Some Cheap Full Suspension Mountain Bike You Might Adore

Here are some cheap full suspension mountain bike you might adore. It’s not easy to find cheap full suspension mtb because most cheap full suspension mtb have a low level quality. So, keep reading because this article will save you a lot of time.

Part 1: Cheap Full Suspension Mountain Bike Products

Gravity FSX 1.0 ($499)

This bike is awesome for new riders. Buying a cheap full suspension bike for less than $500 might make people think you’ll get a cheaply made product that looks like a mountain bike only in terms of looks.

Many well-known brands are guilty of putting their well-known names onto low-quality bikes; even the most well-known brands are guilty of doing the same thing with their bikes. Furthermore, some new riders may believe that they are getting a high-quality bike for a lower price, but actually, they are not.

But with Gravity FSX 1.0, you can get an excellent mountain bike that can handle serious trail riding for less than $500.
The FSX 1.0 sets the bar high for each component, from the frame to the tyres, resulting in a level of performance typically reserved for bikes costing several hundred dollars more.While Gravity FSX 1.0 may not be as popular as some bigger brands, it does have a lot of big brand performance.

Moreover, With Gravity FSX 1.0, the rider gets a high-quality bike that does not cost more than $500. FSX 1.0 hydro-formed aluminium alloy frame allows for complete suspension on this bike. Every part of the frame subjected to the most stress and impact during a ride is reinforced and strengthened to the maximum extent using the best welding techniques.

1.1 Advantages and Drawbacks


  • Smooth ride because of the full suspension.
  • Long-lasting aluminium frame.
  • Wheels with a 26 inches are best suited for riders of average height.
  • High-quality derailleurs are ideal for both climbing and descending.
  • Disc brakes with maximum stopping power are included.
  • The saddle is height adjustable to assist riders of various heights.


  • Due to the saddle’s diminutive size, those with big bodies may find it uncomfortable.

1.2 Who is Gravity FSX 1.0 Meant For

This bike is meant for beginner mountain bikers, budget mountain bikers, riders on the fence of going off-road, intermediate riders who avoid the most tough routes, and finally, younger riders, particularly teens riders.

Schwinn Traxion ($799)

It’s impossible to talk about quality mountain bike companies without bringing up Schwinn. Due to the high quality of its products, the company established a global reputation. Even more, their bikes are reasonably priced, despite their remarkable performance.

Traction is what the Schwinn Traxion is all about. It will help you make tight turns and romp through hardpack singletrack easily. Thus,Schwinn mountain bikes are a good choice if you want to improve your traction and get better at the trails. Furthermore, Schwinn mountain bikes are the best way to enjoy the joys of learning to ride for the first time, going on a trip with friends, completing a new training regime, or enjoying a scenic route or an adventurous ride.

2.1 Advantages and Drawbacks


  • The EZ Fire shifters provide a wide variety of gears.
  • Dual suspension for a softer landing.
  • A good response from the braking system.
  • A lightweight aluminum frame for even more speed.


  • Inadequate instructions for all dismantled components.
  • A possible defect in the pedals that would necessitate an upgrade.
  • Several bent wheels as a result of assembly process misalignment.

2.2 Who is Schwinn Traxion Meant For

This is for discerning buyers who are looking for an all-terrain mountain bike that does not cost a fortune. It is a great pick for people who are not yet ready to spend a big amount on high-end bikes but unwilling to settle with an entry-level model. If you are brand-conscious, this mountain bike is for you since it is from a globally reputable company.

Mangoose Impasse ($439)

Mountain biking is a great way to see interesting experiences and to have memorable rides. In fact, you don’t want to be like the majority of riders who buy low-cost mountain bikes that break into two pieces after just a few years of riding. You can rely on Mongoose to provide a high-quality bike. This bike is a cheap and good-looking mountain bike that anyone can use. On trails, tracks, and city streets, the bike is good.

Before you spend money on a mountain bike, make sure the frame is good. Otherwise, if you get a cheap bike frame, you’ll be afraid that the frame will split in two while you’re riding. In other words, with the Mongoose Impasse dual full suspension bicycle, the frame does not fall apart and you don’t have to worry. This bike has a strong aluminium frame with a suspension.

3.1 Advantages and Drawbacks


  • Lightweight and simple to assemble.
  • It features an attractive design that suits a variety of riders.
  • A comfy seat assists the rider’s comfort.
  • It has high-quality brakes that deliver good stopping power.
  • It features a strong design and is reasonably priced.


  • The bike’s components, such as the brake levers, are poor quality.
  • According to several users, the bike’s frame is too short.

3.2 Who is Mangoose Impasse Meant For

The Mongoose Impasse is designed specifically for entry-level riders. Moreover, the bike is designed to conquer trails that are frequently considered unrideable by mountain bikers. As with the other top brands in this category, the Mongoose Impasse is precisely designed to deliver the performance that any newbie desires. Moreover, the bike has an attractive design and a rather good comfort level, even when riding through difficult terrain.

