The 5 Best Full Suspension Rear Mudguard for 2022

Full suspension rear mudguard are an often overlooked part of a bike that actually makes a big difference in your ride. Have you ever experienced your rear wheel throwing up so much mud that it splashes back onto your shorts? Or had to deal with water dripping down your back? The best full suspension mountain bike rear mudguard can end these annoyances!

Part 1: What is the Best Full Suspension Mudguard for 2022

Whether you are a commuter or a cross country rider, or just someone who wants to keep your butt clean, a decent mudguard is essential to have. You don’t want to be walking around with dirty pants and/or a dirty bike after all the hours of hard work you put into riding that thing. A rear mud guard for your bike will ensure that the seat stays nice and clean.
Many people think that having a front mudguard is more important than the rear one, but this isn’t true at all. The front guard protects your face and head from getting dirty; if it’s raining heavily then you might get wet anyway. The back one is responsible for protecting your clothes from getting dirty. This can be done by installing mudguards on the fork legs and seat stays of the bike instead of on the wheels themselves (which would cause them to suck up all the muck). All these years I have thought that only mountain bikes need these accessories but I was wrong!

Portland Design Works Origami Rear

Full suspension rear mudguard

weighs: 160 g

Price: 21 $

The best full suspension rear mudguard 2022 are made from Portland Design Works and they are called Origami Rear. It is an easy way to add a little bit of class to your bicycle.
Portland Design Works is one of the most popular companies in the world that specializes in making great bike accessories. They have been making high quality products for years, and it is easy to see why they are so popular.
The Origami Rear is a mudguard that will fit most bicycles on the market today. The company has made their products compatible with all the major models out there, so you should have no problem finding something that will work for you. It uses a simple retraction system to make sure it stays out of your way when you do not need it, but also folds up so that it can keep your backside dry when you really need it to.
This particular mud guard is designed to be attached to your bike’s seat post. It actually acts as another support for your seat post, which is a nice thing because this part of your bike can break over time if you take it off too often. By adding a support like this one, you are helping protect this sensitive piece of equipment from breaking down on you.

Portland Design Works Origami Front

Portland Design Works Origami Front

weighs: 60 g

Price: $16.00

If you are looking for a rear mudguard that can be folded easily and carried around when not in use, this is the back mudguard for you.
The Portland Design Works Origami Front is a small, lightweight fender that attaches to your bike’s front fork with two hooks and stays out of the way when you’re not using it. The durable steel frame has a glossy finish and is made right here in the USA.
Durable stainless-steel construction easy to install with two hook-and-loop strapsMounts to front fork with included hardwareFolds flat when not in useWorks best with bikes with disc brakes or rim brakes without fenders
This full suspension rear fender mounts on the fork and stays out of the way until we need it. When it’s time for a ride, just take it off its hanger and snap it onto your front wheel. It weighs less than 1 lb., so you won’t even notice it when you’re pedaling.

Portland Design Works Mud Shovel Front

Portland Design Works Mud Shovel Front


Price: $19.00

Portland Design Works makes some of the best mudguard and fender setups out there. They’ve got a great lineup for road bikes, mountain bikes, and even fat bikes.
From their road bike lineup, the Portland Design Works (PDW) Mud Shovel is my personal favorite. It’s fully adjustable, easy to install, and it works great. The Mud Shovel comes in three sizes to fit most 700c tires from 25c all the way up to 40c. It will clear a 28mm tire with plenty of clearance on either side of the tire for wheel movement. Even if you’re running fatter tires like a 40mm or 45mm mountain bike tire, this will work for you.
The PDW Mud Shovel attaches to your seat stays with five allen bolts on either side of your rear wheel. You’ll have to purchase an Allen wrench separately though because they don’t include one.
The PDW Mud Shovel comes in three sizes:
Small: Fits 18-28mm tires
Medium: Fits 28-38mm tires
Large: Fits 38-40mm tires

Portland Design Works Mud Shovel Rear

Portland Design Works Mud Shovel Rear


weighs:0.62 pound

Price: $25.00

If you want to be able to ride in foul weather and tackle the most demanding terrain, a quality rear mudguard is essential. Portland Design Works’ Mud Shovel™ Rear is a full-suspension, seatpost mounted guard that fits 26. x 2.0″ (ISO 559) tires, and all other standard MTB 26″, 27.5″ and 29″ wheel sizes. It attaches quickly and easily with the included hardware and stays securely in place, even over rough terrain.
The Mud Shovel™ Rear is made from durable stainless steel, is corrosion resistant and won’t rust or corrode even in extreme conditions. It’s also lightweight at just 113g (4oz).
The guard is designed with a wide base for maximum coverage, so mud and water are swept off the back of your bike instead of smearing across your rims. This not only helps keep your bike running smoothly, it also helps prevent punctures from debris caught between your tire and frame caused by riding through deep puddles or muddy trails.
The Mud Shovel™ Rear gives you added visibility on the trail too; the large reflective surface at the rear of the guard increases your visibility to motorists and other cyclists by up to 198%.

