UCI MTB World Championships 2021: What Happened in Val Di Sole

UCI MTB world championships 2021 is the edition of the world championship events that cover all the disciplines of mountain biking. These disciplines are cross country, downhill, and four-cross.

Part 1: How Do Winners Emerge in UCI MTB World Championships

Each discipline in the UCI MTB world championships awards gold, silver, and bronze to the first three finishers in the order in which they get to the finishing line. The main winners in these disciplines enjoy the privilege to wear a rainbow jersey. The rainbow jersey is significant in the context of MTB world championship. It is a mark of victory. The persons wearing it have won over other competitors to emerge as the world’s best for the season.

UCI MTB world championships 2021 was very significant. All the fans and participants all travelled to Val di Sole, a valley in Trentino, a city in the northern part of Italy for this outstanding event of the UCI MTB world championships 2021. From the 25th of August to the 29th of the same month, the valley witnessed a huge presence of people from different parts of the world who have committed their time and resources to support the UCI MTB world championship 2021.

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One very remarkable detail about this UCI MTB world championships 20 21 in Val di Sole is the fact that it featured six different types of mountain biking to test the most competitive of men and women in the junior and elite categories. These races include cross-country Olympic (XCO), cross-country Short Track (XCC), cross-country Team Relay (XCR), E-Mountain Bike cross-country (E-MTB), downhill (DHI) and four-cross (4X).

Cross-country Olympic (XCO)

This category of mountain bike world championship 2021 entails riding on a mix of rough paths, smooth paths, and paved paths to connect all the rails. It requires a lot of endurance and can take about 90 minutes for elite bikers to cover multiple laps around 4 kilometres to 10 kilometres.

Cross-country Short Track (XCC)

This form of mountain bike at 2021 UCI mountain bike world championships attracted popularity in 2018. Since that time, it has become of the most appreciated racing competitions. It allows bikers to cover multiple laps totalling 1 kilometre to 5 kilometres over 20 minutes. This is available for the men and women category. It featured for the first time in an international competition at Val di Sole mountain bike world championships 2021.

Cross-country Team Relay (XCR)

This category amplifies the value of teamwork. Each team presents a rider to cover each lap and hand it over to the next rider at a designated area until the last of them reaches the finishing line.

E-Mountain Bike Cross-country (E-MTB)

This is like another cross-country bike race. But it is different in the sense that riders use an electric mountain bike for the race.

Downhill (DHI)

In this category of mountain bike world championships 2021, bikers will be racing from the peak of a hill to its foot with the help of a mountain bike. It requires a lot of control and mastery of rough terrain.

Four-cross (4X)

This category was first introduced in 2002 at Kaprun in Austria. It has since then become an annual addition to biking events. In the 2021 mountain bike world championships 2021, four riders battled for the winning position by racing down a 600-meter track with their MTB.

Part 2: How Did People Watch the UCI MTB World Championships 2021

During the UCI world championships 2021 MTB, live streaming was not available in all the countries around the world. The penetration of the internet to the most rural parts of many developed countries. However, it remains impossible to bypass cyber restrictions in many of these countries. For instance, the broadcasting of this event must be approved by the authority of a country. When that is in place, there must be a broadcasting deal.

In 2021, Red Bull TV took charge of the broadcasting. It has always been the first TV channel in the world when it comes to following live games of mountain biking. Nevertheless, there was an arrangement made in favour of people in distant countries without the means to watch it live. They could check the UCI YouTube channel for updates and highlights of the events. Eventually, nobody missed out on an important part of the event. There was also a fixture of different races. And this made it easier for fans outside the shores of the host city to keep up with everything in real-time.

Winners of the World Championships MTB 2021

A competition always ends with a loser and a winner. It is not usually to express that someone is not good. It is simply to reward people who have managed to emerge the best at the time while also encouraging those who could not beat the winner to train harder to win the next competition. Below are the major highlights:

  • Firstly, Evie Richards flaunted the flag of the United Kingdom high up in the sky by emerging the winner of the XCO World Champion.
  • Further, Myriam Nicole registered her presence one more time by winning a second world championship title for France.
  • What’s more, Nino Schurter brought glory to his home country by winning the best track record in Val di Sole.
  • Greg Minnar didn’t come to spectate. He also won his fourth World Championship title at the 2021 UCI MTB world championships in Italy.
  • Finally, the fans registered their presence with outstanding energy needed to cheer up the competitors. Because of their presence, Val di Sole’s mountain bike world championship 2021 was memorable for all.

Part 3: Conclusion

World championships MTB 2021 was a memorable event. For one week, fans gathered to applaud their favourite riders and also made new friends. For many of them, it was a dream vacation. For others, it was a fulfilment of a plan to watch the game they have always loved in person with other fans.