How Small Mountain Bike Can Be Helpful For You

The first thing that comes to mind while shopping for a new mtb is: Which mountain bike size is best for me? Sometimes we find ourselves in between sizes after looking at the manufacturer’s size tables, or the correct frame size is still elusive. Many individuals wonder if small mountain bike will be preferable after learning the manufacturer’s recommended bike size.

In general smaller mountain bikes perform better on really tricky trails where mobility is key. Smaller mountain bike would be less steady & reach lower speeds on straight and faster trails than a larger one. In this post, we’ll go over the major drawbacks of picking a smaller bike, how to tell whether the bike is too tiny for you, if a smaller or larger bike is the better option, and whether frame size matters. Continue reading!

Part 1: Introduction to Small Mountain Bike

Is Riding Smaller Mountain Bike okay?

A mountain bike should, in general, be the right size for the user, but if you want the best handling a mtb can provide, a smaller bike is acceptable. Keep in mind that you can simply move down one number. If your regular mountain bikes size is L, a mountain bikes will be too tiny for you, and you will struggle to acclimate to it. You will notice that your centre of gravity is in the wrong locations in relation to the bike, and you will lose control frequently. This will make the bikes unstable, and you will lose trust in your mountain bike & mountain biking abilities as a result.

Part 2: Should You Get a Smaller or Larger Mountain Bike

If you’re in between sizes, a smaller mtb will be more adventurous and offer more maneuverability, while a larger bike will be more balanced, feel good on climbs, and be more comfortable overall. Be careful that if you choose a mountain bike which is too small for you, you will be unable to raise the seating to the proper height, which will make peddling a misery, especially on steep hills.

On quicker terrain, the larger mountain bike will become more secure and fun to ride. The larger mountain bike will provide significantly more comfort than the smaller bike. When riding a smaller mountain bike, you lose front wheel grip when descending and feel the need to get out of the saddle; your centre of gravity is too far off the back, causing the front wheel to lose hold on the terrain. When riding a larger mountain bike, your center of mass is too far in front, causing the back wheel to lose grip.

Part 3: Benefits of Using Small Mountain Bike

Riding Position; Upright

A small mountain bike, on the other hand, will have a smaller reach and a shorter wheelbase. When you’re between sizes, your stand over position will be a little lower, or you’ll have to lengthen your bicycle seat post a little to get to optimal pedaling posture, but it’s a minor consideration. If you have relatively longer legs than typical, lack flexibility, or prefer to stand more erect, a smaller size may be more comfortable.

Wheelbase Reduction

A shorter wheelbase will also ride more nimbly and while the broader cockpit allows for a more aggressive riding posture, low & energetic riding positions are exhausting to be in, so take your fitness, endurance, & ride duration into consideration. Bottom Line: Size down if you want a more nimble & whippy ride, are less flexible, have a shorter torso, or want a more relaxed riding position.

You Can Transport Them in the Back of Your Automobile

Transporting children’s bicycles has never been easier! With all the extra space you can fit multiple mountain bikes in the back without fear of them colliding. This could be the automobile for you if you want to go bicycle touring. You may easily stack your belongings on front of the bicycles and transport whatever you require. A two-door Wrangler can only transport tiny mountain bike in the back.

If it’s raining outside, you’ll have to bring your bike inside your car. There is no way of securing the bike if it is pouring and you do not have a bicycle stand. You’ll have to either hold on to it and put it inside your vehicle. When traveling on vacation, here are some tips for carrying your bicycle in a Jeep Wrangler.

There are several ways to mount your bicycle to the Jeep Wrangler which can be useful. Some of these methods are:

Removing the Bike’s Wheels

Although it may seem like a lot of work, removing the wheels from your bike and transporting it in the back, of a Jeep Wrangler for a prolonged visit may be worthwhile. This will also assist to lessen the amount of noise the bike makes when riding in the back of your car.

Bicycle Carriers on the Topside

These are extremely useful products that will allow you to pack more into your vehicle. The bicycle carrier can be strapped to the top of your Wrangler & the bicycle may sit on top.

Use Padded or Soft Straps

Soft straps are smooth and will not harm your bicycle. Otherwise, you can secure your motorbike in the back of the car with a blanket or other cushioning. If you don’t have any other options, this can come in handy.

Stands for Bicycles

If you just have a two door Wrangler and can’t fit your bicycles in the back, these are essential. Roof racks tie-downs and top carriers are all choices. A tie-down is easy to place and remove in this scenario.

