Why You Should Get the Single Speed 29er Mountain Bike

Unlike other types of biking, mountain biking requires a high level of control and stability. As you push against the steep trail, the rough terrain reduces your speed. Hence, you need bigger tires that can increase your momentum. Single Speed 29er bikes are best to tackle any obstacle along the mountains.

Part 1: What Is a 29er Mountain Bike

In simple terms, the single speed 29er is a mountain bike with 29 inches wheel. Often times, 29ers are also called the two-niners or 29” MTBs. 29 inches here majorly refers to the diameter of the bike’s wheels.

When mountain biking was first introduced in the 1996 Olympic Games, the 26” MTBs were the widely used bikes. But as you may be aware, with time comes innovations. Therefore, Wilderness Trail Bikes made history with the first 29ers in 1999. Following this development, many MTB pros started to shift towards 29ers. And the domination only keeps increasing by the day.

29 inch single speed

Part 2: Who Can Ride the Single Speed 29er Bike

The single speed 29er is an all-round bike for mountain biking enthusiasts. If you are a newbie, your focus should be more on improving your grip and stability. Once you have aced these challenges, the 29ers help you to access more speed and navigate dangerous terrains.

If you’re an intermediate rider, you’ll definitely experience the same benefits as beginners. But there’s a little advantage – you would be able to ride even quicker. The same can be said for riders with high-level skills as well.

Cross-country riders are also likely to benefit from the 29 inch single speed bicycle. Riding along unfamiliar long distance territories means you will need more grip. And, of course, the 29ers afford you this chance. A 29 inch single speed cycle also makes downhill riding smoother, and braking is also easier with these bikes.

Without a doubt, 29ers are best for technical trails. However, it is advisable that you try out your bike on less intense trails. After perfecting the basic skills, then you can set out for the mountains and let the 29er do the work for you.

Above all, the 29ers will help you build confidence as an MTB rider. You can be rest assured of safety as the tires reduce the impacts of rough or big landings.

Part 3: What Height Should You Be to Ride 29 inch Single Speed Bicycle

Balance is crucial in mountain biking. I bet you wouldn’t want to ride a bike that appears bigger than you. You would only be putting yourself in more danger than you could ever imagine. So, what is the average height for a 29er biker?

The primary concern in mountain biking is the standover clearance. If you are a short rider, chances are that a single speed 29er would be too tall for you. Particularly, 5’6” tall riders are advised to go for the 26 inches bike. However, if you are taller than 5’6”, there are suitable 29ers for you. The luckiest riders are definitely those above 6’. This set of riders enjoys all the support and fun that comes with 29 inch single speed cycle.

If you are a female rider, don’t sweat it. 29ers now come with different frames including medium, large and extra-large frames. So, you can choose whichever fits your description.

Part 4: 27.5 vs. 29er Single Speed Bike

  • Climbing

29 inch single speed and the 27 inches bikes are both suitable for climbing slopes in the mountains.  Due to a number of factors to consider, it would be misleading to conclude that one is better for climbing than the other.

On the one hand, it is easier to make short climbs with the 27 inch wheels. This is because they have lighter weights. And the pressure is not much on the bike. On the other hand, 29ers are better off on mountain tracks that are littered with gravels.

  • Acceleration

27.5 inches wheels have faster acceleration while 29ers are more efficient on longer rides.

It is normal that smaller wheels like the 27.5 accelerate faster than bigger wheels. And this is because of the weight distribution. 27 inches bike are usually more responsive to speed unlike 29ers. However, this is not to say that the 29esrs do not support speed. It is only the case that they accelerate at a slower pace at first. But once the 29ers reach top speed, it becomes easier to maintain momentum – a great feature where 27.5 wheels are lacking. You need to exert more energy at every point in time. In essence, acceleration is faster with 27.5 inches wheels, but you get to enjoy longer rides with the 29ers.

  • Attack Angle

Mountains are blessed with rough paths and several unknown objects. Hence, it is important for Mountain bikers to own a bike that rolls over objects easily. Otherwise, you might have to battle slower pace of movement.

The single speed 29er has a reputation for the best attack angle in the jungle. It is noteworthy that only wheels with shallow attack angles are more suitable for mountain riding. And this is exactly what 29ers has. With these bikes, you can roll over rocks, gravel, and even logs on the trail. Rolling over such objects is however more challenging if you decide to go for a 27.5 inch bike.

Part 5: Advantages of 29er Single Speed Bike

  • 29ers Are Better Uphill

29ers generally come with big tires and this is a huge advantage. Mountain tracks are usually littered with a lot of rocks and several steps. So, you need a bike that can help you sustain speed momentum as you pump forward. It is quite possible to ride across mountains without 29ers. However, such requires more efforts. The rider will have no choice than to expend more energy on riding the bike, thereby causing fatigue to set in.

