Mountain Bike Light has 7 Most-Rated Models in 2022

The only thing that can make riding a bike in the night scary is the darkness. Once you have high-powered mountain bike light, you can ride anytime you want and experience the thrills of climbing obstacles, admire your shadow, and feel the fresh breeze of a cold night whisper adventure in your ears. If you want to travel around your country on a bike, you need to embark on the adventure with a bright light. To have a bright light, it is important to know about the best mountain bike lights available in the market. Thus, we have highlighted the 7 most-rated mountain bikes in 2022.

Part 1: Factors that Influenced Our Rating

We value the time of readers and understand that there is nothing that beats the quality and accurate information. So, we approached experts who have worked with different lights and rated the lights we will be highlighting based on their ease of use, durability, resistance to water, battery life, its form, and charging time. Also, the cost of each of them influences the rating given to each of the lights based on the average number of people that may be able to afford any of them. Therefore, on this list are the best mtb bike lights any rider would enjoy using. Some cost above $200 while few cost below $200. But the most important thing is that riders that buy any of them will get quality for the amount they would be spending.

Part 2: 7 Most-Rated Mountain Bike Lights in 2022

1. Magicshine Monteer 8000s Galaxy

Magicshine Monteer 8000s Galaxy is one of the most highly rated on our list because of its immense brightness. It does not only light up the trail for smooth riding. It equally illuminates the surrounding of the trail such that a rider can go on a trail riding and pick up the tiniest details of the gift of nature like grass, rocks, the root of trees that may line up by the roadside. It is the best choice for people who have difficulty seeing at night because its beam is well-broad without any nearly invisible cut-off point to the sides and front. It is a huge asset for technical trail riding not only because of the peripheral lighting but also because of its battery life. The battery life can last for about an hour fifteen minutes despite its illuminating effect on the trail.

The only factor that may discourage buyers is its cost. It is possible to buy one for your mountain bike at the rate of $400. This may sound costly. But when you consider the value the product brings to your trail riding experience, you would not hesitate to buy it and assure yourself of a very exciting trail riding experience.

2. Exposure Six Pack MK11

Exposure Six Pack MK11 is a titanic mtb light. It has six LEDs. In addition to this are 10 operating modes with an exposure sic pack that radiates an impressive light. This exposure’s clamp screws are effective in keeping the light stable through the riding adventure. Another interesting thing about this light is its smartness through an adapted reflex tech that calculates the speed of a bike using accelerometers. The speed of the bike thus determines the illumination of the light.

Therefore, you have an assurance of auto-control that will not require you to get bored while trying to set the light to the level of brightness that corresponds to your speed. Although its illuminating effect does not spread so much to reveal the details by the trail, its changing effect to differentiate between a close distance and farther distance is magical! With $596, you can get the light with an acclaimed max output of 3,600 lumens and a max run time of 2 hours of brightness.

3. Gloworm XS Adventure Lightset (2.0)

One of the most outstanding features of GLoworm XS Adventure Lightset is that it can be easily customized. A rider may decide to customize the optics of its three LEDs, replace the lenses with the use of options such as spot, honeycomb, and wide-angle options. Although it does not have an automatic light regulator by speed, it comes with an application that can be installed on a smartphone to set the light according to the riding speed. It has a run time that spans up to about one hour fifty minutes.

In fact, its wireless remote can be functional in customizing the level of brightness. It is very technical because of the variety of awesome features that come with it. Its radiation of light also spreads on the trail with very nice brightness enough to ride through the night and live a memorable time on a mountain bike. However, it is important to pay attention to the battery display; it can be sometimes tricky when you are riding although there is no need to fear since credible tests have revealed that the battery life is even more than the manufacturer claimed officially. It is available for $245. The price is worth its value.

4. Lifeline Pavo Motion 2400

Sold at the rate of $170, this is one of the best choices for someone who is on a tight budget but needs to buy a very effective bike light. It defies the thought that quality must always match the price. In this case, the quality of values you will enjoy is way beyond the amount you will be paying to acquire it. It has a run time of three hours. That is very impressive!

