Best MTB Jersey In 2022

Finding the best MTB jersey is not about buying the most expensive one. You have to consider a few factors so that you can find the perfect one that fulfills all your needs in no time. There are endless designs, styles, budgets, and materials for such jerseys.

That is why it is crucial to understand each aspect and then select the best mountain bike jerseys for yourself. Here is a complete guide that will help you find the best jersey in no time.

Part 1: The Best Mountain Bike Jerseys In 2022

There are many brands and businesses that offer the best mountain bike jerseys to cycling enthusiasts. Almost all of them will offer you comfort, style, durability, and more. Here are the top jerseys you can choose from today:

1. Leatt DBX 5.0 All Mountain

If you are a downhill rider, you will love the Leatt jersey as it is a thermal and windproof shirt. The best part is that it will keep your body warm even in winters as it includes a mid-weight 3D knit rear panel and more. So, whether it is hot or cold, it is the best MTB jersey that will regulate the body temperature.

Besides that, the brand has used a brush guard fabric on the elbows to offer protection against bag wear or tumbling. You will also find a pocket with an eyewear wipe so that you can clean your goggles if there is mud on them.

The pros of this jersey include

  • Ideal for winter and summer conditions
  • Comfortable fitting
  • The material is heavyweight

The cons of this jersey include

  • It is a little expensive

2. Troy Lee Designs Sprint MTB Jersey

The Troy Lee Sprint MTB jersey is ideal for the trail and XC crowd who don’t want a jersey that is too fit or too loose. The fitting of this jersey is comfortable enough to let you move while you are riding. The sleeves are short, the cut at the back is low, and the entire jersey has flatlock seams.

An excellent feature of this jersey is that it is made from a wicking material, which is why it will keep away all the sweat on warmer days. On the other hand, you can always open the front zip if you want more ventilation. Besides that, if you want to store snacks or tools, there are two open pockets and one zipped pocket at the back.

The pros of this jersey include

  • Incredibly durable
  • It allows for enough ventilation to keep cool
  • You can even use the jersey after dark as it has reflective details at the back

The cons of this jersey include

  • It might not be ideal for wearing during winters

3. Velocio Micromodal Trail Tee

If you don’t know already, modal is a semi-synthetic material that is created through spinning cellulose from beach trees. Recently, it is becoming highly common in activewear because the fabric dries fast and is incredibly soft and lightweight. If you are looking for these qualities, then the Velocio jersey is one of the best mountain bike jerseys you will find.

The fitting of this jersey is slim, but it does not look too sporty and does not cling to your body too much. Besides that, the brand does not offer long sleeves in this shirt, which is why you will get short sleeves. If you are looking for long sleeves, you can look for other mountain bike jerseys from this brand.

The pros of this jersey include

  • It offers a slim fit without being too tight on the skin
  • Perfect for casual style
  • Incredibly stretchy and soft material

The cons of this jersey include

  • The jersey is a little pricey

4. Fox Ranger Short Sleeve MTB Jersey

If you are looking for an affordable jersey, then this one by Fox Ranger is the best MTB jersey you can get. The material effectively wicks sweat and is breathable so that you can stay dry during your adventures. Fox uses this fabric on expensive jerseys too, which is why you will get an excellent jersey at a low price that will not break your bank.

The tail of the jersey is also dropped so that you don’t have anything sticking out when you are bent over pedaling. Besides that, the jersey has flatlock seams throughout to ensure that you can move easily. However, there are no ventilation or mesh holes on the jersey, which is why it might not be ideal on a scorching hot day.

The pros of this jersey include

  • The fabric effectively wicks sweat and keeps you dry
  • Cost-effective jersey
  • It allows for easy movement

The cons of this jersey include

  • There are no ventilation holes or mesh sections
  • It does not have any paneling because it offers a t-shirt look

5. Gore C5 Trail Shirt

If you have used the previous best mountain bike jerseys from Gore, you will love this one even more. That is because the C5 trail shirt includes resisting pull threads and versatile cuts. Besides that, the material is highly stretchable, which means you can easily size down if you want to opt for a slim ride for your mountain biking needs.

Gore has also included a multi-panel cut, which means that movement is incredibly easy as the shirt will not come in your way. The brand also offers a women’s version of this shirt so that everyone can benefit from it. If you want a highly durable, breathable, and lightweight solution, then the C5 is the best MTB jersey for you.

