MTB Single Speed Conversion Kit You Might Need For Your Mountain Bike

The cheapest and most convenient way to convert your mtb is to use a mtb single speed conversion kit. You won’t have to buy another bike for it. However, How do you look for the single-speed conversion kit? We’ve compiled a list for you.

Part 1: Why You Need to Convert Your Bike Into A Single Speed

Modern multispeed bikes are a good technology that allows a biker to select the gear ratio that best utilizes his or her energy. A multispeed bike is necessary if you want to achieve the highest potential speed/distance with the least amount of work (and there’s nothing wrong with that!), but efficiency isn’t everything!

If you’re riding for pure enjoyment or workout, you may not place as much emphasis on output outcomes, such as speed, distance, or vertical climb. Instead, you could be more concerned with the actual riding experience. You might be a suitable candidate for a single speed bike in this situation.

mtb single speed conversion kit

Riding a single speed can help you reclaim the unbridled delight you once felt while riding your bike as a kid. You don’t notice how much mental energy you spend shifting until you let go of your derailers and discover that a big section of your brain that was previously preoccupied with figuring out when to shift is now free to enjoy your surroundings and sensations.

Furthermore, a single-speed bike is more efficient than a multispeed bike. While the single gear ratio is not the “ideal” gear ratio for all conditions, Singlespeed is mechanically far more efficient than the drivetrain of a derailer bike.

A single-speed bike does not need derailers, shifters, cables, extra sprockets, and a longer chain. A single-speed gear train also avoids the serpentine wind through the pulleys of a derailer by running the chain in a precisely straight line from sprocket to chainwheel. You can definitely feel a difference. A single-speed bike is noticeably faster and easier to ride than a multispeed cycle in the same gain ratio.

Part 2: MTB Single Speed Conversion Kit Reviews

  • M-Wave Chain Tensioner

Our first product is a single speed mountain bike chain tensioner from the M-Wave brand. The product can accommodate any chain line and angle. This component is ideal for single-speed conversion on any bike with vertical dropouts. This product is created in Taiwan and weighs almost 0.25 pounds. The amazing thing about this chain tensioner is that it can tightly hold everything in place, safeguarding the frame from all types of external harm. This aluminium chain tensioner from M-Wave is a force to be reckoned with and is ideal for little bikes to those specifically intended for mountain riding.


  • It holds the chain in place and protects the frame from harm.
  • With the chain-line and angle, we can freely adjust the tensioner.
  • This is ideal for single-speed bikes with vertical dropouts.
  • For little mountain bikes, this is a good option.


  • Have bad quality for the cogs

Best Deals

M-Wave Aluminum Chain Tensioner
  • CyclingDeal Aluminum Chain Tensioner

The Single Speed Tensioner from the brand CyclingDeal is the second product we’ll look at. This product is also from Taiwan, and they believed theirs to be one of the highest-quality tensioners made in Taiwan. They design the device to accommodate single and multispeed chains and has a width of 3/32″ rather than 1/8″. Also, they manufacture the tensioner with aluminium alloy and weighs roughly 250 grams, making it fairly light. Because the manufacturer mounts the chain tensioner immediately onto a derailleur hanger, the product may deliver tension to a single speed bike in a flexible and minimalistic fashion thanks to its simple design.


  • Strong aluminium design
  • The chain tensioner has adjustment features
  • Moderate width complements multispeed chains and many bike types
  • Chain hugs onto a derailleur hanger


  • Small cogs don’t seem to work with the tensioner
  • Chains with an oval shape are not recommended.

Best Deals

  • GearClamp Single Speed Conversion Kit for Shimano/SRAM Freehub

Converting single-speed or mountain bikes is a joy with this device, which is known for being very light and easy to clamp down onto your bike. However, tightening the nuts on either side of the clamp is a good idea because the cogs wiggle. These clamps on your freehub weigh 18 grams per pair and allow for quick conversion. The manufacturer design this device to be relatively simple to use, and durable yet light manufacture aids in keeping the bike lightweight due to its simple design.

Moreover, the Allen bolts on the side of each clamp allow for quick trailside, gear switch, and chain line adjustments. However, it would help if you only used these clamps with cogs that are 16T or greater; otherwise, the cogs may damage your bike. The 5mm wide cog base will give your bike conversion stability.


  • Lightweight clamps
  • Simple to align the cog with the front chainring
  • Compatible with any Shimano freehub
  • Ideal for upgrading fixed-gear bikes


  • After a while, the cogs may start to slide about.

Best Deals

GearClamp Single Speed Conversion Kit
  • Gusset Double Six Single Speed Conversion

This is a high-quality kit that will offer a high degree of power to your bike without causing any damage in the process. The spacers, lockring, and cogs are all included in the kit. Even when the load is heavy, the manufacturer tapered the spacers in the kit precisely to give a good level of lateral support from both sides.

The teeth on the spacers are best suited to a 9-speed chain. They can, however, be utilized very well with single speed chains of 18 inches in length. For the installation of this kit, it is recommended that you purchase a new chain because this will improve the function of these components and provide you with a much smoother riding experience. Unfortunately, this kit isn’t compatible with any other freehub except for the Shimano HG.