Mucky Nutz Face Fender XL

Mucky Nutz Face Fender XL

Mucky Nutz Face Fender XL is the ideal companion for almost any bike. It comes with a hard wearing, high quality alloy face plate and a flexible polypropylene mud flap mounted on a sturdy stainless steel frame. This is the UK’s most innovative design yet and the only true full-suspension mudguard on the market. The mudguard is to provide complete protection from spray and splatter. With this mudguard your ride will be much more enjoyable as it’s virtually splash-free, keeping you dry and clean – even in the worst conditions.
It includes a standard length of chain to connect directly to your rear hub guard mount or a fitting bracket. If you have discs brakes fitted, you can use it. Also included is an extender chain that provides extra adjustability in cases where fitting is difficult due to disc brakes or a rear suspension fork.
The Lightweight alloy face plate attaches firmly to your bike frame with two adjustable straps and four bolts (all supplied). The flexible polypropylene mud flap fits snugly over your wheel and seals around the tyre with its adjustable strap.

Part 2: What is a Full Suspension Rear Mudguard

There are several different types of mudguards available, these include:
Rear Fenders – which suit the rear wheel and, for road bikes, are often plastic. They’ll keep your backside dry but tend to let the water spray up onto your back.
Touring Mudguards – these are essentially giant fenders that stretch down either side of the wheel to provide coverage as well as stop water spraying up from the front wheel. They’re perfect for long-distance cyclists but they can be obtrusive and heavy.
Full Suspension Rear Mudguard – this type of mudguard mounts to suspension forks and offers maximum protection while still allowing full suspension movement.
The term ‘full suspension is a bit misleading as some forks don’t provide any sort of suspension movement. The best way to work out if a fork will fit with a ffull suspension mountain bike rear mudguard is to look at the number of mounting holes on the fork crown (as opposed to just two or four). If you’ve got six or more holes then there’s a good chance it’ll fit.
2018 has seen the launch of an exciting new type of full suspension mountain bike rear mudguard called the ‘Karma Light’. The designer will specifically design for bikes with disconnected parts.

rear mudguard mtb full suspension

Part 3: Why are there No Mudguards on Bikes

There’s no doubt that there is a great deal of noise surrounding full suspension mountain bikes at the moment, and even more so on our own website. And why not? These machines can cover great distances with less impact than ever before, and, as long as you are careful, they can do so with relative comfort. However, there is one thing that is still missing from most full suspension bikes and that is mudguards.
Some people choose to ride with mudguards, but they are often concerned about if they broke their bikes. Many people think it’s fine to just throw a leg over when it starts to rain and ride without any protection for their bike, legs or feet. Some people will tell you that in dry conditions it isn’t necessary to have mudguards because you are unlikely to get muddy. Well, I’m here to tell you that these arguments are nonsense!
Mudguards are an essential part of your bike and worth considering before you buy your new full suspension mountain bike.

Part 4: Should Mountain Bikes have Full Suspension Rear Mudguards

Mountain bikes are awesome and so is the dirt that gets stuck on them. It’s no wonder that a lot of mountain bike enthusiasts like to ride without mudguards. But what is it that makes some people think they should ride without them? Are they safe? And why aren’t full-suspension mountain bikes fitted with mudguards already?
The answer to these questions are in the original purpose of bicycle mudguards. We care more about safety. The first bike frames were very basic, hardly resembling the machines we know today. The earliest bicycles had no suspension or brakes. Still a lot of people used to ride their bicycles without any protection from the elements. This led to many accidents, as well as riders getting filthy dirty after riding through puddles of water and mud. Mudguards are to help keep cyclists clean and safe.
Since disc brakes, accidents are much less common than they used to be. So it’s hard to argue that mudguards offer much in terms of safety. They do offer a great deal in terms of comfort though! There’s nothing worse than getting caught in a rain shower on your bike. So if you want to avoid going home soaking wet you’ll need some full-suspension mountain bike mudguards. Since they are there to protect you from water and mud.

Part 5: Are Bike Mudguards Worth it

Mudguards are a stylish, practical and highly recommended accessory for any cyclist. They protect you from dirt, provide some privacy and help prevent your bike from getting damaged. But can they fit on any bike? What are the best full suspension rear mudguard?
Touring bikes – Nothing beats bike mudguards for touring. The extra weight can be a problem for racers, but for people who like to immerse themselves in their surroundings, a set of guards makes life on the road much more comfortable. The best choice is either a traditional pair of fenders or a single long piece that covers both wheels (a “full guard”).
Road bikes – Road bikes don’t need to have mudguards by law. Although some manufacturers do include them as standard equipment and they’re becoming increasingly popular among riders who want to keep clean in the saddle. There are all sorts of options available, so it’s not too tricky to find the one that fits your bike. Consider picking up a pair of lightweight guards, you can take them on and off at will.
For mountain biking – Mountain bikers should avoid heavy full suspension rear mudguard unless they’re looking for something very rugged.

Part 6: How can You Pick the Best Full Suspension Rear Mudguard

One of the best full suspension rear mudguards is going to be the one that fits your bike and your riding style. If you are going off-road, you are going to need the right tools to give you a rugged ride. The right full suspension rear mudguard will protect you from wetting, dirty and muddy.

Tire size is another factor when looking at the best full suspension rear mudguard. The tire size will determine what kind of full suspension rear mudguard you need on your bike. It could be that you need a larger full suspension rear mudguard if you have larger tires or it could be that you need a smaller one if you have smaller tires.

If you are looking for the best full suspension rear mudguard, then check out what is available online. You may already know what kind of full suspension rear mudguard fits your bike. But just in case, do some research online about different kinds that may fit for sure. It is always best to make sure before investing in something like a full suspension rear mudguard for your bike.

A lot of people who ride dirt bikes tend to get them dirty and wet when they are out exploring in different areas or hitting up some trails. So there are a lot of things to consider when choosing the best full suspension rear mudguard for your needs.