Is Bicycle Trek Overpriced

Quality bikes depend on the reputation of a manufacturer. For many years, Trek Company has managed to secure a good spot in the hearts of many riders. Here are the top reasons why bicycle trek continues to dominate the market.

Part 1: What is Bicycle Trek

Bicycle Trek is the brainchild of the foremost company, Trek. This product is a technologically advanced bike to improve the quality of your ride. With precision, durability, and high-performance bicycle trek has come to stay with flexible options including cross country, trail, downhill, custom bikes among others.

trek cycling bike

Part 2: Why MTB Riders Prefer Trek Bicycle to Other Bikes

No doubt, there are many competitive mountain bike manufacturers in the industry. But none of them comes close to trek bicycle. These bikes continue to evolve with some of the lightest but toughest frames in mountain biking.

Trek cycles usually come with the Optimum Compaction Low Void (OCLV) frame. To make these frames, the manufacturing giants join several pieces of carbon fiber together. This is usually done with the aid of high pressure and exposure to moderate heat. The effect of this is that riders can enjoy more comfortable rides. It is also worthy of mention that the low gap feature of the Trek OCLV frame complies with aerospace standards.

Part 3: What about the Trek Bikes Suspension System

Trek is widely known for developing the best full suspension modern mountain bike. As an innovative company, a nice and comfortable riding experience

All Trekbicycles Trekk’s suspension technology has come to stay as the benchmark for giving mountain riders come with factory-fitted suspension systems. Let’s get to see some of the suspensions used by bicycle trek.

  • Active Braking Pivot Rear Suspension

Thumbs up to the trek, riders don’t have to suffer the fate of traditional suspension systems anymore. In traditional suspensions, the rear shocks usually lock up when riders apply the brake. And this is a result of suppression and extension of the front and rear shocks respectively. What this means is that when you brake, the rear tires almost lose contact with the ground, thereby sending shock right into your body. But with the Trek ABP, the rear suspension still maintains contact with the ground as you ride along rough surfaces. Additionally, the ABP makes it easier to navigate corners.

  • RE: Aktiv

With regular mountain bikes, it is not uncommon to lose pedaling power as you ride uphill. This difficulty sets in when the bike’s suspension system frustrates riders’ pedaling efforts.

However, this problem has now been eliminated in Trek cycling bikes with the introduction of the RE: Aktiv suspension system. With this system, you don’t need to lock or unlock your suspensions. The suspension system is automatically RE: Aktiv suspension system deployed according to the demands of the terrains. So, just like the ABP, you get to navigate sharp bends more effectively.

  • Full Floater Suspension

As the name suggests, the full floater suspension allows riders to do as many jumps as possible without adverse effects. Like other Trek rear suspensions, the full floater suspension also helps to improve paddling power. Hence, you can enjoy the best riding moments.

Part 4: Are Trek Bicycle High

Every mountain rider is bound to have a bumpy experience while riding in the mountains. Therefore, the best mountain bikes must come with a premium and reliable suspension system. And this is exactly what Trek brings to the table. The bikes are a perfect blend of speed and toughness.

The Active Braking Point, Full-Floater, Carbon handles, SRAM drive trains are some of the quality components that make Trek bicycles expensive.

Factoring these features, you will agree that Trek cycles are not high. Riders are getting value for their money. However, not all trek bikes are expensive. With about a thousand dollars, you can get a decent Trek hybrid bike.

Part 5: Top 3 Trek Bicycles

Trek is a popular name in the mouths of mountain bikers across the world. With a skilled team, the company has been able to manufacture a wide collection of bikes for a long time. Below are 3 top Trek choices by mountain biking enthusiasts.

  • Émonda SLR 9 eTap

Trek is the top choice for a reason. The company is committed to delivering personalized bikes upon demands by customers. When Trek’s pro racers requested a bike that is both light and rugged, the team went to the drawing board and came up with a fantastic idea – the new Émonda. Popularly regarded as Trek’s fastest climbing bike ever, Émonda comes with the T47 threaded bottom bracket, chain watcher, clincher wheelset, and butyl tubes. On top of these are wireless electronic shifting and an aerodynamic frame. Also, this bike comes with 37mm and 160mm deep rims and disc rotors respectively.

  • The Marlin 7

The Marlin 7 is distinct for its internally routed cables. If you enjoy riding at a fast speed, Trek’s Marlin 7 is definitely for you. Mountain riders can enjoy the steep head, seat angles, and a high bottom bracket. This feature makes pedal clearance easier while riding the bike.

And what’s more? There’s a special consideration for women. Trek values female riders. So, you can order a female version of the Marlin 7 bike.

Further, the Marlin 7 is a 29er. The 29 inches Bontrager Connection rims allow you to easily fix the 2.2 inches tires. Hence, you can maintain balance and also handle the bike more sharply in rocky terrains.

  • Procaliber 9.7

If you are looking for a bike with a greater performance at a lesser cost, you’ve got headway. The Procaliber 9.7 is also a lightweight bike that comes with a unique 720mm handlebar. To protect the bike and yourself as the rider, SRAM’s GX Eagle drivetrain was added to the bike. More so, the alloy SRAM X1 Eagle crank also makes production cheaper.


Notwithstanding Trek’s innovation and strides, the company is not resting on its oars. In recent times, Trek bicycle’s downtube has had to accommodate the internal storage compartments. And, of course, the organizer roll has spaces for the CO2 cartridge and tire lever.

It doesn’t matter your bike preference and specification, Trek will surely meet your demands. road, mountain, or city bike, Trek has something for everyone.