How Tailgate Bike Pads Are Helpful

Tailgate bike pads are thick, foam-filled pads that fold over the tailgate of a pickup truck. Your bike sits with the front wheel and fork outside the tailgate, resting on the top tube. Many of these pads offer additional straps to hold bikes in place, and some oven offers bumpers to keep bikes from banging into one another. Tailgate pads comprise thick foam-filled pads that extend over a pickup truck’s tailgate. The front wheel, as well as the fork of your bike, is outside. For rapid transport, a tailgate pad shields bikes and trucks.

Tailgate pads are particularly beneficial for folks who transfer their bikes for power runs because securing your bike in a bike rack is significantly more difficult. Additionally, they address a recent issue with many regular bike racks. Many bike racks no longer firmly handle the latest crop of mountain bikes since wheels and tyres have gotten wider frames have gotten longer, as well as the full suspension has prompted radical alterations to top tubes. This renders a tailgate mat an even more appealing alternative for people who own a pickup truck.

Part 1: Introduction to Tailgate Bike Pads

A tailgate bike pads would be just exactly what you need so that you’re tired of battling with lifts or looking for other choices. These thick pads are convenient to use and can typically support multiple bikes at once, making them ideal for road trips as well as weekend excursions. To compile the list below, we looked at the best solutions from well-known manufacturers like Thule, Yakima, and Swagman.

Part 2: Best Tailgate Bike Pads And Their Pros And Cons

Yakima GateKeeper Tailgate Pad


  • Backup cameras are accommodated by the large rear cover.
  • Built-in straps secure bikes in position.
  • There are 9.5 inches of space between each bike.


  • There is no locking mechanism.
  • Velcro is not the most durable of materials.
  • Straps can be difficult to feed through the tailgate.

With the Yakima GateKeeper, you can move five to six motorbikes safely at once. It’s costly, but the high-quality craftsmanship and user-friendly features make it worthwhile. The medium pad, which comes in two sizes transports up to five bikes & fits 53- to 61-inch wide tailgates. Several bikers have reported experience transporting e-bikes using this pad, while a dedicated e-bike bike rack may provide more stability. Many mid-size pickup trucks like the Toyota Tacoma & Chevrolet Colorado are compatible with it. Upgrading to the bigger version to carry six bicycles on a full-size truck with a tailgate of at least 62 inches.

The truck’s back handle is easily accessible through a wide glass in the centre. It also won’t conceal backup cameras. If you prefer, the cover folded into itself to keep it out of the way. Both versions install quickly and effortlessly, allowing you to leave at any time. Lifting the bike, setting it appropriately, and locking the frame with the created Velcro straps are all that are required for installation. Unwanted touch is largely prevented with 9.5 inches of clearance between cradles. The pads have the same durable nylon coating that provides weather protection and long-lasting performance whether it’s raining or not. An ultra-soft felt backing protects your ride from scuffing in transit, whether you’re moving women’s mountain bikes or pricey carbon fibre frames.

Demon Tailgate Pad for Mountain Bikes


  • Easily adjusts to fit a variety of frames
  • Holders for hook and loop frames that are secure
  • The larger size can accommodate up to seven bicycles.


  • Not suitable for little bicycles.
  • Some cameras may be blocked by the compact back access flap.
  • Threading straps through the tailgate can take a long time.

The Demon-Tailgate Pad for mountain bikes can transport up to seven bikes. The larger 62-inch model can transport seven bikes, while the smaller 52-inch wide cover can transport up to five. Some riders have even used this trailer to transport their electric-assist mountain bikes. As you find your journey to the trailhead, keep an eye on your valuable cargo (bikes and trucks). To protect against scrapes and scratches, the Demon pad boasts thick 3/4-inch foam padding. Bike frames are protected by a heavy-duty exterior vinyl covering, while your vehicle’s paint is protected by a soft underneath.

Installing the protection is a simple process that begins with three straps all around the tailgate and ends with web cinch straps for increased stability. Hook & loop fasteners are easy to use and prevent undesired movement while driving. The dual pocket holders provide ample storage space for important tools and equipment. Although its modest size makes it tougher to align with such cameras, a small grip access surface enables quick reach to the handle so won’t impede rearward cameras.

EVOC Bike Tailgate Pad


  • Weather resistance is provided by the polyurethane coating.
  • Constructed from 600-pound steel Denier
  • The thick foam padding protects against wounds.


  • The access flap does not always align with the camera on the back.
  • Velcro straps may not be able to hold bigger down tubes.
  • Stitching is not the most long-lasting option.

For small to mid-size trucks like the Ford Ranger Toyota Tacoma, and Chevrolet Canyon, use the medium/large pad. The Toyota Tundra Chevrolet Silverado, Nissan Titan, Dodge Ram, and other full-size trucks are all compatible with the large/extra-large cover. EVOC’s Tailgate Pad was created by active persons who maintain a high standard for their products. It provides optimal protection for your valuable cargo. These truck covers which are available in two sizes can safely carry up to six bikes.

