Redbull Roof Ride: All You Need To Know

The Redbull Roof Ride, which was built in the Polish, city of Katowice, was massive, with riders descending in from the rooftop of the International Meeting Hall and into massive features that demonstrated just how far slope style had evolved in terms of tricks & mainstream perspective! Of course, there could only be one winner, and it was Dawid Godziek, a local icon, who won with his corked, 1080 no-hander. Szymon, the older brother, finished third, bringing the siblings together on the podium and assuring that they are both a danger to win the FMB World Tour Mountain bike Slope style over all in 2021.

Part 1: Introduction to Redbull Roof Ride

Replay and Results from the Red Bull Roof Ride 2021. Red Bull Roof Ride, one of the 2021 FMB World-Tour MTB Slope style stops, took held in Poland and over weekend & provided thrills. The competition featured 28 of the best Slope style Mountains Bike riders from across the world competing for the title. Therefore, Polish riders dominated the podium, with Dawid Godziek winning with a 95.00 score & his older brother Szymon Godziek coming in third with an 89.83 score. With a score of 90.00, Max Fredriksson came in second. Following the main event Nicholi Rogatkin topped the Best Trick contest with his incredible Twister, earning him a well-deserved triumph in the discipline.

Part 2: How Do You Feel about Returning to Red-Bull Roof Ride

I’m thrilled to get the chance to return and demonstrate my abilities. I fell and didn’t do what I set out to do the previous time I rode, in 2019. It was a disappointment not to be able to erase that remembers the following year; it’s so great when Rampage happens! Now that we’ve returned to a place we last visited in 2017, we’ll be able to recycle some of the existing lines, but the line crossings will make it difficult to be really inventive. It’s your eighth Rampage in a row and only a handful of riders have more straight entries than you.

Is it unique to you? I believe Rampage is the events wherein prior experience is essential. The more you have the better you’ll be able to ride! Every year, I gain a little more knowledge. In your first Red Bull Hardline appearance and massive freeride sessions in Belgium, you’ve blended slopestyle, downhill, & freeride a lot this season. How did it go? On the bike, it’s been one of the summers of my life! Having so many fresh objectives was incredible. On my downhill bike, I had a lot of fun & made huge progress.

Part 3: What Is Your Goal for Redbull Roof Ride

For me, the most significant thing is to build a line that will optimally combine all of my skills. Finding the right balance is always difficult, but it’s even more difficult when everything depends on what you’ll find on site. Dylan and Scotty, two American builders, are assisting me. Dylan is a Utah native, which is fantastic. My main objective will be to design a line that I am proud of and ride as good as possible. Of course, there will always be things to critique & enhance (just scroll to get started), but this was an incredible event from our perspective.

Many of the routes seemed to have a good combination of tech; steeps; tricks, and originality, and unlike previous years, everyone competing appeared to belong on the mountain. Regardless of individual preferences, the judgement was mainly rational, as the creamy rose to the top.

redbull roofride

Part 4: Is It Your Season’s High Point

Rampage is becoming more and more essential to me every year. I have the impression that I will be able to fully express myself here. It’s a dream come true for me to be able to blend freeride and slopestyle. It makes me extremely happy to demonstrate what I can achieve at the greatest level of both fields at the same time.

How did the fact that you received a last minute invitation for this year’s edition affect your preparation? The invitation arrived while I was already in Canada for Crankworx, which I had been planning for quite some time. Of course I would have liked to do a little more riding in Utah before Rampage, but I’ve already done so much downhill biking this summer that I’m ready! This was, without a doubt, the best Rampage ever. It’s ridiculous how casual and confident individuals were discussing 50-foot stepdown flips this year progressions is an overused phrase, but it’s evident that the sport has changed tremendously in the last few years, even with only one truly huge mountain freeride event every year. Above all, everyone survived (nearly) unhurt.

Part 5: The Qualifiers from the Proving Grounds

The Marzorcchi Testing Grounds qualification event in September served as a feeder tournament for Rampage for the first time. On the strength of their having to prove Grounds scores, five riders earned it to the main show. It was a tough assignment for the last-minute recruits by finals day, with the battle heating up with plenty of high-scoring runs. Reed Boggs, winner of the Proving Grounds, and Emil Johansson, winner of the Joyride, would win the grueling battle with scores of 80 & 79, respectively.

Returning riders who improved on their 2018 performances had a significant edge. With a new site & a focus on more natural features, 2018 was a difficult year for riders; there was so much construction to be done that many riders felt they didn’t have time to adequately practice their lines for finals. Most returning riders stuck to their usual lines this year, which meant they could focus more on nailing the stunts they intended to accomplish.

Part 6: Conclusion

This event cost Red Bull roof ride a staggering amount of money. And we owe them a debt of gratitude as an industry for giving these players a platform. But fixing this properly doesn’t involve investment actually it might save money. To be clear these losses do not imply that there is a problem with either of the motorcycles. Their failures aren’t indicative of the motorcycles’ quality. Nobody should feel entitled to ride Rampage level moves & expect their bikes to come out undamaged.