How to Choose the Best Mountain Bike Mudguards

The fender is an essential accessory for riding during winter or after the rain. Otherwise, water and mud will get into your eyes easily. So, it is very important to choose the best mountain bike mudguards. Here is the full review.

Part 1: Best Mudguard

Exploring trails in mountainous areas and other off-road spaces can be very stressful when the weather is rainy. Water and mud become an unavoidable problem. Best mountain bike mudguards are able to pick up some of the dirt, mud, and water thrown from your bike’s wheels. This allows you to pedal the bike more lightly. You and your bike are many cleaners too. Mudguards, also known as fenders, are one of the important tools when driving after the rainy season and during winter.

Riding a bicycle on a trail always brings misery to the rider, one of which is mud and dirt flying into your eyes. Did you really think that you will continue your journey with this condition? will not only get dirty, but the bike will get heavy, and your clothes and travel gear will become quite muddy. Best mountain bike mudguards, of course, will help you and your bike to avoid this annoying mud and dirt.

What Should You Do to Avoid This Trouble

Well, this looks so simple, you could simply grab some used tubes in your home and cut them up. Then, connect one end of the fork crown to the fork arch and the other to the fork crown. After that, you can use it as an artificial mudguard. However, of course, the results are less effective because of the improvised design and without rules. By adding just a few dollars you can buy a special model that is widely available in various marketplaces. Not only can it block mud and dirt from getting on you and the bike. This model can also give a different look to your bike. It will be much sweeter and more charming.

best mountain bike mud guard

In the next section, we will discuss one by one the best mountain bike mudguards options, complete with all the advantages and disadvantages. Can be a guide for you to choose the most appropriate.

Part 2: Bontrager NCS mudguards

The first Best MTB Fenders that I will discuss in this article is the NCS Bontrager. This is the perfect option for those of you who are looking for accessories that are easy to install at a low price. Of course, it will be very sweet paired with your super elegant mountain bike. The NCS Bontrager is available to wrap tires measuring 25mm to 45mm. Guaranteed mud and dirt will be blocked perfectly. Say goodbye to troublesome driving in winter.

What is unique about this fender is that there is a pair of clamps that are neatly attached to each holder. This allows you to adjust the length without needing to cut the archery part even by an inch.

If there is no mechanic nearby who can do it, we very confidently recommend that you install it yourself. Even an incompetent home mechanic can easily do this installation. The existence of these clamps will make it easy to adapt to the conditions of bicycle tires. Well, of course, you can replace the bicycle tires with any model you want. No need to buy new fenders. Isn’t this the best MTB mud guard ever?

Advantages and Disadvantages of This Fender

This mudguard has a perfectly rounded profile. You won’t find an even section at the top of the curve, as you would find on a typical bicycle mudguard. This will make it look neater around your tires and avoid more mud. This device is made of very tough steel and is accompanied by high-quality anti-corrosion materials.

The NCS Bontrager is an alloy of full polycarbonate construction. Not an alloy layer between plastics. This is what makes this unit so strong and tough. It can be a long-term investment because you can use it for years. However, it has a very vulnerable installation. If it’s not neat, it will crack more easily than the other options.

This latest version of the fender integrates to mount the Bontrager tail lights, which is nice to look at.

Part 3: Mudhugger FRX

Then, the next thing that you should not miss from the selection of the best mud guard mtb is the Mudhugger FRX. These are fenders with a hard plastic material made of 100 percent recycled polypropylene. This unit has a design that is adapted to wheel sizes ranging from 26 inches to 29 x 3.0 inches. It is a system that is portable or can be opened and reassembled when needed. Side braces can be neatly attached to the fork legs with zipper or velcro ties. Well, you can take it off when you put the bike in the car.

The price of Mudhugger FRX is $33 per unit. Newer versions have the ability to block splashes when driving at higher speeds. The faster your bike goes, the farther the splash will go from you. Bike tires have also become much cleaner.

Another advantage of this fender is that you can install it in 3 different positions. Each position will clean the mud in a different way and quite well. This allows you to adjust the shape of the fender with the wheels. This fender weighing 80 grams and measuring 450 mm has a complete guide that you can see on their official website.

This fender has a pretty attractive and beautiful appearance. Make your favorite mountain bike look more elegant.

