Best Junior Mountain Bike

There’s nothing quite amazing like sharing singletrack with your favorite kid or seeing their face light up as they reach the bottom of a tricky downhill. Perhaps you don’t ride mountain bikes, but your child does. If that describes you, don’t worry. We’ll walk you through all you need to know about choosing the best junior mountain bike for your child.

Best Kids Mountain Bike Brands

Firstly, the performance of your child’s bike is one of the most important variables in how much fun they will have mountain riding. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive or fanciest junior mtb bikes to be enjoyable, but it must be lightweight, fit well, and perform well.

Secondly, we’ve determined that the BEST junior mountain bike are often created by kid-specific firms after years of testing and reviewing them. Moreover, they’ve spent the time, money, and engineering resources to focus on what makes a bike beneficial for kids.

This is also true for kids’ mountain bikes. Also, the top slots on this list go to a few of manufacturers that make outstanding mountain bikes junior. However, we’ve been thrilled to see several of the major bike companies recognize the growing number of young riders and improve their offers.

While we still believe the large brands are behind the times, they do provide some viable alternatives, particularly at the lower end of the price list. When it comes to youth-sized 26′′ and 27.5′′ bikes, a few major bike companies (such as Pivot) are also making excellent models.

Brands of Mountain Bike


First of all, our favorite is Trailcraft. This kid-friendly mountain bike manufacturer creates absolutely amazing bikes for young and old riders. Also, they are one of the best mountainbike senior and mountainbike junior manufacturers combined

If you could travel back in time and be a kid again, these are the bikes you’d want to ride. Moreover, we agree that Trailcraft’s product is “category-leading bikes.”

Moreover, they have hardtail and full-suspension models in 20′′, 24′′, and 26′′.  In addition, their bikes are extremely light and may be customized with specific component sets.

Also, we also enjoy the vivid color palettes, albeit it’s less crucial.

Type of Trailcraft Bikes:

There are different types of trailcraft bikes which includes:

  • Trailcraft Blue Sky 20 (hartail)
  • Trailcraft Pineridge 24 (hardtail)
  • Trailcraft Maxwell 24 (full-suspension)
  • Trailcraft Timber 26 (hardtail)
  • Trailcraft Timber 26 carbon (hardtail)
  • Trailcraft Maxwell 26 (full-suspension)
  • Trailcraft Maxwell 26+ (plus-sized hardtail)

Trailcraft Blue Sky 20

Trailcraft Blue Sky 20

The Trailcraft Blue Sky 20 is a 20-inch off-road/off-road mountain bike. The top-end Pro Deore model weighs just 19 pounds while offering all the goodies: 80mm of air spring travel, Stans tubeless wheels, Shimano Deore hydraulic disc brakes and drivetrain, and beefy Vee Crown Gem tires.


  • THE lightest 20″ mountain bike available (with suspension and disc brakes)
  • Tubeless-ready Stans wheelset
  • Top-shelf components
  • Air sprung 80mm suspension fork
  • Highly customizable, several build options


  • Pedals require upgrading
  • No thru-axles
  • No routing for a dropper post
  • Expensive for a 20″ bike


Even the youngest riders will enjoy the Prevelo Zulu collection of mountain bike junior. Moreover, even the smallest Zulu One, the 14-inch Zulu One, features disc brakes and knobby tires.

We were blown away by the Zulu Thee and Zulu Four HEIR on the bigger end of the range. These bikes are equipped with high-quality components such as an adjustable airfork, a Shimano ZEE derraileur with clutch, and thru-axles.

The Different Types of Prevelo Zulu Bikes:

  • Prevelo Zulu One 14″ (fully rigid)
  • Prevelo Zulu Two 16″ (fully rigid)
  • Prevelo Zulu Three 20″ (hardtail)
  • Prevelo Zulu Four 24″ (hardtail)

Prevelo Zulu Three 20″

Prevelo Zulu Three 20″

The Prevelo Zulu Three HEIR is a fully rigid bike ride with above-par parts and geometry. Especially its hydraulic disc brakes, thru-axle and clutch transmission are very good. All while having slack geometry, 80mm of travel and a generous handlebar. The bike is as good on technical downhills as it is on gentle singletrack.