Part 2: Products Specifications

Gravity FSX 1.0

Frame: Aluminum Front Triangle with Hydroformed tubes. Rear Triangle with a replaceable rear derailleur hanger
Suspension Fork: Suntour long travel
Rear Suspension: KS CoilOver
Crankset: SunTour, aluminum arms, Powershift Rings 22/32/42T
Bottom Bracket: Sealed Cartridge Unit, square taper
Pedals: Beartrap MTB with metal cage
Front Derailleur: Shimano FD-M190
Rear Derailleur: Shimano Acera
Shifters: SHIMANO ST-EF51 24 SPD
Cassette/Freewheel: SHIMANO MegaRange 8 speed 11-34T
Chain: Narrow 8 Speed
Hubs: Formula Forged Aluminum Disc
Spokes: Stainless Steel
Rims: Maddux DX221, double wall 6061 T6 aluminum
Tyres: MultiTread 26×2.1 inch
Brakes: Tektro Novela mechanical disc 160mm rotors
Brake Levers: Shimano ST-EF51
Headset: Cane Creek Threadless 1.125 inch
Handlebar: 20° rise Aluminum
Stem: Comp Aluminum Threadless for 1.125 inch
Tape/Grip: Kraton Black dual compound
Saddle: WTB Speed V Sport SE
Seat Post: Aluminum alloy MicroAdjust, 27.2mm
Seat Clamp: Alloy Q.R.
Sizes: XS-S, S-M, M-L, L-XL

Schwinn Traxion

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H: 52 x 30.98 x 9.02 inches (132.1 x 78.7 x 22.9 cm)
Package Weight: 26.3 kg
Weight: 49 Pounds (22.05 kg)
Material: Aluminium
Size: 18-Inch Frame (45.7 cm)
Bike Type: Mountain Bike
Wheel Size: 29 Inches (73.7 cm)
Suspension Type: Dual
Special Feature: Dual Suspension, Aluminum Frame, Mountain bike

Mangoose Impasse

Type: Full Suspension MTB
Frame Material: Aluminium
Speed: 21-Speed
Brake: Dual Disc Brakes
Shifter: SRAM Twist
Drivetrain: Shimano
Fork Type: Element Suspension Fork
Bike Weight: 42 lbs
Wheel: 29 inches
Crankset: 3-piece

Part 3: Classification of Mountain Bikes


Cross country mountain bikes are made for people who want to be good at pedaling. Some of these machines have been built to withstand a lot of uphill crushing and lung-busting. Furthermore, the geometry of cross country bikes is most like that of road bikes. Cross country bikes give up downhill performance for efficiency and weight, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make up for it. People who want to pedal for a long time should get cross-country mountain bikes. They’re also good for people who want to climb rather than descend.

Trail Mountain Bikes

Trail mountain bikes can both climb and descend and do both very well. If you want to ride a trail bike, you need more suspension, parts that work better in bad weather, and a more relaxed geometry than if you were just going to be riding on the Cross-country trail. Do you want to go on all-day backcountry rides as well as ride around town? If so, how do you measure your rides? It’s probably a good idea to get a trail bike if you like mountain biking uphill just as much as downhill.


Enduro mountain biking is probably the most popular discipline in recent years. While these bikes share some characteristics with prior versions, they are primarily built for downhill riding, including difficult descents and extremely rapid parts. However, the aim here is to make your way uphill while conserving energy to complete multiple stages in each race. As a result, while these bikes can climb uphill, they are not as efficient as XC or trail.


This category has bikes meant to descend quickly and safely, with front and rear suspension and 180-220 mm forks, to tackle jumps and technical problems at high speeds. Typically, the wheels are 27.7 inches in diameter and have 2.5 or 2.6 inches tyres.


Additionally, these bikes are designed to perform well downhill and on more technically challenging terrain. In these cases, you’ll want a more adaptable MTB, possibly with a less aggressive steering angle than XC bikes but more aggressive than trail ones. This category contains full suspension bikes with increased suspension travel (110–140 mm) and 29 inches wheels.

Part 4: Buyer’s Guide to Buy Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Wheel size

The diameter of a mountain bike’s wheels is usually a good way to figure out its top speed, ability to clear obstacles, and maneuverability. Large wheels make the mountain bike go very fast, but they also make it easy to go over things like tree stumps, rocks, and loose road surfaces like sand and snow. On the other hand, small mtb wheels are the best for mountain-bike stability and quick turns. A good full-suspension mountain bike should be able to run 26 inches, 27.5 inches, 27.5 inches plus, or 29er wheels.


How hard is your mountain biking trail? Before you buy a full-suspension mountain bike, you should try to figure out this question for yourself. Determining what kind of terrain you will be riding your bike on will most likely help you choose the right type of dual-suspension bike for your needs.

Types of riding

What do you plan to do with your full-suspension mountain bike? Full-suspension mountain bikes can be used to explore forest trails, on the weekends to commute to work on rough off-roads. Enduro racing, Downhill racing, dirt jumping, and other types of aggressive mountain biking. While it would be nice to have that high-end dual suspension bike with all the colorful parts a bike can have. But, it’s not worth spending money on a bike with features you won’t use very often. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose a bike that only has features that work for you when you’re out on the road.

Difference between women’s and men’s bike

Most of the difference between men’s and women’s bikes is the size of the bike’s frame, which is bigger. It doesn’t mean that women’s bikes are just smaller. Instead, some parts are different to fit the average woman’s body better. Due to the fact that most women are short, women’s bikes are likely to have shorter stack heights. When women ride bikes, they also usually have shorter torsos, so the reach length of the bikes is usually shorter for women.

cheap full suspension mountain bike

Furthermore, a few things can make your bike fit you better. These are the main differences between women’s and men’s bikes in terms of size. One of these is the handlebars on the bike. On average, women have narrower shoulders, so narrower handlebars can sometimes work better for female riders. In the same way, if your hands are small, you might want to adjust your brake levers to fit. It’s also possible to change the length of the bike’s stem if it doesn’t feel right for you. Different stems will move the handlebars in different ways, so it’s important to find one you like.

Part 5: Conclusion

In Short, choosing cheap full suspension bikes requires additional research. Mountain bikes with full suspension tend to be more expensive, and even if there are full suspension bikes at a low price, you must thoroughly inspect them to ensure that they are indeed high quality.