Part 4: MarshGuard Original

You’re looking for a fender that is simple and you can place it right under the fork mount easily? One of the best MTB mudguards for this spec is MarshGuard. This is the first to give you a mudguard that is flexible and with a very simple appearance as well as features.

You need to know that MarshGuard is one of the fenders brands that mechanics and professional racers on the world cup circuit often use. The founders claim that their design has led to more wins in the event than any other mudguard.

The fender designed by one of the reliable mechanics, Jason Marsh has a lightweight body, easy to install, and works very well to protect you from dirt and muddy soil. This fender preserves the stanchion and seals perfectly to prevent dirt from being thrown off the front wheels, even at very high speeds. This unit is enough to protect all your cycling gear from nasty grease. The MarshGuard also has The Stache attachment, an addition that closes the larger gap between the tire mount and the fork. This will also help reduce forward spray.

MarshGuard offers models for 29-inch and 27.5-inch wheels, but the original model was designed for 26-inch wheels. Units come in different colors and graphics.

Part 5: Crud Fender XL

This is one of the MTB best mud guards with the highest coverage. It’s unbeatable and one-of-a-kind. It’s a Crud Fender XL. This could be the main reason why you should have this unit right away. An extraordinary advantage that you will not find on any fender. You know that this is the perfect way to accompany your expedition down a steep, muddy trail.

The material of Crud Fender XL is plastic which is installed using injection molding. This unit attaches to the bottom of the fork with a rubber band and can be very conveniently attached and removed in seconds. This is a very nice unit and certainly very special. Do you know Danny Hart? Yes, this British Downhill superstar also uses the Crud Fender XL on his favorite bicycle.

The Crude Fender XL is big enough to cover most tires. This will be a very effective unit in protecting you and your belongings from anything that is thrown off the wheel. Another advantage of the Crude Fender XL is that it is flexible and able to hum the tires regularly.

On the fork arch, there is an adjustable nose, which prevents the fenders from being clogged with too much mud but also dumps mud onto the truss.

Part 6: Mucky Nutz Full Face

As mentioned earlier, MarshGurad is the first mudguard to provide a flexible type of protection. Meanwhile, Mucky Nutz is the first with a Fender Bender. The design of Mucky Nutz continues to change from time to time. One that is the result of a modification of the original shape is a full face, which is initially flat starting to come with a few folds and contours. It can follow the shape of your wheel to provide higher protection. This latest model will fit perfectly on your bicycle wheel.

Mucky Nutz can be one of the best mountain bike mudguards of your choice for riding on slippery and puddle-filled terrain. This will keep you from splashing too big

How to install this unit is to tie it in front of the fork arch. This fender equips with a Velcro strap that you can use to adjust the re-attachment. However, unfortunately, the installation of Mucky Nutz fenders is quite difficult. Maybe you’ll need help from a real mechanic to fit it properly on your bike.

Part 7: Blackburn Barrier XL

Do you want complete protection from the puddles and dirt hit by the wheels of your bicycle? The Blackburn’s Barrier XL mudguard is the right choice for you. It is a flexible mudguard blend utilizing folds and contours for more protection.

Just like most other mudguards, the material of Blackburn Barrier XL is also 100% polypropylene plastic. This unit is light enough, so you can place it on the bicycle wheels. The fender also comes with a reusable velcro strap and this will work great on mountain bike tires that are 3 inches wide. The bottom features trim stripes, you can trim it a few mm for a better fit.

The price for one unit of Blackburn Barrier XL is relatively cheaper when compared to other flexible mud guards, which is only $16.

Part 8: RRP ProGuard

Do you want a mudguard in refreshing light colors? Then you can choose RRP ProGuard. This device has a high-quality black finish as well as ten additional interesting colors. You can choose according to the color of your bike if necessary. RRP ProGuard is available in two versions, namely the standard version (494 mm) and a longer version (515 mm).

RRP ProGuard has a size that is not too big, but quite heavy because its material is hard plastic. ProGuard allows a metric ton of mounting options to accommodate different fork and tire combinations as this unit features 24 mounting holes. This will keep your face free from mud, water, and dirt.

The inside of this fender can only take some or a small amount of mud. However, it has a flowing groove in the middle. This serves to clean all the mud. Wouldn’t this be the best mountain bike mudguards for you? This can actually prevent mud from going the wrong way and getting into your fork.

These are some of the several types and brands of mud guards available for your mountain bike. They are all the best mountain bike fenders. It’s only a matter of choosing to adjust to what you require.