  • 80mm air fork with carbon lowers, lockout, and adjustable rebound
  • Tektro hydraulic disc brakes
  • Front and rear thru-axles
  • Slack geometry and wide handlebars
  • Shimano ZEE 10-speed drivetrain with short cage and clutch
  • Tubeless ready wheels


  • A bit heavy for smaller kids
  • No quick-release seat post collar
  • Comes in only one color


Spawn has long been popular among mountain biking families. Their tiniest bikes are capable of going off-road, but proper mountain bikes start at $20.” Spawn offers something for everyone, whether you’re searching for a cross-country bike or a tough downhill machine.

In addition, we like that they’ve created Brood, their own high-quality in-house component line. In fact, their Brood tires are so fantastic that we recommend them to parents with bikes from other manufacturers.

The Different Types of Spawn Rokkusuta Bikes:

  • Yoji 16″ (fully rigid)
  • Kotori 20″ (hardtail dirt jumper)
  • Yama Jama 20″ (hardtail)
  • Rokkusuta 20″ (full suspension)
  • Yama Jama 24″ (hardtail)
  • Kotori 24″ (hardtail dirt jumper)
  • Rokk 24″ (full suspension)
  • Kotori 26″ (hardtail dirt jumper)
  • Yama Jama 26″ (hardtail)
  • Rokk 26″ (full suspension)

Spawn Yama Jama 24″

Spawn Yama Jama 24″

Spawn is based in Canada, and their kids’ bikes are generally of higher quality, but at very reasonable prices. The Spawn Yama Jama is their 24-inch hardtail motocross bike for kids ages 8 to 12, featuring a high-quality build with tubeless tires, X-Fusion forks and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes.


  • Well-built and durable
  • Excellent geometry and handling
  • 80mm air shock
  • 1×10 SRAM drivetrain
  • 2.3 inch tubeless Brood tires for increased traction


  • Spotty customer service
  • Heavy for a kids hard tail
  • Might have to modify the crank length and gearing to optimize it for your child


Moreover, the Woom OFF series of children’s mountain bikes offers the finest value for money. Also, they are extremely light and offer unmatched value.

High-quality components such as hydraulic disc brakes, high-volume Schwable tires, and thru-axles are also included on these bikes. Moreover, the stiff carbon fork of the Woom OFF is replaced by a high-quality air-sprung suspension fork on the Woom OFF AIR.

Finally, if you’re searching for an electric mountain bike in the United States, the Woom UP is your best chance.

The Different Types of Woom Bikes:

  • Woom OFF 4 (20″ rigid)
  • Woom OFF 5 (24″ rigid)
  • Woom OFF 6 (26″ rigid)
  • Woom OFF 4 AIR (20″hardtail)
  • Woom OFF 5 AIR (24″ hardtail)
  • Woom OFF 6 AIR (26″ hardtail)

Woom UP

Woom UP

The Woom UP is an electric mountain bike for kids, available in Woom UP 5 (24-inch wheels) and Woom UP 6 (26-inch wheels). Like all Woom bikes, its build is top-notch. This electric bike lets your kids go further and faster!


  • Electric assist allows kids to go faster, further, and higher
  • Good range on motor
  • High quality air sprung suspension fork
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Thru axles front and rear


  • Heavy
  • Expensive
  • Not legal/allowed everywhere


Commencal has arguably done the greatest job of any of the bigger bike companies at making decent junior mountain bikes, especially in the gravity category. We also like that they provide a 5-year warranty, which is likely far longer than your child will be able to ride the bike.

Type of Commencal Bikes:

  • Ramones 16 (Fully Rigid)
  • Ramones 20 (Fully Rigid)
  • Meta HT 20 (Hardtail)
  • Clash 20 (Full Suspension)
  • Ramones 24 (Fully Rigid)
  • Absolute 24 (Dirt Jumper)
  • Meta HT 24 (Hardtail)
  • Meta HT 24 Power (Electric hardtail)
  • Clash 24 (Full Suspension)
  • Meta HT Junior (Hardtail)
  • Clash Junior (Full Suspension)

Commencal Ramones 14″

Commencal Ramones 14″

Looking to buy cheap kids’ mountain bikes? Then Ramones 14 must not be missed. The Ramones 14 is the perfect upgrade to a cart or training wheel wrapped monster that has been used and abused. This great-looking gear combines all the features a child needs to develop skill and confidence on two wheels. No gears, no brakes, no weight issues.