Also, it has a max output of 2400 lumens. With this amount of lumen, it surprisingly beams an impressively bright light that spreads into the distance ahead and also illuminates the side areas and also cast a shadow on the trail. Depending on how you want to see it, this may just be some kind of night sensation you need to enjoy the trail riding at night. The shadow casting is nothing to worry about since it is bright enough to shine on your path. However, it is difficult to track the use of its battery since it does not have an indicator to read the battery level. This may mean that you ensure that it is well charged when you are embarking on an adventure that will take a longer period to avoid being stranded in the dark and putting yourself at risk.

5. Halfords Advanced 1600 Lumen

Mountain bike light Halfords has a very impressive budget price that may make you feel like asking whether the manufacturer is really into the business of making a profit. Mtb light Halfords for $57. With this price, you will get a mountain mtb riding lights that is smart enough to help you read the power level of the light’s battery. To add icing to the cake, it has a run time of over two hours. Very impressive for the price!

Although it is a better option for road riders, it is also useful for trail riders because of its battery capacity and three LEDs that can radiate modest beams for a comfortable ride, especially when in case of an emergency. It is equally chargeable with a USB charging cable that is plugged into a power bank. It is water-resistant, and can also be configured using its special remote control that is sold for $6.

6. Light Motion Seca Comp 2000

It has a smaller and lighter shape than many other mountain bicycle lights. Two buttons are used in lighting it; one lights the trail and its surrounding while the other one is pressed to shine orange-colored light to use the trail. It effectively balances its color that it is impossible to dazzle. It is not the best option for technical riding. Nevertheless, it can be effective when you want to embark on casual night trail riding. Its battery capacity can only last for one hour and twenty minutes. This is a good one. However, it seems the price is not commensurate with the run time of the battery. With $225, you can enjoy a color balance to avoid too much brightness that makes you lose the track of the trail.

7. Light & Motion Seca Enduro

Are you looking for a bike light option that can easily manage a good beam output? This is one of the best options you can choose from. It has 2,500 lumens. We tested it, and the light it shines proved to be able to emit far more light than its manufacturer claims. So, it shines brightly and, based on how you use it, it can create a mix of side-to-side lighting and on-spot lighting.

Although its range is short in distance, its battery life makes it a viable option to choose. It can run for close to three hours. Not so many mount bike lights have such run time. While it has impressive features, notably its battery run time, its price may discourage a buyer with a tight budget. However, paying $400 to get it is not a waste of money. It is an investment to enjoy an adventurous trail riding experience.

Part 3: Effective Tips to Choose a Mountain Bike Lights

Having read the list of the most rated mtb cycle lights you can buy in 2022, it is important to also know how to choose the appropriate light for your bike. Below are helpful and effective tips to consider when making your choice:

Tip 1

Irrespective of the type of light you want to buy, it may be for your helmet or bar. Always ensure that it properly fits. Make sure it stays firmly in place so it doesn’t wobble. Remember that you will be riding a bike and it is possible to be involved in an accident. Therefore, the goal should be strictly to avoid an accident as much as possible. While looking forward to an exciting moment on the trail.
mountain bike lights halfords
It is also important to be mindful of the power consumption of the bike light. Does it generate heat unnecessarily? You want to maintain your safety irrespective of the weather condition. So, you must always check if the light will not overheat or generate circuitry complications.

Tip 2

The main reason why you need light is to brighten your pathway on the trail. This is very important more than anything. Hence, you must be interested in making the right choice of light for the front and back of the back. In the front, the light needs to be bright enough for you to see what is ahead. While at the back, it can be dim to avoid distracting riders that may be coming behind you. You don’t want to be involved in an accident. While protecting your safety, ensure that you do the same for others. That’s by making sure your backlight isn’t too bright to avoid distracting them on the road and falling over.

Tip 3

The battery life is also important. It influences the time of your ride. So, before buying it, you need to estimate the average time. You will be spending on the trails. So you can make an informed decision on the battery life you will go for.

Tip 4

Consider how to charge the battery. You can’t just choose a bright light when you will still need to charge it. Is there a backup battery? Is it something you can charge with a power bank in case you can access electricity to charge at some points? These are questions you should ask before making a decision.


There are many best mountain bike lights you can buy. But buying the best that would effectively impact your riding experience is very important. You don’t want to buy the wrong light. You don’t want the weather situation to halt your riding when it rains and the light is not waterproof. Why it is important to pay attention to valuable information that has been highlighted on the best bike light. Currently available and what to look out for when buying one. This is the reason.