Before now, 26 inches bikes used to be the favorites for making bends and navigating corners in the mountains. However, there have been improvements on the 29ers over the years. These bikes are now more responsive to making sharp bends.

  • Great for Taller Riders

29ers have an edge over other bikes when it comes to frame size. Irrespective of height, anyone can ride a 29er. However, there’s a minimum height requirement if you want to enjoy riding 29 inches bike. But this will be considered in another subheading.

29ers frames are largely adjustable. Hence, taller riders get to have an amazing experience in the mountains just like any other person with smaller heights. In fact, it is safe to say that 29ers are the perfect fit for taller riders.

  • Long-lasting tires

Mountain bikers usually cover longer distances. So, it is only natural for the tires to wear and tear easily. But with 29ers, you don’t need to spend so much on tires. 29 inches tires are still the best in the market. You can use them for a long period of time.

Part 6: Top 29 Inches Bikes

Are you aware that bigger tires do not necessarily equal heavier bikes? There’s a general conception that 29ers are meant to be heavy bikes. But what if this is not entirely true? Without a doubt, there are a number of quality 29ers with lesser weight and greater speed. Let’s get to see some of them.

  • Canyon Strive

With the Canyon Strive, you get to enjoy a stiffer rear suspension as you ride along mountain trails. Probably the best 29er for technical speed, the Canyon Strive thumb levers make for the bike’s shape adjustment mid-ride.  In addition, the bike comes with a full carbon frame.

  • Ibis Ripley

The Ibis Ripley is best for travelling the roughest terrains out there. In addition to being a very fast bike, this 29er is best known for being light weight. Unlike the Canyon Strive, Ibis Ripley 29er comes with a more rugged shape. This signifies its ability to blaze aggressively through any obstacles in the jungles.  With unique DW-link suspension, you are sure to have a time of your life as you ride joyfully along the tracks.

  • REEB Cycles ReDikyelous

No other hardtail bike comes close to the REEB Cycles ReDikyelous. This 29er is specially built for the most technical tracks along the mountains. The manufacturers sure deserve some applause for hand-built frames which allows for a very low gravity.

  • Specialized Stumpjumper Evo Expert

Presently, the Stumpjumper Evo Expert is the best single speed 29er that the Specialized Company has made. This bike features a 150mm rear tire and 160mm front travel.  Also, it has a storage space that can hold at least a 22-ounce reservoir.

  • Transition Spur

This bike is not labeled “Transition” for nothing. Indeed, it makes it easy for riders to maneuver any bend and also go over any climbs with less effort. With 120mm rear and front travel, this bike definitely deserves a spot on the list.

Part 7: What Should You Wear When Riding a 29er Single Speed Bike

Riding along the mountains can be a rough encounter. Hence, you need to be well prepared from your clothing to the safety gears. When picking your clothes, you should consider the weather conditions. To save cost, it is advisable to go for thermal clothing, as it makes it easy for you to easily adapt to whatever condition the weather may be.

Apart from the basic clothing, you need to protect yourself from the hazards in the mountains. It doesn’t matter that you are an experienced rider. For sure, you can’t be too careful. Never leave your home without a helmet, elbow and knee pads, protective UV goggles, etc.

Now, you have to think ahead as a 29er rider. You might encounter unfortunate circumstances in the mountains that need a quick fix. And this is why you should have equipment like portable tire pumps, backpacks (with your repair instruments), and also reflective clothing. If possible, have a first aid kit handy on every mountain riding journey you embark on.

Above all, the bulk of the work lies in pedaling your 29er. So, make sure to always wear pedal-compatible footwear.

Part 8: Maintenance of 29ers

Like every other bike, the 29ers will not remain new forever. MTBs are more exposed to getting battered on the tracks. So, whenever you return from your adventure, you should always check out your bike for any defects. And it doesn’t end here. 29ers need adequate maintenance. Endeavour to always check your bike’s components including the chains, brakes, etc. if you cannot handle any of the repairs, don’t hesitate to visit  a bike shop nearest to you.

To Sum Up

Many times, bikers love to assume that they’ve got the best bikes around. This is often their belief until they get to try out another rider’s mountain bike. Indeed, what marks the difference between poor and best riders lies majorly in a few basic changes on their bicycles. And such changes could be as simple as just changing the wheels to 29 inches.

The 29ers are quite popular in series of mountain biking competitions across the world. Riders in the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, Olympic Mountain Biking, Red Bull Rampage, etc. all put their trust in 29ers to blaze the mountains.

But you shouldn’t be mistaken. 29ers are not only suitable for professional riders. If you are new to mountain biking, you might just be lucky to be reading this piece. You should start your mountain biking experience with a 29 inches bike. In the same vein, intermediate riders can improve their stability and traction with 29 inches bicycle wheels. So, whenever you are ready to get a single speed mountain bike, think the 29ers.