  • Dual handbrakes, no coaster
  • Price is easy on the wallet
  • Comfortable seat and great tires
  • Knockout good looks


  • Not the lightest 14teener available, but certainly not heavy at 15.4 lbs.
  • No quick release seatpost (simple aftermarket fix though)
  • Freewheel rear hub (still better than not having one though)


Also, Norco has greatly improved in recent years. What was formerly a shoddy children’s line has just been upgraded to LEGIT. In addition, from plus-sized hardtails to dirt jumpers to adult-quality full-suspension bikes, you’ll find it everything here.

Different Type of Norco Bikes:

  • Fluid 20 (full suspension
  • Fluid HT+ 20 (hardtail)
  • Rampage 20 (dirt jumper)
  • Rampage 24 (dirt jumper)
  • Fluid 24 (full suspension)
  • Fluid HT+ 24 (hardtail)
  • Sight 27.5 (full suspension)

Flow Bikes

Are you a bike enthusiast? Check out Flow bikes. It will be your favorite.

In addition, their stunning bikes come with unique paint kits and may be purchased as a complete bike or as a frame/fork only, allowing you to customize your bike with the components of your choosing.

They come in two sizes: 16′′ and 20′′, with both frames accepting wheels one size larger. When your youngster is ready for larger wheels, the Flow 16′′ may be converted to a 20′′ bike. It’s quite brilliant.

Different type of Flow bikes:

  • Flow 16″ (hardtail)
  • Flow 20″ (hardtail)


Are a lift-assist and some airtime part of your concept of fun? If so, Meekboyz is the brand for you.

Also, Meeboyz makes the greatest kids’ junior downhill mountain bike we’ve seen, with pint-sized bikes that can take a beating.

Different Type of Meekboyz Bikes:

  • Mini Beast 20″ (Full Suspension)
  • Beast 24″ (Full Suspension)
  • Mega Best 26″ (Full Suspension)


Pivot provides some of the greatest junior mountain bike, despite not being regarded as a kids bike manufacturer. Pivot’s XS bike frames are perfect for little riders who can handle 26-inch wheels. Even though Pivot bikes aren’t cheap, they will produce youngsters who are passionate about the sport and who can compete at the top levels.

Different Types of Pivot Bikes:

  • Pivot Mach 4 27.5″ (full suspension)
  • Pivot Mach 5.5 27.5″ (full suspension)
  • Pivot Switchblade 27.5″ (full suspension)
  • Pivot Les 27.5″ (hardtail)

Early Rider

For bike snobs, Early Rider makes lovely bikes. Moreover, their brushed metal frames turn heads, and the components they use keep youngsters pedaling. Brands like Ritchey, SRAM, and Maxxis are known for producing high-quality components.

Different Types of Early Rider Bikes:

  • Seeker X 16 (hardtail)
  • Hellion 16 (hardtail)
  • Seeker 20 (fully rigid)
  • Hellion 20 (hardtail)
  • Hellion X 20 (full suspension)
  • Seeker 24 (fully rigid)
  • Hellion 24 (hardtail)
  • Hellion X 24 (full suspension)


Frog is a British firm that isn’t well-known in the United States. In addition, Frog makes some extremely good mountain bikes in addition to fantastic commuting and road bikes for kids. Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano drivetrain, and Kenda tires are standard on all of their models.

Different Types of Frog Bikes:

  • Frog 62 24″ (hardtail)
  • Frog 69 26″ (hardtail)
  • Frog 72 26″ (hardtail)


Cleary just added purpose-built mountain bikes to their junior mountain bike lineup. Also, the Cleary bikes are particularly distinctive in that their frames are built of 4130 Chromoly Steel, which is both sturdy and attractive.

Moreover, these are budget-friendly cross-country bikes with high-quality components (Suntour suspension forks, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and Vee tubeless-ready tires).

Different Types of Cleary Bikes:

  • Scout 20″ (hardtail)
  • Scout 24″ (hardtail)
  • Scout 26″ (hardtail)

Cleary Scout Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike

cleary scout kids hardtail mountain bike

The Cleary Scout is durable, powerful and also reduces time spent maintaining equipment. Aluminum front suspension bikes can handle most types of terrain except the most extreme downhills. It is available in 20″, 24″ and 26″ versions. Unique to the Cleary range is the aluminum frame on the Scout. Most of Cleary’s other frames are steel, with the exception of the Scout and the soon-to-be new Gecko. This is a recent change, which prompted Cleary to convert the weight and cost of both frames to aluminum due to high material costs.


