Exploring the World of Specialized Pitch Mountain Bikes

specialized pitch mountain bike





What are Specialized Pitch Mountain Bikes?

The Specialized Pitch mountain bike is a capable trail and all-mountain bike offered by the reputable bike brand Specialized. As part of Specialized’s extensive mountain bike range, the Specialized Pitch models are engineered specifically for aggressive off-road riding and tackling varied terrain with control and confidence. 

The Specialized Pitch mountain bikes come equipped with 27.5″ or 29″ wheels, providing two wheel size options to choose from. The Specialized Pitch mountain bike frames utilize dialed geometry and quality construction to deliver stability at speed and precise handling on twisty singletrack. 

To soak up impacts and maintain traction, the Specialized Pitch mountain bikes are outfitted with 130-150mm of front and rear wheel suspension travel. This allows the Specialized Pitch models to cruise through rough sections while also pedaling efficiently.

The Specialized Pitch mountain bikes also feature quality suspension components from brands like FOX and RockShox, capable Shimano or SRAM drivetrains, and trail-ready parts like wide handlebars and dropper seat posts. 

Overall, the Specialized Pitch mountain bike line clearly lives up to its name – these are bikes pitched directly at aggressive trail riders and enduro racers who want confidence-inspiring performance for conquering technical terrain and pushing their skills to the next level.

specialized pitch mountain bike

The Evolution of Specialized Pitch Mountain Bikes

Specialized launched the first Pitch models in 2011, introducing 27.5” wheel versions a few years later. The frames have evolved over the generations to take advantage of new geometries and construction techniques. Modern Pitches now come tuned around 130mm-150mm of front and rear wheel travel, blending efficient pedaling with capable downhill prowess. Refinements like internal cable routing, tube shaping, and Boost hub spacing demonstrate Specialized’s ongoing commitment to improving their Pitch line’s performance. 


Key Features of Specialized Pitch Mountain Bikes

Some of the key features that define the Pitch mountain bike lineup include:

– Aluminum frames with hydroformed tubes for optimized strength and handling

– 27.5” or 29” wheels sizes to choose from  

– 130-150mm of suspension travel via FOX or RockShox forks  

– SRAM or Shimano drivetrains from 1×11 up to 12 speeds

– All models include dropper seat posts for downhill confidence

– Aggressive geometry for stability at speed and when cornering 


Riding Experience with Specialized Pitch Mountain Bikes

Reviews consistently praise how the Specialized Pitch models deliver stability, precision handling, and versatility across different trail conditions and terrain. The balanced suspension soaks up impacts and keeps the tires glued to the ground for confidence when descending. The bikes also pedal efficiently so challenging climbs don’t become exhausting. Overall, the Pitch bikes receive high marks for their dialed geometries, quality components, and nimble yet planted feel on the trail.

specialized pitch mountain bike

Comparing Specialized Pitch Models

The lineup includes both alloy and carbon Specialized Pitch bikes spanning from more affordable builds to high-end spec packages:

– Pitch Sport Alloy 27.5”: Entry-level 1×11 drivetrain, 130mm travel 

– Pitch Comp Alloy 27.5”: Upgraded FOX 34 Rhythm fork, 12-speed

– Pitch Expert Carbon 27.5”: High-end FOX suspension, SRAM Eagle 1×12  

– Pitch Comp Alloy 29”: Capable trail bike with 130mm travel  

– Pitch Expert Carbon 29”: Premium build with 150mm fork, carbon wheels


Maintenance and Care of Specialized Pitch Mountain Bikes

Maintaining Pitch mountain bikes involves regularly cleaning and lubricating key components:

– Clean suspension fork and rear shock seals and stanchions after muddy rides

– Check suspension pivots for play and lubricate yearly or per manual

– Keep drivetrain clean and lubed to prevent premature wear

– Inspect brake pads and rotors periodically, replacing when worn down  

– Torque all bolts, pivots, axles, and connections to spec


Specialized Pitch Mountain Bikes: User Reviews and Recommendations 

In addition to glowing reviews from bike media outlets, Specialized Pitch owners report:

– Beginners appreciate the stable handling and quality components  

– Advanced riders are impressed by the bikes’ poppy and playful trail performance

– The adjustable suspension and dropper posts score high marks 

– Climbing traction and downhill control are noted strengths

Overall, owners agree the Pitch bikes deliver tremendous capability, fun factor, and value. These are versatile trail and all-mountain bikes ready for adventuring.

specialized pitch mountain bike

Specialized Pitch Mountain Bikes: Pricing and Value

MSRPs range from $2,500 on the Pitch Sport Alloy 27.5” up to $5,500 for the S-Works level full suspension 29ers. While not inexpensive, the bikes represent a strong value considering the dialed geometry, reputable suspension and components, durability, and reliable performance. For aggressive trail and enduro riding, the Specialized Pitch models deliver premium quality without breaking the bank.


Conclusion: Finding the Right Specialized Pitch Mountain Bike

For mountain bikers seeking to advance their skills and take on more technical terrain, the Specialized Pitch mountain bikes warrant a close look. The balanced suspension, dialed geometries, and quality components of the Specialized Pitch mountain bikes enable them to deliver versatile handling across varied singletrack trails. 

Whether riding tight switchbacks, rock gardens, rooty descents, or jump lines, the Specialized Pitch mountain bikes provide the stability and control aggressive riders need. The smooth suspension of the Specialized Pitch models helps maintain composure through rough sections, while their efficient pedaling manners make climbing manageable.

The Specialized Pitch mountain bikes come prepared for adventure with parts like wide handlebars, meaty tires, and adjustable dropper seat posts. Ultimately, the Specialized Pitch mountain bike models earn strong marks for their confidence-inspiring performance that allows riders to keep progressing. 

To find your ideal Specialized Pitch mountain bike, analyze your riding style and local trails. Visit a Specialized dealer to test ride several Pitch models in person. This will help you discover the Specialized Pitch mountain bike that best matches your terrain, skill level, and budget. With their dialed trail bike design, the Specialized Pitch mountain bikes are ready to take your off-road adventures to the next level.



What wheel sizes do Specialized Pitch models come in?

Specialized offers the Pitch lineup in both 27.5″ and 29″ wheel versions to suit different riding styles and preferences. 

How much suspension travel do the Specialized Pitch bikes have?

The Pitch models are equipped with 130-150mm of suspension travel, provided by front forks with 130-150mm and rear shocks with 135-150mm of travel depending on the model.

What frame materials are used on Specialized Pitch mountain bikes?

The Pitch lineup includes alloy and carbon fiber frame options. The Sport and Comp are aluminum while the Expert and higher build feature carbon fiber frames.

What are the differences between Pitch 27.5 and 29 models?

The 27.5″ wheels offer snappier handling while the 29″ wheels roll over obstacles better. Travel is 130mm on 27.5″ and up to 150mm on 29″ bikes.

What drivetrains and gears do Specialized Pitch models use?

Most Pitch models are 1x setups. Drivetrains range from SRAM NX 11-speed up to 12-speed SRAM XX1 Eagle or Shimano XTR.

How much do Specialized Pitch mountain bikes weigh? 

Weights range from 30-32 lbs for alloy comp builds up to 27-28 lbs for carbon Expert & S-Works models.

What is the warranty for Specialized Pitch mountain bikes?

Specialized provides a lifetime warranty on Pitch frames and 2 years on components.

What are the most popular Pitch models?

The Pitch Comp 27.5 alloy and Pitch Comp 29 alloy offer the best value and blend of performance for the price.