Why You Should Get the Trek 24 Inch Bike for Your Kids

There are plenty of reasons to get your kids 24 inches bike. Apart from durability, they have modest components.  We break down what makes the Trek 24 inch bike out of similar models.

Part 1:  Trek 24 Inch Bike Is Unisex

One of the perks of getting the Trek 24 inch mountain bike for your kids is that you don’t have to worry about gender specifications. When it comes to adult bikes, there’s usually a difference between men’s and women’s bikes. One can infer that it is because of growth associated with adulthood. For instance, there are preferences for sloped top-tube. Likewise, women’s bike saddles are usually different from that of men’s. And, of course, we cannot compare the agility of both genders.

With the Trek 24 inch mountain bike, there are no gender differences. You can get the same bike for your son and your daughter without being bothered of any looming danger. Put your mind at rest and get the 24 Trek bike for your kids.

24 in trek bike

Part 2: What to Consider In Choosing Trek 24 Inch Mountain Bike

Are you looking to get a 24 inches bike for your kids? Here’s a quick guide to choose the best products.

  • Set an Adequate Budget

It would be a misguided thought to think that the Trek 24 inch mountain bike is way cheaper than adult bikes. In reality, these bikes are almost the same price with adult bikes. If you check the Trek 24 mountain bike at a bike store, you’ll realize it is almost the same size as adults’. Consequently, you should expect to spend nothing less than $300. In fact, you may need to save up to $500-$600 if you want the Trek 24 inch mtb.

But if you don’t have enough bucks to spare, you can still make your children happy. You could opt for a used 24 in trek bike if you can get one around you.

  • Brakes Are Essential

Generally, 24 inches bikes come with either rim brakes, mechanical disc brakes, or the hydraulic disc brakes. Of all these options, the rim brakes are the cheapest. But this doesn’t mean they are bad. Factually, the rim brakes are effective for all conditions.

Further, the disc brakes are better for steep hills and slippery slopes. Kids are daring. They can hop on their bike under the most worrisome condition and you definitely won’t be around to monitor them at all times. But you can rely on disc brakes to bring your kids to safety.

Hydraulic disc brakes are the best of all disc brakes. They have the most effective braking power bikers can ever get.

  • Extra Tread Tires

Never assume that your kids will only ride on smooth surfaces. There are times when your wards will veer off to the mud, grass, and gravel-filled paths. Thus, you have to be on the lookout for wider tires with extra tread which is found in the 24 Trek bike.

Part 3: Trek Precaliber 24

If your kids fall within the age bracket of 8-12, the Trek Precaliber 24 is the perfect bike for them. To make for an impressive performance, this 24 Trek bike’s aluminum frame is light weight. However, it is one of the strongest you can come across in the industry. In addition, there’s a kickstand as well as a saddle and an integrated handle. This integrated handle makes it possible to fit an integrated rear light as it can be easily removed.
Our analysis of the Trek Precaliber 24 would be empty if we failed to establish its ruggedness. Irrespective of how rough your kid could be with the bike, you can still hand it over to their younger siblings. The Trek Precaliber 24 is that reliable.
Moreover, this Trek 24 inch mountain bike has an 8-speed drivetrain and the frames are deliberately fixed at a lower angle so that your kids can hop on and off without constraints. Essentially, every kid between the heights of 129 to 149 can enjoy this bike.

Part 4: Trek Roscoe 24

The Roscoe 24 is best described as a kids’ bike with mid-fat tires. For kids who love adventures, you can get them started right away with this Trek product. Featuring mid-fat tires of 2.8 inches, 1×8 Shimano drivetrain and a wide-range cassette, the Trek Roscoe 24 is a replica of the adult Roscoe model. On top of these, kids that are ready to learn rules of the trail get to enjoy aluminum frame, mechanical disc brakes and similar adult MTB components.

Part 5: Can You Put Training Wheels On A 24-Inch Bike

Nobody wakes up one morning and perfects their riding skills right away. No doubt, mastery of biking takes time. And it is even more important that kids are given the opportunity to try out this experience right from a tender age. Accordingly, there are training wheels for this purpose, usually fitted to bikes’ rear axle.
But is it every bike that is compatible with these training wheels? The answer is no – at least for the 24 inches bike. While training wheels would easily fit into some 24 inches bikes, it would however be an exercise in futility to force training wheels on other 24 inches bikes. And this is because many 24 inches bikes don’t have long rear axles that can suit such wheels. The only solution therefore is to purchase specialized training wheels that can fit a wide range of 24 inches bikes.
However, if your kids have a geared 24 inches bike that comes with a derailleur, it is best that you don’t attach the training wheels to the axle. The frame is the most compatible component in this regard.


The Trek 24 inch bike is primarily designed for kids. However, it doesn’t mean that an adult cannot get this bike too. If you are not a tall rider, you can go for the 24 Trek bike and enjoy the bliss of biking. But you should never think of riding this Trek 24 mountain bike if you are gifted with long legs. You might just be leading yourself to some discomfort.
Above all, kids can gain more confidence with the Trek 24 inch bike.