Uci Mountain Bike World Cup 2022

The UCI mountain bike World Cup is a mountain bike racing series, with multiple rounds. It is sanctioned by the Union Cycliste Internationale, hence the name UCI. In addition, the first UCI World Cup series composed of Cross Country events, the Downhill World Cup, and the dual slalom World Cup was launched after.

Last year, the UCI mountain bike world championship took place in Val Di Sole, Italy. Also, it marked the first time the new MTB world champions were crowned in six disciplines. Cross Country, Downhill, E-MTB, Four-Cross, and Team Relay. In addition, the International Cycling Union introduced the short track Mountain Bike World Championships.

Part 1: UCI MTB Race Format

There are four race formats in The 2022 Mercedes-Benz UCI mountain bike World Cup championship. They are:

Cross Country Olympic (XCO)

In Cross Country, there are under-23 categories. Also, the Cross Country series consists of nine rounds, and the Cross Country Olympic races are held on trails with technical descents, rocky paths with obstacles, and forest roads, between 4 to 6km, which the riders must complete several times. Besides, race duration in Cross Country Olympics, varies between 1hr 20 minutes, to 1hr 40 minutes.


There are eight rounds in the Downhill series which are held simultaneously. Besides, the trails consist of technical passages, jumps, tree roots, rocks, banked sections, bumps, and other natural obstacles which each participant must overcome with speed and precision. Also, UCI mountain bikes downhill are designed specifically for riding down steep tracks, with speeds reaching 80kph in the men’s races and 70kph for women.

In addition, the athletes must demonstrate courage and technical skills, and the UCI MTB downhill is a race against the clock.

Cross Country SHORT TRACK (XCC)

Cross Country short track is a distinct version of Cross Country Olympic. So, in this race, the start and finish are in the same area, the duration of the race is only 20 to 25 minutes, and the distance of the race course must be 2km or below. Besides, obstacles in this race are only permitted if it has been approved by the UCI Technical Delegate.

Cross Country Eliminator (XCE)

The mountain bike UCI  consists of a knock-out competition, which enables the best to proceed to the next round. Also, it involves short, fast races over varied terrain.
Also, each individual racer lap is timed. Furthermore, four riders compete in a series of elimination heats: one eight finals for elite men and one-fourth finals for elite women through small and big finals. So, the first racer from the final four to cross the line wins the race.

The Cross Country eliminator World Cup championship was held in Barcelona, Spain on May 21, 2022.

uci points mtb

Part 2: The 2022 Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Calendar

To start with, the 2022 MTB World Cup started in March, in Lourdes, France. Also, it continues with Cross Country races, in Petropolis, Brazil, then Albstadt, Germany, and Nove Mesto na Morave, Czech Republic. Furthermore, the race series turns back to downhill racing in Fort William, Scotland.

Besides, the remaining six rounds of UCI Mtb bikes World Cup features all three events; Cross Country short track (XCC), and Downhill (DHI) starting in Leogang, Austria, then proceeding to Lenzerheide, Switzerland and Vallnord, Andorra and snowshoe USA.

So, here is the 2022 Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup calendar below.

March 26-27,2022 Downhill (DHI) Lourdes, France.
April 09-10, 2022 Cross Country Olympic (XCO)/ Cross Country short track (XCC) Petropolis, Brazil.
May 06-08,2022 Cross Country Olympic (XCO)/ Cross Country short track (XCC) Albstadt, Germany.
May 13-15,2022 Cross Country Olympic (XCO)/ Cross Country short track (XCC) Nove Mesto Na Morave, Czech Republic.
May 21-22, 2022 Downhill (DHI) Fort William, Scotland.
June 10-12, 2022 Cross Country Olympic (XCO)/ Cross Country short track (XCC)/ Downhill (DHI) Leogang, Austria.
July 08- 10, 2022 Cross Country Olympic (XCO)/ Cross Country short track (XCC)/ Downhill (DHI) Lenzerheide, Switzerland.
July 15-17,2022 Cross Country Olympic (XCO)/ Cross Country short track (XCC)/ Downhill (DHI) Vallnord, Andorra.
July 29-31, 2022 Cross Country Olympic (XCO)/ Cross Country short track (XCC)/ Downhill (DHI) Snowshoe, USA.


In conclusion, the 2022 Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup is a thrilling and exciting sport. Over the years UCI has introduced new initiatives to keep up with the constant changes in trends in order to meet the expectations of fans and athletes. So, what are you waiting for, join your favorite Mountain bike athletes this year and engage in the sport. Also, remember, it is a live form on Red Bull TV. The male and female individual Champions last year in cross Country Olympic, were Mathias Flückiger from Switzerland, and Loana Lecomte from France.

The male and female individual Champions in Downhill last year were Loïc Bruni from France and Valentina Höll from Austria Respectively. The 2022 Mercedes-Benz UCI mountain bike comprises races in mountain bike disciplines such as Olympic Cross Country (XCO), Cross Country Short Track (XCC), and Downhill (DHI). Besides, in each discipline, there are elite men and elite women categories. UCI points Mtb are awarded for every race and the overall standings. Also, there are eleven rounds of the UCI Mtb race this year, all in different countries. Last but not least, the 2022 Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup is in live form and globally on Red Bull TV and UCI Mtb World Cup broadcasters’ channels.