The pros of this jersey include

  • The jersey will last you a long time as it can offer you a few seasons
  • It has fast drying fast properties for a great summer ride
  • The shirt is lightweight for a comfortable performance

The cons of this jersey include

  • You might not find shorts of the same color to create a complete mountain bike outfit

6. Uriah Women’s Cycling Jersey

Unfortunately, a few years ago, women did not have many options in mountain bike gear as there wasn’t any clothing made for them. However, things have changed now, and women finally have many options. The Uriah Women’s cycling jersey is one of the best mountain bike jerseys that offers a relaxed fitting.

There is an invisible zip at the jersey’s front, and the material is incredibly breathable for the summer months. It also includes three back pockets that can store your items, such as keys and headphones. The material of the jersey is polyester, and it is available in various colors and patterns for you to choose from.

The pros of this jersey include

  • A comfortable fit that is not too tight or loose
  • The pockets can store all small items
  • You can purchase it in various patterns and colors

The cons of this jersey include

  • The jersey is not for men

7. Machines For Freedom Short Sleeve Technical Tee

Just like the Velocio jersey, the Machines for Freedom jersey also uses a modal material. However, the brand sources all the materials from sustainable forestry environments to boost such production. The best part about this material is that it offers UPF 50+ sun protection, which is why you can wear it during the summers.

The fabric also wicks all the moisture so that you can benefit from a dry and cool ride. The construction of the jersey is also lightweight for the best fit. Once you start using this best MTB jersey, you will never want to look back.

The pros of this jersey include

  • It includes mesh sleeves for the best airflow
  • The size range is inclusive
  • The design is casual, which is why you can wear the jersey at other times too

The cons of this jersey include

  • It will not look flattering on all body shapes
  • The jersey is cropped from the front, which is something not everyone likes

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Part 2: What To Consider When Selecting The Best MTB Jersey

Now that you know the best mountain bike jerseys, you must know how to choose the best one, depending on various factors. These include:

1. Riding Style And Cut

The riding style and cut of the best mountain bike jerseys will impact the way you move while riding. For example, if a jersey has various panels, it will ensure higher freedom of movement for you to experience. Besides that, you will find that downhill mountain bike jerseys will be more loose and baggy to ensure that you can fit your body armor underneath the jersey.

Enduro and trail jerseys will offer a loose-fitting to riders without being too baggy. That is because such jerseys will ensure your comfort all day long. You will also find mesh panels at the back so that you don’t sweat too much while riding.

All of these cuts and features affect the riding style of the rider. That is why it is crucial to understand how you will ride the mountain bike and what you are looking for. Once you figure this out, you will find the perfect riding style and cut for your needs.

2. Fabric

Of course, the best MTB jersey for you will have the right fabric that will offer you a comfortable ride regardless of the weather. After all, mountain biking can get you to feel sweaty and warm in most seasons. So, one of the best mountain bike jerseys will help keep sweat away from the skin so you can feel cool.

Besides that, the ideal material will also offer enough stretch that it will enable you to move your body more freely. Remember that if you opt for thick fabric, it will offer more durability and protect you during any crash, but it will also offer more warmth.

Many jerseys also offer mesh and other ventilation holes so that you can stay cool no matter what the weather and material are. Finally, if you want the best MTB jersey, then flatlock seams are something that must be included. Such seams are stitched flat so that they can’t rub against your body.

3. Sleeves

If you want one of the best mountain bike jerseys, you must also think about the sleeves you want. There are two options: long sleeves and short sleeves. The best option for you is to look for a Raglan sleeve, which starts at the collar, and the seams run down under your armpit.

Such sleeves ensure movement freedom and will also guarantee that you don’t incur chafing because of your backpack. You can also decide what sleeves you want depending on the weather when you go mountain biking.

4. Fit

Finally, the fit can be a make-or-break decision for you to purchasing the best mountain bike jerseys. After all, you don’t want the jersey to be too tight or too loose, as you need to stay comfortable while you are riding your mountain bike. You can check how stretchable and fitting the material is before you decide to choose.

Remember that the material will also affect the fit of the jersey. That is why it is crucial for you to check the material and the fit before you purchase a mountain bike jersey.

Part 3: Final Thoughts

That was your complete guide to the best MTB jersey and how you can choose the best one for your needs. Mountain biking is challenging, and you need ample support from your bike and your clothing to make the most out of this experience. That is why it is crucial to choose the right jersey that will fit your budget and give you ample use for a long time.

So, be sure to go through our guide and make the right decision in no time. It will not disappoint you as we have lots of options.