Cannondale 24 Bike Review: Is It The Best Option in The New Year

If you are in the market for bike-riding products, then Cannondale 24 could be your go-to brand for kid’s and adult’s bikes. Since the brand has lots of varieties, people still don’t know how it actually is. Is it reasonable and recommendable? Find the answer here!

Part 1: About Cannondale Brand

Firstly, Cannondale is an American corporation specializing in creating and supplying bicycles. Its main headquarter is located in Wilton, Connecticut, along with the other engineering and manufacturing offices placed in other parts of the world. The inventor does most productions in Taiwan, the USA, and the Netherlands.

Then it is one of the most popular brands for the bike-products market. Cannondale offers large varieties of bike types, and models to fit every need by creating innovative and edge-cutting technology that surpasses others.

Thanks to its long-time hard work and dedication. Cannondale has become the top of the mind of every bike enthusiast. Aside from offering kinds of bikes for every purpose. The brand also created biking-related products that may enhance your biking experience.

If you wish to buy a Cannondale 24 bike for road biking. You can find lots of options ranging from race, endurance, gravel, and many other purposes. There’s also a unique catalog that shows carefully crafted bikes for kids of all ages. You may freely adjust the option within the catalog according to your kid’s age. There are bikes for kids of one to thirteen years, which ultimately guarantees users’ safety and a convenient biking experience.

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Part 2: The History

The history began in 1971 when Joe Montgomery and Murdock MacGregor founded the company, which initially focus on creating precast concrete housing. Later on, many individuals from CBS Laboratories were added. Each with their own professional skills. The ideas from the skillful professionals were the critical aspect to reach Cannondale’s top growth.

A trip to the Bicycle Show in New York has opened its eyes to a new reachable market opportunity. They understood the need for bicycle bags during the show, which was highly sought by most bikers.
With a skillful team and innovative individuals. They’ve successfully become the number one manufacturer of bicycle bags. An intelligent marketing strategy has made them a successful journey to take the US market as a whole by making orders from 2,500 dealers in less than two years.
They won’t stop there. We can use the infrastructure in making the bicycle bags later to enter the camping goods market, especially the tents and backpacks. With another investor joining the team, Cannondale had developed and created aluminum bicycle frames, which later would be another successful journey. Cannondale put a heavy focus on a bicycle manufacturer from that point on.

The name was from Cannondale Metro-North, a train station located in Wilton. Now, we can see the brand as an innovative bicycle manufacturer that is capable of producing high-quality bicycles for all possible markets. They are highly specific, with a reach even beyond their competitors.

The name Cannondale 24 means the line of 24-inch tired bicycles. The buyers may find a lot of bicycle types that they can freely choose. You can see the whole list of Cannondale bikes 24 on their official website.

Part 3: The Technology Behind Its Success

While everyone was sticking out with the steel material to build the bicycle frames. Cannondale stood out with aluminum and carbon fiber. The smart invention was also applied to the suspension. To support the balance and sturdiness, Cannondale uses single-sided forks, which may result in a more stable biking experience.

Technological advancement has been done long before the modern era. Back in 1992, Cannondale successfully implemented the 2.8 series frame, which made the bike much lighter than usual. They made the overall frame weight to only 2.8 lbs based on computer-aided design and element analysis. They also introduced the 1.25-inch Sub One aluminum fork within the same year.

The frames were later marketed as Cannondale Advanced Aluminum Design (CAAD) which was then used on most mountain bikes. The CAAD design is perfect until today. Thus, we can ride the 24 Cannondale bike more comfortably.

Part 4: The Products Classes

Cannondale has divided the product classes into up to six different categories. For the bikes, you can choose the Road, Mountain, Active, Electric, and Kids. The last category is Gear, which you may click to find all the biking-related products. The Cannondale 24 inch technology is implemented in these classes.

In the Road Bikes category, you’ll have an option to check and pick the kinds of bikes, from the ones suitable for fast-paced racing to the bikes for conquering off-road tracks. In the Mountain Bikes category, you will see varieties of bikes in the form of trail bikes, gravity bikes, and races xc bikes.
If you’re looking for an everyday bike, then pick the Active category. Find the fitness and urban bikes for your daily routine there.

There are also the Electric Bikes, which we will explain first. Electric bikes simply look like any bike you’ve seen in your life. But, it’s equipped with a motor that can help you to go faster and further. The motor here doesn’t work automatically. It works to enhance your pedal power. Thus, you can dramatically increase the travel distance with this Cannondale bikes 24 inches.

Part 5: Bikes for Kids

Cannondale also produces bikes that are specially for kids. We can introduce the fun and exciting experience of biking in a safe and comfortable way with the Kid bikes. The 24 Cannondale bike for kids is designed with riding position and weight in mind.

The user can experiment with extra control and comfort with this bike. To ensure the best riding experience, the bikes have the right configuration for bars, grips, brake levers, cranks, and saddles to make the learning process much easier.
Less weight means more fun! The kids’ bikes just got lighter, so they’re easier to control. Now the kids can enjoy riding their bikes without worry.

Cannondale creates kids’ bikes for specific ages. Kids between one to four years old have a balance pushbike with additional tires to hold them up. It’s nice and perfect for kids who want to try riding their first bike.

The bikes for 4 to 6-year-olds have increased durability and the option to remove additional wheels. Now when your kids are getting familiar with the whole biking experience. You may introduce the geared options for exploring tracks. The bikes with on-road additionals, with gears and single-speed mode, are very excellent.

Part 6: Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that the answers can help you solve if you have several questions to ask.

  • Where Can I Buy the Bikes
    Firstly, to easily find the nearest dealers. You can access this page and enter your address. There you can search, and visit the nearest ones.
  • Can I Buy the Bikes Online
    Yes, you can either use the Cannondale website or the app.