Part 4: Buying Guide for Small Mountain Bike

We understand that children develop over time and that spending money on smaller bikes (which they may rapidly outgrow) may not be a good idea. With this in mind, we’ve included various adult bikes in sizes small and medium. If your child is quite huge and will soon outgrow almost all of the bikes on this list, purchasing one of these bicycles for them to develop into is an excellent option. Each chain reaction cycles bike page has a thorough ‘Sizing Chart’ We’ve also included a piece of the Commensal size chart above; based on table in the attached quotation, you ought to be able to appropriately size a small mountain bike to your child using the dimensions taken in that image.

small mtb

Part 5: Best Small Mountain bikes for your kids

Dawes Zombie

The Dawes Zombie is a beginner bike for children aged 9 to 12. With a durable aluminum alloy frames, Shimano transmission, and steel fork, it gives dependable performance. This youngster bike is less heavy than other steel alloy bikes. As a result, children can easily maneuver it. They may feel less tired after long distance biking. Furthermore, because the framework is light, kids will have no trouble increasing their bike pace. The bike is 11 kg in weight. The Dawes Zombie is made of high-tensile steel, which is both strong and light. It’s ideal small mountain bike for off-road adventures.

Although steel is tough, it can rust with time, notably if the painting is scraped off and the metal is exposed to the elements. The bike’s 1.95-inch tires make it appropriate for wooded trails while keeping the weight & rolling resistance low. The brakes are V-brakes, and the drive train is Shimano 36 speed. The drivetrain has a wider gear ranges than its competitors, and the V-brakes provide outstanding braking performance. The Dawes Zombie is a popular choice among parents as a first bike for their children. Many people complaint about the handles grips falling off and the V-breaks breaking after a while. However, neither of these problems is substantial and can be resolved if and when they arise.

Cube kid

For developing kids aged 7 to 10 the Cube Kid’ is a fantastic choice for a first bike. It’s a cross between a child’s bike and a mountain bike for adults. The frame is made of 6061 aluminum which is a tough mountain bike frame material. It has a pair of low tube that makes it easier for kids to jump on & off the bike. Kids push themselves while riding bikes. Derailleurs may be damaged during rides. Derailleur hanger absorbs the force, bending or breaking. Derailleur hangers are replaceable.

This bike is 11.1 kg in weight. The Sun tour suspension fork is used on the Cube Kid 240. Bicycle makers trust the Sun tour brand. Because the suspension reduces the impact of uneven terrain, any child riding this bike will feel safe. Impact Smart Pac tires are used on the Cube. Its low-profile tread pattern reduces resistance and allows for quick rolling. Because the brake levers are designed for small hands, your child will have better control over the V brakes which provide plenty of stopping power. The Cube Kid incorporates a power modulator to prevent overzealous front braking.

Most users are pleased with their purchase of Cube Kid for their children. Some consumers, however, expressed dissatisfaction with the open bottom bracket and inexpensive pedals. However, a sealed BB as well as stronger pedals can readily replace these. The adjustable low-end air fork you can exchange it later with a higher-quality one.

Kona Makena

You can get the Kona Makena bikes for your child if you are seeking for a safe and trustworthy entry-level bike. Kona Makena has a butted 6061 aluminum frame. This means that even on rocky terrains, the lightweight frame with strengthened aluminum joints ensures a comfortable yet secure ride. The fork on the Kona kids’ bike is Chromoly steel. Chromoly, or chromium-molybdenum steel, is more durable than regular steel; high-end mountain bike frames employ it. Most manufacturers use Chromoly steel because it requires less steel to obtain the same tensile strength.

Vitus Twenty-four

Because the Vitus Twenty-four is lightweight, your child will have no trouble maneuvering it. The frame is made of 6061 lightweight aluminum alloy. It incorporates magnesium and silicon in addition to aluminum, making it better to the 7005 aluminum alloys. This Vitus bike is only 10.2 kg. It’s meant for youngsters ages 5 to 8, although it’s hefty for those under 7. The stiff fork is simple and conventional. Unlike many suspension forks, it does not require regular maintenance or repairs.

It’s also lighter than a suspension fork, allowing for more efficient power transfer to the drivetrain. This bike has inexpensive Kenda tires. You can change the Kenda tires as soon as they worn out if you desire more durable tires. Because the Vitus Twenty-four is lightweight, your child will have no trouble maneuvering it. 6061 aluminum alloy forms the frame. It incorporates magnesium and silicon in addition to aluminum, making it preferable to the 7005 aluminum alloys.

Part 6: Conclusion

A small mountain bike is the option to choose if you want to have enjoyment on the trails and enjoy playful workouts. Please remember there’s no ideal solution here; it all depends on the rider’s tastes, and some top riders prefer a smaller bike. So, if pro- riders can have a mountain bike with a lower number than the required and still contest at the highest levels, you have permission to go a number lower and have a more responsive mountain bike.