Where Are Trek Bikes Made

Right from inception, Trek’s manufacturing and distribution capacity has improved a great deal. Today, enthusiasts and professionals alike have joined the Trek bike family. So, what is Trek Company’s story?  How did they start off and where are Trek bikes made?

Part 1: Does Bike Brand Matter

Naturally, bike manufacturers compete for patronage and attention. Just like every other business, the goal of bike makers is to have a loyal customer base and also increase turnover. To this end, they all go to the drawing table, create unique designs and also source bike components from reliable companies. This is where the importance of bike brand comes to play. Before getting a bike, you should check the company’s track records. What is their reputation in the market? Are there positive reviews? Do they provide quality and long-lasting bikes? These are all crucial question that will guide your decision in choosing a bike brand.

It is no gainsaying that there are several bike manufacturers in the game. But only a handful of them make premium bikes. You must have noticed Trek bikes getting so much hype in the industry. You want to know why? Of course, it’s not rocket science. The company has been able to maintain the highest manufacturing standards in churning out the finest bikes.

At Trek bikes, quality is non-negotiable. This company earns the trust of many riders by using the best components you can ever get in the industry. Quite frankly, who would be offered a valuable product and go for substandard ones?

Further, bike manufacturers don’t usually make every bike component. Many times, they partner with other reliable companies to produce classic bikes. So, it’s only wise that you get Trek bikes made in their manufacturing plant. They’ve got trusted third-party partners who deliver good components for them.

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Part 2: How Can I Check If My Trek Bike Is Real

As a result of the growing popularity of Trek bikes, it is not impossible that you encounter fake models out there. It is commendable that Trek is a company with foresight. The team had earlier figured that situations like this might occur in the future. Hence, they devised a simple but reliable method for riders to identify original Trek bikes.

Before making payment for a Trek bike, make sure to look for a sticker at underside of the bicycle frame near the bottom bracket. This sticker contains a barcode and a series of letter numbers. In most cases, these full strings of characters begin with WTU. That is the serial number to identify original Trek bikes made by the company.

Part 3:  Trek Bikes OF The USA

It is no news that Trek bikes have an American origin. However, one fascination lies in the fact that Trek major manufacturing plant is not located in the USA. Although Trek started in a small barn in the United States, the team could only make few bikes compared to the high level of market demand. And that wasn’t good for business. Additionally, Trek used to source carbon fiber from Salt Lake City for their carbon fiber bikes. Currently, Trek bikes’ production takes places in China and the frames are shipped to Wisconsin for assemblage. So, if they are not come from the USA, where exactly are Trek Bikes made?

Place of Production

As it stands today, an average Trek bike made in Asia or Europe is either an entry-level or mid-level bike. Likewise, Netherlands, Germany, and China are now the leading manufacturing plants for Trek parts and accessories.  Specifically, China and Taiwan are responsible for a larger percentage of the manufactured parts. You are probably confused at this point, curious to know what happens to the Wisconsin manufacturing plant if Trek bikes are not manufactured in USA.

Of course, Trek started out from Wisconsin. However, the Wisconsin headquarters is only  the major research facility for Trek Company. So, what is the reason for this major move? Well, you can take a guess. It’s simply because of production cost. It appears that abroad bike production is cheaper compared to making them in the USA. But this decision has not in any way compromised the quality of Trek bikes. Ask around and you will discover that Trek is still the #1 bike manufacturing company that guarantees quality and comfort.

Before we jump to the value of Trek bikes, one thing is noteworthy here. The overseas manufacturing move is not peculiar only to Trek Company. This trend is common among many manufacturing companies. Hardly can you find an American bike brand with its manufacturing plant in the same country. But smaller brands might share this peculiarity.

Part 4: Do Trek Bikes Maintain Their Value

Apart from being reliable means of commuting, mountain biking or sporting, Trek bikes are a worthy investment. The very first approach of Trek is investing in frame geometry design. Further, the company seeks to promote the value of their bikes by supporting professional biking teams across the world. If we are being honest, this is a smart move!  Trek has been able gather wide support from mountain bike lovers with this strategy. Also, the warranty scheme covers secondary owners.

In essence, having a Trek bike is a big win for both owners and prospective owners. If you own a Trek bike, you can be sure of reselling them at a good price after some time. For instance, if you buy a new Domane SL7 Women’s bike for $5,000, you can sell it for about $3,000 if it’s in good condition. This is nice value you can rarely get in an average bicycle.

The Bottom Line

No doubt, Trek is a company rich in history. Looking back, the company has grown rapidly under the watch of Richard Burke and Bevill Hogg. And till present, hardly has any other company being able to surpass their achievements. But this is not surprising. When a company invests heavily in research and innovation, you should expect nothing less than greatness.