  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Dropper post compatible and internal routing
  • Appropriate, modern geometry
  • Capable mountain bike
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Component spec is a bit lower end


In addition, check out the Vitus bikes if you want a high-quality mountain bike without spending a bunch. This UK brand (shippable to the United States) is a popular among bargain hunters.

In addition, expect to pay a fraction of the price of comparable kids mountain bikes for high-quality components (Tektro disc brakes, Vee Tire Co tires).

Different Types of Vitus Bikes:

  • Vitus 20+ (fully rigid)
  • Vitus 24+ (fully rigid)
  • Nucleus 24 (hardtail)
  • Nucleus 26 (hardtail)


While limited in offerings, this list wouldn’t be complete without Transition. Moreover, the Transition Ripcord is a phenomenal adult-quality mountain bike sized for kids.

Different Types of Transition Bikes:

  • Ripcord 24 (full suspension)


Propain is now offering its kids bikes in North America, which is new for 2021. Score!

These are high-end mountain bikes with top-of-the-line components and loose geometry that is suited for children. Moreover, if you buy one of these for your child, you may need to buy a new bike to match.

Different Types of Propain Bikes:

  • Dreckspatz 20 (hardtail)
  • Frechdax 20 (full suspension)
  • Yuma 24/26 (full suspension)

Best Youth Mountain Bikes by Size

Also, Do you need bicycle advice for your child? As shown above top selections for kids’ mountain bikes are listed below, grouped by size and kind.

Spawn and Prevelo makes smaller mountain bikes, and Woom, Cleary, Islabikes, and Pello make bikes that. Even though not officially “mountain bikes,” are durable and suited for off-road riding for younger children.

Best Kids Dirt Jumpers

For example, mud jumper for kids from Norco Youth Rampage

While most children will benefit from a trail bike. If your child is serious about dirt jumping, now that a dirt jump specialist bike is the way to go. These mountain bikes have a narrower frame, a lower seat height, and no front brake. On one hand, Perfect for soaring.

Kids Electric Mountain Bikes

In fact, climbing up the woom

On a mountain bike, most youngsters don’t need an e-assist, although they may be fun. For example, in our family, we use the Woom UP for huge alpine rides when our son wouldn’t be able to go as big or as hard without it.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Kids Mountain Bike

This topic will assist you to know what to look for when buying a mountain bike for your child if you’re new to the world of mountain biking. Even if you’re a die-hard biker, you might want to take a look.


Unlike adult bikes, children’s bikes are classified according to the diameter of their wheels. If you’re not already familiar with kid’s bike sizes and which one your child needs, read our guide on kid’s bike sizes before continuing.

Also, Older children (11 or 12 years old and higher) can ride an adult-sized mountain bike. However, you’ll need to hunt for an extra-small frame.

Trailfcraft Maxwell 24: technical riding


As I have said, a nice mountain bike is not inexpensive. Consider what sort of riding your youngster does before looking at the bikes on this list and stressing about the price.

Also, do they really require a mountain bike? Many children will benefit from a more sturdy neighborhood bike, such as those made by Cleary. Without a suspension fork or pricey components like thru-axles, these bikes may be ridden on mild singletrack and rail trails.


For instance, the weight of a child’s bike, makes a big difference in how well it performs. Many kids’ mountain bikes are HEAVY, as in, heavier than yours.

And because your children are much lighter than you, the bike-to-body-weight ratio is wrong. If your child is riding a heavy kids mountain bike, they may become exhausted soon, frustrated easily, and may abandon the activity completely. Thus, my recommendation is to get the lightest bike you can afford.

Where Can I Buy A Kid’s Mountain Bike

In sum, you should purchase your child’s mountain bike from a local bike store where they may test ride it beforehand. Unfortunately, saying it is simpler than doing it.

Additionally, many of the greatest children’s mountain bike brands (Trailcraft, Woom, and others) only sell to consumers directly. As a result, you won’t find one in a local bike shop.

In addition, if you insist on buying from a local store, seek for a dealer that specializes in decent kids mountain bikes (like Norco or Commencal). All in all, with a few exceptions, manufacturers like Trek and Giant’s kids mountain bikes aren’t up to par with the competition.

In conclusion, junior mountain bike selection is usually a bit tough. So that you have to really consider different aspects to go for the best. Take your time again, this time slowly to read through the types and specification listed above for different mtb junior bike.