.
  5. firmly grasped
  6. Strange saddle form


The Polygon-Siskiu T8 is the greatest bike under $2500 that we’ve tested. This budget-friendly mid-travel trail bike includes 29-inch wheels and 135mm of rear-wheel travel, as well as a 140mm fork. The Siskiu’s geometry ticks all of the boxes, resulting in a bike that is well-rounded and versatile. It’s a pretty easy-going ride that’s fun to ride and appropriate for a wide variety of abilities. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll have a fantastic time on this bike. It’s nimble, with snappy handling, yet it’s also stable at high speeds and reassuring on descents. It’s a pretty easy-going ride that’s fun to ride and ideal for a wide range of abilities. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll have a fantastic time on this bike. It’s nimble, with snappy handling, yet it’s also stable at high speeds and reassuring on descents.

The Siskiu proved to be a comfy and efficient climber that could be used for any duration of the ride. Perhaps the most stunning feature of the Siskiu is its exceptional construction. This bike comes with a lot of features for the price, which improves its performance on both climbs and descents. Our criticisms about the Siskiu-T8 are limited, especially given the modest asking price. The touchpoints, grips, and saddle are our greatest complaints about this bike. The handles are thin and strong, and we’d replace them immediately away with something a little more comfortable. Similarly, the saddle has an unusual design with a sharp tail that could be caught on your shorts or jab you in the pelvis if you’re going down a steep hill. Aside from that, there’s not much to dislike about this well-rounded and reasonably priced mid-travel trail bike.

Giant Stance 29

  1. 2 Wheels: 29-inch |
  2. Best Budget Mountain Bikes  120mm
  • rear travel Excellent climber
  1. Suspension that is balanced
  2. 12-speed transmission
  3. There is no dropper post included.
  • Tires that aren’t aggressive


The Giant bikes are cheap and durable and the Position 29 2 is no exception. This whole bike costs about half as much as many carbon components on its own, but it performs admirably on the trail. This low-cost trail bike has 29-inch wheels and a 130mm travel fork with 120 mm of rear-wheel suspension. It climbs quickly and efficiently, and our testers set some of their personal best uphill times while riding it.

The suspension is well, and the Stance performed admirably on the descents. The component quality is excellent for the price and we believe this bike is a fantastic deal. The majority of our issues with the Posture are small. This bike does not include a dropper seat post, which we believe would improve it the stock tyres are quick-rolling and non-aggressive, and we believe that a larger and heavier set would improve overall performance. Aside from that, we think this is an excellent all-around entry-level full-suspension bike. Depending on your taste, it’s also available with 27.5-inch wheels with downhill performance.

Part 6: Conclusion

Riding a best 29er hardtail bike, especially a current aggressive hardtail, is a lot of fun because they’re so capable now. Some of them are stiffer and longer than many full-suspension bikes on the market, and the rider will usually reach his or her limits before the bike. Riding a hardtail 29er in your favourite areas and striving to hit all of the identical lines or even exploring newer and bigger lines, is a lot of fun. Nothing gives you more confidence than being able to board your hardtail on tough trails.