As if the 600-denier fabric wasn’t tough enough, an extra polyurethane coating protects it from the worst elements. While this pad is meant to transport mountain bikes, it may also be used to transport most other bikes, including hybrids. Several improvements over the earlier models make this model even better. In transit, for example, foam cushioning covers each bike’s down tube. There’s also improved compatibility with most back cameras and simple access to the rear handle.

MICTUNING Tailgate Pad


  • There are two storage sections for essentials.
  • Up to six motorbikes can be stored at full capacity.
  • Tailgate paint is protected by a soft flannelette liner.


  • The access flap is too small.
  • There is no practical way to secure surplus flap material.
  • It’s possible that smaller trucks won’t fit.

This MICTUNING cushion for truck tailgates can accommodate up to six motorbikes at once. It has a width of 62 inches and will suit most full-size pickup trucks. A 54-inch pad with room for five bikes is also available. Instead of abandoning your plans because the weather forecast isn’t looking good, know that the pad’s weather-resistant PVC materials can survive rain and other elements. It’s also wear-resistant, so it’ll endure a long time. A plush flannelette lining on the interior protects your truck’s paint.

Each bike has its own concave groove in this roomy truck bike case. You’ll also discover integrated straps to secure the carriers to the tailgate and keep your bikes in place. Take into account a rooftop cargo box if you require more area for your cargo as well as gear. Certain characteristics make riding your bike even more convenient. Two storage pockets, for example, provide space for tools plus your favourite snacks. A central flap also provides quick reach to the tailgate handle as well as a backup camera.

PRO BIKE TOOL Tailgate Pad for Mountain Bikes


  • Safely transports up to six mountain bikes.
  • The back flap will not impede the rearview camera because it is made of durable waterproof 1000D PVC.


  • The sizes available are pretty similar.
  • The logo is quite huge.
  • It isn’t available in a small size.

With such a Pro Bike Tools tailgate pad, you can transport up to five or even six mountain bikes on your next trip. Each bike is protected by a layer of smooth EVA plastic and thick foam padding, ensuring that it does not scratch or scrape against its neighbour. With a comfortable microfleece covering that won’t harm your automobile; you can safely transport one or multiple bikes. With a smooth microfleece liner that won’t harm your car, you can securely transport one or multiple bikes. Whether you prefer solo trips or getaways with your friends, this is an excellent purchase. Bad weather isn’t any longer an excuse to stay inside thanks to the ultra-durable waterproof 1000D PVC construction.

During bad weather, the microfleece lining works as a barrier to keeping your valuable cargo safe. Both bags come with a multi-purpose tool and other goods like bike repair equipment. You may gaze back even when our tailgate cushion is full. The back flap zips open for quick access to the back latch. Simply open the flaps for full vision if your automobile has a backup camera.

Swagman Paramount Tailgate Pad


  • Each bike is secured by integrated stanchion slots.
  • Helmets and tools can be stored in mesh storage bags.
  • The full-size model can hold up to seven bicycles.


  • It’s possible that it won’t fit smaller pickups.
  • With mountain bikes in every slot, it may be a tight squeeze.
  • The straps are quite long.

On the 61 inches full-size variant, the Swagman-Paramount Tailgate Pad can hold up to seven bikes. The 54-inch mid-size variant is more compact and can store up to four bikes. Swagman designed the Paramount for mountain bikers, but it works on any bike. While most similar devices depend on foam padding to avoid bikes from colliding Swagman takes things a step further by including stanchion slots into each fork. Built-in Velcro straps, like the brand’s famed hitch rack, prevent unwanted movement. Extra protection is provided by high-density foam. A soft fleece lining, on the other hand, protects the truck’s paint from scratches.

For your convenience, an extra-large access flap reveals the rear handle as well as the backup camera. The mesh storage pouches on this protective cover are large enough to accommodate tools MIPS bike helmets, and delectable snacks. Although the weather isn’t always cooperative, the waterproof tarpaulin on this pad is ready to go rain and shine. This tailgate cover comes with a lifetime warranty and is suitable for travelling.

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Part 3: The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using A Tailgate Bike Pad

Here are some benefits and drawbacks to consider if a tailgate bike pads is the right solution for you.

  • Note that most of the disadvantages of utilizing mountain bike tailgate pads are due to user mistakes so don’t let them deter you from purchasing one.
  • Do your study, install the pad correctly, and load the bikes appropriately to prevent these drawbacks.
  • It’s simple to set up and takedown. The majority of tailgate pads are simple to put on your tailgate and remove when not in use.
  • Simply secure this to the tailgate with the straps and/or Velcro and you’re ready to go! Leave them on for the duration of the summer.
  • Pads are inconspicuous and do not block the vehicle bed.
  • Relatively inexpensive: A tailgate pad is quite inexpensive as compared to platforms’ hitch racks or hanging racks, which can cost well over $500. The majority of them cost between $125 and $150.

Part 4: Conclusion

It’s simple to set up and takedown. The majority of tailgate bike pads are simple to put on your tailgate and remove when not in use. Bikes are safe to ride. Tailgate pads are quite secure when properly loaded and strapped in. Discarding bicycles is far less probable than doing so with a swinging hitch rack or even with a platform rack.