  • They use premium CrMo Steel
  • The cogs, a lockring, and high-quality spacers are all included.
  • Its machined black metal construction works even better than it appears.


  • Only compatible with Shimano freehubs

Best Deals-16t

Gusset Double Six Single Speed Conversion

Best Deals-12t

Gusset Double Six Single Speed Conversion 12t
  • Wheels Manufacturing One Speed Conversion Spacers Set with 16T cog, Black

This product is a fantastic set with a good number of spacers and cogs. It’s simple to put together, and the spacers make it simple to get a precise chain line. However, if the cog is too thin, it might harm a freewheel when subjected to high torques. As a result, it’s possible that using a different cog for your bike is the best option.

One of the best features of this product is that it comes with a good supply of spacers, chain guides, chimes, and lock rings. It also helps obtain the proper adjustment due to the ample quantity of spacers. The incredible threads on the lock ring are a big reason why we think it’s the best kit for the money. However, because the kit is only available in black, it may stand out if your bike is a lighter colour.


  • The lock ring has good threads
  • There are a lot of spacers to obtain the perfect positioning
  • It’s easy to install
  • It’s a wonderful deal for the money


  • Because most bikes are designed for 18T cogs, having 16T cogs could be a problem

Best Deals

Wheels Manufacturing One Speed Conversion Spacers Set with 16T cog

Part 3: There Are A Few Things You Should Look Out For Before You Buy

You won’t know what to look for while inspecting a kit if you don’t have a buying guide. So, let’s have a look at some of the aspects that influence your conversion kit’s performance.

  • Cogs

When using a single-speed cog, look for one with a wide base because the chain wears out the cog over time if you choose one with a narrow base. To enjoy the optimum ratio of single-speed bikes, find cogs with the number of teethes that will balance out both the front and back gears for the perfect ratio of 2:1. Look for a sprocket that is wide and does not dig into the splines of your freehub. Check the shim and lock ring sizes and numbers.

  • Brand Name

We should consider the reputation of the manufacturer when we want to purchase a single speed conversion kit. Your initial decision should be a brand with a strong reputation in the bike business for producing kits. Mostly, they produce the appropriate elements to create higher-quality, easier-to-use kits.

  • Compatibility

Make sure your bike is compatible with the kit and that it fits your present bike specs well enough to convert it to a single-speed. As a result, you must pay extra attention to this fact. Purchasing anything that is inconsistent will almost certainly lead to disappointment. So, before shopping, take your time and make sure the item is compatible with your bike.

  • Durability

A conversion kit component must be made of long-lasting materials. These should be able to fit. These should be able to suit your bicycle. And if something is left out during construction, the single-speed kit will not last long. Examine the materials used to construct the kit’s components to ensure their long-term durability.

  • Easy Installation

Any conversion kit should contain straightforward and clear instructions for installation. So, you will not be confused once you have the package at your home. And you won’t want to be frustrated trying to figure out how to use it. Because conversion kits come in a variety of models, the installation instructions may change. Furthermore, not everyone is familiar with the use of conversion kits. As a result, it is critical to include straightforward instructions with it.

  • Reasonable Price

The conversion kits should be available for a reasonable price. However, do some research. Examine the product’s built-in quality, the number of pieces it contains, and its convenience of use to determine whether the price is justified.

Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are single-speed conversion kits easy to use?

Answer: Yes, make sure you follow the detailed guide on removing the gears before beginning the conversion, and you can convert with the tools that come with the conversion package.

  • Are there several types of conversion kits based on the gears you used before?

Answer: No, most conversion kits come with a variety of spears and cogs, and unless you’re shifting using clamps, you’ll be utilizing spears and cogs from whatever bike or gears you had before. Also, because you’ll be removing most of your gears when you switch to an angle-speed bike, you’ll be reducing the number of gears anyhow.

  • Why not buy a single-speed bike in the first place?

If you’re looking for a bike for daily commuting and exercise, a single-speed will suit you fine. You won’t be able to switch from a single-speed bike to a multi-geared or hybrid bike if you buy a single-speed bike. On the other hand, if you already have a fully functional bike, you can save money by converting it with kits so that you can enjoy biking at your own pace.

  • How do I figure out what kind of freehub my bike requires?

When riding a bike, a freehub allows you to stop pedalling. And it allows you to keep the back cassette in place. Knowing the brand of your existing cassettes is crucial, as Shimano and SRAM make up the vast majority of cassettes available. Counting the number of gears or chainrings can also aid in determining the freehub you require.

  • What is the distinction between a 16T and an 18T cog?

16T and 18T refer to the number of teeth on your gear. You’ll want the front gear to have twice as many as the back gear, so it’s really up to you to decide which cog is best for you. If you want to ride the bike with the perfect gear ratio of 2:1, you can use both of the cogs indicated above by doubling the number of gears on the front. We recommend that you use a cog with wider rings and cogs to disperse the wear of the chain on the chainring, which will help it live longer.

Part 5: Conclusion

If you ride for the pure pleasure of it, you should get in the good mountain bike single speed conversion kit. It will make you feel a lot better while riding and save your maintenance costs. You may have speed if you’re not riding a single-speed bike, but you’re missing out on comfort and effortless riding.