Review of the Trek Domane+

Generally, bike junkies have a thing for electric bikes that can give them adrenaline rush. And this is not surprising. Everyone wants to experience what it’s like blazing through the trails with headwinds blowing through your hair. Relive this memory with the Trek Domane+.

Part 1: Trek Domane+ Frame

Firstly, everyone has a chance with the Domane+. As a result of the high-performance tech added to this bike, it weighs quite a bunch. Together with the driver pack, the Trek Domane+ has a weight of 32.3 pounds. To cater to riders of all sizes and heights, Trek was quite considerate in making different size frames. The Domane+ can accommodate a weight of up to 275 pounds. Also, if you fall between the heights of 5’2” and 6’8”, there’s a suitable Trek frame for you. There are at least 7 different Trek Domane+ frames you can select.
The Trek Domane+ is a beauty with the 500 series OCLV carbon frame. And there’s even a tapered carbon fork as a supplement. The interesting thing, however, is that the bike still maintains lightweight. There’s also an incredible upgrade to the Trek Domane+ bike. The high-quality Bosch performance motor has been added for optimal output. And guess what? The frame is designed to be a protector. It wholly covers the Bosch Performance motor.

If you are getting on the Trek Domane+ ebike for the first time, you would largely feel a significant weight. But the importance of this extra weight is realized when you need to go over steep terrains.

Assessment of this bike would definitely be incomplete if we don’t talk about the endurance geometry. The effect of this feature is to give riders a more suitable riding posture, and more comfort needed for long-distance rides. You would notice this right from the high head tube, drop bar design and longer wheelbase.

Trek Domane+

Part 2: Trek Domane+ Engine

Secondly,most Trek ebikes have one thing in common – the Bosch Performance Cruise motor. And the Domane+ is no exception. This engine has an output of 250W and can also reach a maximum speed of nothing less than 28mph. So, it doesn’t matter how crazy you are about speed, you’ll meet your match in the Trek Domane+ engine. Isn’t that incredible?
Based on the smoothness of a terrain or weather conditions, you can get racing assistance from the four available modes viz: the Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo modes.  And this is on top of the powerful torque of 63Nm that makes navigation smoother when you race against the headwinds. If you are on Eco mode, the Domane+ will move at a speed of up to 50-60 miles.
You must be wondering, how do you control the riding modes? That’s not a big deal to identify in the Trek Domane+. This bike has a Fazua controller. So, you are in full control of your whole experience. There’s a display on the controller showing the battery level and you also get to see the riding mode you are on. Most importantly, you can make use of the switches indicating the +/- signs to change your riding speed.

Part 3: About the Trek Domane+ Battery

An ebike is only as good as its battery capacity. And quite frankly, the Domane+ commands immeasurable attention in this regard. The Bosch Performance Cruise motor is powered by the high-capacity 500Wh battery and it is installed in the frame design located in the down tube.

Sometimes, you might be too lazy to pull out the battery for a charge. And other times, you just want to do general bike maintenance and you’d need to remove the battery and charge it in isolation. Both options are available with the Trek Domane+. You can charge the battery directly inside the bike. Likewise you can remove it via a port sitting pretty on the bottom bracket shell in front of the motor. But make sure not to toy with the package that comes with the bike. Inside lies the original 4-amp charger. Within 3 hours, you can expect the Domane+ battery to charge to full capacity and you can put your beast to the road. Ride all the way down the trails!
Bear at the back of your mind that the Trek Domane+ battery has the capacity to carry you up to 60miles. But this is on a slightly high terrain on 16.8. You can conserve more battery power if you’re riding on normal terrains.

Part 4: Review of the Trek Domane+ Rims

The Trek Domane+ frame has a wide tire clearance of up to 38mm. And to allow for an overall efficiency, the mudguard mounts are helpful when riders experience consistent precipitation. Further, this feature comes in handy if you are looking to shift to an unfriendly trail that would probably not be suitable for a regular bike.
Obviously, Trek doesn’t use regular things. And constant innovations have been their testimony over the years. This vision holds sway with the Bontrager tires on the rear and front side which are complemented by the alloy Paradigm Swiss G-1800 wheels. More so, endurance is improved with the wheels that are tubeless compatible.


The Domane+ is best described as big body and big engine bike. Its features are so outstanding that it could perform almost the same function as your car. And how is that possible? You’ll recall we talked about the Domane+ assist modes (Eco, Sport, Tour, and Turbo). These are notable capabilities for longer rides. And if we are being honest, that’s the major feature with cars.
Additionally, the Trek Domane+ comes with integrated front and rear lights. And these lights rely on the battery to light up your paths on regular roads or rough trails.  Get the Trek Domane+ today and enjoy a world of adventures.